Thursday, 25 September 2014

CURIOUS- Naybahood Remixes [Tonz Of Drumz]

Essential new EP on Tonz Of Drumz, remixes of
Curious' 'Naybahood' for the Future Junglist crew!!!! Remixes come from Curious, Bay B Kane & Sixfootunda on the 140/Future Jungle tip plus Trap & DnB remixes from iRay & Direct Feed

Monday, 22 September 2014

Eddie Voyager Exclusive Free Track And Remix Comp

We have something rather special for you this time, a exclusive free track by Eddie Voyager AND A remix comp to boot, download the stems and masters in the link and send your remix in to, the winner will get their remix pro mastered for free and featured on our soundcloud, please send your submissions in as 320 mp3s and label them as 'Eddie Voyager-Deeper Love (----- Remix) (Insert your name in the remix in brackets), 140-150BPM is preferable, not a hard and fast rule, be creative!!!, deadline for submissions is 1st November 2014

Saturday, 20 September 2014

GARETH MONKS- The Manix Stampede [Strictly Nuskool Blog Exclusive Freebie]

Our friends over at Strictly Nuskool Blog have just dropped the 2nd of 2 exclusive free tracks by Gareth Monks,  a huge mash up of tunes by Manix & Krome & Time, you could consider it to be the modern equivalent to the Energizer tunes of the early 90s, its really well put together and if you love your old skool, you won't be able to stop yourself listening over and over again!!!

Friday, 19 September 2014

DANI B- All Believers (100Me Remix) [Bad Habit Muzik]

Dani B's soulful vocals get the 100Me treatment, bumping beats with a bit of 140 Jungle riddim over some bubbling pads that complimet Dani's vocals for some prime time dancefloor mayhem, Bad Habit Muzik bring the fiyah!!!!


TIME TRAVEL- Abyss EP [Quantum Progression Audio]

Its great to see QPA back in action after a hiatus, following on from the excellent Mshcode EP, its the turn of his brother, Time Travel with more fresh and unique sounds that really do emphasise on the 'Future' in future jungle while retaining subtle hints of the old skool, seriously good, absolutely 110% essential


Thursday, 18 September 2014

SIXFOOTUNDA- Lawless EP [Boomsha Recordings]

Following up from his LP on Boomsha, Sixfootunda drops a brand new EP of Jungle ranging from 140-180BPM, the vibes are atmospheric, subs are heavy and beats pounding, Sixfootunda fuses together old skool jungle, ragga & breakbeat hardcore together with slick nuskool production, every single track is a certified dancefloor murker, drop any of these badboys while you're in the booth and sit back and watch the ensuing mayhem, another fantastic release from the label that always brings the goodness!!!!

Buy Here

MOTIV- Come Alive EP [White Tower Digital]

Motiv returns with a fresh slice of epic and uplifting DnB 'Come alive' with powerful vocals and sweeping cinematic sounds, this is peak time DnB to rock the crowd, for the 140 heads Orestiz drops the tempo for a dubby Future Jungle take on the original, essential!!!!

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

OTTER- American Exile EP [Boomsha Recordings]

Another fresh EP from the mighty Boomsha, one of two new releases currently out on the label, Otter returns with a brand new EP 'American Exile'featuring 4 tracks of finely crafted and soulful 140/Future Jungle & DnB, its the sound of a sunny California beach as the day draws to an end, loaded with chilled vibes, on top of this must have EP, there is a free giveaway VIP of 'Dreams From 95', grab it here and make sure to snap up the EP here

RICO TUBBS VS INFEKTO- Rule The Dancehall EP [Passenger Records]

Rico Tubbss' latest EP on Passenger is a quality bass house outing featuring the legendary Ragga twins on vocals, you may recall the brand new LP by Manix last year and the Reinforced Records don is back with a full on 92 style reworking with uplifting pianos and fierce rvaey stabs, we hope this isn't the only appearance Manix makes for Passenger Recs!!!

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Deekline / Smookie Illson - Sound of Music FREE DL

We don't normally post trap stuff, not because we hate trap or anything, rather just that this blog has always been mainly about 140-150BPM Jungle and similar genres but Deekline & Smookie Illson have put up this bass monster for free and while it has a trap style beat, the sound harkens back to old skool rave/hardcore/jungle, a timeless vocal, ravey pianos and the urgency and energy of the old skool pinned perfectly to some booming 808s and clicks, essential free download!!!

Monday, 1 September 2014


Retropolis has a brand new website which you should definitely check out and to celebrate that he has four limited downloads going up over the coming month, of course you can expect hefty doses of filthy bass, uplifting pianos and bouncing breaks but you better be quick!!!! Check out the events page to make sure you don't miss out!!!!