Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Interview with Evil Nine + New EP Out Now

With a new release currently out and an album on the way, Future Jungle Blog relished the chance to catch up with Evil Nine, Check the interview below........

With a career spanning 14 years and a truly diverse and vast array of genres, how would you describe the sounds you make?

I guess eclectic in it's influences & constantly evolving is a good place to start. We both have such a broad taste in music & a desire to not stagnate that the Evil Nine sound changes constantly, the sound that most people know us for is probably best described as 'Krautrock & Hip Hop influenced breakbeat' but who knows really? We usually just mess about in the studio & see what comes out rather than over thinking what type of music we're writing, not really sure wether this is a good or bad thing though.

You have made soundtracks for horror movies, are you fans of the horror genres yourself and if so, what are your favourite scary films?

Yeah we're both fans of cinema in general & horror is a big genre for us. We rarely get scared of horror movies these days, I guess as you get older you get used to them. Movies by classic horror / zombie directors like John Carpenter, Dario Argento, George A. Romero & Sam Raimi were a big influence on both our albums but we don't recall being that scared by them. I think the last film I watched that scared me was 'The Last Exorcism' which took me by surprise, I was alone & high when I watched it though. (Pat)

You're currently in the process of putting together your 3rd album, what can listeners expect from this one?

In a way we've returned to the sound of 'You Can Be Special Too' but as always we're keen not to repeat ourselves; this time around it has a little more of an electronic edge to it as well as a focus on sound design & our hip hop influences. Vocally we're planning on working with our friends from the first & second album again, apart from that it's difficult to say as things can often end up in a completely different place than they seem to be heading.

And lastly, your new EP is out now, tell us a bit about that and anything else coming up in the pipelines in terms of releases and any upcoming shows.

Basically we have a new EP called 'Haxxan // Diamonds' which is out on our label 'For Lovers'. 'Haxxan' is a slight indication of where we're heading sound wise with the album although that will be rougher & rockier in sound if what we've worked on so far is anything to go by, with both tracks we tried to write something that contained some of our more recent hip-hop & R&B influences combined with elements of the sounds we've been known for in the past. Other than working on the album we've just finished a very breakbeat sounding remix for 'Pretty Little Things' which we're pretty proud of & working on the follow up to 'Haxxan // Diamonds', it's quite electronic again but much deeper, subby & psychedelic.

Evil Nine's new EP 'Haxxan/Diamonds' is out now and can be purchased here:

SHED EDZ All Systems Are Go Goodtimes Recordings

Those in the know will tell you, Shed Edz don't just make tunes, they make absolute anthems, following on from 'Suspect' and 'Pressure Drop' comes 'All Systems Are Go', very much in the classic 91/92 style mold  the intro teases the listener before kicking in with some pads reminiscent of The Prodigy's 'Android' but more on the uplifting tip leading us into the drop mid way for some classic old skool piano action to get you buzzing and jumping around before some trumpes are introduced, giving the tune a housey feel. This ones a sure fire crowd pleaser and on a par with Shed Edz' 2 previous classics, add this banger to your growing GTR collection, its a must.

NEBULA II- Onwards- Kode5 Recordings

Kode 5 are on a roll right now with some amazing releases, it doesn't get much bigger than this though, Reinforced records legends, Nebula II debut on Kode 5 in the year 2013 with an anthem that could have been from a lost DAT tape from back in the halcyon days of 1992, a driving and uplifting fusion of classic house, techno and hardcore at 140BPM, listening to this evokes the emotion and the vibe of the golden era, the dreams of unity and togetherness that flickered it's flame in the rave generation. To put it simply, this is piano led classic rave awesomeness, not owning a copy is tantamount to a musical crime, you simply must support this tune.


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Freestylers-The Coming Storm VIP Mix-Free DL

The Coming Storm VIP Mix by Freestylers

Freestylers unleash their VIP mix of The Coming Storm and it bangs harder than Godzilla in a brothel.
The original which featured the moody and melodic vocals of Takura was voted Tune of the Month by DJ Mag. It received support from the likes of Congo Natty, Bassnectar, Aphrodite, Aquasky, Mista Jam, Flux Pavillion, Roni Size and Pyramid.

They have revamped the dub and jungle infused original into an all round breaks classic that echoes the sound of original Freestylers. It's a louder, heavier, summertime scorcher and one for the true heads.
Released by: blackhole 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

RyO - Thru Your Eyes Album-Boomsha Recordings

I first heard the sounds of Ryo in Autumn 2012, featuring on the future jungle usb vol 2 album along with releases on Digital Acetate & Boomsha, I was blown away by the diversity in his sound from the gut wrenching darkness of 'White Place' to the the brilliance of 'Angels Calling' which begins with a DnB style beat at 140bpm and is comparable to Adam F making future jungle with its deepness and lushness. Following a string of excellent releases, Ryo debuts his first full album on Boomsha recordings and I assure you, you are in for a treat. Throughout this album, you get that diversity and melodic flavour, each tune contains subtleties and intricacy's that reflect Ryo's high level of musicality, from deep to disembowelingly dark, 'Thru Your Eyes' is an absolute delight to listen to, the future jungle scene has its first 'Timeless', I urge you to take just a few seconds to share the link to the soundcloud minimix below and/or the trackitdown links, this deserves to go viral and become the landamark album of the scene, please support, its time the jungle revolution begins, big ups to the Boomsha fam and big ups to the man like Ryo for pulling out something as special as this....
  RyO - Thru Your Eyes (album preview clips) release date 24/07/13 by boomsha recordings

Monday, 22 July 2013

Sparki Dee - Uplift Me Kode 5 Recordings + Exclusive Interview with Sparki Dee

Sparki Dee has had airplay on Radio 1 previously and continues to put out great tunes in a variety of genres, for over a year now we have had back to back radio shows on and along with being a top bloke, Sparki also is something of a wizard in the studio, check out his remixes on the 92 and 93 project soundcloud groups for just a few  great examples. There's plenty of quality rave breaks, nuskool and future jungle on the way this summer from Sparki and right now he has a tune out on Kode 5 recordings 'Uplift Me'. I thought this would be a great opportunity to catch up with the man himself and have a chat about production, DJ'ing, the new release and just life in general.......

So, how does it feel having 'Uplift Me' released on Kode 5, with an accompanying video too?

It feels great to be on such forward thinking label and one where I can let my creative juices flow. Uplift Me is the perfect track for this summer, very uplifting and something many listeners can relate to. The video adds an extra dimension to the track and gives it that extra boost, visuals with music always take you on a journey, if it all fits together then your onto a winner and this is what has happened with this release.

Its a pretty infectious tune with its skippy beats and euphoric piano, how did the idea come about and what hardware and software were you using?

I didn't exactly have a plan to start with and that is usually the case when I produce music. The track started out as a 175 dnb tune with big pianos, then after a few days my thought process was different so I decided to slow it down and and build a totally different track taking out many of the harsher dnb sounds and adding in something more uplifting.  Once the sound felt right I knew I was onto something and once Kode 5 got a sniff of the audio snippet on soundcloud they wanted to sign it and thats basically how it started. I used Fruity Loops software (FL Studio as its also known) and composed the piano with a USB keyboard.

How did you get into the whole 140bpm + rave sound?

By listening to Nu Rave Radio, I heard how the sound was coming back. I remember about five or six years ago there was this sort of music kicking around but it wasn't something that was on my radar at the time. Through listening to other shows I enjoyed what was on offer which then led me on to start mixing the music in my radio shows. The original 90s sound was a big part of my youth growing up so I'm glad its come back in a new form but with a lot of the old skool sounds still prominent. 

And what can we expect from a typical Saturday afternoon set by yourself on

Mayhem! I like to vary the styles as much as possible. At the moment I mainly play rave breaks, future jungle, drum n bass but I do like to add in some old skool jungle, old skool hardcore and I often play other producers demo's in a special “Amiga Showcase” which promotes those who still use an Amiga computer to make beats. Sometimes I play totally different styles of dance music but do tend to keep it all current which is why I mainly play the new rave breaks and future jungle music, because its very niche/underground and needs a lot of support to get it noticed by record companies and other big radio stations who are slow to cotton on.

Lastly, any bits coming up in the near future? Any shout outs, big ups etc?

I have plans to release more music on Kode 5, I also have an upcoming EP release with Rave Stylee but no date has been confirmed as yet so I don't know exactly when it will be out but it shouldn't be too long to wait. I have a few more opportunities opening up for me one that I cannot talk about yet as its all hush hush. I'll put it this way, you'll be seeing a bit more of myself soon on the current music scene and also in different ways within music. Watch this space!

Big ups have to go to Gaz, Allan and Barry at Kode 5, Mat and Gav at Rave Stylee, Tariq at Nu Rave and the station management, to Spice Radio where I DJ on  every Monday afternoon. Got to say massive shout out to Sass who put a good word in for me to start on Nu Rave Radio. To all the Amiga producers out there Squatski, Amiga Junglism, Anthony D, Hailon who are sending me their tracks to be played out. Big shout out to all those who support my music and my radio shows and to all the listeners to my soundcloud who listen, share and download each and every week and also to anyone else who knows me and is following my progress. 

'Uplift Me' by Sparki Dee is out now on Kode 5 recordings via and all good download stores


Austin & Vinyl Junkie (feat. Rachel Wallace)-Can't Go Back (Sanxion Remix)-Warehouse Wax Music

The forthcoming SUMMER ANTHEM on Warehouse Wax. Live footage shot at Fantazia @ Motion in Bristol !!!

Artist: Austin & Vinyl Junkie (feat. Rachel Wallace)
Title: Can't Go Back (Sanxion Remix)
Label: Warehouse Wax Music
Cat Number: WHWM 014
Release Date: 29th August 2013

****Galvatron - Summer Riddims FREE DL****

To celebrate Galvatron's daughter Summer Butterworth's first birthday he is giving away his summer vibes track he wrote for her Summer Riddims. 
This is a chilled out future jungle summer time tune with plenty of trumpet so cop it now for all your summer events and BBQ's 
free download or a little donation.

for more Galvatron music please hit up his soundcloud

released 22 July 2013

Friday, 19 July 2013

The Feel Good Friday Mix July 2013 Mixed By Sparki Dee

The Feel Good Friday Mix July 2013 Mixed By Sparki Dee by Sparki Dee

1. J3D - Skyhigh 
2. Cornershop - Brimful Of Asha (DJ Ivan Scratchin Remix) 
3. Demski - Crazy Pjanoo 
4. Corona - Rhythm Of The Night (F Word Remix) 
5. Stormski - Driving Me Crazy 
6. Avro vs N Joi - Anthem 2013 
7. Blackbox - I Dont Know Anybody Else (Zombie Robot Remix) 
8. Resin - Need It Tonight 
9. JMT - Relax 
10. Orbital - Chime (DJ Nicky Allen 2013 Remix) 
11. DJ Fav - Dont Worry Son (Hardcore Will Never Die) 
12. Stormski - Love Sanctuary 
13. J3D - Let Your Spirit Lead You 
14. XJ - Never Forgotten 
15. Paul Cronin - No Love Sensation 
16. Chong X - Killing Me Softly

Deekline - Need U 200% - FREE DOWNLOAD!

Bass fanatic and turntable chief, Deekline has got his dirty paws on Duke Dumont’s No.1 banger, notching it up 100% with this filthy fat remix. If that hasn’t got you hyped already, Deekline has put this massive tune up for free download! 

Duke Dumont - Need U (100%) - (Deekline Remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD by DJ Deekline

MARK C Positive Vibes EP Kode 5 Recordings

Old Skool fans are really in for a treat, along with the previous post where I reviewed DJ Flow's new EP we also have this awesome outing from Mark C out today on Kode 5. Mark's productions are always unique, fun and energetic and the three on offer certainly deliver, 'Rushing Just A Little Bit Too Fast' takes an Orbital 'Chime' type melody, loops it with some incredible cut up beats and throws in some great tempo switching hoovers, stabs and vox making for a funky, tripped out, uplifting hardcore work out. 'Expand Your Mind' continues with one of the key elements of this EP, namely Mark C's neatly chopped up beats that have to be heard, utilising the famous 'I Get Hype' vox as used by ACEN in 'Trip II The Moon' with an overall minimal techno like vibe, 'The Death Trap' is my pick of the 3, a dark, Reinforced circa 92 influenced track with crazy drum edits that remind me of that great drum section in Metalheadz' 'Terminator' with a dark as you like looped melody over rumbling sub bass a la Doc Scott. As I have wrote before on this blog, watch out for Mark C who is fast becoming an in demand producer with releases on Kode 5, Rinse Repeat and forthcoming tunage on Long Live The Animals, this EP is a testament to his production skills and a absolute must have for NuSkool and Old Skool heads alike, go get it!!!!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

DJ Flow - Fresh Kuts EP - Out Now!

Being an old skool head at heart, when I hear a classic 91/92 style rave riff, my eyes and ears light up, there's been something of an old skool revival this year what with the excellent Mark C release on Rinse Repeat a few months back and now this incredible offering from DJ Flow on Kut Off Recordings, those of you that have heard Flow's sets at Fantazia and Dreamscape, on his soundcloud page and on nu-rave,com will be aware of his fantastic mixing talents and great selection of tunes, something he has brought into his own productions, especially on this 3 tracker, a mixture of classic rolling breaks alongside more modern rave/hardcore breaks style beats, elements of Belgian Techno and the full on raw, energetic sound of 90's hardcore, each of the 3 tunes build and drop perfectly with plenty of key changes, reminiscent of Sub Love, Ray Keith, Doc Scott and Top Buzz back in the golden era, if you ask me, we don't hear enough of this and for all those who have buried Old Skool and confined it to the annals of history, ask yourself, just how many other genres of music are around today that still carry on with the formula that made them popular decades ago and yet no one complains, why should Old Skool change and why can't we have tunes in 2013 that sound like they are straight out of 92? Theres nothing wrong with it, long may Old Skool live on, big ups to Flow for putting out this unashamed, true Old Skool EP and big ups to Menace for putting this out to purchase, I can honestly say, hand on heart, this really is one of the best EPs I've heard in 2013.  

DJ Flow - Fresh Kuts EP - Out Now! by kutoffrecords

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Digitally Mashed Pres The Top Drawer Digital Show live 16 07 13

  1. Mitekiss - Hesitate (Strange Rollers Remix)
  2. Pressa - Mind Blown
  3. RyO - Desert Fields
  4. Rolling Paper - Feed me dope
  5. Bojcot Selectah - Get Taught
  6. Curious - Domination
  7. DJ Flow - Ready 4 This (Original Mix)
  8. Manion - Try To Believe 
  9. Vinyl Junkie & Backdraft (Feat. Tracey Elizabeth) - Virus (Toronto Is Broken Remix)
  10. Protune - Exodus (Original Mix)
  11. Rhythm Riders feat Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Solomon - Come With The Love (King Yoof Remix)
  12. Pressa - Soundboy
  13. Schoco Ft Dennean - Summertime
  14. Naismith - Blind (Lucas Remix)
  15. RyO - Her Darker Self
  16. Madcap - Acid Chant (KamBelt Remix)
  17. Amiga Junglism - Hold On
  18. Mr Phlyte - Murder Sound
  19. Darksiders - Listen to My Sound (The Rumblist Mix)
  20. Final Conflict - Killa Soundboy Strangenotes - 92 Run Tings
  21. Dead Dred - Dred Bass INSa 241 (Rerubbadubmix)
  22. Breakz - Baptized By Breakz
  23. GOLD - Death Mask (Original)
  24. Spin-Sir & Whyno feat. Mafio - Mustie
  25. Fleck - Junglist Princess
  26. Odeed & Wish - Dub-Bass

Manion-Try To Believe-Transverse Recordings

Manion has unleashed some solid breakbeat tunes in the last year, and this release is no exception. There are no filler tracks to be found here! Try to Believe and God Rant are two peak time dance floor smashers. Try to Believe is a huge 140 breaks tune with talking bass, a huge break down, amazing drum edits and the hook to match the title. God Rant featuring Dro is a dark breakbeat monster. This tune has that transverse sound: moody, explosive, all around firing breakbeat! Huge drums and shrilling samples are accompanied with gnarly bass throughout the entire track. What more can you ask for?

Winick – Future Jungle music podcast 004

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Deep In The Underground Show 6.7.13

  1. Kris Lewis - Piano Madness 
  2. Worldwide Epidemic - Break It Down 
  3. Blueprint Method- Blaqout (Multiplier's Alien Invasion) 
  4. Worldwide Epidemic - Summer Of Love 
  5. Worldwide Epidemic - You Got It 
  6. Manion-They Don't Know 
  7. Pressa - Deeper Sound 
  8. Marcus Visionary -Ambush (Child of Reinforced) 
  9. XJ Matt & Sparki Dee -Take Flight (Heaven's Waiting) 
  10. Spin-Sir & Whyno  Ft Mafio -Mustie 
  11. Exit Point - Badman Style (Tjamil Remix) 
  12. Neurygma –Nebula (Resin Remix) 
  13. Ital Athletics Ft Ranking Drifter-Ital Jungle (Instrumental) 
  14. Protune-Into The Dark 
  15. Richard_Champion-Jailbreak 
  16. Champion Breaks- Conspiracy 303 
  17. Neurygma - Super Skunk 
  18. DJ Nexus - Hardcore Dreams 
  19. Inspector Sands-Dance 
  20. J.R.S -The Nineties 
  21. KidLogic - Feel New Feels 
  22. Crypticz - Remember Me 
  23. More Strobelights - What You Gonna Do

Future Jungle Blog Picks Of The Week 16.7.13

Time for a round up of the freshest beats on, first up we have a newcomer with 2 seriously bass heavy and adrenaline filled 140 bangers, thats Richard Champion on Rinse Repeat Recs, then its the old skool legend Ramos alongside Birchy with 2 timeless old skool style rave breaks rollers with plenty of spine tingling pianos brand new on RSR Reloaded, The Flash Cats offer up 2 lively remakes of 90's classics on their brand new label, Propaganda Music, Marvin Blue comes with the amen tear out bizznizz on Retro Rave and the mighty Electrux is back with a 3 tracker of futuristic breakbeat vibes on the always excellent Anomaly digital, follow the link below to listen to clips and buy the tracks.....

Friday, 12 July 2013

Digitally Mashed Pres The Top Drawer Digital Show live 09 07 13

  1. Fleck - Rolling Soul
  2. Pressa - Soundboy
  3. Rolling Paper - The middle of the jungle
  4. Lucas - In The Dark
  5. Ribs - The Illiest
  6. Jem One - Massive
  7. Curious - Trip 2 The Moon
  8. Strangenotes & Ry kennon - Dutty Stinkin
  9. Urban Knights feat Daddy Freddy - Jamaica to Miami (Skanx 'Future Junglist' remix)
  10. Manion - They Dont Know
  11. Madcap - Eastern Promise (Original Mix)
  12. Protune - Into The Dark (Original Mix)
  13. Wizard - Mind Control feat Rebel MC x Tenor Fly x Daddy Freddy (Original)
  14. The Rumblist - Take It (Original Mix)
  15. Madcap - Acid Chant [Champion Breaks Remix]
  16. 200Mcg - The Experiment
  17. Spin-Sir & Whyno feat. Mafio - Mustie
  18. Pressa - Badboy Style (Original Mix)
  19. Meanstreak - Everybody 
  20. Sixfootunda - War Is In The Dance [Strange Rollers Remix]
  21. Lucas & Strange Rollers - 100% Pure (Digitally Mashed) (Original Mix)
  22. Pressa - Rollin Out 
  23. Curious Ft Harmony - Soulja
  24. Dani B - All Believers (Strange Rollers Remix)
  25. Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune (Simon Harris 2013 Remix)

Interview With Renegade Soundwave’s Danny Briottet For Future Jungle Blog

Rhythm Riders is a collaboration between Tony Gad & Drummie Zeb of UK dub icons Aswad, Danny Briottet of electronica pioneers Renegade Soundwave and Tim Bran of Dreadzone / Subsonar, alongside vocalists Solomon, Sweetie Irie and Brother Culture among others.

Rhythm Riders takes the musical heritage of Aswad into a 21st century urban setting, with intricate harmonies and conscious lyrics fused with state of the art rhythms and production, taking in elements of contemporary bass music - Dub, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Breaks, UKG, Deep House.

First single 'Come With The Love' on Sub Slayers comes with remixes from top producers in all fields from the U.K, U.S and Europe.

Rhythm Riders is 3 generations of London musical culture with its roots in dub and its eyes on the future.

We have been granted an exclusive interview with Danny from Renegade Soundwave to whom we are most grateful and to Jay Cunning and all involved in this massive release available from all good download stores…

You Have Been At The Very Roots Of The Rave Scene Since The Late 80's And Worked Alongside Some Of The Pioneers Of The Dub/Electronica Sound, Can You Tell Us A Bit More About How This Came About?

We Grew Up Around West London And Spent A Lot Of Time In New York And Berlin & Were Exposed To All The Different Cultures & Musics Such As Dub, Hip Hop, Punk, Early House And Channelled All That Into Our Music. Our Sound Was The Sum-Total Of Our Experiences And Represented London At The Time. We Used The Early Basic Technology That Was Available Such As The Akai S900 Sampler , Juno Keyboard And Notator Sequencing Software As Well As Regular Instruments And Turntables To Enable Us To Do This. This All Became Pretty Standard Stuff, But It Was New At The Time. As We Progressed So Did The Technology And The Studio Became Our Instrument.

Most People Know You For 'The Phantom', A Seminal Tune From The Early 90's, Often Sped Up To +8 By Djs Favouring The Hardcore/Jungle Sound, Did You Have Any Idea It Would Become Such A Big Tune?

That Tune Was Written Very Quickly And It Just Kind Of Had A Spirit Of Its Own, That's Why I Called It The Phantom. Didn't Write It With It Becoming Big In Mind, But After We Let A Few Copies Out To Selected Djs You Could Feel That Something Was Happening. By The Time It Came Out You Could Hear It Everywhere From The Pirates To The Big Clubs. I Think It Was One Of Those Records That Just Captured The Moment And Give People A Lift At The Right Time. It Was A Very Exciting Period With Lots Of People Being Turned On To Various Things That Has Previously Been Known Only To A Few. I've Also Been Told Many Times That It Was The Tune That Drew A Lot Of Black And Asian People Into The Rave Scene.

You Have Produced In A Variety Of Styles And Genres, Is There A Style That You Prefer To Make Tunes In?

No, Whole Point For Me Is Just To Do Your Own Thing & Not Try To Fit In With Anything. I Think That's Why You Can Still Play The Rsw Stuff.
Genres Will Come & Go But Good Records Stand The Test Of Time.

The Vocalist On 'Biting My Nails' Sounds So Much Like Shaun Ryder, Is It Him?

No Its Not But We Were Down With Shaun. There Was Supposed To Be A Happy Mondays / Renegade Soundwave Tour Of The States At One Point But It Fell Apart For Reasons I Won't Go Into.

Which Of Your Personal Productions Over The Years Are Your Favourites?

The Phantom Would Be One, And Some Of The Other Rsw Stuff Like The Dub Of Cocaine Sex. My Remix Of Moby’s 'Why Does My Heart' And Cypress Hill’s ‘Checkmate’... A Record I Did Under The Subsonic Legacy Guise Called 'Revolution (Bring The Noise)'...Grace Jones 'Corporate Cannibal'

And Who Do You Rate Musically In 2013?

Julio Bashmore, Breakage, King Yoof, Stylo G, Lg Bass Terror, @It... I Like Some Of The U.S Trap Stuff, Mainly Because It’s The First Time You've Got White Indie Kids Making Records With Black Urban Producers. We've Always Been Racially And Socially Mixed In The U.K - That's Why We Invent So Many Kinds Of Music Like D&B And Dubstep, But In The States Its Always Been Too Segregated. There's Always Interesting Stuff Coming Off The Streets Here - You Never Know Whats Round The Corner But Kids In The U.K Will Always Be Creative.

Which Brings Us To The Present Day And A New Release, A Colaboration With Aswad And Solomon Where You Have Ressurected Your Rhythm Riders Alias Along With Renegade Soundwave, Its An Incredible Tune With A Positive Message, Whats The Story Behind It?

Thanks, I Became Friends With Drummie Zeb From Aswad A Long Time Ago And We Used To Hang Out And Mess Around In The Studio. Then Him & Tony Gad Started Talking About Doing A Project In A Different Direction To Aswad, So Rhythm Riders Happened Naturally In My Studio. I've Done A Lot of Work with Tim Bran (Ex Of Dreadzone) So The Four Of Us Started Putting Down Ideas And More & More People Such As Soloman, Sweetie Irie And Brother Culture Got Involved.

Aswad Were Great Heroes Of Mine When I Was Growing Up So It Was An Honour To Find Myself Working With Them. Rhythm Riders Is Like 3 Generations Of West London Musical Culture With Its Roots In Dub And Its Eyes On The Future.

There Are Several Remixes Of 'Come With The Love' Due For Release Alongside The Original, What Do You Think Of Them?

Jay Cunning Has Done An Amazing Job Putting This Together With All These Excellent Remixes. All The Producers Have Delivered A Terrifying Array Of Versions. It’s Great To Hear Our Music In All These Different Contexts And The Response Has Been Very Positive.

Finally, Thanks For Taking The Time, Any Final Words And Shout Outs?

This Is The First Release From A Project That Has Been Simmering For A While And Now Ready To Go. There Will Be More Records And Hopefully Rhythm Riders Live And Sound System Dates And A Video To Come.

Sub Slayers 24: Rhythm Riders feat Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Solomon by Sub Slayers

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] pres. Retropolis (UK) on the Guest Mix - 07Jul.2013

Penpal - Stop Or I'll Shoot! (MIX)

Penpal - Stop Or I'll Shoot! (MIX) by Penpal

1 Intro 
2 Strangenotes - The Law Of The Jungle 
3 Unknown 
4 Julian Bashmore - Battle for middle you (Borderline Jack remix) 
5 Pyramid - Gunman 
6 Disclosure - White Noise (Borderline Jack's 140 Jungle Edit) 
7 Penpal - Real lies 
8 Jonny L - Hurt You So - Simon Harris 2012 Remix 
9 AQUASKY - Press Play Ft. Acafool (??? future jungle mix) 
10 Unknown 
11 Unknown 
12 Unknown 
13 Unknown 
14 Pyramid - Trouble (Original Mix) 
15 EmalKay - Flesh & Bone feat. Rod Azlan
16 RACKNRUIN - Territory feat. Navigator (Slarta John Junglist remix) 
17 Unknown 
18 Northbase - Ruffneck 
19 Bojcot & ??? - So Hot 
20 RadioKillaz - Future Junglist Feat. Highly Strung MC (Sanxion Remix) 
21 Mungo's Hi-Fi - Wickedness Feat. Brother Culture (??? Remix) 
22 Rich Tones - Indomitable Spirit 
23 Fleck - Badman style 
24 Fresh - Arkanoid 
25 Reel to Real - I Like to Move It (??? remix) 
26 Don Midass - Don't Stop Pop That (??? remix) 
27 Fresh - Ice Cream

Monday, 8 July 2013

Warehouse Wax-Ruffneck Rydims Vol 2

This, the second installment of Ruffneck Rydims, follows firmly in the footsteps of the first one, some may say that it has even upped the anti a little bit! The lead track is nothing short of a corker. The awesome VIRUS track from last year, which was a collaboration between VINYL JUNKIE and the almighty BACKDRAFT, gets a massive overhaul from one of Sub Slayers finest, the one and only TORONTO IS BROKEN, who has stamped his very own unique trademark sound on it. This is an absolute killer.

The EP also includes a couple of our friends from across the Atlantic. all the way from California. The hugely talented duo ODEED & WISH with what is in our opinion, one of their rudest tunes to date. BUCK THEN DUCK, dancefloor destroyer. Next up, one of the people who was a pioneer in the birth of the new 140 Jungle sound, back in the days when people used to call it J-Tek. Mr MADCAP has been making quite an impact lately on the D&B circuit with releases scheduled for some pretty big labels. He has done us the honour of knocking out a slower number for the 140 crew. EASTERN PROMISE will get your pulse racing for sure. Last but by no means least, London rudeboy, the man like PRESSA shows us a bit of BADBOY STYLE. Sick!!!

WHWM013 - RUFFNECK RYDIMS VOL 2 by Warehouse Wax



ESP Spread Love 36 Hertz Recordings

36 Hertz Recordings
ESP – Spread Love – Original And Remixes
1 – ESP – Spread Love (Original)
2 – ESP - Spread Love (SR & Digbee Remix)
3 – ESP – Spread Love (DJ Vapour Remix)
4 – ESP – Spread Love (Delphi Productions Remix)

Flipping it back to the old skool ESP steps up with his first ever release showcasing thsi great slice of 140bpm old skool rave.

SR & Digbee then flip it on its head with a summer time DNB version which build through the track to a sublime breakdown before smashing into the 2nd drop.

36 Hertz owner DJ Vapour steps up with a Nu skool hardcore remix that nicely updates the original mix with a bit more of a hard take on the track.

Delphi productions then closes the EP with a heavy weight dancefloor dnb version that brings a new light to the track and causes maximum bass speaker destruction!!

Schoco feat. Dennean - Summertime-Bad Habit Muzik

Get ready for the latest summer laden 140 banger from Bad Habit Muzik, in demand producer, Schoco teams up with Dennean for an uplifting vocal led future jungle stormer, tight beats, jazzy pianos and sweet vocals, what more can you ask for? Get On This!!!!!
Schoco feat. Dennean - Summertime [clip] v2 march 2 by bad habit muzik promos

Exclusive to currently, soon to be available on all good download stores: 

SF026 Neurygma,Let's Twist Again EP (Bonus Free Single:Return Of The Jedi)

Sonic Fortress returns with a full on EP of NuSkool bangers from Spain's finest, Neurygma, 4 tracks of pure back to 92 bizznizz, we know you're all going to go out and support this one, morphing Chubby Checker and Indiana Jones samples into rave monsters along with plenty of ravey stabs and uplifting pianos, like we say, we know you're going to go out and support this EP as soon as you hear it and you can get a bonus free track 'Return Of The Jedi' by simply sharing this link below on facebook and twitter

SF026 Neurygma,Let's Twist Again EP (Bonus Free Single:Return Of The Jedi) by Sonic Fortress

Get The EP Here:

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Digitally Mashed Pres The Top Drawer Digital Show live 02 07 13

  1. 200Mcg - The Experiment
  2. Rhythm Riders feat Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Solomon - Come With The Love (Toronto Is Broken Remix)
  3. The Rumblist - Brokded (Original Mix)
  4. Lethal - Light Cycle (Kranky Remix)
  5. Exit Point - Badman Style (Breakz Remix)
  6. Ribs - The Illiest
  7. FBD Project - Terminate (RadioKillaZ Future Jungle Edit)
  8. Curious - Nebula 6
  9. Odeed & Wish - Buck Then Duck (Original Mix)
  10. Darksiders - Listen to My Sound (The Rumblist Mix)
  11. Champion Breaks - Love Me Always (Original Mix)
  12. Imperial Brothers - Rockology (100me Remix)
  13. Boeboe - Low Key (Mighty M Remix Inna Bootleg Stylie)
  14. Strange Rollers - Give A Little Jungle Dub
  15. Sixfootunda - This Is A Kill
  16. Lucas - In The Dark
  17. Alter Form - Curiosity (Vazteria X Remix)
  18. JMT - Time & Space
  19. Otter - Sounds Of Time
  20. Original Primate - 2Bad (Original Mix)
  21. Radiokillaz - Skyscraper (Original Mix)
  22. King Yoof VS GOLD - Tik a Tok (Original)
  23. Manion - Thought You Were
  24. Pressa - Kill A Soundboy
  25. 100me - Lazy Summer Day (GavLey remix)
  26. Strangenotes - The Law of the Jungle
  27. Meanstreak - Ruff & Tuff
  28. 200Mcg - The Experiment

Weekly Tune Round Up 4.7.13

Wishing a happy 4th Of July to our U.S readers, have a great day y'all, here's a roundup of the finest bangers available on this week, new E.P on the mighty Bassrock Records 'Drop The Bass' features 4 killer cuts from Strange Rollers, IG88, Lethalness & Original Primate, emphasis is on the bass here which will definitely make you rock!!!!

On Kode 5 we have a tasty 3 tracker by Counterfeit, wicked DnB rollers with NuSkool sensibilities 

Finally, the new EP on Held II ransom by D.Trac3d & jay Walker goes in hard with the absolutely banging Trap/140 crossover 'Bad But Good' and 2 killer elctro house and dubstep beasties.....

Chart is here where you can listen to clips and get purchasing!!!!

-=Take Flight (Heavens Waiting)=- XJMatt & Sparki Dee-Free DL

-=Take Flight (Heavens Waiting)=- XJMatt & Sparki Dee by XJMatt(c)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Deep In The Underground Show 29.6.13

  1. J3D -Skyhigh  
  2. DJ Nexus - Sensation  
  3. Retropolis - Apex Ting  
  4. DJ Pink Champagne -In My Mind  
  5. Economix – Panic (Retroplis Remix)  
  6. Electrux Nucleus (Other Way Round Mix)  
  7. Dexorcist -Sunstorm  
  8. NewKoncept - Skylark  
  9. Pressa-Badboy Style  
  10. Alter Form-Curiosity (Original Primate Mix)  
  11. Madcap-Eastern Promise  
  12. Radioactive Watermelon - Equilibrium  
  13. Visible Sound-Snake In The Amens VIP  
  14. JMT -Crazy (Paranoid Mix)  
  15. Simon Harris -Way Back (Gaffers Chas & Lou Remix)  
  16. Rightside-London Massive  
  17. Krome & Time - Licence (Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Remix)  
  18. Disrupta & Mystery-Phat In The Kitchen
  19. Rhythm Riders Ft Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Solomon -Come With The Love (6Blocc & Marcus Visionary Mix)  
  20. Billy No Mates - My Soul  
  21. Billy No Mates - Crowd Burst  
  22. Mellow Dee -Hide & Seek  
  23. Yell O Phase - So Damn Hot!