Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Nexus 21- Real Love [Strange Rollers 2014 Remix] Exclusive Free Download

Now for our second free track, we have something rather special, we owe a debt of gratitude to Mark Archer and one of the hardest working and most talented producers in the scene, Strange Rollers. this is a official remix of Nexus 21's classic 'Real Love', check out the original here and please, please, please show some love for this Future Jungle/Breaks rework, don't mind our rather lame 'artwork, you can blame this writer for that, I'm learning the ropes but you must grab this tune and repost, share on social media, its massive!!!!!  

Kinetic Eon-Light Sabre-Exclusive Free Download

We have a fresh free tune from Kinetic Eon someone we just can't thank enough for his support and contributions to the blog, show some love for this towering tribal infused 140 jungle/bass hybrid and check out his awesome label Unified Audio for more great tracks

Also, if you are after high quality and we mean high quality audio mastering check out 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Galvatron - Persona Non Grata EP-Boomsha Recordings

Galavatron has been working hard, crafting his sound for years with releases on Top Drawer Digital, Rave Style'e, Kut Off, OBE & Sub Generation plus forthcoming releases on Kode 5 Recordings and many giveaway tracks including one for this blog. His debut release for the consistently excellent Boomsha Recordings 'Persona Non Grata' features 7 tracks of his signature fusion of breaks, techno, dubstep, jungle & 140 beats, a blueprint of the Sub: Cult sound where Galvatron is a resident DJ, each of these tracks just itches to be played through one of those custom woofer stacks that feature at said events. Far from being 'Persona Non Grata', we at the blog welcome the solid production skills of Galvatron, another winner from Boomsha!!!

Wizard - Buss It Up EP [Hostage Bass]

Wizard launches his Hostage bass imprint with 'Buss It Up' featuring vocals from Daddy Freddy, Lady Chann, Tenor Fly & Jimmy Danger, 360 degrees of bass with a capital B and a lot of BOOOOM!!!! 140 heads (like us) will soak up the breaks version while there are equally BANGING and BASS HEAVY  DnB versions from Wizard himself and a bonus free remix by ANiMal plus a Deep House remix by Rain City Riot, watch yer bassbins we're tellin' ya!!!!

Hybrid Logic-The Remixes EP

Out today as a free release in conjunction with the excellent 140 Deep blog is this free EP from Hybrid Logic, a producer who grew up in the golden age of jungle and has turned his own hands to producing quality 140 Jungle & Deep Dubstep. 'The Remixes EP' brings together Hybrid Logic's 140 Jungle takes on Deep Dubstep tunes by the likes of Demon, Khafu, and Dead Noise System., a deep voyage into the world of minimalism and deep subs and an absolute joy to the ears, you can download it for free here and we recommend that you do!!! A must for your DJ sets.


Our latest mix comes from veteran Future Jungle DJ Yankee, its a great mix of deeper sounds with quite a few fresh dubplates and new tracks in there too, a great set to rinse out on the car stereo, stick this on, sit back and get ready to be taken on a journey. DJ Yankee would like to thank all the artists and labels featured in this mix and we would like to thank DJ Yankee for such a great mix!!!!

1. Galvatron - Summers Dream
2. Pixel Vs Lucas - Oh What Fun
3. Dephonix - The Way I Dub
4. Freestyler - Entertainer
5. Bojcot Selecta - You're An Angel
6. Cyber Ninja - Bubble
7. Morphy - Dub
8. Sub - Ain't That Funky
9. Boca & Chalker - Chillrave
10. DJ AitcH - A Place In Time
11. Bay B Kane - Road Untraveled
12. Apollo & Esoterix - Play Love Is Not A Game
13. Bay B Kane - Magnetic Drift
14. Calaamus & DJ AitcH - Moody
15. Rapone - Let's Your Hart Be Mine
16. Eschaton - Going Nowhere
17. Schoco - Dhyana
18. DJ AitcH - The Roller
19. Love Lizard - Control
20. DJ Aitch - Orbit

Friday, 20 June 2014

Beat-Breaker - Dubnium [Exclusive Mix For Future Jungle Blog)

The awesome Beat Breaker has given us an exclusive mix to stream/download packed with ravey 140 goodness and a few of his fine mash ups too, his mixes have been hugely popular on blogs like Funk & Filth and you can hear the quality for yourself right here, listen, download, respost and share on social media, this set is BIG!!!!!

01.. D.Trac3d vs. F.U.G.: Get Real Wizardry [Beat-Breaker RFX]
02.. Hoodz: Bad Bwoy
03.. Ben Venom: Listen
04.. Ben Venom vs. The Rumblist ft. rosaRat]: Wake Up & Listen [Beat-Breaker RFX]
05.. Sanxion: A More Complicated Experiment
06.. Skanx: C'mon
07.. Vinyl Junkie: Brainshake
08.. BreaksMafia vs. Massacre: Raves In The Bridge
09.. Temazo: Little Things [The Flashback Project]
10.. The Autobots: Time Machine [The Autobots' Future Jungle RMX]
11.. The Flashback Project: Got To Be Free
12.. Freestylers & Stereo:Type ft. Illaman & Serocee: Ignite
13.. Jay Cunning & One Sinner: Bad Girls [High Rankin RMX]
14.. Shade K: Tornado Winter [Beat-Breaker RFX]
15.. Vinyl Junkie: Threat To Society
16.. Specimen A: Clown Killer
17.. Jurassik: Wine Your Body [Left/Right RMX]

18.. Emeli Sandé: Heaven [Pyramid RFX]

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Tim Reaper & Dev/Null - Eckhart

Big ups to the awesome Blog To The Old Skool for giving us a mention along with Strictly NuSkool Blog plus a great free track by Tim Reaper & Devnull, great use of samples and ideas by Devnull put together in fine style by Time Reaper, quality Hardcore Junglism 93 style, have a read of the blog entry and check out their blog whilst you're there for lots of great oldskool!!!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Future Jungle Blog Presents Half Hour Havoc Vol 2

A little selection of some fresh 140 beats, half an hour of havoc!!!!

  1. Radiokillaz-Generation Rave http://goo.gl/7JVkJj
  2. Route 94-My Love (Schema's 140 Jungle refix) http://goo.gl/NMyIu4
  3. Wizard Ft Tenor Fly, Jimmy Danger & Lady Chann-Buss It Up (Breaks Mix) http://goo.gl/1pESXy
  4. Typestyle-Heritage http://goo.gl/oBVRff
  5. Schoco Ft Daz Breakz-My Weaponz http://goo.gl/bBI7nv
  6. Sacred-Do It Together (Sound Shifter Remix) http://goo.gl/dSCmW8
  7. Curious-Liquid Light http://goo.gl/8A5Px4 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Schoco - Jungle, Baby! (FREE D\L)

Here at the blog, we would like to congratulate Schoco on the birth of his son Nico and his amazing debut LP 'Welcome To My Jungle', to celebrate this, Schoco treats us to one of his epic tunes for free, now how can you say no!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Eschaton - Going Nowhere

Hidden gem of the week has to go to this atmospheric 140BPM roller by Eschaton, artist and label owner of Omni Music, a label known for quality deep DnB, Breaks & House. Eschaton describes 'Going Nowhere' as 'A really old tune I found on my hard drive today while clearing some files up...', something of a rather humble u8nderstatement in this writer's opinion, more like 'epic string laden lush 140BPM amen workout' and the best thing for us is its free to download and deserves some love!!!