Saturday, 30 August 2014

FREESTYLERS- Love My Bass/Skacid [Instant Vibes]

 Theres something of a warerhouse vibe to this great new EP by the legendary Freestylers, 'Love My Bass' takes it back with a summer of 91 vibe, the famous 'You Know How To Love Me' vocal is used to great effect over some old skool hardcore stabs and breaks with a sweet organ drop, the minute I heard this, I was hooked!!! 'SkAcid' mixes up dub reggae vibes with some 303 action for a seriously funky workout, still smashing it in 2014, big ups to the Freestylers, you HAVE  to own this release!!!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

PROTUNE- Twenty Minute Madness Minimix [Free Download0

Protune unleash their own brand of bass mayhem in this minimix of forthcoming and current productions from the dynamite duo, get on this badboy!!! Make sure you turn it up looooooouuuuuddddd!!!! Check it out on you tube too:

Monday, 25 August 2014

N TYPE & SURGE- Stampede EP [Wheel & Deal Records]

N Type & Surge have a new EP out on Wheel & Deal Records, taking a different direction from previous releases and looking to expand the limits of bass music, this new EP goes for a more industrial sound incorporating elements of grime, techno and other genres along the way on a rich journey of sounds, staying ahead of the game with finesse, true bass heads cannot be without this

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HYBRID LOGIC- Below Zero EP [Unified Audio ]

Being big fans of Hybrid Logic and the excellent One Forty Deep blog, we knew this was going to be a great EP straight away and it certainly is, deep dubby techno inspired 140 riddims in abundance, big booming subs, lovely clicks and beeps, this is one slice of quality deep bass you do NOT want to miss out on!!!!

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Thursday, 21 August 2014


Sonars Ghost has been making music since 1991 evolving through hardcore to jungle & DnB under various aliases, many of which are featured here, you get some classic old skool hardcore under the R Core alias, some of which popped up on the 2 Hungry Ghosts blog a couple of years, tracks like 'Tribute To SUAD' showcase the early beginnings of what would later become DnB with light melodic pads, 'Going Home' takes a haunting vocal and merges chopped up breakbeats in a very Metalheadz like track, 'My Enemys Enemy' is pure old skool hardcore, euphoric and uplifting. 'Taking Hits' is a trip to the darkside back in 93/94, under his Romero alias we get a jazzy liquid funk 95 style roller with sweet pads, horns and percussion, The Army Of Ghosts Remix of Soza'a 'Understand The Process' is a classic timeless jungle opening with a urgent intro before dropping into some killer amen tearout, we also get 3 tracks under the Regression Sessions alias, the searing and swooping 'Last Dark Thought', the bleep n bass style 'Show You 89' and 'Show You VIP', lastly, Argento's 'The Hidden VIP' takes things into the late 90s with some tough drumfunk with elements of light and dark perfectly fused together, this whole EP is a blueprint of how it was back in the day, a sound that can truly never be beaten or imitated. You can buy this LP here:   

Vinyl Junkie- The Bass 'n' Beats Show on Sub.FM 20.08.14

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

MSHCODE- Dawn Prelude-Quantum Progression Audio

We welcome back QPA with a stunning new release from Mshcode, the title track track of this 2 track EP sees one our favourite producers from down under at his dubby best with an atmospheric roller, we also get the trippy 140 drumfunk awesomeness of 'Dimension Wave', essential jungle!!!!

Friday, 15 August 2014

B Serious-Shaolin Beats EP-Boomsha Recordings

Bringing quality beats since the summer of 2012, Boomsha Recordings continues to blaze a trail with greet release after great release, this latest EP from B Serious features 2 tracks of Oriental themed crisp chopped and spliced amens 140BPM style, both outstanding tracks, it came to my attention that B Serious is a new artist name for Visible Sound, it made even more sense that this is such a classy 2 tracker, another essential outing from Boomsha!!!

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dirty Skank Beats - Mad Combination Riddim [Kulture Klash Records]

How about some sumery sizzlin rub a dub ragga style jungle bangers from Dirty Skank Beats? 'Mad Combination Riddim' is the title track from a 3 track EP featuring vocals from Suku Of Ward 21 & Doubla J, backed by a  beat so banging, its militant!!!!combined with some classic sleng teng style ragga beats and pads and heavy bars from the vocalists, this packs a mighty punch!!!

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Sink your teeth into this phat PHAT mix as a taster!!! Booyakashaaa!!!