Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Amiga Breaks- Journeys End LP [Dark Til Dawn]

I first heard Timo's music around about 2011 while listening to DJ Gaffer's Sunday evening show on Nu Rave Radio, he played this track a pure slice of 92' breakbeat hardcore and I had to ask for the ID, since then I've been fortunate to hear and play many tracks by DJ Fuzzbuzz/Amiga Breaks and its with great pleasure I review this full LP by him due out this Monday 08/06/15 on Dark Til Dawn. In keeping with Timo's style, we are treated to a diverse range of sounds from OldSkool Hardcore to Jungle and 4 Beat/Happy Hardcore, there's no shortage of those trademark sweeping euphoric chords and warm detuned piano on tracks like 'Round Trip' and 'Oldskool Daze', things get darker on tracks like 'Time To Die' but on each of the 10 tracks here, you can hear the sound of a man who has the Oldskool bug, that feeling that you can't really describe, the best I can come up with is 'warm', its when you hear one of those rushy pianos or bleepy techno riffs combined with the sped up breakbeats and it's that feeling you will experience listening to this excellent album, check out the preview below mixed by QPA's Bright Lights and get ready for the essential Oldskool experience from 08/06/15 Out 08/06/15 Here:

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