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VA-WE'RE NOT DEAD: THE 3RD CHAPTER-Warehouse Wax + Exclusive Interview with Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion

Vinyl Junkie

We’re Not Dead: The 3rd Chapter is looking to be the biggest release to date from Warehouse Wax, when you embarked on this project, did you have any idea it would end up clocking in at a staggering 50 tracks?

No, we we’re thinking it would be more along the lines of 36 tracks, 18 on each mix. But we got sent a lot more tunes than we thought we would. We decided to cap it at 50. We could have had more but we had to set a limit really… 50 seemed like a nice round number… Sorry for all the people that sent tracks that didn’t make it onto the album… The competition was tough!!!

Can you tell us a bit about the tracks you compiled for the album and what made them stand out to you?

Well, pretty much all the tunes were sent straight to me and I would keep the ones I thought were worthy, so they kind of got filtered before they even made it to Sanxion… We argued a bit over some of the tracks and whose mix they were best suited to… and his dad actually had to break up a fight on one occasion when I had him in a headlock on the floor. So in the end we just tossed a coin on some of them. The tunes all stood out, for different reasons, or they wouldn't be on there. The most important thing, which determined whether a tune would make it to the final shortlist folder, was the quality of production. There was a few tunes that were really good but the production just was not there. There was also a few artists we had to work with to get the production better as well.

What do you look for in a track and what in your opinion, lifts a track from being average to being a track that gets played time and time again?

I look for originality, whether I think it will work on the dancefloor and a high standard of production. What lifts a track from being average to being a track that gets played time and time again? Well that’s the million dollar question isn't it. When I figure that out I’ll be a very rich man!! I think if you have a really well produced vocal track that is catchy and sounds fresh and current, then you have as much chance as the next man of having a BIG tune on your hands. The key is to PR the release properly. Get a PR company involved that can help you get it into the right hands.

What advice would you give to aspiring producers out there?

Try to be original without alienating yourself. Perfect your craft and don’t send out tracks unless you are 100% sure about them because it will come back to haunt you later…


You have had a number of releases out on Warehouse wax but how did you get involved in compiling this latest album for the label?

It all started with a studio session between myself, Billy 'Daniel' Bunter, and Warehouse Wax boss Vinyl Junkie. Daniel had known and worked with VJ before and it seemed a perfect fit for the 3 of us to get together to do a track.

After that session Vinyl Junkie kidnapped me, and has forced me to work for the label ever since. If I blink 3 times in a row at you when he's not looking, we can make a move and free me right?

The more boring answer, is, me and John got on well when we met up that first time, and decided to carry on doing tracks together, and he let me do a few remixes, and eventually get my own EP on the label. It's just been a natural progression from then to getting amongst it and compiling the album with him.

You have quite a diverse selection of tracks that you personally picked for WND 3, what was it about them that made you want to include them?

I can usually tell within the first 30 seconds or so if a track is going to grab me or not. I'm all about the biggest beats possible, the loudest bass, and the raviest rave style bits. Sometimes, the more over the top, the better for me. Big and brash and banging. If it fits those 3 criteria, I'm usually sold. The tracks on my mix on the album hopefully cover that side of what's going on with bass and breaks at the moment. Being a bit of a techie geek, I also quite like tracks that get all technical along with it too.

And which producers in general are doing big things in your opinion?

Strange Rollers always delivers. His stuff sits on that fine line, between being banging, but also being very musical, whilst somehow managing to evoke the spirit of "Intelligent Jungle" (for want of a better phrase).

Toronto is Broken is just a beast when it comes to multi genre stuff. Pretty much everything he touches is massive. King Yoof, and Gold... just because they do that Future Jungle with Reggae sound so amazingly well. As do the RadioKillaz…

Too many to mention in a short interview to be honest. I also love the stuff that Flashback and Retropolis do (but I could be a little biased there, as their stuff comes through my studio a lot of the time) Slightly away from the 140 scene (is that even a good way to describe it these days?), I love what Dodge & Fuski, and Zomboy do. Just 110% banging!

As an ardent gamer, which of the next gen consoles do you prefer and what games are you currently enjoying?

Don't get me started...

This next gen cycle, I am holding off (at least for a while). XboxOne is the obvious way to go for me, as my current gen gaming was mainly on the 360. But nothing about it is really grabbing me. They are pushing towards it being a media hub, but a lot of the media integration, is (at the moment) USA centric. Same sort of thing with PS4 so far. Nothing really grabbing me enough to stump up the 400 quid or so this time around. In recent months, I bought a new studio PC, so whilst I was at it, I bought a decent video card, and have been having a ton of fun playing games on there. Stuff looks as good/better than pretty much all the cross platform next gen stuff still.

I have played some great games this year. Saints Row 3, and then straight into 4 was about the most fun I have had with a videogame ever! Also, Bioshock Infinite, was quite possibly the best piece of story telling done in the medium so far (some of the combat gameplay wasn't great, but the narrative, and especially the ending made up for its shortcomings) This year has been the year of the Indie Game though. I urge you all to check out ‘Thomas was alone’ (never will a game make you "care" about a bunch or rectangles quite so much)
Gone Home (Is it even a game? Storytelling without a story so much)
The Stanley Parable (A subversive narrative on the mindset of game progression...and probably the only real "funny" videogame ever made)
Hotline Miami (Uber violence, that somehow manages to evoke an oddly specific mood)
Rogue Legacy (The best retro-action-plaform-roguelike-hack'n'nslash-rpg?)

I'm also in the middle of building myself a mame cabinet using a Raspberry PI as the guts.... top fun.

'We're Not Dead: The 3rd Chapter' is out now on all good download stores

WE'RE NOT DEAD (The 3rd Chapter) by Warehouse Wax

And you can grab a few free promotional tracks for the album too

FREE STUFF by Warehouse Wax
Zombie Robot - You Belong To Me - FREE DOWNLOAD by Vinyl Junkie

LTD edition mix CDs by Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion available here:

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

FUTURIZM- Set Me Free/Don't Break My Harp-Passenger Records

Futurizm makes an impressive debut on Passenger Records with 2 melodic 140 Jungle weapons, fusing dubstep and electro bass sounds with 140 to awesome effect, if you haven't grabbed these 2 great tracks already, then go get them now!!!

NORTH BASE- The Album Free Download On 20/12/13

The North Base team has had a very busy 2013. Not only did they smash it at massive shows for the Warehouse Project and Fabric London, they’ve also performed at a number of festivals including Global Gathering, Creamfields, Kendal Calling, Parklife and Hideout.

Remarkably, the lads have still found time to put together their brand new album just in time for the Christmas period, and have decided to release it as a FREE DOWNLOAD for all of their fans around the world!

This new release, entitled 'THE ALBUM', is a 15-track masterpiece, which takes the listener through the full spectrum of modern electronic dance music. The album has been 2 years in the making, and features previously unreleased tracks, as well as some that have been battering the music world for some time now.

North Base have been receiving massive support from artists such as Skream and Benga, MistaJam, B-Traits, Chase and Status, Friction, DJ Hype, Annie Nightingale, Redlight, Breech, TC, Matrix and Futurebound, Charlie Sloth, DJ Target and many, many more. As a result of this, the group decided it was the right time to release all of their music in one great album for the world to hear.
Be sure to check out the lads’ remix of ‘Smile’ by Benga ft. Charlie Demo, and their ‘Problem Child’ Remixes of the 2 classic dance anthems, SL2’s ‘DJ’s Take Control’ and Outlander’s infectious, ‘The Vamp’. There are also other massive cuts on the album such as last years classic North Base track ‘Jammin’, which has gained huge support from Skream and Benga on BBC Radio 1!

Available for free on 20/12/13 here:

Monday, 9 December 2013

J-Tek Records Returning In 2014

Friday, 6 December 2013


With a range of tempo’s and a diverse scope of genres there is something for everyone who a taste for bass music. Simply click like on their Facebook page and then click on the Free Downloads tab


SLAYER027 OUT NOW + FREE TUNE [Support: DJ Mag 'Moneyshot', Toddla T, B.Traits, Serial Killaz+MORE

DJ Mag (Bass) ‘9/10 Single Of The Month’

Toddla T ‘Played on 1Xtra (18 Oct)’

DJ Mag USA ‘10/10 Rolling rudeboy business.’

Nicky Blackmarket ‘10/10 b-line rolllerz’

DJ Mag (DnB) ‘9/10 Great Vibes’ ‘10/10 Huge!’ ‘10/10 never ceases to amaze me!’

OUT NOW: iTunes / Juno Download / Beatport + ALL GOOD STORES

Slayers Soundclash ‘Round 2’
1.            Aries & Gold Dubs meets King Yoof ‘Tempo Dub ft Kelvin 373’
2.            Aries & Gold Dubs ‘Unreal’
3.            Aries & Gold Dubs meets Max Powa ‘Separation’
4.            Aries & Gold Dubs meets Max Powa ‘Babylonman’

After the immense success of ‘Death Before Dishonor’ we at Sub Slayers are hopping with excitement to bring you round 2 of the Slayers Soundclash!
The soundclash series see’s artists battle their artistic minds together to produce what can only be described as a heavyweight bass collision!

Covering tempos from 140-175 including a 140 to 175 switch up, this is a selectors dream!

Toddla T, B.Traits, Serial Killaz, Liondub, Phelah, Freestylers, Randall, AC Slater, Run Tingz, Nicky Blackmarket, Kenny Ken, N-Type, Dreadzone, 6BLOCC, Muffler, Mungos HiFi, Dub Pistols, Chopstick Dubplate, Sticky Buds, Toronto Is Broken, Doc Scott, Billy Bunter, Ruffstuff, Ashatak, Reid Speed, Mat The Alien, Roommate, Renegade Soundwave, Blend Mishkin, Stereo MCs, Lady Waks, Phantasy, Itchy Robot, FreQ Nasty + MORE LISTEN TO THE FULL EP  

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Lucas - Incongruous - Out Now

Top Drawer Digital Presents

TDDR040  Lucas  :  Incongruous



Incongruous (Definition) :

Strange because of not agreeing with what is usual or expected.

With Incongruous, Lucas has fused sounds and styles whilst working within a Future Jungle style framework and produced something refreshingly different.

Lucas - Incongruous - Top Drawer Digital TDDR040 by Top Drawer Digital

Get it from


Torronto Is Broken (Subslayers) : "Love the intro vibes with those acoustic guitars and eerie vocals. Great roller, love this fresh feel to this track. Some great orchestration too on the strings later on. One of the best 140 jungle/breaks tunes I've heard this year!" 9/10

Tariq (Future Jungle Blog / Free Breaks Blog /Hush Mag): "This is awesome!!! Lucas keeping it fresh and original as per, love the 90's Indie style intro, reminds me of The Stone Roses, fits perfectly with thebeats, then the scratching kicks in and it gets even better, what an amazing track!!!!, incredible atmosphere"  10/10

100Me : "Oh.. Wow! Nice one Lucas!!! I wasn't expecting that! You sly old dog! :p Definitely getting some monkey lovin' on this one." 8/10

Sappo : “Nice Work” 8/10

Rat Pack : "I like this. Something different. I'll play it where ever I think it will drop. Good work." 7/10

DJ MAG : 7.5/10

Strange Rollers : "loved this as soon as i heard it - different wins 4 me!!!" 8/10

Radiokillaz "original vibes, great stuff as always" 8/10

Jay Cunning (Subslayers) “Nice work mate” 7/10

Midland Breaks : "I love how Lucas never shy's away from trying something different from a lot of the run of the mill formula tracks & always brings a touch of class to to the table while still be able to make tracks that are going to keep the dance floor moving, it's a hard task to master but Lucas always seems to be able to do this effortlessly." 8/10


More support from , VJAir , Arkon,Bay B Kane,Ben Venom,Brewster B,2 Bad Mice,Champion Breaks ,Big Will,Digitally Mashed, Dazz F , Daz Breaks,Gaffer,Elextrux,Generic Bass,Jon James ,John Grief,Kranky ,Odeed & Wish ,Nasty Squad , Pete HCL,Pressa ,Rasco,Rapid,Rob Focus ,Ruined Jon,Strange Notes,ssTaggat, Yankee and more


Madcap - Acid Chant

Top Drawer Digital Presents
TDDR039 - Madcap : Acid Chant

Former Technics DJ Champion Madcap is currently making waves in the Drum and Bass scene with releases on labels including Bukem's Goodlooking Records and performing at Fabric alongside the legend himself.
Here he shows us how he does 140 Breaks , Rolling Breakbeats and rumbling Bass pull the track along as the infectious acid line , floaty female vox and bleeps a plenty collide in harmony to make this a must have dancefloor smasher.

Champion Breaks takes the helm for remix duties and bashes you round the head with a full on Acid Breaks assault , relentless in pressure and momentarily dropping into 4 x 4 beats highlighting his Acid Techno roots.

Plus 3 free remix's from Kambelt , D-Funkt and CBW (Check the soundcloud links below)
Get it from :

Beatport :
Track It Down :
Rave Download :
Support includes :
601 : Original is the cut for me, very nice rave vibes 8/10
Brewster B (Kiss FM AU) : DOPE..!!!! smoking hot tune 9/10
Pressa : Wicked pair of rollers here 8/10
Strange Rollers : Original all the way 7/10
Schema : Aaahhhh who doesnt love the acid vibe?! Sweet track this, equal praise for original & remix, haunting vocal, twisted vibe & both sound ace. Drum switch on CB remix is sweet 10/10
2 Bad Mice : Quality release and you have to love a bit of acid! I would play both versions but if I have to pick one it would be the Champion Breaks mix. Goodwork guys. 7/10
Radiokillaz 9/10
Tariq (Future Jungle Blog , Free Breaks Blog) : So hard to choose a favourite, both are awesome, the original and the remix, quality 140 and 303s 10/10
Vinyl Junkie : Acid Chant finally gets a release... I forgot how good this was..... Big Up my boy MADCAP and respect to Pete for a great remix though, to be honest... The original is pretty hard to top 8/10

Monday, 25 November 2013

Daz Breakz Exclusive Mix For Future jungle Blog

Introducing the first in our series of exclusive DJ sets for the blog, everyone likes a mix they can pop in the car stereo and Boomsha Recs don, Daz Breakz has pulled out all the stops for a fantastic mix loaded with unreleased dubs on the deeper, intelligent and techy side of 140/Future Jungle, you're in for a real treat here!!! Its free to stream and download, there's plenty more to come from Strange Rollers, Digitally Mashed, Galvatron & Lika Marques, follow us on soundcloud to stay updated and enjoy this quality selection from Daz in the meantime, you can catch Daz each Friday 22:00-00:00 (U.K Time) on for more quality rolling beats and bass!!!
Dazbreakz exclusive mix for Future jungle Blog by Future Jungle Blog

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Voodocoder-Nervous-The Shift EP-Audio Theory Records

Without a doubt, one of our favorite records this year, occupying a space between the darker realms of DnB & 140bpm Bass, this goes in hard right from the get go with menacing drum beats that build the tension before sliding into a towering assault of heavy subs and macabre pads that just lure you in, fans of DnB, Deep Dubstep & 140 Jungle will all appreciate this fine piece of musical art, as we aproach the end of 2013, you can bet this will be making an appearance in our best of 2013 list!!!!

Friday, 15 November 2013

****Vote For Katy B - 5am (Full Spektrum Remix)****

There is currently a competition running for the winning remix of Katy B's '5am' to be featured as an official release on Beatport and get an exclusive play on Katy's own show on Rinse FM, we would love to see this talented producer who has remixed tracks for Top Drawer Digital on that remix package, check out the old skool hardcore influenced remix below...

Katy B - 5am (Full Spektrum Remix) by Full Spektrum

And cast your vote here:

Thursday, 14 November 2013

VA-We're Not Dead 'The 3rd Chapter'-Warehouse Wax F/C 16.12.13 +LTD Edition Mix CDs 7.12.13

We’re Not Dead. The 3rd Chapter.
Warehouse Wax has had a strong year so far. Releases from Odeed & Wish, Madcap, Pressa, Sanxion and of course the Massive single and video from Austin & Vinyl Junkie Ft. Rachel Wallace – Can’t Go Back. After all that, the label is finishing the year off with a bang. And definitely with the style and class you have come to expect from this scene's leading entity.
“We’re Not Dead – The 3rd Chapter” boasts an impressive line up of artists that reads like a who’s who of worldwide bass music in 2013. So what better way to see the year out? Here is just a sampling of those involved. Vinyl Junkie, Sanxion, Wizard, RadioKillaZ, Terry Hooligan, King Yoof, Backdraft, Flashback, 601, Odeed & Wish, Strange Rollers, Eddie Voyager, Schema, Madcap, 100me, Skanx, Billy 'Daniel' Bunter and loads more
As always, it’s the music that does the real talking here. Label boss Vinyl junkie has teamed up with Sanxion to co-curate this album and picked only the biggest noises. Floating somewhere around breaks, bass, 140 & future jungle. The genres maybe loose but the impact isn’t. If you love hard hitting bass music with both an old skool and new skool vibe… you will love this album.
WE'RE NOT DEAD (The 3rd Chapter) by Warehouse Wax

Pre Order Your LTD Edition CD copy mixed by Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion here

Time Travel - Polyphony EP-Boomsha Recordings

Junglists, lend me your ears so i can entice you to the sounds of the Melbourne master, Time Travel who has a simply fabulous junglistic new EP on the mighty, mighty Boomsha, how do they do it each time? Solid release after solid release and no exceptions here, we have two absolute rollers, a 140 roller and a jungle roller. For the 140 heads, we've got 'Deep Space' with tight beats, deep sounds and low, low subs for the head nodders and those of you prone to a smoke!!!! There's still more 140 yet as Ryo lends his production mastery to a sterling remix of of T.T's 160BPM   Jungle track 'A Time Forgotten', immense is not a good enough description for how dam good the remix is and of course, Jungle heads like me will love the original too, so there you have it, Boomsha strikes again with another 10/10 release!!!

Time Travel - Polyphony EP released 11/11/13 by boomsha recordings

Out now on exclusive release to trackitdown for the first 2 weeks before general release in all download stores...

Thursday, 7 November 2013

VA-Ruffneck Rydims Vol 3-Warehouse Wax

Introducing the 3rd in the series of excellent EPs from Warehouse Wax showcasing some of the finest artists in the 140 scene. There are 4 tracks here, each reflects the diversity within this sound perfectly, 100me 'In Paradise' flips the formula for the breaks sound with a unique sounding groove that you will keep coming back to, trust me, its incredibly catchy and no doubt has been rocking the dancefloors!!! Radiokillaz 'Burn Babylon' is ragga tinged 140 at its very best with a phat bassline that reminds us of old skool Andy C/RAM Records/True Playaz circa late 90s. Strange Rollers 'Doin The Herbie' fuses funky house sounds with futuristic jungle vibes and to round things up, Sanxion 'Rusty Screwdriver Skanks' is a trademark bass devastating 140 bad boy in that Sanxion style we all know and love.

Full Clips can be heard below

WHWM 015 - RUFFNECK RYDIMS VOL 3 by Warehouse Wax

Get it exclusively from Trackitdown

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Beagele-Positronic Free Download

Deep, dark vibes from Beagle with this superb rolling bad boy of a future jungle tune, free to download, essential to download!!!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

DJ PINK CHAMPAGNE- Love Is A Drug EP- Rave Stylee

DJ Pink Champagne makes her debut on Rave Stylee with a 4 track EP that really breaks the mold with an incredible fusion of OldSkool and more experimental sounds, combining the early 90's vibe with todays style perfectly for a refreshingly different musical voyage that remains banging through out!!!!

Strange Rollers - The Nerve EndingZ EP [Top Drawer Digital TDDR038]

Top Drawer Digital Presents

TDDR038 - Strange Rollers : The Nerve EndingZ EP
Out Everywhere Now

Strange Rollers have played a massive part in the shaping of the Top Drawer Digital sound since the beginning but this is their first full solo EP outing on the label.
The Nerve Endingz EP is a true reflection of where their sound is at right now, 5 huge tracks of diverse forward thinking Bass Music that give a nod to the Old Skool but push on forward into the future.
Already gaining XFM support from Eddy Temple Morris ,BBC Introducing ,601 , Outrage ,Brewster B (Kiss FM Au),Billy Bunter,Jay Cunning,Sappo,Faydz,Vinyl Junkie ,Saxion,Digitally Mashed ,2 Bad Mice and many more.

Strange Rollers - Nerve Endingz - The Nerve Endingz EP - Top Drawer Digital TDDR038 by Top Drawer Digital
Strange Rollers - Living Bass -The Nerve Endingz EP - Top Drawer Digital TDDR038 by Top Drawer Digital

Strange Rollers - Cool Face - The Nerve EndingZ EP - TDDR038 - Top Drawer Digital by Top Drawer Digital

Strange Rollers - Pushin - The Nerve Endingz EP - Top Drawer Digital TDDR038 by Top Drawer Digital

Strange Rollers - Feel The Hurt- The Nerve Endingz EP - TDDR038 by Top Drawer Digital

Get it from :


Track It Down :

Juno :
And all other good download stores.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

VISIBLE SOUND- Serotonin- Quantum Progression Audio

QPA are back with a bang, Visible Sound returns to the label for a tough, upfront breaks influenced techy 140 workout further beefed up by Rich Tones on the remix with some filtered amen bizznizz, its great to see this innovative imprint back with some quality tunage as per their high standard, 3 words, you need this!!!

Serotonin - Visible Sound (RICH TONES 5HTP REMIX) Forthcoming on QPA by RICH TONES

Get it from:

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Kambelt - F**k Off / Choose One-Rinse Repeat

Kambelt - F**k Off / Choose One - [RINSE010] - Release 19th October 2013 by Rinse Repeat Recordings
The latest offering from Rinse Repeat features Kambelt with 2 crossover 140/dubstep bangers, the grimey 'F__K Off' with humorous comedy vox and the deeper flavaz of 'Choose One', another great release from this label, You can bag it here

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Borderline Jack-Wicked Mind EP-Boomsha Recordings

Boomsha introduces another fresh talent to the growing roster, namely Borderline Jack whose classy production shines on both of these tracks, each a modern interpretation of the golden era jungle sound that has become the benchmark for Boomsha's amazing back cat, its also great to hear Visible Sound on remix duties too, a reminder of what a great producer he is. So in summary, here's yet another fantastic releases from the label that never disapoints but always excels in bringing some of the best future jungle.

Unity Breaks Charity Compilation LP Project

Theres a compilation being put together right now, proceeds to go to a charity mutually agrred upon by the contributing labels and artists, the plan is to get the album ready for this December, if you're a producer or a label owner and fancy getting involved with a track between say 135-174BPM then further details can be found by joining this facebook group or if you prefer dropping an email, you can send a message to

Saturday, 19 October 2013

DJ Flow-Dragga Bass-Free Download

A fresh banger by DJ Flow for your streaming and downloading pleasure, ragga vibes and lashings of bass and chopped up breaks meet a pounding 4x4 kickdrum for some serious dancefloor pressure, big!!!!

dJ fLow - Dragga Bass - FREE DOWNLOAD! by dJ_fLow

Friday, 18 October 2013

Free Downloads Round Up 18.10.13

How does 10 dope free downloads sound to you? How about Scribble Dee's 140 take on 'The Bouncer' and Kut Off Records' 9 track free EP featuring Scribble Dee, DJ Owl, Bfresh, Case OF Bass & DJ Wislov, some great tunes to add to your sets on the radio and at events this weekend

Scribble Dee - Bouncer ****FREE DOWNLOAD**** by Scribble-Dee New Faces Ep - Free Download (9 full tracks) by kutoffrecords

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Flash Cats Meet Retrpolis You Got Me/Gotta Have Your Touch-Propaganda Music

The FLASH CATS return to PROPAGANDA with yet another rave inspired bassfuelled 140bpm bomb thatʼs sure to keep the party rocking! New signing to the label and rising star of the UK bass scene Sam White AKA RETROPOLIS delivers his own unique brand of peak-time low-end mayhem with a slick uplifting drumstep banger supported by a trademark remix from in-house
production team and scene stalwarts THE FLASHBACK PROJECT. All 3 beasts are globally road-tested and guaranteed to destroy every party so bring on the carnage!

Follow: @propagandaUK

Jay Cunning - Sub Slayers [Mix 05]

Fresh new mix from Jay Cunning loaded to the rim with the phattest and dopest bass, check!!!!

Jay Cunning - Sub Slayers [Mix 05] by Jay Cunning / Sub Slayers

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Free Downloads Round Up 15.10.13

Here's a round up of some great free downloads including a fun 92 style remix of a Kniteforce classic by Abyss, a dope re rub of a DnB classic by Skanx, some summery vibes from Pinto to lift your spirits, a sick remix of Radiokillaz' 'Future Junglist' by Bluntskull and 2 great tunes from QPA.

Future Jungle Blog's essential free downloads 15.10.13 by Tariq Ziyad

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

DJ Vapour - Stepback Sessions Tour Birmingham - 140bpm Promo Mix

Skanx And J5 - Holding Back (Remixes Part II)-Woofer Cooker

In this second round of remixes for Skanx and J5's Holding Back we find Belgium's B-Man getting ruff rugged and raw in his darkside tear out version while UK's X Nation gives us a moody dungeon vibe with a sub harmonic rumble that never lets up over a nicely chopped up amen break. Then Canada's Mat The Alien dives deep with his Roland tb-303 acid dubstep version. To end it off, we find Skanx adding some breakbeat science to Mat The Aliens remix and giving it a little more momentum with his future jungle twist. So, something for every taste with this release guaranteed to shake the building. After all....we are the original Woofer Cookers!
Skanx and J5 - Holding Back [REMIXES PART II] demo mix by Skanx n Bass

Buy it Here

Monday, 14 October 2013

North Base - Insomniac - (Official Video)

Coming soon on Wheel & Deal Records, the follow up to last years smash hit 'Ruffneck', get ready for 'Insomniac' by North Base, we personally have been waiting in anxious anticipation for the release of this massive 140 anthem in the making, its not long to go before this drops on general release in November, in the meantime, check out the official vid, boooom!!!!! Oh, and did we mention there's a North Base album on the way?

Interview With Astro Duo

We understand you are from the Sirius star system, what is life like there?

Sirius is a binary Star system, we have 2 suns and our planet is much smaller than yours. In our culture we have no restrictions on our development, and have a greater understanding of Sound waves and their healing effects.

Tell us more about this Time, reality, oscillating internal navigational knowledge you possess, what is it and can we humans access it?

Troink is a craft that takes physical form once charged with sound waves. It is a super conductive magnet that opens inner pathways to outer space between the physical and non-physical worlds.

It’s also an ancient Universal Knowledge that all sentient beings possess within themselves, which is accessed directly though Sound waves.

You believe there is a controlling element within the population who seek to restrict the understanding of Sound Waves and their effect on Humans, who is behind this? And how do you intend to liberate us?

It’s uncertain if any physical entities are behind this, but its clear humans are restricted on many levels, although most do not realise.

Only the Individual human creator can achieve his or her own liberation.
Using sound system technology, we can create an Audio environment, enabling humans to unlock their own sacred geometry.
Reactivating the inner magnetic connection between physical and non physical so we may understand ourselves.

How do you find life here on Earth?
We like the people here - they are very powerful, creative beings in amnesia, forgetting they are the true creator of their own understanding. This means natural behaviour patterns are suppressed, and overrides their sense of being.

You say you have to remain anonymous, why?

Due too the sensitivity of this awaking potential, there is a risk of certain individuals wishing to prevent the exposure of the inner workings of reality. We want to minimise distraction from our physical presents.

How far have you progressed in your mission and what obstacles remain for you to overcome?

Our mission has only just begun, Building Sonic Pillars of Bass For Future Structures. We don’t recognize any obstacles; that’s a
Human constraint. We are all the self-manifestation of our own imagination.

The TROINK EP by Astro Duo is out on the 24th october, check out the video below:

Astro Duo - Troink on MUZU.TV.

601-Pixilate-Passenger Music

601 show us how it's done yet again with a superior slice of 140 bass, coming as a taster for the much anticipated album, this has got us foaming at the mouth here in the FJB office, we just can't wait!!! Check the epic intro on this bad boy and make sure your tied down to something before the bass obliterates you, big? this is hhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

2 new tracks to stream by Tony Rocky Horror

You can stream these two rather tasty Jungle Breaks remixes by Tony Rocky Horror, one being a trance anthem getting the 140 retouch and the other a dope remix of Calvin Harris, soon to be available as free downloads but in the meantime, give them a stream and show some love with some feedback via a comment.

Tastexperience - Highlander (Tony Rocky Horror Remix) by Tony Rocky Horror
Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend (Tony Rocky Horror Remix) by Tony Rocky Horror

Friday, 11 October 2013

Amiga Junglism-Hold On/Light-Bad Habit Muzik

For this release, Bad habit takes it right back to the roots and introduces a producer who is known and respected by many in his circles, Amiga Junglism. As the name suggests, AJ sticks faithfully to the classic machine that produced 100s if not 1000s of hardcore & jungle anthems, 2 tracks are on offer here, both with a 1992 style, phat chugging beats and super low and heavy bass with an old skool jungle vibe and when we say old skool, we mean real old skool!!! Right back where it started, make sure to turn these bad boys up loud, preferably in a residential area!!!

Stream a preview of 'Hold On' here:

Amiga Junglism - Hold On (Final Master) 128bit by bad habit muzik promos
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Mastered by D.Viant, you can contact him via this email for mastering services and quotes: