Friday, 29 July 2011

Vinyl Junkie : Concrete Jungle Mix

Vinyl Junkie : Concrete Jungle Mix

Join our group: 140 Futuristic Junglistic Breakbeat Tingz...
01. AQUASKY - Take Me There (601 Remix) - PASSENGER
03. YOOF – Murderer – SUB SLAYERS
04. PYRAMID - Ready For Blast Off - FUNKATECH (Vinyl Junkie Edit)
05. DUB HOOLIGAN feat. SPYDA - Sound Alone (Billy 'Daniel' Bunter and Sanxion Remix) - SLAUGHTER HOUSE RYDIMS
06. 601 – Brothers and Sisters - PASSENGER
07. JURRASIC CODEC - Hit Dat (Rennie P Remix) - SUPATRONIX
08. FACTION G - Freestyle (Billy 'Daniel' Bunter and Sanxion Remix) – SLAUGHTER HOUSE RYDIMS
09. MS DYNAMITE – NevaSoft (Pyramid Refix) – FREE DOWNLOAD!
11. PYRAMID – Gunman – FUNKATECH (Free Download!)
12. AUDIOBOTZ – Find You (Cut La Rok Remix) – HO JU
13. YOOF - Back 2 Hackney – SUB SLAYERS
14. 601 – White Off – APE MUSIC
16. 601 – Can’t Take It – APE MUSIC
19. OU EST LE SWIMMING POOL - Jacksons Last Stand (Rack N Ruin Remix) - HUSSLE
20. KRAFTY KUTS and SPORTY-O - Lets Ride (Pyramid Remix) – INSTANT VIBES
21. DJ FRESH – Ice Cream - RAM
22. SLIPMATT and LIQUID meet the THE RAGGA TWINS - 3rd Generation (Billy 'Daniel' Bunter and Sanxion Remix) - SLAUGHTER HOUSE RYDIMS
24. LIQUID 8 - The One (Sanxion Remix) - SLAUGHTER HOUSE RYDIMS
25. EDDIE VOYAGER - Runaway (Sanxion Remix) - HELD 2 RANSOM (Vinyl Junkie Edit)
26. VINYL JUNKIE and AUSTIN - Jah Love (Sanxion Remix) – WAREHOUSE WAX

Massive respect to all the artists and labels included on this mix...
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jay Cunning (SUB SLAYERS), Ollywood (HARDCORE BEATS), Asad (FUNKATECH), Billy 'Daniel' Bunter and Slipmatt (SLAUGHTER HOUSE RYDIMS), Eddie Voyager (HELD 2 RANSOM), Aquasky (PASSENGER), John and Arran (DEFINITION:BREAKS) Nicky & Ken (PYRAMID), Mark (SANXION) and everyone else that sends me promos.... BIG UPZ :o)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Free Track :Strange Rollers :Basement Jack (Universal Soldiers)

Another damn fine free track from Mr Strange Rollers
Strange Rollers : Basement Jack : Universal Soldiers

Modular : Opposition

Modular : Opposition

I saw this yeesterday and just thought WOW.
Cant wait for this EP forthcoming on New World Ordio
Check them out on Facebook here :

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tune of the Day: Schema - Move - Subslayers

Bringing a slightly new sound to the subslayers imprint from their first release back in 2010. Schema step up to the jungle breaks sound but retaining some of their dubstep flavours. Move is easily the stand out track from the ep which has quite a lot of trancey bleepy synthness running through it alongside the usual dirty bass dubstep wonk and amens a pleanty.
It will be interesting to see where subslayers takes us next on an already awesome journey.

released in august 2011

Monday, 18 July 2011

Free Tune : Strange Rollers :Dark Love (Breaks Mix) Definition:Breaks

Free Tune : Strange Rollers :Dark Love (Breaks Mix) Definition:Breaks

Get your hands on this Strange Rollers Classic , Definition:Breaks first release for free , right here right now :)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Tune Of The Day : Ben Venom : D3mons (Definition:breaks)

Tune Of The Day : Ben Venom : D3mons (Definition:breaks)

Oldskool meets NuSkool in this Ben Venom Banger

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tune of the Day: Sanxion - Bish Bash Bosh

It's a little bit jungle it's a little bit dubstep, it's a little bit bashment, it's a little wow!!! Sanxion does it again, immense drums immense bass just generally all round hugeness! keep your eyes firmly locked on his Soundcloud page for some rare treats going up over the coming months.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tune Of The Day :Outrage : Absit Omen

Tune Of The Day : Outrage : Absit Omen

We've not seen a low Bpm release from J-Tek Originator Outrage in a while ,But he returns to the 140 Tip with Absit Omen coming soon on The Backlash Records Zer0 BpM EP and with more to follow.
Get your ears round this beast......and when we know more we'll let you know .

Free Tune of the Week: Volume Remix Track artwork Track artwork Nickynutz feat John Holt-Ali Baba fever

In the first of a new feature for future jungle blog, Each week I will be trolling through sound cloud to find you lovely people a fresh slice of free jungle beats! We kick things off with a wicked remix of John Holt's Ali Baba, By jungle producer Nicky Nutz. So I hope you you enjoy this and the ones to come. Based in Canada this guy is smashing it up at the moment.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tune of the Day: Riko Dan - May To September (Sanxion Remix)

Rapper Riko Dan is not stranger to bangers being part of Roll Deep. Taken from his debut ep which dropped last year, which i have only just discovered through this awesome remix by Sanxion who to be fair is rolling all over many other future jungle producers with his unmistakable style and flare for make drums that are so pounding they would make your deceased gran rise up from the grave to tell you to turn it down!! watch out for more big tunes coming from the Slaughterhouse Rydim imprint too!!!

I like where things are headed at the moment with people from different genres coming together under the banner of jungle. As was seen in the 90s jungle is the kind of music that brings people from all backgrounds styles and flavors together! Long may it last!

May To September (Sanxion Remix) by Slaughter House Rydims

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tune of the day: Vinyl Junkie & Austin - Jah Love (Sanxion remix)

Part of a string of remixes forthcoming on the newly resurrected warehouse wax label. Sanxion has been killing lately fully embracing the jungle sound! also watch out for some hefty weapons coming from billy bunter and sanxion. It's getting serious!!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tune of the day: Bay B Kane TWISTED SEPERATION

stepping up the tempo to get you through the rest of the week! A really awesome tune from junglist Bay B Kane

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Interview: So Deep So Pressa

In the first of a series of interviews Kidchameleon talks to some of new and old hands of the 140 scene. Kicking things off with deep dub jungle master Pressa!

1. Hi Joe thanks for taking some time to do this interview with us. for those wh have yet to come across you can you give a bit of history about Pressa.

I'm a music producer and DJ from south east London/north west Kent that makes (sub) bass heavy music usually at 140 beats per minute which tends to be in the styles of dubstep or 140/future jungle.
I started off as just a dj playing garage and then drum n bass. I later decided that I wanted to learn how to produce and tried my hand at making a dnb tune. I wasn't very good with the 170 bpm tempo so made some stuff at 140 and it was a lot better straight away. At the time I thought what I was making was jungle and dub influenced grime/sublow. I later heard some dubstep and it was the closest thing to what I was making so I looked in to it more and got more involved with the scene.
In recent times I've been more known as a deep dubstep producer but have been focusing on the straight up 140 jungle stuff more recently.

2. Your sound is quite a deep melodic dubby sound, which few people are doing at the moment, were you always more into the deep end than the amen led stuff?

I've always been in to vibes and bass weight, if music hasn't got that in I don't see the point really! But yeah my music has always been pretty much on the deeper side of the music spectrum, easy on the ear kind of stuff.
As for amen breaks, I stay clear quite a bit because so many producers use them a lot. I do use them some times but more as an under layer.

3.You have just had an awesome release on Top Drawer Digital, alongside dutch junglist Bojcot. What was the idea behid this project and will we be seeing you two teaming up again?

Thanks. Lucas approached us to see if we were interested in doing a remix EP for the label, so me and Bojcot spoke about it and decided to go ahead with it.
There wasn't really an idea behind the project other than we would remix each others track, "Fast Motion 11" is called 11 and not "Fast Motion 10" remix as we decided it sounded too different from the original.
Me and Bojcot Selectah have been sending each other beats for around 3 years now as we both make jungle flavoured dubstep and more straight forward jungle at 140 bpm (not much was being made back then). We will definitely be working on something in the future!

4. What software/hardware do you use, to create the warmth of tracks like lost in time.

I use Reason, Recycle and a whole mess of samples to create my sound.

5. Where you do draw you influences from outside of jungle?
Dub, house, garage, oldskool hardcore, dnb, minimal techno, film soundtracks and day to day life experiences are probably my main influences.

6. How do you feel about the whole "future" term being used? It seems to be quite a hot topic in terms of branding music these days.

I think it's ok if the music is forward thinking, using new sounds and techniques I suppose. It does get used a lot.
To be honest I haven't really been following the future jungle sound till recently as I was just doing my own thing. I need to get at more producers for tunes haha.

7. Who will you be watching out for this coming year?

I'm sure Bojcot Selectah is building some heavy tunes at the moment so I'm gonna keep an eye out for him, oh and Graish as well as the Top Drawer Digital lot.

Joe has also included this rad mix for you all to download for your branded/non branded mp3 players

The So fast so serious ep is out now on Top Drawer Digital and is available from all good download stores