Friday, 19 December 2014

The Rumblist- Crackin' The Code [Bad Habit Muzik]

The Rumblist makes his debut on Bad Habit Muzik with a couple of beefy offerings, to utilise the vernacular of my school days 'its well 'ard mate, it'd 'ave your Dad in a fight!!!' Narcissist Beats runs at a house tempo but bangs like a bass filled beast while Take Control is a tough tearout number, the L.A legend Curious remixes both tracks in dope Future Jungle fashion, you better get an ice pack for your old mans shiner, bosh!!!


Thursday, 18 December 2014

DJ Curious?- Neva Be Mine [Bad Habit Muzik]

Quality dubwise Future Jungle from L.A don, DJ Curious builds up the fire round a looped Lindy Layton vocal with bouncing breaks and ragga style pads while The Rumblist gives his own unique tough tearout style refix on the flipside, bigness!!!!


Sparki Dee - The Old Skool Experience Album

One of the hardest working producers in the scene, Sparki Dee has had releases on Kode 5, Hardcore Lives and Climactic Recs, produces in a wide range of styles but has always had love for the old skool sound of the early 90s, you can download his 10 track free LP which takes us through the spectrum of back to 88/89 warehouse/acid to full on breakcore taking in atmospheric jungle and Ron Wells inspired Jungle Tekno along the way, you really would be mad not to grab a copy of this great LP!!!

Alternative Download Link:

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

DJ Sashay- Underground Culture [Kode 5]

Old skool massive!!! DJ Sashay has a new tune out on Kode 5 which is pure 92 style, huge pianos, classic breaks and stabs just like back in the day, get jumping like a nutter to this bad boy tune!!!


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Future Jungle Blog Podcast: 002 Bay B Kane Special [Mix Set]

Beat Breaker drops his second exclusive podcast for the blog, a tribute to the master Bay B Kane featuring some of his finest future jungle beats from the last few years, quality mixing and quality tunes, what more can you ask for?

Future Jungle Podcast: 002 [Bay B Kane Special]

01.. Bay B Kane: JacKNife
02.. Bay B Kane: Freedom
03.. Bay B Kane: Freedom Past [Beat-Breaker RFX]
04.. Bay B Kane: Peace & Destruction
05.. Bay B Kane vs. Sixfootunda: Peace & Destruction, That's What I Do [Beat-Breaker RFX]
06.. Sixfootunda: That's What I Do [Bay B Kane RMX]
07.. Bay B Kane: Running
08.. Ryo: The Teacher [Bay B Kane's Master VIP RMX]
09.. Ryo vs. Bay B Kane: You're So Never [Beat-Breaker RFX]
10.. Bay B Kane: Unspoken
11.. Bay B Kane: No Solar
12.. Bay B Kane: Glacier
13.. Bay B Kane: Sanity
14.. Bay B Kane: Sanity At Sun Rise [Beat-Breaker RFX]
15.. Bay B Kane: Watch The Sun Rise
16.. Bay B Kane: Winds Of Change
17.. Bay B Kane: Ring The Change [Beat-Breaker RFX]
18.. FLeCK vs. Bay B Kane: A Place For Us [Beat-Breaker RFX]
19.. FLeCK: A Place For Us [Bay B Kane's A Million Miles VIP RMX]
20.. Bay B Kane: Everyday

Exclusive Free Download

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hornsey Hardcore 002

There was a sound in the early 90s that you could call proto hardcore born out of the Brit Hop and Bleep N Bass scene around about 1991, Hornsey Hardcore a.k.a Jerome Hill brings 2 killer cuts of classic chopped up breaks, bleeps, bloops and ravey madness and musicality in the form of 'Get Busy' & 'Pressure'. Get ready to be transported to a hedonistic and innovative time with the hi octane beats on offer, sounding like they came straight from a DJ Hype set from back in the day and if you're a vinylist, you will definitely want to snatch up some fresh wax, for more info on purchasing check the link: 

PowerDress - Torture (Pirate Jams Remix)

While the original is a great vocal Nu Disco track in it's own right, Pirate Jams bring that special something with a 130BPM  breakbeat piano rave rework that will be playing out in your head for months, I know ever since hearing for the first time I have not been able to get it out of my head and I'm very pleased to share the news that its now out on release, one listen and I promise you, you will absolutely melt!!!!

Pre Order: