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Zomboy Feat Lady Chann : Here To Stay (Lightshapers Remix) 320 FREE DOWNLOAD

Zomboy Feat Lady Chann : Here To Stay (Lightshapers Remix) 320 FREE DOWNLOAD


Interview with J Rolla

Thanks for taking time to chat with us, first up, how about a little introduction to yourself for the readers....

J-Rolla: Hey all, I'm a producer from Lyttelton, New Zealand. I like to focus on more than one genre of music to keep myself busy as I tend to get bored of always making one certain style. I am addicted to creativity, I always need to be making something, whether it's music, producing & mixing, running various labels, clothing designs, websites and various other art projects, I always have inspiration to create something, can get annoying when you just want to relax haha!!

You've been making Jungle, DnB, Dubstep & Breaks tunes since 2009, how did you get into music production?

J-Rolla: Well, I actually first started producing way back in 2003 when I attended an Audio Engineering Course fresh out of High School. I started producing Hip Hop, whacked out electronica and made beats for assignments like radio ad's etc.
It wasn't until 2004 when I really fell in love with Drum & Bass after going to so many great gigs at The Ministry here in Christchurch as well as many great nights on the West Coast of New Zealand. I brought my first sets of decks in late 04' and
me and my cousin, Mercenary (of Perth's quad production team, Network) both started mixing at the same time, we rinsed them things every single night, we would go 5 tracks each. While he had his 5, I would chuck my headphones in the computer and start producing drums in between then a little further down the line I would let him mix for a little longer while i had my headphones on matching up
my newly made drumloops on the computer with his mixing on the decks. After a few years of building up my knowledge of  production, falling in love with Roots music, Reggae & Dub and trying to blend it into my Drum & Bass productions, i finally found my sound and was ready to take a more serious approach to it and start uploading my tracks up on the internet.

The first 4 tracks I uploaded were signed by Jungle veteran RCola to his JungleXpeditions label which gave me the confidence to keep the tracks coming, it all progressed pretty quickly from there really.

You also run Dubpride recordings, tell us a bit about that and whats happening with it....

J-Rolla: Yes, I co-own Dubpride Recordings along with Konsida (Jesse Ironshirt), the aim for Dubpride was to showcase amazing Reggae & Dub inspired dance music of all genres from artists all around the world. We've had a very good run with our releases so far, we've been a little quiet lately but that's just because we have a very strong view on quality when it comes to the label and great tracks just don't come by everyday. Also we get busy with our own projects, mine being production & mixing, as well as running my Ruffneck Rollaz label and Jesse gets very busy with his Dubstep label, Ironshirt Recordings, also he's moved out of the studio so we don't see each other everyday now. Expect a lot more in the future though, as we are always on the hunt!

Going back to making tunes, whats been your favourite personal production to date?

J-Rolla: Damn! Hardest question yet! My most successful would have been my remix of Rihanna's "Rude Boy", which clocked up over 11,000 plays. As for my favourite though, either the track I made with the amazingly talented Bonnie Legion titled "Ignite Me" or my remix of Groove Armada's "Superstylin'".

Whats the scene like in NZ?

J-Rolla: The scene in New Zealand is and has always been amazing, going out to a gig here I have never had a bad time. It's a good advantage having a country so small, everyone knows and supports each other. So much great talent has come from this country, Concord Dawn, State of Mind, The Upbeats, Mosus, Freq Nasty, Truth, Shapeshifter, Antiform, Organikismness, Agent Alvin, MC Tali, Salmonella Dub, Fat Freddys Drop and sooo much more. Seriously I could fill this page with talent from this country!

Tell us a few tunes you're feeling at the moment.......

J-Rolla: Really feeling the new Ed Solo & Deekline album, love the good time vibes on the track "All Gravy" featuring Darrison, all the Dubwize Drum & Bass
tracks on it kick ass! Still really loving Toronto Is Broken's "Spirit Song 2012", really digging the new Alaska track "Dolorous" featuring Robert Manos,
the new Dub Pistols album "Worshipping The Dollar" always make me want to jump in the studio, also the f#@king outstanding job that Ed Rush has done on the remix of Rudimental's "Not Giving In". Anything by Phaelah or Seba when i'm chillin'.....

You've got a full album in the pipelines, can you tell us more about that?

J-Rolla: Yes I do plan on having an album ready later on this year, it's a long process but I already have around 4 to 5 completed tracks set aside for 
the album so far and hope to get as many vocalists and other producers on board for it, while still keeping the focus pure and the sound, my own.

Thanks again for taking time, any last words and/or shouts?

J-Rolla: No problems. Last words of advice for producers, If your struggling to get people to pay attention to your music, it's not always because your tracks aren't
good, a lot of the time it can be because your tracks are original and they simply aren't used to the sound yet. Make music you believe in, for yourself, if 
your sound is original then that is the best thing that can possibly happen, don't change for no one. You'll only get so far following in someone else's shadow,
but if it's new and original, then you are the one setting the limits! People like things that are new, not cheap imitations...

Shout outs to everyone who has ever taken the time to checks my tracks, showed support and given feedback. Special shouts to Sabon (My Girl) for understanding that my brain usually thinks 80% beats & 20% everything else, Jai (My Bruv), Jesse Ironshirt, Dinneen, Mercenary, Camo MC, Chachi, Wubzilla & Dangergirl, Shane Forge, Savey, Jako, LQue, Insomniac, Jabz MC and all Christchurch & LYTT 328 crew! RCola, Aries, Marcus Visionary, Frisk, David Boomah, Jay Sureshock, MC Frequency, YT, Neil Perch of Zion Train, Erbman Hustlin', Spliff Unit, Isaac Maya, D.K Ritual, Igit and all Dubwize Drum & Bass crew! Schema, Tariq, John VinylJunkie, Ben & Lex, 601, Bonnie Legion, Gav Exit Point, Digitally Mashed and all Future Jungle 140bpm crew! 

Also sorry anyone I've forgotten, you know how bad my memory is, if you've ever checked one of my tracks, I THANK YOU!

Check out J Rolla on soundcloud:
and on mixcrate

As mentioned earlier, J Rolla is working on an album and has a funding project up and running where you can contribute and help to get this album released, you'll earn yourself a free copy for your support too so go on, support great real underground sounds by following the link:

GL0WKiD Guest Mix @ / "Deep In The UnderGround Show"

The Afterparty on C89.5 FM 03.30.2013

Friday, 29 March 2013

155 & Rising-Nu Rave Radio Bank Holiday Special Show 29.3.13

The Prodigy-Everybody In The Place(155 & Rising)
Interface-Do It(DJ Pursuit's Mix)
Agent KR-Love To Party
Prime Movements-The Morphim
Gav Ley-Some Alright Muffin
J.R.S-Feeling So Special
Candy Cutz-Feeling Yeah
Vibes & Wishdokta-Fantasia
Bungy & Cridge-Dopin' Em Up
Beat Rapist-Lets Do It

Digitally Mashed Pres The Top Drawer Digital Show live 26 03 13

Thursday, 28 March 2013

AC Slater - Ass Drop - 601 Amen Re-edit FREE DL

We love 601's tunes and we're certainly not going to pass up on a dope re edit of AC Slater's 'Ass Drop' going gratis, plenty of sick basslines on offer here so do the only honourable and right thing to do, show some love to this banger!!!!

Lucider - Play It -Free Download

We're loving this sick dope slice of heavy future junglism sampling the mighty KRS One, coming out of San Fran, sunny California, this bad boy is a speaker wrecker built for looooud sound systems and you know what? its free!!! What are you waiting for!!!!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

RaveStyleePodcasts - Menace's Rave Stylee Podcast Vol 2

The Flashback Project - Freedom
Resin - The Way I Feel
Pianoman ft. Carla - So Addicted (Avro's Reach For The Sky Mix)
Menace - Rave That
Greg Sin Key - No Time To Waste
Grim EP (DJ Owl Rmx)
Liquid Rollers - Dont Stop
Eddie Voyager - Runaway
DJ Owl - Deeper (DJ Owls going back to the underground mix)
Menace - Dream Maker
Jamie Rotten - Mystified
Neurygma - Forever
Menace - Return to Eden
Eddie Voayger - catch the break
Menace - Unconditional Rewind
PSI - Show Me [piano hardcore breakz]
Liquid Rollers - Keep On
Avro vs N-Joi vs Robin S - Show Me Anthem (Rachel's Mashup Mix)
Menace - Renegade Snares 2013 ReLik
The Flashback Project - 'Love Commandments'
DJ Twista & Taya - Heat of the Moment Dub Mix
Nefti - Take Away The Colour
Andy Wilson - Paradise

21 Years Of Breakbeat Hardcore 1992 -2013

Silent Sigh -Henstridge '92
Nookie -Pedro Pulls An Essex Sort
Menace Makes 3-Feel the Friction on My Feet (The TTL Crew Mix)
2 Boasters - The Traitor
Manic - Feel It (Jungle Mix)
Mastergroove - Cold fresh air
Dave Skywalker –R U RED.Y
DJ Fuzzbuzz -Wonka (Old Piano Tune Mix)
Mark C-Axe Factor
Mark C - Rushing Just A Little Bit To Fast
Leonized-The Beginning Of The End (DJ Fuzzbuzz Remix)
DJ Fav-Forsaken Jungle
DJ Fuzzbuzz -1994 Crew
Pursuit -Comin' Rude Boy
DJ Skywalker -Time And Time
Unknown Artist -Dance Mother

Deep In The Underground Show 23.3.13

Simon Holmes -Divine Harmony
RESIN - Need It Tonight
Jurassik-Dopest And The Raddest
Nikolai -Project Zero
Vic B & Redshift-140arc
SixFootUnda - Thats What I Do
Skanx and Klashy -Lighta Massive
Jem One - Podium Trollz
Mastergroove - Trippy
Silent Sigh -Henstridge '92
TuKuntz - Miss Me (Back 2 92 Mix)
Dodders -The Lost Boy
Blackbox-I Don’t Know Anybody Else (Zombie Robot Remix)
ManaBoom -Splash Of Emotion
Strange Rollers - The Ward (Trapped In Mix)
Visible Sound-Serene Awakening
E Lab Rat - Rat Hustle (Lucas Remix)
DJ Fuzzbuzz -Wonka (Old Piano Tune Mix)
Pursuit -Comin' Rude Boy
Remnant -No More Room In Hell
Cheapjack -Samples For Sale
Yell O Phase -Pretty Hardcore (Paranoid Mix)

Alternative stream/download link:

Kickback 140 Mix - FREE DOWNLOAD

  A new mix of 140 tunes to podlaod on your downcast!
Thanks to all the labels for the tunes & to the people who have given free downloads on Soundcloud!
Original Primate - 2Bad - Warehouse Wax
The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up - (Noisia Rmx) - XL
Emile Sandae - Heaven (Pyramid Re-Fix) - Bootleg
Liquid-8 Ft Davina Myers - Colourblind - Warehouse Wax
Cassias - Luv You So (Skream's Something long remix) - Ed Banger
The Flashback Project - Its The Way - Bootleg
Dom Almond - Jump & Shout - Warehouse Wax
Billy 'Daniel' Bunter vs Sanxion & Vinyl Junkie - Ode To The Badman - Warehouse Wax
Noisia - Stigma (Neosignal Remix) - Vision
Original Primate - Magic Man - Warehouse Wax
TC - Tap Ho (VIP) FREE Download
Skanx - Afrika (Stepper Mix) - Sub Slayers
Shy Fx FT Yazmin & Mss Dynamite - Light Up The World - Digital Soundboy
Kickback - In Your Eyes (Kickback Dubplate)
Rusko Ft Amber Coffman - Hold On - Mad Decent
Laid Blak - Bristol Love - Reel Me Records

Galvatron - Private Guest List (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Here's another biggie from one of our favourite producers, Galvatron, it's going for free and we're feeling the darker undertones to this, there's also a rather well known sample in there too!!!! Enjoy............

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Exit Point's Breaks, Bass & Beats Show With Special Guests Damage Inc (25.03.2013)

Paul Bassrock-Oldskool Karnage(Jurassik Remix)

Great to see the return of one of the originals, Paul Bassrock with a great remix package to kick start the re launch of Bassrock Recs, Jurassik tears it up with this skanking bass heavy monster of a remix, no exaggerations when we say we are absolutely loving this!!!

Kambelt-The Pirates EP-Held II Ransom

Ooo aaarrrr!!! Shiver me timbers, pieces of eight, right, thats enough of that!!! Here's our pick from a killer EP of gut wrenching bassline bizznizz from the man like Kambeltm yes yes!!!! time to walk the plank.....

Curious-Trip 2 The Moon-Bad Habit Muzik

If you haven't grabbed a copy of this already, then do avail yourself of this tidy 140 tribute to ACEN's 92 classic by L.A's finest, Mr Tonz Of Drumz, DJ Curious, not to mentiont the 2 great tracks on the flipside for lovers of liquid DnB and chilled vibes, more top class tunage from Bad Habit Muzik....

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sixfootunda-Lost In Dreams LP-Boomsha

Boomsha recs continue to up the ante, this time with a full 10 track album from San Diego original junglist, Sixfootunda featuring remixes from Visible Sound, Bay B Kane, DJ Aitch & Strange Rollers.

Kicking off with the opening ‘Someone was looking for you’, a classic jungle roller at 140bpm sampling from one of my favourite films, ‘The Shining’, this is a bass fuelled monster!!!!

Visible Sound takes the opener down a melodic route with added female vox, flutes and super phat amens for an intelligent rinse out.

Then we have one of my favourite tracks from the album ‘That’s what I do’ with it’s eerie jazz like pads and gangster vox sounding like Lou Reed turned junglist or a junglist Tarantino soundtrack, seriously, this is sick!!!! BBK maintains the dark vibes on remix duties, going down a more minimalist 2 stepping route building into bass heavy amen rolling wickedness.

Another fave is ‘Low level frequencies’ with dark menacing gangster flick style pads, heavy subs as per the track title and loads of great bleepy bits, DJ Aitch gives this banger his own unique old skool style jungle re rub.

‘War is in the dance’ at 150bpm has a 94’ vibe to it with sirens, atmospheric pads and ragga vox, get your lighters out for this bad boy, the Strange Rollers remix is tight, emphasising the bongos and adding in dark, spooky pads for a killer re rub.

‘This is a kill’ is a nice melodic future jungle workout with uplifting, intelligent pads, still keeping the beats n’ bass phat and heavy though.

We finish with ‘The conscious mind’ with pads reminiscent of the early Metalheadz era, a voice repeatedly tells us of strange sub conscious experiences, intersped with huge subs and junglistic vox with some nice bleeps.

This is a great album, essential for all future junglists, taking all the best elements of 20 years of the sound and putting it together in 10 dope tracks, you have been formally introduced to the O.G Sixfootunda, we fully expect you will be coming back for more of those sick beats!!!!

Buy Here:

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Bad Habit, H Bar, Brighton 23,3,13 +Free promo Mix By DJ Curious

<<<<<<<<<<<<< DJ SLIPMATT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




*********** FROM USA DJ CURIOUS (L.A)*************

************ CRISTOPHER ROSS (ITALY)**************

<<<<<<<<<<< MINISTRY OF SOUND DJS>>>>>>>>>>>


********* DA BOYZE – 100Me – GRIPPER – *********-


**********- DAZ BREAKS -STRANGE ROLLERS **********




Check out this free promo mix by DJ Curious:

Interview with The Rumblist and brand new EP 'Flex Up' Out Now on Kut Off Recs

We're happy to welcome The Rumblist to the blog, to ask him a few questions. First up, thanks for taking some time out to tell us a bit about yourself....

It's fair to say that you have a unique take on the breaks sound. How would you describe your style, approach to writing music and who's inspired you?

I like to think that my music kind of 'crosses over' between dance music and listening music. This probably comes from spending many years mainly writing IDM/electronica tunes, which were inspired by the 90's sounds of Aphex Twin, Autechre, Muziq, Squarepusher, etc. I stumbled into breaks music more by accident than anything! My friend VJ Air hit me up with some remix work for his label Definition:breaks, and that was that, I was hooked!

I don't DJ at the moment (currently working on that) or get to as many gigs as I'd like, so my tunes probably don't have that dance-floor edge that I hear a lot in other breaks tunes. I'm very much a traditional musician, who got into electronic music because I was fascinated with sampling and synthesis from an early age. I credit my dad with getting me into sampling, as he bought me a Casio SK-1 when I was a kid! (Thanks Pa!)

A lot of the time when I sit down to write a new tune, I've no idea what's going to happen, as I never aim to specifically write a particular genre. That's half the fun, the uncertainty! It's a cliché, but it's all about the journey for me, and I hope that translates to the listener, as well as being something to dance about to!

Which releases have been your favourite personal productions to date?

Flex Up is definitely one of my faves for sure! It's got that melodic, epic feel to it that I enjoy. I'm also really proud of the Livid EP (Definition:breaks) - big, nasty sounds!
Little Man (Unstable Label) and Felt So (Digital Sensation UK) were also special releases for me, kinda personal.

And who are you digging in the world of broken beats, EDM & music in general at the moment?

Originality and not giving a fuck rates high on my music radar, so Die Antwoord are right up there for me - rap/rave/techno mentalness! They're not everyone's cup of tea, but they inspire and terrify me in equal measure! I was lucky enough to see them play live a couple of years back and their energy was infectious, even though I felt I'd been musically violated!!

Breaks-wise, I love Hoffman & Savannah's tunes - they just nail it everytime with huge clean productions, with Fraction being one of my fave tunes! I also love the Spanish tearout sounds of Javi R, Vazteria X and A2C.

Outside of breaks, I have been enjoying Autechre's new album 'Exai', which takes a few listens to get into! Good, but not as good as their older stuff like Garbage and Anvil Vapre!

Can you tell us more about your upcoming release on a brand new label, Kut Off Records?

Yeah, I'm excited about this one! I've been wanting to get Flex Up out for a while now - it's got that melodic epic stomp going on and it's great to have the Stewart Lee samples in there, about the good old days of records! Spazt is a chugging little breaks tune, with stabby basses and guitar-like synths rolling along to the beat. Take It is a much more recent tune, with real heavy bass sounds and aggressive beats. Really chuffed to be the first release on Kut Off Records as well. Exciting times!

So how can we stay updated with the latest info on The Rumblist

Best ways to follow me are on:-
Soundcloud –    
or my website -   

Be sure to check out my Year Of Freebies, where I'm giving away an original tune every month this year!
I've also got some ambient/electronica tunes at

Thanks again...any last words and shouts?

Loads of love for Ian and Sarah at Unstable Label, Arran and John at Definition:breaks, Lucas at Top Drawer Digital, Mike Perks at Free Breaks Blog, and of course your good self for all your help and support! There's loads more people in the breaks scene that also need thanking, everyone seems really sound and all trying to push in the same direction, so massive respect to anyone I've forgotten!

The Rumblist's new EP is out now on Kut Off Recs , get it here:

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The Deep In The Underground Show 16.3.13

Dakoda - Tactile
Dakoda - Detox
Time Travel - Take my hand
Exit Point - Badman Style (FLeCK remix)
North Base - Borrow My Sound
Deekline & Hardy Hard - Can’t Hide It (Galvatron Remix)
Resin - A Different Story
DJ Nicky Allen -Rave
Avro-Dance To The Rhythm
SixFootUnda - Low Level Frequencies
DJ Mark C-Let It Hit 'Em
Strange Rollers - Stick Up Kids
Kambelt-Pirate System
Boss T-Feelin It
Andy Wilson - Love & Devotion ( Neurygma Remix)
Mark C - Rushing Just A Little Bit Too Fast
Paul Cronin-Enter
DJ Fuzzbuzz -1994 Crew
Leonized Vs Paul Cronin-Sample Dis Mf
Dave Skywalker-Killerwhale
BeatRapist -Bass Bins & Mud
Silent Code - Bassline Shuttup
Sr & Digbee-Wanted

Alternative stream/download link:

Ruffneck Podcast - Missmax

Some firing beats to get you warmed up for our next event on 23rd March :
Lockside Lounge, Camden, London
8pm - 3am / £3 before 12 / £5 after
Rennie Pilgrem / Schema / Jay Cunning / Jurassik / Final Conflict / Missmax / D.Viant / Calculated Chaos
Another RUFFNECK touches down at Lockside Lounge to bring you another banging night of bass driven Future Jungle riddims and Old Skool flavours from the Breakbeat Jungle.
TCR label boss and Industry powerhouse 'Rennie Pilgrem' heads the bill. Hailing from the 90s rave scene and widely considered to be the pioneer of the 'Nu Skool Breakz' scene. Get ready for a Breakbeat masterclass.
As a special treat from the Sub Slayers camp Producers and DJ's of Dubstep, Bass Music, D&B and all things in between 'Schema' join us in the RUFFNECK jungle, its gonna go off.
Up next is Sub Slayers boss 'Jay Cunning'. Churning out hit after hit, Sub slayers have established themselves as a label not to be messed with, so expect a full on bass assault.
London producer and Supatronix boss 'Jurassik' will be slamming you with his own brand of bass driven riddims from the breakbeat jungle, with releases on iBreaks and Downbeat expect a high octane 140 tear out.
RUFFNECK resident 'Final Conflict' will be slamming you with his usual Old Skool infused Future jungle. With releases on Sony, Top Draw Digital, Atomic Zoo and forthcoming on Bad Habit this london based producer shows no sign of stopping, expect lots of bounce.
Australian breakbeat queen and Supatronix legend 'Missmax' makes a rare appearance in London, not to be missed.
Producer, Dj and Bad Habit's newest resident 'D. Viant' joins us to take you on a deep and techy future jungle expedition for all you bass heads out there.
And London Dj and Producer 'Calculated Chaos' will be warming you up with some old skool jungle classics.

Boomsha Future Jungle Show - DazBreakz (live on 03.16.13)

1. Mshcode - Junglist Device (Stemfilth Remix)
2. Truant - Shacklez (Schoco's Trapped Into The Sound)
3. Fleck - I Can Tell By Your Eyes
4. Bay B Kane - Winds Of Change
5. Rolling Paper - Vista
6. Sixfootunda - War Is In The Dance
7. Area 39 - Flute Fx
8. No Lay & Ms Dynamite - Drugs - North Base Remix
9. Fleck - Place 4 Us - Bay B Kane Million Miles VIP
10. Visible Sound - Warriors Way
11. Ryo - 1997
12. Intense - Journey To The Unknown
13. Lethal - Poltergeist
14. Fleck - Rolling Soul
15. DJ Aitch - Darksyde
16. Lapo (Numa Crew) - We Do The Killin
17. Penpal - Real Lies (Switch Mix)
18. Borderline Jack - Wicked Style
19. Strangenotes - Into Da Future (SN Remix)
20. Kanna - Find Me (Classic Skanna Remix)
21. Shapes And Colours - Waiting For Tomorrow
22. Chameleon - Links
24. DJ Aitch - Jungle Drumz
25. Ryo - Selectah
26. Ice Minus - Zen
27. Gappa G - Information Centre - Bay B Kane VIP
28. Rf-Project - Gimme The Juice
29. Sixfootunda - Someone Was Looking For You [Visible Sound Remix]

DJ Tony D-Exclusive Set For The 93 Project Soundcloud Group

1. Johnny Jungle-Flammable:[ DJ Curious 2013 Rmx]
2. Top Buzz-Maintain Her:[ Lucas Rmx]
3. Omni Trio-Feel Good:[ DJ Beady Booty Breaks Rmx]
4. Jimi Polo & Neil Vass-Rolling Energy:[Strange Rollers Mix]
5. DJ Solo-Darkage:[Sound Shifter Rmx]
6. The Prodigy-Full Throttle:[Nefti Rmx]
7. DJ Nexus Feat. R4R-Music In Search Of The Light
8. DJ Nexus & Blowback-Boomin Tunes Vol 2 [A1] :[Sanxion 93 Project Re-Lick]
9. The Undergraduates-Into Da Future:[Strange Notes Rmx]
10. Boogie Times Tribe-The Dark Stranger:[Another Terrifying Simon Harris Future Jungle Rmx]
11. Phuture Assassins-Roots N Future:[Breakz Rmx]
12. LTJ Bukem-Enchanted:[Sparki Dee's Swing 93 Mix]
13. DJ Chemistry-Movement Of Rastafari:[Radiokillaz Rmx]
14. Cloud 9-U Got Me Burning:[Nookie & Ray Keith Mix]:[Sideswipe Edit]
15. 100Me Vs Sunshine Productions-Above The Clouds
16. Mike Slammer & Red Alert-In Effect:[Beady Mix]
17. The House Crew-Euphoria [Nino's Dream]:[Bright Lights Mix]
18. M Beat-Just A Little:[Strange Notes Rmx]
19. New Koncept Vs On Demand-Blacksteel :[Part 2]
20. DJ Wax-Moments So Dark:[ Pursuit Really Dark Rmx]
21. The Prodigy-We Are The Ruffest:[Motiv's Ruffest Break Mix]
22. Tango & Fallout-Intrigue:[DJ Nee’s Final V.I.P Mix]
23. Kemical Kids-Grim:[DJ Owls 20 Yrs Later Breaks Mix]
24. Dj KP-Stoned:[Karnage Re-Lit Rolling Rmx] - 20 Secs Only
25. Aphex Twin-On:[Sparki Dee's Break 4 The Beat Shuttle Re-Lick]
26. Omni Trio-Renegade Snares:[Menace 2013 Mix]
27. M Beat-Style:[Liquid Rollers Feck The Title Mix]
28. Deep Blue-Helicopter Tune:[Simon Harris Future Jungle Mix]
29. Skanna-This Way:[1h9!N Mix]
30. New Koncept Vs Origin Unknown-Valley Of The Shadows

Monday, 18 March 2013

Mastergroove-Massive N crew-Kode 5

Following on from last years 'Annihilate' which still gets regular plays from now comes this 1994 style roller with a drop reminiscent of DJ Rap circa 94 combined with more modern bassy sounds all mixed together to perfection, the best of both worlds and another solid release for you to add to your collection.....

Available from and all good download stores, here's a great free tune by Mastergroove too, in case you missed it

Sunday, 17 March 2013

****Paranoid Records Vol 7-Free 14 Track Album***

After listening to this album, a full unmixed 14 track album, all mastered 320 mp3s, I felt the least I could do is write a few words on why you should download this and support the label. I don't want to ramble on but I have pretty much the entire Paranoid back catalogue and I'm a huge fan of the label. This compilation reflects Old Skool in the truest sense from tracks like the 91/92 uplifting pianocore of Ric 'Welcome To My House',the amazing and always original Simon Holmes with 'Divine Harmony' to the faster 92-94 style of DJ Fuzzbuzz 'Wonka' & DJ Pursuit 'Comin Rude Boy'. Impulse 'Dancing In The Moonlight' nods it's head to the classic Kniteforce sound as does Manaboom 'Splash Of Emotion. Other highlights include 2 great darkcore tunes from Remnant & Cheapjack, old skool forum favourite Dodders who turns in an amazing tune with the best drop I've heard in ages, I hope to hear more from him in future. In short, the whole album is great and reflects the ethos of my radio shows with a tempo range from 135bpm-164bpm and a variety of styles that fit under the NuSkool/Breakbeat Hardcore umbrella. Now go and get it!!!!!!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

RadioKillaZ - Flight FM - Future Jungle Show - 150313

 Listen to RadioKillaZ Flight FM - Future Jungle Show - 150313
Catch RadioKillaZ Live on their bi weekly radio show on Londons original Flight FM Fridays @ 20:00GMT
Flight FM broadcasting 24/7 365 - DnB, Dubstep, UKG, House, Bass, Future Jungle, Old Skool

Friday, 15 March 2013


Here's a tune that's been bubbling for a while now with support from the likes of Pressa, deep dubstep meets future jungle with an old skool jungle feel, chopped timestretched beats, eerie vox and atmospheric 93/94 style pads, coming from the production team of  U Ome & 6Blocc on the excellent Steps In Time label is a seal of quality in itself and this is a tune that every true future junglist needs in their collection......

GTR039 - Resin "Substance" Hardcore Breaks Album ( Track Sampler )

The NEW digital album from Goodtimes Recordings very own RESIN !!
if you love your oldskool hardcore breaks then you need to check this album out :)
release date 30th April 2013 from all Major download stores
Released by: Good Times Recordings 
Release/catalogue number: GTR039
Release date: Apr 30, 2013 

ABYSS-Hi Rise EP-Kode 5 Recordings

Massive new EP on Kode 5 from Abyss, a mixture of uplifting 92 style hardcore with the excellent 'Flying High' and 'Rushing Feeling' contrasted by 2 much darker 93 style tearout tunes, both quality, we love the Ed Rush influenced vibes of 'Give Me A Break and how can we not love the Trent Reznor sampling 'The Darkside', a must for all lovers of 93 darkcore and a certain horror franchise(wink wink, hello....I want to play a game)

Deekline & Hardy Hard - Cant Hide It (Galvatron Remix)

We at the blog happen to think that Galvatron has done rather a fine remix of this current favourite and guess what you lucky people.....its free!!!! If you're feeling the sounds of Galvatron, and we certainly are, add this to your collection, Damn Son!!!!

You can buy the original plus remixes here:

*****Exclusive Free EP For Future Jungle Blog-RyO-'War EP'*****

Today we've got something pretty special for you exclusive to this blog from the man like Ryo, get yourself a copy of this free EP with 3 future jungle beasts, big phat tearout basslines are the order of the day, get rinsing in your sets and crank this up on those sub woofers in your car, whatever you do, don't sleep on this!!!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Time Travel - Inter Galaxy EP-Digital Acetate

Time Travel raise the bar with this latest release on Digital Acetate, 4 tracks of smooth, lush intelligent future jungle and deep DnB with a quality remix by Visible Sound, one of the finest releases to date from this great imprint

Buy it here:

Billy Daniel Bunter & Jay Cunning - Ragga Rave & Bass March 2013 (Dub Plate Session)

Deep In The Underground Show 9.3.12

1st Science -Northbound
FLeCK - She
Paul Bassrock-Oldskool Karnage Redux(Jurassik Remix)
RESIN - Take Me Up
The Flashback Project- Killin' Sound
Paul Cronin-Everything Is Crystal
Manion - Street Kids (Strange Rollers Remix)
Infinity Modulator -Shreds Of Black Cloud
Ryo - Arrival At Lost City
Stu J -Under The Influence
Neurygma - Lest twist again
Systec -Bluebird (Positive Thinking Mix)
Simon Harris-Logical Beats
Leonized-The Beginning Of The End (Fuzzbuzz Remix)
DJ Skywalker -Time And Time
XTM -Perfect Dreams With U
BeatRapist - Jungle Fever
NewKoncept Vs On Remand – Blacksteel (Pt 2)
Time Travel - Reaching For The Sun
Boss T -Difficult Daze
DJ Nicky Allen -Dancehall Darkness
Exit Point-Badman Style (Scattytone Remix)
Silent Code - Never Change

Saturday, 9 March 2013


( (8/3/13)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Digitally-Mashed - Digitally Mashed Pres The Top Drawer Digital Show live 05 03 13

Fleck & Ryo-The Stuck Mindz EP-Boomsha

Boomsha strikes gold yet again with another huge release, 2 tunes from Fleck, 2 tunes from Ryo, 4 killer tracks that nod their caps to the golden era of Drum & Bass with those big rolling funky basslines that were once found in the sets of Mickey Finn & Aphrodite, these 2 great producers from Greece take these great sounds and update them for 2013 in a fresh and innovative fashion. Its a big thumbs up once again from us to a label that just keeps delivering the quality...

Original Primate-Demons Of The Jungle EP-Warehouse Wax

Original Primate is the product of an amalgamation between Rob Focuz of the Apply the Breaks crew and Pete aka Secure Unit. They have been producing together for over two years now and a steady flow of releases and remixes have seen the duo's unique sound develop into a mutation of breaks,

Original Primate is the product of an amalgamation between Rob Focuz of the Apply the Breaks crew and Pete aka Secure Unit. They have been producing together for over two years now and a steady flow of releases and remixes have seen the duo's unique sound develop into a mutation of breaks, DnB & Dubstep. Having provided earth-shattering releases on Ape Records last year and more recently on Definition Breaks, the lads have finally unleashed the 'Demons Of The Jungle' EP, which has been over a year in the making. But I am sure you will agree that it is worthy of such a wait. Here at Warehouse Wax we feel that this EP firmly establishes Original Primate as one of the major players in the Future Jungle game.