Friday, 18 September 2015

Final Future Jungle Blog Post

The Future Jungle Blog was created by myself in April 2011, by November Tariq had joined the team and over the coming years gradually took over the day to day running of the blog, the soundcloud page and the Facebook page.

We have always done this for the love of the music and have invested a great deal of our time and money to try and get the music we love out to peoples ears.

Recently our main source of output, Soundcloud has changed in a massive way and unfortunately this has meant that to organisations like ourselves who try to promote other people’s music that we hold no rights to, even with their permission in many cases can fall foul of copyright law.

This has meant that we have now had 3 strikes on Soundcloud and are soon expecting a ban.

With the renewal of our Pro account due at the end of September Myself and Tariq have jointly decided that with regret , it is not only time to stop our renewal of our pro account but also to call it a day on The Future Jungle Blog as a whole.

We would like to thank all of you that have ever had any involvement with the blog in any way shape or form because without you we wouldn’t have been able to keep it up for as long as we did.

We have both thoroughly enjoyed our time involved with the blog but feel it’s time for something new.

We share a very broad appreciation for Bass Music as a whole and you can rest assured that we will be seen again together in a new project in the not too distant future.

Thanks to you all.

Lucas & Tariq (The Future Jungle Blog)



Monday, 7 September 2015

VA- Beats For Gaza [Unity Breaks] Coming soon

Non profit charity LP 'Beats For Gaza' is set for a full release with vol one landing on the 28th September on all major download stores and vol two to follow, over 50 tracks from breaks to house, 140, downtempo/electronica through to DnB and Techno, featuring legends like Unique 3 alongside Redshift & Vic B, USBS, Exit Point, Karnage, Libatee and many more, check out our two premiere streams below Vol One Sampler:

Friday, 4 September 2015

VA- Drum N Breaks Sampler Vol One [Anonymous Records UK]

Following on from an excellent oldskool comp 'Let It be Told' Anonymous Records continues their oldskool revival with a sampler featuring sterling outings from the likes of Underheadz, Gareth Monks, M.O.B, Raveolver and more. From Breaks to Tech House to full on Breakbeat Hardcore, if you enjoyed 'Let It Be Told', this sampler is every bit as good

Buy On iTunes

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Cryogenics- Images Of A Forgotten Future [Free Download]

Something a bit different from DnB/Jungle producer Cryogenics but still full of his musical genius, a selection of chilled ambient soundscapes and downtempo broken beats available for Free Download

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tribe Steppaz Vs Pish Posh- Class Of 98 Killasound [Bad Habit Muzik]

Tribe Steppaz Vs Pish Posh 'Class Of 98 Killasound' takes the raw mid 90's Jungle sound of labels like Suburban Base and pegs it to a 140/Future Jungle tempo, a massive jump up and act crazy red hot heater loaded with 808s and heavy heavy basslines, put some fire in your mixes with this badboy!!!


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Nixon- Simple Minds/Watch Dis [Punks Music]

Nixon's EP last year on Punks Music absolutely tore things up but if you think that was good, wait until you hear whats coming on 31/08/15 lets begin with 'Simple Minds' a slice of pure junglism, old skool samples, a very famous vocal refrain and bass that will rattle your cage, description alone isn't enough, you have to hit play. 'Watch Dis' is what a Good Looking Records track might sound like pitched down to breaks tempo, its mind blowing, seriously, we love this label and we reckon this might the labels finest release to date

Out 31/08/15

Stanton Warriors- The One

The Stantons give us a taster of their much anticipated forthcoming LP with 'The One' a low slung bass n breaks track with a Bad Company U.K style bassline, remixes include an excellent remix by Taiki Nulight who breaks loose the amens for a nice bit of what could be considered 130 Jungle, overall, this is a classy EP of just the kind of breakage we dig!!!


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Nefti- Medicine EP [Intensive Recordings]

The latest EP on Intensive Recordings sees 4 brand new rave weapons unleashed from the arsenal of label boss and Rave/Hardcore Breaks legend, Nefti, although those trademarks and signatures are still there, the ones we know and love from Nefti who is a piano wizard, the 4 tracks here are much bassier and lean towards Upfront Breaks while retaining that Nefti magic, another absolutely sterling release that we are sure you have already clicked to buy after reading this and listening to the incredible clips below!!!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Hooves- Character Building EP [Additech]

This superb new EP by Hooves is out today and its a true masterpiece of fine intricate bass music that works in every kind of environment, after the premiere stream of JPS & Hoove's colab 'Gu'  on Muti Music, we're very pleased and grateful to both Hooves & Additech for letting us host a premiere stream of our favourite track from the EP, the stunning 136BPM bass hybrid that is 'Jog On' featuring Alena Schneider who is the percussionist playing Cajon, Shekere, bougarabou, and talking drum on this deep bassy anthem

The remaining 3 tracks are the atmospheric DnB track 'Aspire' with majestic horns and powerful pads and melodys

The title track takes Dubstep into a new melodic direction with this artist's signature sound giving a distinctive edge to the genre The EP closes out with a nice old skool style Techy DnB number 'Silhouette' which like the other tracks is a roller coaster ride of atmosphere, funk and musical genius Buy:

VA- Jungle To The World Vol One [Liondub International]

Liondub International has been at the forefront of furthering the Jungle sound and taking it from it's raw U.K based roots and developing it into a global sound, the fruits of this effort culminate in this brand new compilation ;Jungle To The World Vol One' out today which pairs some of the scene's best producers and upcoming producers with Reggae/Ragga legends, compiled by Liondub & Marcus Visionary and featuring several contributions from Marcus Visionary, this 12 track showcase the wide spectrum and sheer quality this sound has to offer in 2015, we are pleased to feature 2 premiere streams which you can listen to below, every true Junglist needs to be swift in snapping up a copy of this, scroll down for the link to buy.


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Detboi- Scatter EP [Keysound Recordings]

Keysound Recordings is a label that has for a good few years, successfully joined the dots between Grime, House, Garage & Jungle with great release from the likes of Etch, here at the blog, we reckon that this latest EP from Dubliner Detboi, is the absolute best to come out of this pioneering imprint, pitched right down to 128BPM, this is an EP that explores the darkest corners of Jungle, Rave, Hardcore et al and molds these sounds into an incredible set of soundscapes that can work in a House/Garage set, a Breaks set or an eclectic selection perfectly, dubbed out, spacious and brilliant, you absolutely must listen to the clips and then hit that buy link, this is truly something unique, finely crafted and special

Pre Order Vinyl:

Monday, 10 August 2015

DJ Quest - Different Strokes EP [Cyberfunk Recordings]

We are very pleased to be able to feature a premiere stream of DJ Quest 'Thugs' taken from the 'Different Strokes' EP which is out today, buy here:

Making a strong comeback, Cyberfunk Recordings released 'Long Time/Special Forces’ earlier this year. The label's head honcho, DJ Quest is now ready to deliver his next EP that galvanizes the label's return to the world of bass music.

'I Can Love You' kicks off the four-track EP with a wobbling bassline and a refreshing vocal, while 'Thugs' is due to satisfy every lover of bassheaviness out there. Upping the tempo with 'Stand Up' Quest shows no sign of slowing down and finishes off with the rolling club hymn 'This Is Serious', which surely makes you hit the dancefloor.

Label Facebook:
Artist Facebook:
Label Twitter:

Exclusive Free Track:

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Schoco- Inside My Skin [Boomsha Recordings]

We're a little late with the review on this superb new release from Boomsha Recordings, its a bit of Jungle/DnB from Schoco with 'Inside My Skin', a producer whose sound we are so fond of, exquisite and intricate spacious sounds that leave a lasting impression and really do get inside  your skin albeit in a good way!!! We also get quality Future Jungle remixes from Bay B Kane and Strange Rollers plus some more breath taking Jungle from the one and only Sound Shifter, phenomenally good!!!

Monday, 20 July 2015

DIGITroLL- Ye Olde Sound Of London [V.I.M Records]

DIGITroLL debuts on V.I.M Records fresh from a big release on Bad Habit Muzik, swirling old skool 140 Jungle Breaks with a srong hint of Tech and Minimal thrown in for good measure, from London to Athens, Greek NuSkool Rave legend Motiv goes for more of a rolling and bouncing style on the remix with a rumbling bassline lurking in the background waiting to strike!!!


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Lucas - In The Dark (Pressa Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

With Pressa’s Mind Killa Remixed EP currently doing serious damage we thought it would be a great time to give away one of his own remix’s.



Grab Pressa’s Remix of Lucas – In The Dark for free here :

You can check the original out here :


And make sure you check The Mind Killa Remixed EP out below.

 Pressa : Mind Killa Remixed 

8.5/10 DJ Mag Review

 Out Now 2 Weeks Beatport Exclusive

8/10 Ray Keith  “love the vibe of the old skool hardcore great authentic sounds love it”

9/10 Billy Bunter

8/10 Donavon Bad Boy Smith

8/10 Dreadzone "tough release, like all cuts. heavy dubwise biznis. killa soundboy is rolling"

9/10 Generic Bass "future jungle lives!"

8/10 2 Bad Mice "Great EP - Love the variety of mixes and the Bojcot mix is a personal fave!"

8/10 Vinyl Junkie

10/10 Hypho “Fuck yes, the bojcot is fiyahhh”

10/10 Schema “That RadioKillaZ rmx is savage!”

8/10 601 “Radiokillaz mix is the one for me, ruffneck business for sure!”

8/10 Lamont Dex  “Loving this whole release, that bojcot selectah remix is right on the mark!”


Pressa's Mind Killa EP gets the full remix treatment from some of the undergrounds biggest talents.

With his Rollin Out Remix former Dub Mechz producer K Man kicks off proceedings and serves up a slice of deeper than deep sub bass devastation that will be putting many a sound system to the maximum test over the summer.

Bojcot Selectah steps up next with his remix of Killa Soundboy and chops up the breaks with his usual precision and attention to detail , crafting a dark slice of 140 Jungle that shows off the pedigree you would expect from someone previously appearing on super label Black Butter.

Last up but far, far from least BBC Radio 1 golden boys RadioKillaZ hit hard with their remix of Mind Blown and present a full on Future Jungle Bass Ridden Rave Attack guaranteed to tear the place up wherever you are .

This massive remix package really sums up what Top Drawer Digital are about , quality 140-150 BPM Underground Bass music.

Release dates :

Beatport : 13th July 2015

Everywhere : 27th July 2015

Free promo mix to download here :

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Pressa - Mind Killa Remixed - Top Drawer Digital TDDR053

Top Drawer Digital Presents
TDDR053  Pressa : Mind Killa Remixed
Out Now 2 Weeks Beatport Exclusive
Pressa's Mind Killa EP gets the full remix treatment from some of the undergrounds biggest talents.
With his Rollin Out Remix former Dub Mechz producer K Man kicks off proceedings and serves up a slice of deeper than deep sub bass devastation that will be putting many a sound system to the maximum test over the summer.
Bojcot Selectah steps up next with his remix of Killa Soundboy and chops up the breaks with his usual precision and attention to detail , crafting a dark slice of 140 Jungle that shows off the pedigree you would expect from someone previously appearing on super label Black Butter.
Last up but far, far from least BBC Radio 1 golden boys RadioKillaZ hit hard with their remix of Mind Blown and present a full on Future Jungle Bass Ridden Rave Attack guaranteed to tear the place up wherever you are .
This massive remix package really sums up what Top Drawer Digital are about , quality 140-150 BPM Underground Bass music.
Release dates :
Beatport : 13th July 2015
Everywhere : 27th July 2015
Check Pressa here :
8.5/10 DJ Mag (July 2015)
8/10 Ray Keith  “love the vibe of the old skool hardcore great authentic sounds love it”
9/10 Billy Bunter
8/10 Donavon Bad Boy Smith
8/10 Dreadzone "tough release, like all cuts. heavy dubwise biznis. killa soundboy is rolling"
9/10 Generic Bass "future jungle lives!"
8/10 2 Bad Mice "Great EP - Love the variety of mixes and the Bojcot mix is a personal fave!"
8/10 Vinyl Junkie

Saturday, 11 July 2015

VA- The Universe EP [Paranoid Recordings]

4 brand new oldskool themed bangers from Paranoid Recs, as always 100% gratis, Leonized, Orchid, The Ruffneck & Renegade Genius provide the fire for your Oldskool/Nuskool DJ sets and mixtapes, no one does this style in 2015 quite like the Paranoid crew, still hardcore!!!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Nayim - Feeling The Rave [Kode 5]

'Feeling The Rave' by Nayim out today on Kode 5, a track that walks up to you with vicks in hand, a whistle hung round the neck, bare chested save for a luminous road safety jacket, gloved in white and decked out with a nice sunhat sucking away frantically on a pacifier in a manner that would put Maggie Simpson to shame, this is a pure slice of 'ardcore you know the score' as if plucked from the halcyon rave era itself with strong influences of rave legend Acen and other masters of 'ardcore of that very time, give this a blast and you'll definitely be feeling the rave!!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Beat Breaker- Future Jungle Podcast 007

Massive thanks to Beat Breaker for his latest podcast for the blog, a mix up of deeper flavaz and oldskool influenced beats this time, once again showcasing his own great mixing skills and the depth, vastness and diversity of Future Jungle
1... Geaish fr. Davelle: Clarity [Pressa RMX]
2... Tuff & Power: Highest Grade
3... Redshift / Tuff & Power: Handsworth / Higest Grade
4... FLeCK: Jungle Tales
5... Redshift: Kaned
6... RUFUS!: Kronos
7... RadioKillaZ: Ghetto Yoot
8... Redshift: Eastwood (Wire & Napalm)
9... Strange Rollers: Stick Up Kids
10.. Eddie Voyager: Time Warp
11.. Curious?: Never Be Mine
12.. Skuxx: Maybe Next Time
13.. The Rumblist: Into The Darkness
14.. ViSible Sound: Serotonin
15.. Ryo: Thru Your Jungle Eyes
16.. King Yoof vs. Gold Dubs: Big Belly Riddim

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pressa - The Mind Killa Remixed EP Promo Mix

Pressa - The Mind Killa Remixed EP Promo Mix
Showcasing the forthcoming tracks on The Mind Killa Remixed EP due out on Top Drawer Digital next month .

Indigo Virus- Rhythm Shift [36 Hertz Recordings]

With a whole load more in the pipeline plus the brand new Perception EP and a imminent free LP on the way, make sure to keep tabs on 36 Hertz pushing the 'Flashback' sound kick started by DJ Vapour's 1992' back in Winter 2012, Indigo Virus has popped up on a few 36 Hertz releases and now unleashes 4 tracks that will take you back to the halcyon days of Sy Kick, rave ear Prodigy and the raw Jungle Tekno sound of labels like Reinforced circa 92, pre order this goodness!!!! Out 29/06/15

Friday, 19 June 2015

Bright Lights - Breaking Point [Quantum Progression Audio Free Track]

We're very pleased and most grateful to Bright Lights & QPA for letting us host another great free track, a slice of cyber brilliance from bright Lights up for free download on our cloud, check it out!!!

Fono- Real Joy (Future Wildstyle's Revellers Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD

Future Wildstyle, the producer behind the lush Liquid Jungle Breaks of 'Vanish' a couple of years back has just put up this dope remix of Fono's 'Real Joy', like they say and we agree, the original is a great slice of house music with remixes from the likes of the awesome Chris Lake among others, this is a nice breakbeat driven re rub though, we're definitely feeling this one!!!

Friday, 12 June 2015

The Rumblist- Rumblisms Pt 3 [Kut Off Records]

This 3rd and final instalment of the 'Rumblisms' series on Kut Off really goes in full throttle, ever wondered what tearout bass/breaks sounds like at 150BPM? Check out the pounding amen break laced epicness of 'Hold Fire' then catch your breath just long enough to take in 'Give Me A Break' another breaks monster which ain't messin round bruv!!!! Out on all good download stores 15/06/15

Monday, 8 June 2015

Blood/Pixel- Watching You/Tinnitus [Boomsha Recordings]

2 150BPM Future Jungle rollers on the darker DnB vibed edge of the spectrum, Pixel needs no introduction, with previous releases on the likes of Fokuz Recordings and a debut Future Jungle EP on Top Drawer Digital last year, Pixel gives us 'Tinnitus' a hard hitting slice of Drumfunk as a taster for his forthcoming LP for Boomsha. Blood's 'Watching You' certainly shows off this producer's talent, making great company for 'Tinnitus', an equally hard hitting track with great drum edits, 2 tracks to tear things up in your DJ sets!!!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Amiga Breaks- So Sweet [Kode 5]

Here's another great track from Amiga Breaks, this time on Kode 5, warm dreamy and summery all rolled into one, lush keys compliment a true old skool breakbeat, really, you just couldn't get more oldskool (in the rave sense) than this 6min 35sec of joyous and uplifting sounds Out 08/06/15

Sigma Ft Ella Henderson- Glitterball [3Beat]

This new track from former U.K chart toppers Sigma drops the tempo to our beloved 140BPM, like with all Sigma tracks its a incredibly well produced and instantly appealing tune with great vocals from Ella Henderson, here at the blog we're hoping this can take it's rightful place at the No1 spot too, its got our full support Out 31/07/15 Pre Order from iTunes:

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Albin Myers & Carli - The Legend (Busy Tempo Originals) [Nest HQ]

Among the things we rather ashamedly never imagined happening is a oldskool themed release from the awesome Nest HQ, previously this label has put out releases from the likes of SPY and is generally a hub for great sounds all of which are free to download but lets just say this our favourite release from the label to date, take a listen, get downloading and get lost in the oldskool!!!

The Renegades Six Days Of Freebies

Footwork/Juke/Bass/Jungle dons The Renegades are offering up 6 days of free downloads including reissues of older tracks and a few dope bootys too, heres the first 3, keep checking back for the next 3 on their soundcloud

Amiga Breaks- Journeys End LP [Dark Til Dawn]

I first heard Timo's music around about 2011 while listening to DJ Gaffer's Sunday evening show on Nu Rave Radio, he played this track a pure slice of 92' breakbeat hardcore and I had to ask for the ID, since then I've been fortunate to hear and play many tracks by DJ Fuzzbuzz/Amiga Breaks and its with great pleasure I review this full LP by him due out this Monday 08/06/15 on Dark Til Dawn. In keeping with Timo's style, we are treated to a diverse range of sounds from OldSkool Hardcore to Jungle and 4 Beat/Happy Hardcore, there's no shortage of those trademark sweeping euphoric chords and warm detuned piano on tracks like 'Round Trip' and 'Oldskool Daze', things get darker on tracks like 'Time To Die' but on each of the 10 tracks here, you can hear the sound of a man who has the Oldskool bug, that feeling that you can't really describe, the best I can come up with is 'warm', its when you hear one of those rushy pianos or bleepy techno riffs combined with the sped up breakbeats and it's that feeling you will experience listening to this excellent album, check out the preview below mixed by QPA's Bright Lights and get ready for the essential Oldskool experience from 08/06/15 Out 08/06/15 Here:

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Stormski- Show Me Heaven

Regular viewers of this blog will know we're huge fans of Stormski and we're big fans of this new release 'Show Me Heaven' big pianos, vocals you will know well and that will put a big smile on your face, roling amen breaks and a big power style drop, if you're into your U.K Hardocre then you'll like the Eufelon remix which sounds like a 97' style 4 Beat/Happy Hardcore track, along with this there are several other releases available from Stormski's bandcamp so do check them out too whilst you're buying this one!!!


Saturday, 30 May 2015

DJ Rave In Peace- Lost Angels [Raveskool Recordings]

Ever since first hearing DjRIP's music back in 2012, I couldn't get enough of that authentic old skool hardcore sound, since then he has gone on to gain support from the likes of DJ Vapour (36Herttz) among many others and continues to put out great tracks, many of which are totally free, here's on you should go and buy, 'Lost Angels' opens with warm Reese bass and euphoric pads followed by some trademark epic paino and the classic vocal refrain used by Terrorize on 'Its Just A Feeling', midway we get a blast of blistering rave snyths that are pure undiluted 1992, go and support this great track!!! Buy:

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Get involved with Anonymous Records Oldskool Compilation

Way back in 1991, Q Bass 'Hardcore Will Never Die' came out on Suburban Base Records, that famous sample has become a mantra, for all the efforts of detractors to bury this sound since day one, every few years a fresh group of artists step forward to fly the flag of OldSkool, seminal Raves like Fantazia and Dreamscape still take place to this day and despite what you might think, they are not the equivalent of a bunch of 40 somethings going to see their band of choice, yes there is an older crowd but plenty of younger people too who have discovered that great analogue sound made on Amigas by a thousand plus bedroom producers, that sound that was years ahead of its time, that music that exists almost entirely on vinyl which fetches big money on discogs perhaps saved by the advent of the internet and you tube, hardcore, as in breakbeat hardcore/rave/jungle/jungle tekno really never dies and on this upcoming compilation by highly professional and truly old skool imprint, Anonymous Records, you can hear new tunes by the new school of up and coming producers who keep it OldSkool, the likes of Silverfox, Mimang, Paul Cronin, Nicky Allen, Gareth Monks and speed garage dons, Underheadz to name just a few,. We've heard a few of these tracks and there's a little soundcloud taster below, trust us, like it says in the image, this is 'pure 90's Old Skool Vibes' and you can get involved, whether its a pure OldSkool track or an OldSkool themed DnB track, get your demos over to Anonymous Records via the links below. This is going to be a great compilation, already there are some great artists on board and we know there are plenty of you out there who keep tabs on our faceboook who are top producers so come and get involved!!!
Send your demos here

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

54 Free Tunes

You might have come across them already but in case you haven't, we have 54 free tunes on our soundcloud, more in fact if you count our 1k likes compilation and exclusive Time Travel EP and exclusive Kinetic Eon EP everything from our trademark 140-150BPM style through to DnB, Jungle, Dubstep and more, we're always looking for new tracks to host as free giveaways and showcasing new talent and under the radar artists, if you fancy getting involved, hit us up on facebook

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

VA- Headhunter EP [Paranoid Recordings]

The Paranoid Recs fam are back with more darkside madness oldskool style!!!! We are treated to some under the radar and new artists like Coldsnap who provides the absolutely amazing 93 style 'Devils', DJ Infection is another new name to us, clearly a very talented producer with a knack for those dark spliced up breaks bangers like 'Spice' which has a absolutely huge bassline!!! The Ruffneck takes it back to 1990/91 with some old skool techno/bleep n bass, we leave it to bona fide legend of the scene DJ Fav to wrap up this excellent free release (Did we mention its free?) with the track that gave the name to this EP, paying homage to DJ hype's early productions including the famous sample from 'Weird Energy', 'Headhunter' is premium grade darkcore, another winning EP from Paranoid Recs!!!!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Orestiz-Toxic Tunes

Check out this great new Hardcore Breaks/NuSkool tune by Orestiz, nicely chopped up breaks and uptempo 92-95 style happy sounds with top notch pianos and cool Hip Hop vocal snatches make for a mighty fine ravey roller of a track!!! Buy:

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Graish Ft Dayelle- Clarity EP [Boomsha]

The fire continues to burn bright for Boomsha Recs with the launch of Boomsha Black promising to further the spectrum of quality output into some dark DnB & drumfunk, a new artist LP on the way from one of the most renowned and respected DnB producers and this excellent new release out now from Graish with vocals by Dayelle, 'Clarity' in it's original form is a great deep oldskool tinged Future Jungle tune, further remixes come from Pressa who stretches out the core elements and gets deep and dubby. Then Sound Shifter takes the roof off with an amazing energetic Jungle rerub with massive ravey detuned pianos, fire!!!! 

Buy: (2 week exclusive)

Monday, 18 May 2015

Flash Cats-On A Mission EP [Propaganda Music]

We always look forward to new music from Flash Cats, you just can't beat those old skool vibes, on point production and the vibe on each and every track, the 'On A Mission EP' contains 3 absolute bangers, 'Come Inside' pays homage to The Thompson Twins with a 2015 breakbeat twist, classic painos meet a ensemble of phat bass and beats, 'Gotta Release features pleasing 92 inspired sounds combined with the Cat's trademark sound and 'Tango Project' also plays homage to a much loved anthem brom back in the day injecting some Propaganda flava into the mix for 3 tracks you're going to be rinsing in your sets for a looooooong time to come!!!

Out Everywhere 30/05/15

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Eddie Voyager-Timewarp EP [Kode 5 Recs]

One of the true legends of our scene takes it back to the roots for his debut EP on Kode 5, 2 tracks of timeless uplifting piano/rave breaks and some quality dubbed out Future Jungle (Timewarp/Don't Wanna Be A Star) and some upfront DnB (Runs Over Me) thats all bases covered for your bangers!!!!


DJ Wislov- Time To Play [Kode 5 Recs]

DJ Wislov takes it back to 91' with this Euro flavoured old skool hardcore track, for those of you that remember the sounds of Quadroponia, DJPC, Channel X & T99 you will revel in this huge slice of rave goodness!!!


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Free Tunes Round Up 13 05 15

Soundcloud remains to be a haven for so much great free music, here's a few tracks that are on repeat play here at the blog right now, Thumbzo takes a journey back into 92/93 with a Ibiza Records style Jungle Tekno flava for the old skool headz

Staying on the oldskool tip, BreakBleetz does it Basement Recs style

USBS remixes Case Of Bass 'Release Me' into a tough and euphoric Rave/Hardcore Breaks banger

Strange Rollers & Bad Habit have 2 awesome colabs up for free download

DJ Flow drops another free ravey banger with vocals from The Ragga Twins

Finally, Nefti remixes The Prodigy classic into a rave weapon to unleash in your mixes!!!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Top Drawer Digital 250K Soundcloud Play Giveaway.

Top Drawer Digital have recently hit the 250,000 play mark on their Soundcloud page.

They have decided to give away this track to celebrate.

Lucas - The Wrong House

Lucas & Digitally Mashed would like to thank you all for your continued support over the years.
Check their website out here :

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Richard Champion- Vibe Alive EP [Rinse Repeat Recordings]

Richard Champion is an incredibly hard working producer who has been honing his beats for a good few years within the 140 scene, this is his second EP  for Rinse Repeat and 3rd releases for the label and its a great 4 track selection of assorted deep n' low sub bass stylings, cool samples and rolling breakology with a strong house and old skool influence, hypin' the funk!!!!

Out 06/06/15 on all good download stores

VA- Dhawa Sunrise [Outtalectuals]

We were very kindly sent a copy of this by Outtalectuals, in light of the tragic events of Nepal recently, we wanted to let you know about how you can get some great music and support a good cause, 'Dhawa Sunrise' is a great compilation of melodic bass music including the excellent 'Jungle Jazz' by Aversive and 'Sixes And SEvens' by TakeOne, purchase a copy of this great compilation and help the people of Nepal who are suffering greatly right now


Monday, 4 May 2015

DR Wrong & Old Harry Rox- No Holds Barred [Kut Off Records]

The Radiokillaz remix of this tune featured on their 1Xtra guest mix back in November 2014, you can now get both the original and the remix, both quality 140 Bass bangers with on point bars on Kut Off Records, a nice taster for the forthcoming DR Wrong & Old Harry Rox LP

Stream the Radiokillaz 1Xtra mix here

Redshift- Psynapse EP [Quantum Progression Audio]

Something fresh from QPA today, 3 excellent track by Redshift which have received positive feedback from legends such as Phil Basement, 3 tracks of pure Future Jungle, slick drum programming and dark tense keys, looking to inject some serious junglist pressure into your DJ sets, radio shows etc? These 3 deadly weapons are just the ticket!!! 


Saturday, 2 May 2015

VA-Left Coast Bass [Kings Connect]

Welcoming back Kings Connect with an excellent new EP that is totally free!!! Lovely chilled sounds from Otter with 'Soul Runner', a smooth jazzy hook over some some 808s n bass, Spin Sir & Whyno take a funky Quincy Jones style loop and give it the junglistic treatment on 'Watusi Riddem', Trahma takes things down a dark Dubstep/Grime/140/Bass route for the super dope 'Burning Loud' and Spin Sir closes proceedings with dubbed out steppa 'Greasy' fiyaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

JPS & Hooves- Gu [Muti Music] Future Jungle Blog Premiere

We're incredibly stoked to be able to bring you this premiere courtesy of Muti Music 'Gu' taken from the forthcoming 'Rituals EP' by JPS & Hooves is a rich tapestry of Junglist amens and dubby sounds fusing elements of Glitch and Bass for an atmosphere packed trip of deep rumbling basslines, compelling percussion and rhythm that skillfully builds layer upon layer teasing into the main section of fearsome 808s and futuristic drumfunk, you can hear those years of fine tuned production, DJ'ing and performing with some of the biggest names in the DnB & global EDM  scene in the sheer quality of this incredible tune. Look out for the full EP landing on the 4th May 2015 for more musical treats like this one!!!!


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Freestylers- Fall Down

The Freestylers going back to their late 80s/early 90s roots right here with this slice of proto hardcore style breaks that will transport you back to 1990, still kickin' it after all these years with absolute bangers like this!!!


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Wizard- Sign Of The Times [Hostage Bass]

Another killer production from Wizard on his Hostage Bass label, featuring a host of legendary vocalists coming together for a slick DnB workout that fires and zaps with shots of heavy heavy bass!!! Remixes come from veterans Mampi Swift & Bladerunner adding to an already essential package!!!!