Tuesday, 20 May 2014

HASTINGS- Calling Monster Island

Celebrating the release of the new Godzilla movie, Hastings has made his Godzilla themed future jungle roller 'Calling Monster Island' free to download, a great atmospheric and spatial track to rock your DJ sets with, deep and dark, just the way we like it!!!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Route 94 - My Love (Schema's 140 Jungle Refix)

The Schema boys smash it with a sick 140 Jungle remix of Route 94's 'My Love', theres nothing a good amen break can't fix, top work from the boys as per, boom!!!!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Schoco - Welcome To My Jungle LP-Boomsha Recordings-Due Out 19/05/2014

The 3rd artist album to feature on Boomsha Recordings is Schoco's 'Welcome To My Jungle' its due out on 19/05/2014 as a 2 week exclusive on Beatport, get it on the day of release here and it is a masterclass in the sound of Future Jungle, a rebuttal to those who claim that the sound is dead, beats as good as this don't die, its as simple as that, I'll repeat for emphasis,  THIS IS A MASTERCLASS IN FUTURE JUNGLE

We begin with the gentle sway and rolling breaks of the aptly titled 'Enter The Jungle', a perfect album opener and a great tune to start your DJ set, fans of beat mastery are in for a treat when the track builds to a crescendo midway splicing up breaks left right and centre, this sets the tone perfectly

Next up is 'My Weapons' featuring vocals from Daz Breakz and I'll say it right now, I said it when I played this on air recently, for me, this is right up there with my favourite Future Jungle track 'Psychotic Bleeps' by Sub Fusion, this track is menacing and sinister, it really could give you the creeps sitting alone in your room and I love it all the more for that fact, the eerie horror esque strings, pummeling layered breaks, the start stop sequences, this track epitomises dark claustrophobic paranoia, its awesome!!!!

'Rhythm' opens with a subtle beat that reminds me of Massive Attack's 'Teardrops' and builds subtly into a hypnotic and melodic groove, 'Dhyana' combines Schoco's beat mastery with a dubby ethnic sound, 'I Wanna Dance' is Schoco at his cinematic best with a towering trance like tune, 'My Love' is bleepy and majestic, 'Only A Dream' breaks out the 303s for some acid soaked breakology, one of the darker numbers here with growling mentasms and another personal pick for this writer from this exceptionally good LP .

As the title suggests 'Towards The Sun' is from the ethereal side of Schoco's amazing musical mind, indeed it could be the soundtrack to one of those epic Sci Fi films of the late 70s and early 80's or a sprawling dessert odyssey, 'Solar Illusions' fuses tough techno stabs and and a powerful sense of atmosphere to the classic funky drummer break, 'Desert Jungle' combines guitar riffs, didgeridoos and warrior like crys with stripped back pads for the sounds of the desert, the rainforest & the outback rolled into some epic jungle breaks, Radioactive Watermelon makes an appearance for remix duties on 'Dhyana' for an amazing orchestral dubbed out reworking.

Really, there should be awards for an album of this caliber, you think this sound is dead? Take a listen to this magnus opus and prepare to eat some humble pie, for the 3rd time I'll say it because it needs to be said, this is an absolute masterpiece.

Curious-Sky High/Liquid Light-Bad Habit Muzik-Due Out 16/05/2014

Be prepared for the return of one of the scenes most influential labels, Bad Habit Muzik, in the coming months, a whole load of new releases are lined up showcasing both 140, Garage, DnB, Dubstep/Bass & Deep House. Curious-'Sky High/Liquid Light' is due out on the 16th may 2014, you can buy it via this link from the release date and eventually from all good download stores.

'Sky High' is the absolute sound of the summer, rolling breaks and bleepy pads with a combination of deep, melodic and more uptempo strings, its an instant winner, a sure fire repeat play tune!!!

CURIOUS - SKY HIGH (OG MIX) - CLIP (out friday 16th may ) by BadHabit Muzik

Strange Rollers takes 'Sky High' into hybrid trap/bass/140 territory for yet another of his amazing remix jobs, the man with the musical midas touch just can't go wrong!!!!

CURIOUS - SKY HIGH (STRANGE ROLLERS MIX) - CLIP (out 16th may ) by BadHabit Muzik

'Liquid Light' begins deep and builds and builds before going in hard with a tough punchy finale in classic Curious style

CURIOUS - LIQUID LIGHT (OG MIX) - CLIP (out friday 16 may) by BadHabit Muzik

Finally the always awesome Pressa takes 'Liquid Light' and puts it through his dubbed out blender to produce a remix full of subtleties, intricacies and layers

CURIOUS - LIQUID LIGHT (PRESSA MIX) - CLIP (out Friday 16 May ) by BadHabit Muzik

Bad Habit Muzik makes a firm staement of intent with this excellent EP, they are well and truly back and you can expect only the best from this ground breaking imprint, its a case of one ear to the ground, some real gems are on the horizon, this being the first of them.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Tony Rocky Horror - The FKOF EP

We're massive fans of Tony Rocky Horror here at the blog and we're very pleased to see this 4 track free EP pop up on our soundcloud dashboard, hosted by Fat Kid On Fire this EP showcases the deeper side of Tony's productions and will certainly be getting plenty of support from us, go and check it out, dubstep and 140 heads will appreciate the beat mastery on offer here.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

REBEL FACTION Ft DENNEAN- Like To Know/Don't Play- Rinse Repeat Recordings

Great to see the return of this forward thinking label in 2014, Rinse Repeat, the label that has so far featured the likes of DJ Mark C, Kinetic Eon, Kambelt, DJ Dossa, Infinty Modulator & Kemikal Breakfazt to name a few. Rebel Faction Ft Dennean 'Like To Know'is a 140 bass take on Altern 8's 'Infiltrate 202' while on the flipside 'Don't Play' is a darker dub excursion with some excellent layered drum edits. Rinse Repeat continue with the quality output, we look forward to further releases in 2014 and beyond.

Buy From Juno: http://goo.gl/1tbVLy
Buy From Beatport: http://goo.gl/zdc6xx
Buy From Trackitdown: http://goo.gl/9TqT3l
Buy From iTunes: http://goo.gl/pfJwG5 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Original Primate Mix for Future Jungle Blog May 2014

We're extremely pleased to host a fresh new mix by Original Primate available to stream/download, a tasty selection of blistering beats blended to perfection by Rob Fokuz & Secure Unit, check out the tracklist below....

1/ Si Begg – Losing It (Gella Remix)
2/ Loopdigga – Timewarp
3/ Si Begg - Badboy
4/ Electrux - Terminus
5/ Sticky Fingers – No Shame
6/ Lukes Anger – Dead Like Elvis
7/ DJ Quest & Odissi - Wormhole
8/ Aaron Spectre – Say More Fire
9/ The Flashback Project – The King
10/ White Papoo – The Only Trip (Distortionz Remix)
11/ Sanxion – A More Complicated Experiment
12/ Cursor Minor – Hair Of The Dog
13/ 601 - Strobelight
14/ Secureunit – Livin’ Life
15/ Electric Friends – Electric Friends (Ed 209 Remix)
16/ Cardopusher – Gibold Scandalous Unltd
17/ AC Slater – Ass Drop (601 amen Re Edit)
18/ Unkown – Unknown (SU Remix)
19/ Backdraft – R U Ready Part 2
20/ Distortionz – Pure Play
21/ Mono – True To The Game (Pablo Beatz Remix)

You can follow Original Primate on Facebook & Twitter