Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Top Drawer Digital Show 27.11.12 NSB Radio

Vinyl Junkie - WhaGwarn (Original Mix)
100Me - Livin Without You (Original Mix)
Schoco - You Better Dance Now
Lucas & Strange Rollers - 100% Pure DM
The Dirty Rich - Power Of Nightmares (Bill Vega & New Decade remix)
Vinyl Junkie - Resistance (601 Remix)
Manion - Nightmares (Original Mix)
Simon Holmes - With Feeling
Time Travel - AWOL (Bay B Kane VIP)
Otter - Dirty Skanka
Gav Ley - The Predator
Pressa - Jah Muzik
DJ Rolling Paper - 140 junglist
Rocksted-E - A New Path (Visible Sound Remix)
Kranky & Lethal - The Window
Johnny Jungle - Flammable (KamBelt 2012 ReLick)
LabRat - Stardust
Strange Rollers - Looking beyond the Face
The Rumblist - Pokey Bit
Odeed vs. Wish - You Know the Score
Radio killaz - Ganja tune.mp3
Final Conflict Ft Ragga Twins - WeRWhoWeR
Lucas & Strange Rollers - 100% Pure DM

Free Download Link:

Time Travel-A Way Of Life-Boomsha Recs

Believe us, Boomsha is going to be a massive label in 2013, with great tunes by BBK, Rocksted E, Otter & Aitch already topping the trackitdown breaks chart in 2012, the future jungle is very bright indeed for Boomsha. One of our favourites, Time Travel gets deep and bass heavy while the man like BBK just absolutely smashes it on remix duties, its a winner and we're on it like a rocket!!!


The Breakdown E.P-Paul Cronin, Exit Point-San Francisco Nights Records

Brand new 6 tracker from Paul Cronin and Exit Point, some bangin' Hardcore Breaks and Future Jungle on offer here including a fine colab with Paul and Exit which has been getting caned by the likes of Digitally Mashed, Sparki Dee and some bloke who does a show called Deep In The Underground on Nu Rave Radio. Don't sleep on this peeps!!!
Get it here:

Paul Cronin V's Exit Point - The Breakdown (Forthcoming On San Fransisco Nights Records) by Exit Point

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dope Kenny - Future Jungle 7 - Liquid

Dope Kenny - Future Jungle 7 - Liquid

 Future Jungle 7 # LIQUID by Dope Kenny

 VISIBLE SOUND - Jazz In The Breeze
DJ AITCH - The Essence
D-AUDI - My Soul My Mind
ROCKSTEAD-E - A New Path (Visible Sound Remix)
DJ L.A.B. - Touch (Schoco's 140 Painting)
D-AUDI - Sent For You (Visible Sound Remix)
The Bell Tune (Insa 241's Liquid 140 Mix)
LUCAS - iDrive
INSA 241 - All I Ever Wanted (Bay B Kane VIP Remix)
BAY B KANE - Magnetic Drift
BAY B KANE - Human Nature

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

FJ Blog Essential Listens 27.11.12

Its been a while since we went on a soundcloud scorge to showcase many of the great tracks that are forthcoming in the Future Jungle scene. So here is a truckload of newies to get your ears around!!!

ACEN-Trip II The Moon(Curious Remix) Bad Habit Muzik
  TRIPP 2 THE MOON - CURIOUS RMX bad habit muzik clip by Bad Habit Digital Regarded by many as the greatest Old Skool tune of all time, DJ Curious gives this the 140 treatment and we are all over this beauty!!!!

Amiga Junglism-Hold On Bad Habit Muzik
  Amiga Junglism - Hold On bad habit muzik (un mastered) clip by Bad Habit Digital Amiga Junglism fires up the time machine and transports us back to 1993 with this bad boy, junglistic roller.

Strange Rollers - Onehundredand40 Ways - FREE Download
  Strange Rollers - Onehundredand40 Ways - FREE Download by Strange Rollers It's free Dl time from the Rollers, bringing the DJ Zinc classic bang up to date.

Subnation - Scottie - ID1981's 5 mins of fun mix Subnation - Scottie - ID1981's 5 mins of fun mix by NineteenEightyOne Ian D turn's Sub Nation's 93' dark slice of mentalism into a nice 150BPM roller, we love this remix, does geniune justice to the original.

Mirage - Bay B Kane
  Mirage - Bay B Kane by Bay B Kane Another banger from the man like BBK, starts off in a deep melodic fashion before getting very dark indeed, just how we like it.

Mshcode - Sky Blue mshcode - Sky Blue (clip) by mshcode We just love Mshcode's production style and anything new by him has to be showcased on the blog, it's simply a must, so is this track.

ANM020 Anomaly Rearranged Volume 1 ANM020 Anomaly Rearranged Volume 1 (Forthcoming) by Anomaly 6 bangers from Anomally's back catalogue get brand new remixes from Kranky,Lethal,Boykz,Generic Bass and Electrux, once again, all remixes are great but Mshcode's absolutely takes the roof off!!!!

 VINYL JUNKIE - UNIDENTIFIED FREQUENCIES EP VINYL JUNKIE - UNIDENTIFIED FREQUENCIES EP by Vinyl Junkie Forthcoming on Warehouse Wax, 6 tunes by the man like Vinyl Junkie showcasing his own unique and unrivaled production skills alongside 601, 100Me, Dom Almond and Kambelt who of course, all turn in premium grade remixes themselves.

SixFootUnda - Full Length Album forthcoming Boomsha Recordings SixFootUnda - Full Length Album forthcoming Boomsha Recordings by SixFootUnda We simply can't wait for this!!! Its just so good and has got us all excited in anticipation of it's release, you'll just have to make do with these clips for now, proper bad bwouy Future Jungle bizznizz from Sixfootunda!!

Otter-Brumalia (Forthcoming on Boomsha Recordings) Brumalia (Forthcoming on Boomsha Recordings) by *OTTER* This is so good, it has to be heard, Liquid DnB beats at 150BPm before a wicked transition taking it up to 170, another one we just cannot wait for!!

New 140/FJ/HCB mixes 27.11.12

Here's a few new 140/HCB/FJ mixes to blast out nice and loud in your car.

  Rated003LaunchShow by Ruined Jon
The latest instalment of R.A.T.E.D's fortnightly show on, celebrating the release of R.A.T.E.D 003, Shadow Frequency-King Kong Sound, check out the review here:

DJ ME - New skool Ben & Eddie Mix
  DJ ME - New skool Ben & Eddie Mix by Lankyman-1
Check out this mix showcasing tunes by 2 of our favourite producers, Eddie Voyager & Ben Venom

OLD SKOOLIN' ....{Rykennon Prod. Tunes} DJ-TONY D
  OLD SKOOLIN' ....{Rykennon Prod. Tunes} by DJ-TONY D And here's another great mix by one of our favourite DJs showcasing another of our favourite producers.

Take a break-maz187 take a break by maz187
And here's a fresh new mix from maz187, packed to the brim with bangers!!!!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Stiggy-G - Hard2DaCore

Following on from his great tune on Boomsha recs, Stiggy G goes back to his roots for the relaunch of HC Recordings. It's not Future Jungle, it is a banger nonetheless, clocking in at almost 180BPM with some lovely Oldskool stabs and breaks that are instantly recognisable and much loved. A quality modern take on the 92-95 sound.

Stiggy-G - Hard2DaCore HC 016 (!!!!!OUT NOW!!!!! on HC recordings HCRD 003 ) by HC recordings

FINAL FEVERZ Trip To Trumpton 2012 Remake

We're sure you all know this much loved old skool tune from way back when in 1992.Final Feverz debuts on Good Times with a faithful but fresh reworking that you will love just as much as the original.Without a doubt, this is by far the best remix of 'A Trip To Trumpton' so far.

Shadow Frequency - King Kong Sound E.P

The much anticipated 3rd release from R.A.T.E.D has landed, get ready for the darkness from stateside production duo Shadow Frequency. The title track is a  peak time fusion of driving 4x4 and breaks, funky, Techno like and HiP Hop infused, a huge rolling bassline appears 3mins in to wreck everything that stands in it's path!!!! Jamie Rotten on remix duties offers a spacial and minimal take on the track introducing some classic rumbling sub bass and nice little reverse effects, in fact, while listening, I sense the influence of seminal 90s imprint, Basement records, Jamie introduces a great uplifting melody in the drop that continues throughout. 'The Choice' kicks off with a menacing gangster vox sample before kicking into chopped up breaks and a oscillating bassline like the kind you used to get in Andy C's late 90's tunes, this is dark as you like, tipping it's baseball cap to the 1993 sound, hoovers and eerie pads intersped with horror movie vox and intricately chopped up amens. Its another cracking release from R.A.T.E.D and you can get your copy of this essential E.P from, see the link below

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nu Rave Live - Future Jungle - Rave Breaks & Drum n Bass Mixed By Sparki Dee 24th Nov 2012

Deep In The Underground, Nu Rave Radio 24.11.12

This week's show hosted by Amiga Junglism's mixcloud ^^^^^
Lulu James-Be Safe
DnA-Fun Key
Final Conflict Ft The Ragga Twins-WeRWhoWeR
Wizard-Nowhere 2 Hide(Wizard's Bass & Breaks Mix)
S.I.N-Give Yourself To Me
Menace-Return To Eden
ACEN-Trip II The Moon(Curious Remix)
Dan Essence-Winter Blues
DJ Mayor & Nicky Allen-Bring Me Down
Paul Cronin-Hi Tekked
Neurygma-Sweet Dreams(Rave Force Remix)
Mshcode-Portal Mode
Shadow Frequency-The Choice
Auntie Susan-All I Want
B.O.D.A-Babylon Breaks
Time Travel-A Way Of Life(Bay B Kane Remix)
Junglord-Flutes Of Time
Strange Rollers-140 Ways To Die
DJ Nicky Allen-I'm For Real
DJ Nexus-Behold
Amiga Junglism-Hold On
Rocksted E-Gotta Rip It Vol 3
Stiggy G-Hard2DaCore
Rocksted E-Urban Topia
L.F.O-L.F.O(DJ Vapour Remix)

Future Jungle Mixtape Series Vol 1 -Rolzee

Gas Face-Crazy World
Omin Trio-Feel Good(DJ Beady Remix)
Auntie Susan-Butterflies In The Pencil Case
Tripwave Ft SW@T-Feel It(Toronto Is Broken Remix)
Auntie Susan-All I Want
Eddie Voyager-Sunshine
Ben Venom-Hold Tight
Fleck-All I Need
Mo Strblightz-Dubplate Style
Jinx In Dub-Shaka Sonics(Yoof Remix)
King Yoof & Gold-Every Night Is A Soundclash
King Yoof & Gold-Tik A Tok
Radiokillaz Ft Highly Strung MC-Future Junglist
Krafty Kuts - Lets Go Lets Ride Feat. Sporty O (Pyramid Remix)

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Top Drawer Digital Show, NSB Radio 20.11.12

Gas Face - Crazy World (Strange Rollers Remix)
Electrux - Orbit
Time Travel - Awol
Visible Sound - So Tired
Kambelt - Step Inside (Original Mix)
The Flashback Project - The Way (Refix)
DJ Rolling Paper - Dangerous
Gav Ley - Blackout
Lucas - Undecided Mission (Skanx Remix)
Strange Rollers - OneHunderdand40 Ways
Strangenotes & Ry kennon - Dutty Stinkin
Lucas - Razors Edge
Whyno & Trahma - War Cry
GOLD - Knowledge Is Power (Original)
Radio Killaz - High
Pressa - Jah Muzik v5
Schoco - You Better Dance Now
Simon Holmes - Spatialise (Original Mix)
Final Conflict - WeRWhoWeR
Otter - Future Vibin' (Master)
Bay B Kane - Zensense (Original Mix)
Visible Sound - Jazz In The Breeze
Strange Rollers - Say That U Want Me (Madcap Remix)
Ali - Zaman1
Insa & Sanxion - The Ruffest
Andy McAllister feat. MC Coppa - Celebration (Sasha Khan Remix) - Master
Dead Dred - Dread Bass (Skanx 140 Remix)
601 - Raise It Up (Original)

Free Download Link:

'One man and his USB stick' @ Private Shindig DJ Silvah

Thursday, 22 November 2012

DJ Curious The Revolution Show 19.11.12

DJ Curious The Revolution Show 19.11.12


Recorded live on The Revolution Show 11.19.12
Track list:
Excel - The Uprising (Biela Rmx) - Uprising Trance
Feral Is Kinky - My Selector (Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Rmx) - Play Me
Skanx - Jam Rock - Dub
Disrupta & Leeroy Silk - Know How - Kode 5
Sick or Well & Sickx - Blood Dub - Dubchamber
Electrux - Orbit - Top Drawer Digital
Lucas - Undecided - Woofer Cooker
Resin - This is Hardcore - Rave Style'e
Acen - Trip To The Moon Pt.2 (Curious Rmx) - Bad Habit Digital
Time Travel - AWOL (Bay B Kane VIP) - Boomsha
S.I.N. - Give Yourself 2 Me - Formation
Skanx - ???? - Dub
Grandmaster Flash - The Message (Strange Rollers Rmx) - Bad Habit Digital
Shaka Sonics feat. Mikey Don - Jinx In Dub (King Yoof Rmx) - Sub Slayers
Curious - Deliver Me - Hum Drum
Pure Filth Sound feat. MC Kemst - Occupy (Curious Rmx) - Pure Filth Sound
Peace, Respect, & Intellect to all artists and music on this session.
Tune in to The Revolution Show Live every Monday night 8-11pm (pst)

Deep In The Underground Nu Rave Radio 17.11.12

This week's show kindly hosted by Amiga Junglism

Amiga Junglism-An Amiga Sumting
Silent Code Ft Patricia Edwards-Dancefloor
Grandmaster Flash-The Message(Strange Rollers Remix)
Sparki Dee-Don't Wanna Be Alone With A Brown Paper Bag
North Base-Strawberry Shields
100Me-Brighter Sunny Day
David Boomah Ft Serocee, Aries & Gold-Forward Ever
Feral Is Kinky-My Selector(Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Remix)
Simon Holmes-Spatialise(Strange Rollers Euphoric Remix)
Curious?-Bad Robot(Remix)
DJ Generator-Jungle Machine Pt 1
Whistla-On Drugs(Bojcot Selectah Remix)
Dan Schoco-Inside My Skin(Strange Rollers 140 Remix)
Strange Rollers-World's End
Resin-Move And Then Jump
Void-No Stoppin(Avro's Back To 92 Mix)
Street Creeps Ft Tasha-The Way U Make Me Feel(Old Skool Mix)
Rolling Paper-I Get So High
Exit Point & Paul Cronin-The Breakdown
J3D-WKD(Original Flavour)
Stormski Ft General Levy-The Heat(Makes Me Wanna Sing)
Amiga Junglism-93 dark
DJ Pursuit-Switch
Mampi Swift-Gangster
Bone Man-Incomplete

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

DJ Vapour - Feel The Vibe

Following on from the massive '92' which gained national airplay on Radio One, here's something new from DJ Vapour which we are really feeling at the blog. It comes as no surprise that this too has had airplay from the likes of Skream & Benga, click play and take a listen for yourself, you'll love it like we do!!!

DJ Vapour - Feel The Vibe - Dub by DJ Vapour

Monday, 19 November 2012

Exit Point's Breaks, Bass & Beats Show With Special Guest Menace (19.11.2012)

Exit Point's Breaks, Bass & Beats Show With Special Guest Menace (19.11.2012)
Lambert & Butler - Party Pumper
Dom Almond - We Are Ravers 
Nexus - Via Cov
Cyantific - Streets Of Rave
Grandmaster Flash - The Message (Strange Rollers Remix)
100Me - Snarling Beast
Neurygma - Take Me Away
Motiv - Livin In The Underground
Liquid 8 ft Davina Myers - The One (UFO Project Remix)
Meanstreak - Bass Drop 
Javi R - Textures (Flashback Project Remix)
D Trac3d - Mutha Of Bass_
Run DMT - Bass Drum (8-B1T Remix)
Dubsidia - Kill Humans (Dirtyloud Remix)
Menace - Rave That
Shades Of Rhythm - Return To Eden (Menace Re-Lik)
Liquid Rollers - Keep On
Resin - This Is Hardcore
Bfresh - Spun Back
Menace - Dream maker
DJ Vibes - Sing It Loud (DJ Slim v's Bedroom Producers Re-Fix)
Bay B Kane - Unspoken
Paul Cronin V's Exit Point - The Breakdown
Menace - Latent Blies 
Flashback Project - Finest Illusion (Re-Fix)
Strange Rollers - Jungle Serenade
Breakz - Baptized By Breakz 
Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (RGMDJ Remix)
UFO Project - Surprise
Hirshee & Sue Cho - Always Tomorrow
Fleur & Cutline - Broken Mirror (Specimen A Remix)

Kicks Like A Mule - The Bouncer (Damage Inc Dubplate)
Rekurve - Get Busy
Bay B Kane - Everyday
Cluekid - Into The Jungle
Bone Man - You're Mine
B.O.D.A. - Babylon Breaks 
Dead Dred - Dread Bass (Skanx Remix)
David Boomah ft Serocee & Aries & Gold - Forward Ever
Aems - The New Dawn (Weekday Remix)
Economix - Loops (Harmonee Remix)
M2J - Pacmans Revenge (Power Pill Mix)

Auntie Susan

Along with having a weekly show on Logic 104.3fm 3pm Sundays(U.K Time) playing the freshest Hardcore Breaks and Future/140 Jungle tunes, Auntie Susan also makes some banging tunes!!!!
Take a listen to these cracking cuts below:

Latest tracks by Auntie Susan

Junglord-Future Jungle E.P

Forthcoming on Unjustified recs, here's a great 4 tracker of dub infused future jungle, its a tough one picking a favourite as all tracks are top quality but 'Daddy' has a nice trippy liquid vibe. Overall a great E.P, well arranged and produced tunes with plenty of big booming basslines and ragga vox.

Future Jungle by Junglord

Sunday, 18 November 2012

StrangeRollers - Strange Rollers H2R Show 12.11.18

RESIN Make Em Clap To This

Resin returns to Good Times Recs, with a hand raiser of a rave breaks tune, utilising a familiar sounding old skool riff, leading into a quality signature Resin style piano, this is a peak time banger for the weekend ravers.
Get your copy here, and from all good download stores:

Bad Habit DJ Guest Mix Vol 2-Odeed

Lady Waks Ft MC Manic-Round The Globe(Gold Remix)
King Yoof Vs Gold-Tik A Tok
Wizard Ft Daddy Freddy & Tenor Fly-Soundboy Killa
Dom Almond-Jump & Shout
Major Lazer-Original Don
Freefall Collective-Truth & Rights
Odeed & Wish-Sojourn
Odeed & Wish-You Know The Score
Vinyl Junkie & Madcap-Underground Culture(Odeed & Wish Remix)
Gotye Ft Kimbra-Somebody That I Used To Know

Electrux - The Orbit EP - TDDR030 - Top Drawer Digital

Top Drawer Digital Presents :

Electrux : The Orbit EP

Release Dates :
Track It Down : 17th November 2012
Everywhere : 01st December 2012

A : Bounce

Electrux - Bounce -TDDR030 - The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

B : Illusion
Electrux - Illusion - TDDR030 - The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

C : Orbit
Electrux - Orbit - TDDR030 -The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

D : Slingshot
Electrux - Slingshot - TDDR030 - The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

To mark our 30th release one of Top Drawer Digital's favorite producers Electrux is back with his 3rd full EP on the imprint and we rekon it's the strongest yet. The Orbit EP showcases his unique style as he drifts through genres whilst retaining his recognisable sound.

Support Includes :

100me Rating : 8 / 10 "Excellent release!! Illusion is doing it for me! =)"
Ben Venom Rating : 9 / 10 "Once again Electux smashes it!"
Brewster B Kiss FM AU  6 / 10 "amen brother..!"
Tony Rocky Horror C89.5FM 7 / 10 "Orbit + Slingshot are my fav's!
DJ Virus - Kool/Reinforced 10 / 10 "big bless & respect 4 coming wid da goods again love the music..v"
E Z  7 / 10 "Liking the Bounce track!!"
Jay Cunning  7 / 10 "Illusion is the one for me!"
John Grief 7 / 10 "Good stuff from Electrux as usual - top marks go to Illusion - proper head nodding steppin bouncy bassline action - tasty..."
Jon James  8 / 10 "Top tuna from Electrux, 4 great tracks from the 2step/future beats of the lyrical roller bounce to the the dark edges of sling shot ...for me its the Amen
work out of Orbit..."
Kranky 8 / 10 "Nice release, Orbit is a banger!"
Linda B 8 / 10 "It was so hard to choose between Bounce and Illusion as best mix for me, but i think i chose Bounce to have the edge for it's Old Skool feel. I love this
MULDER  9 / 10
Odeed and Wish 9 / 10 "Bounce is huge!I have been waiting for this release for a minute.Illusion is another top notch banger as well.Overall a great release and I will support
for sure."
Rasco  7 / 10 "Very good for the dancefloor, i like it"
RISKOTECEQUE 7 / 10  the dubstep cut was cool
Strange Rollers 9 / 10 "Loved Bounce for ages now! stunning track big support from the Strange Rollers Illusion is another stormer! Heavy Bass Action Infact there all
Ceos 8 / 10 "Illusion is a smart one, yet bangs with the best of them!"
Rob Focuz 7 / 10 "Really like Illusion.. great track! Will definitely play this one."
Radiokillaz 8 / 10 "a nice amen banger"
Tariq (Future Jungle Blog/Hush Mag)10 / 10 "Electrux is an artist who is totally consistent and has an amazing ability to produce continuously fresh and infectious tunes while maintaining his
signature style. I love the bouncy UKG style of 'Bounce' but 'Orbit' wins it for me with that great Electrux take on the Future Jungle sound."
VINYL JUNKIE  9 / 10 "Tossup between Illusion and Orbit.... Slingshot pretty cool too"

D trac3D and Jay Walker-Androids-Held II ransom

Another quality slice of Ravestep from Held II Ransom, part of a 3 track E.P featuring a killer DnB and transitional midtempo to 140 tune, all of which I have been caning!!!! Check out the sounds of D Trac3D and Jay walker, get those lighters ready!!!!

Vote for Sub Slayers in DJ Mag's Best Of British

Vote for Sub Slayers in DJ Mag's Best Of British
Out of 100’s of UK record labels DJ Mag has short listed our freinds Sub Slayers to the final 5 ‘Best Of British Record Label for 2012’Please click to cast your vote and of course please share.
Jay and all the Sub Slayers Crew have done a massive job pushing the Future Jungle Sound forward and heres your chance to say thanks and also get Future Jungle on the map.


DJ Fuzzbuzz-Positive Vibes
Redlight - Get Out My Head (The Hustle Refix)
The Invisible Man - The Bell Tune (INSa 241s Liquid 140 mix)
Kidson - Rastaman Ting
Bay B Kane Featuring Ali Kaan Gebes - Rush Over Me - (Lucas Remix)
DJ Nicky Allen-Sensation 2012
Ed Solo - Egyptian Horns (DJ FWB Bouncy Trap Remix)
ACEN- Trip 2 The Moon pt2 (Schoco's Lost In Space Remix)
Bay B Kane -Free Fall (Dj Aitch's VIP Remix)
Lucas - Look At The Light (Vinyl Junkie Remix)
Strange Rollers - Bedtime Stories (Original Mix)
Madcap - Artillery (Into The Future Remix)
Vinyl Junkie - Shining Star (Original Mix)
Lucas - The Antichrist - (Second Coming Mix)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

KILLA DILLA FLOORFILLA...........{new hardcore breaks} DJ-TONY D

KILLA DILLA FLOORFILLA...........{new hardcore breaks} by DJ-TONY D

A new hardcore breaks mix with full on pukka killa tunes all to get ya movin and shakin.

27 HARDCORE BREAKS MIXES from last year

1. nexus-hey
2. flashback project-drumbeats
3. nexus-techwaxer
4. dj chz-warm it up
5. nicky allen-hideaway
6. dj chz-the flow
7. nicky allen-my adrenalin is flowing
8. dj sammy-sunlight:[j.dubz breaks mix]
9. nexus-important sound:[remix]
10. j.dubz-dub plate stye c'mon
11. mr sin-mass confusion
12. labrynth-sonic fortress:[damage inc remix]
13. dj fx-twilight:pt 1
14. nexus-weba's on wax
15. dj chz-love da bass bomb
16. tango-future followers:[shift and mindswept remix]
17. kev moore-retro b eats
18. ramos and supreme-crowd control:[smokin beats mix]
19. toofer-xtc
20. rotten and rykennon-reality
21. toofer-ruff age
22. nexus-via
23. nexus-dont be clever
24. foul play-finest illusion:[flashback project remix]
25. vibes and wishdokta-obsession:[hbreaks bootleg mix]

Bad Habit Muzik Guest Mix Vol One-Daz Breakz

1. OTTER - Prism (Boomsha recs)
2. Dj Aitch - Jungle drumz (Boomsha recs)
3. Bay B Kane - Unspoken (Top Drawer Digital)
4. Time travel - A way of Life (Boomsha recs)
5. Visible Sound - Jazz in the Breeze ( Quantum progressive Audio)
6. Dj Aitch - Beyond our skies (Boomsha recs)
7. Time Travel - Aurora Project (Boomsha recs)
8. D-audi - Liquid Sky - Bay B Kane VIP mix (Boomsha recs)
9. Time Travel - Inside Sequence (Digital Acetate)
10. Visible Sound - Memories of Tomorrow (Digital Acetate)
11. D-audi - Sent for you - Generic Bass remix (Digital Acetate)
12. Zinc - Firing time
13. Rocksted-E - A New Path - Visible Sound Remix ( Boomsha recs)
14. OTTER - Summers End - Visible sound vintage 8 track remix (Boomsha recs)
15. Bay B Kane - Breathe (Top Drawer Digital)
16. Bay B Kane - Everybody's Gotta Learn (Boomsha recs)

Deep In The Underground, Nu Rave Radio 10.11.12

This week's show has been very kindly hosted by Amiga Junglism, check out his great sounds on
Amiga Junglism-Its Cold Outside
Generic Bass-End Of Time(2012 Apocalypse Remix)
Taktix-The Way(The Flashback Project & Sanxion Re Fix)
Mo Strblightz-Special Request
Actual Phantom-Resurection
Visible Sound-So Tired
Resin-The Way I Feel
Shed Edz-Suspect(Uplifting Piano Mix)
DJ Dossa-Cheese Face
D Trac3d-This Is Magic
Whyno & Trahma-War Cry(Spin Sir Remix)
Rekurve-Get Busy
Curious?-Eyez 4 U
Simon Harris Vs Richard Judge-Fall Fold Fly
Simon Holmes-Concentrate
100Me-Industrial Complex
Menace-Dream Maker
DJ Rave In Peace-Tomb Shaker
Mystery Man-DJ Business(Nicky Allen 2012 Remix)
DJ Nexus-Via Cov
Nebula II-Atheama(Yell O Phase Straight Forward Remix)
DJ Nexus-Aspects
Adam Inspector Sands & Hattrixx-Did I Dream
Epeak-Neuro Jungle
Bone Man-Revelation 2012
H8 Machine-My Nightmares(Broken Machine Off Note Remix)
Download link:

Definition 50th: The Album

After reaching the landmark 50th release, Definition Breaks have a full album out featuring remixes of classics from the back catalog and brand new remixes by some the hottest producers in the scene right now such as Strange Rollers, Manion and Kid Chameleon. This is my favourite from a quality L.P, we're right on it!!!

A Homeboy, A Hippie And A Funki Dredd-Total Confusion

Now this is a future jungle blog and maybe this is a little self indulgence on my part but I noticed that this has been re released and if you didn't get a copy the first time round, here's a great opportunity to grab this classic from where it all began. The true roots of today's scene and still sounding fresh, well, to me anyway. Fond memories of this tune being everywhere back then including the Hit The Decks compilations that were advertised on TV regularly. Anyway, check it out, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Futurizm-Sunrise(Future Jungle Mix)

Really great news that this great tune is now available to buy, on the uplifting and euphoric side of Future Jungle, reworking the Fantazia classic 'I Got The Real Feel' by Sunset Regime in fine fashion. Don't sleep on this one folks, a firm favourite of the blog, get on it!!!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Top Drawer Digital Show, NSB Radio 13.11.12

Imperial brothers - Breath (Strange Rollers Funk Attack Remix)
Konjah - Make A Move
Schoco - Jungo
Simon Holmes - Spatialise (Dazz F Remix)
Strange Rollers - Worlds End
Lucas - Undecided Mission - (Original Mix)
The Flashback Project - The Way (Refix)
Dead Dred - Dread Bass (Skanx 140 Remix)
Rekurve - Get Busy
Radiokillaz - Skyscraper (Original Mix)
D.Trac3d - This Is Magic (Original Mix)
Ben Venom - I'm A Shadow (Intro Version)
Simon Holmes - With Feeling
Meanstreak - Don't Come Test
Bay B Kane - Crusadious
Gav Ley - The Predator (RyKennon Remix)
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Monday, 12 November 2012

Exclusive Interview with Boomsha Recs, Daz Breakz and Bay B Kane

The rise of Future Jungle continues with new and established imprints putting out quality new tunes on almost a weekly basis, amongst those imprints is Boomsha Recs who have had a No1 in the trackitdown breaks chart recently with Bay B Kane’s ‘Everybodys Gotta Learn’, we caught up with label owner Daz Breakz and the legend that is BBK to share some Future Jungle related thoughts with the blog……….

Daz Breakz:

So tell us, who is Daz Breakz?, what's his history and where is he at right now in the world of music?

Well.... First and foremost im a DJ,i mainly play on internet sites and put together mixes for download.I have always Deejayed in some way,shape or form since the age of about 15 learning my craft in the early days of electro and hip hop but soon fell in love with the dance music scene when acid house exploded onto the streets.I spent my youth playing at house parties, small clubs and illegal raves,anywhere and everywhere i could and if I wasnt deejaying i was partying at one of the many now infamous rave nights of the early 90's in London...being a youngster caught up in the evergrowing rave scene i was just too busy having a good time to fully persue a career as a DJ and this was something i regretted later on in life!
Anyone caught up in the scene in those very early days will remember that feeling of knowing you was a part of something very special, the start of something very big, the start of something that spawned all the genres and sub genres we have today.....bringing us to the point where we are now....the underground dance music scene is still as fresh and exciting as it has ever been, and the Future Jungle sound is proof of that!
Future Jungle is a melting pot of the past, present and future and this has big appeal to me... This is exactly where im at right now,i love this sound and it has been FJ that has spurned me to start a label and get more involved with the scene,to help push new producers aswell as already well known producers and help push things forward!

The first few releases on Boomsha have been trend setters, quite varied and have introduced relatively unknown but very talented producers to a wide audience, is this going to be a continuing pattern with the label?

Most definitely!...As well as future releases from names that everyone on the scene will know,there is plenty of stuff in the pipeline from more up and coming producers that havent before had official releases as such and theres more to come from the likes of Rocksted-E and Stiggy -G.
One producer that is fairly new to having his stuff released is Aitch ,Bay B Kanes brother,I've already put a couple of his tracks out recently Jungle drumz and The essence and he has a 4 track EP forthcoming in the very near future aswell as working on some remixes for Boomsha too...
Aitch makes some amazing stuff and is definitely one to watch in the future!....... Its always good to find new talent and help these guys get their music out there for everyone to hear and at this point i got to say that Bay B Kane plays a big part in scouting new talent for the label and as you can imagine he has a very keen ear and has found some amazing producers that are going to be releasing stuff with me very soon!

One producer who needs no introduction is Bay B Kane who has had a release out on Boomsha, how did this come about?

Ah yes, the legend that is Bay B Kane.....well this just kind of  happened out of the blue really, BBK sent me some of his dubs to play on one of my radio shows, we got talking about his music and I thought I’d chance my arm and ask him for a release to which he accepted and sent me over the tune 'Everybody’s Gotta learn' that he had made already but it didn’t have a home so to speak, well when I heard it I jumped at the chance to release it, and when people hear it they will know why, his use of a classic vocal from the Korgis is astounding, what he has created here is nothing short of a future classic, a track that in years to come will be classed as one of the biggest tunes of the future jungle era, no one makes tunes like this man, in my opinion he is untouchable, he puts so much into his tunes, he’s just a lion of a producer. Everybody's Gotta learn' has proved to be the success that everyone who heard it as a promo said it would be. Within 3 days of being released on, it had reached the number 1 spot in the breaks chart, this is backed up with his sublime slightly faster 'Music Styles’, another track that he had posted on soundcloud    and had received some great feedback and another track that I jumped on the minute he offered it to me...The relationship that me and BBK have forged since has become more than just label and producer and I will be releasing more of his stuff if all goes well, the man is a constant source of musical wisdom and his experience and knowledge of the industry is second to none....

So far, you've been putting out primarily 140-150bpm Future Jungle tracks, what attracts you to this style?

The 140-150 bpm style is something that has great appeal to me, I think it’s mainly because at heart I’m an oldskooler and  in the good old days when jungle was kind of being formulated by the likes of BBK and others the tempos were a lot slower than the full on jungle sound that came later, I personally prefer the tempo of  the new future jungle sound, for me it’s more of a natural pace, anything slower can seem sluggish and kind of fails to hold my attention..

We would be interested to hear what future releases you have lined up on Boomsha?

Well I’ve got some great stuff in the pipeline from Boomsha,we've recently had a major success with BBK's release 'everybody's gotta learn' which has been followed by releases from Rocksted-E, Otter for the USA both of this had remixes by Visible sound,who incidentally has just done a remix of another USA producers track for me,Sixfootunda,who shall be releasing an album on boomsha very shortly which will have at least 3 or 4 more remixes on it by some other big names from the FJ world....there’s stuff coming from Time Travel and D-audi both with remixes from BBK,more stuff from OTTER, there’s 2 releases from Schoco very soon and a very special ep called 'Brotherz in Armz' featuring BBK & Aitch and Time Travel & Mshcode..and both Aitch and BBK have there own ep's coming too and Visible sound is working on his own release for Boomsha as we speak!

And of course theres releases coming from the fresh new talent I spoke about earlier. 

Who else do rate highly right now in terms of Future Jungle Imprints and individual producers?

Well apart from the producers on my own label, at the moment some of the producers who are hitting all the right buttons for me are Visible Sound, he has made some great intelligent stuff, his 'Tear it down' track from a while back now is one that I regard as a future classic and he has recently started his own label 'Digital Acetate', the first few releases have been amazing from D-Audi, Insa 241 and  Soundshifter. Also the Quantum Progressive Audio label is another fave of mine, the man in charge there 'Dan Bright Lights' is releasing some great tunes. Dub Chamber have released some great stuff from the likes of D-audi, Meanstreak and OTTER..
I'm not everly keen on the tearout or ravey stuff,or stuff that has too much of a dubstep influence,i tend to listen too tunes from producers and labels that are putting out music that has more of a proper jungle influence and style, as anyone who has listened to my radio shows will testify to.

Lastly, where can we hear more of Daz Breakz on a regular basis and stay in the loop with Boomsha?

To keep up with what is going on with Boomsha recordings you can find us on Facebook and soundcloud, all news and clips of forthcoming releases and the occasional freebie will be posted on these pages. I’m currently having an official Boomsha website designed, which should be up and running very soon, and details of this will appear on the Boomsha Facebook page. You can also catch me doing radio shows on  every Friday at 10pm and on  every Saturday night at 10pm.!/daz.breakz  

Also check out the Bay B Kane release 'Everybodys Gotta Learn' and 'Music Styles'

 Bay B Kane

Readers will need no introduction to the legend that is Bay B Kane, your single, 'Everybodys Gotta Learn' is out now on Boomsha recs, what’s the story behind this great track?

First of all Thank you very much for the kind words. Yes, the single is out on Boomsha Recordings and exclusively available from  for the first 2weeks then from all good download outlets.
As for the story behind the track, It’s a track that I have always loved, the vocals are so deep and meaningful so I thought I would give it a go and see if I could bring it back once more and this time for the Future Jungle massive and I think it turned out really well or at least that’s the indication  judging by the many positive comments and reactions I have witnessed especially on Sound Cloud where it has been a massive favourite with the clouders.
 And how did you link up with Daz and Boomsha recs?
You know what I’m not entirely certain but I think it was when I sent him a promo out of the blue and I think he was so surprised that he hit me up on FB chat to say thanks and we got chatting about you do!
After like 5mins I remember thinking wow!. It was as if we had known each other for years plus I was impressed with his knowledge of the music and the scene in general so it all progressed from there really.
And I just want to add that I’m glad that Facebook is good for something now and then as I generally can’t stand Facebook and try to spend as little time as possible on there but will admit that it’s good for promotional purposes & on the rare occasion for linking up with someone such as Daz who really is a Top fella & a great DJ.

 You're clearly an advocate of future jungle, a genre which has drawn both positive reactions and for some been a bone of contention with some complaining about the 'future jungle' tag, as a veteran of the scene from the early days of the 90's, what’s your slant on this new sound?

First and foremost I have to give someone credit for turning me on to Future Jungle and in this case credit is definitely due to Mr Lucas Morris, The Boss man of Top Drawer Digital.
Lucas hit me up one day well over a year ago now and asked me if I might be interested in doing a track for an upcoming compilation he was planning at the time which was Future Jungle Expeditions Vol 2 , although I was a little uncomfortable with the BPM restrictions of 140 to 150 Bpm I agreed to give it a go and I’m so glad now that I did.
I think Future Jungle is different things to different people but whatever the case it is good for Jungle music in general.
It’s that Back to the Future type of concept within it is what drew me into it because although the sound is somewhat looking back towards the beginnings of jungle, the focus of the sound and the direction its heading in is without doubt forwards directly towards the future plus I’m a firm believer in the fact that in order to really know where we are heading its essential to know where we have come from therefore Future Jungle definitely works for me.

 Asides from your ventures into future jungle, you have a number of on-going projects in the realms of classic 170bpm Jungle including showcasing new and upcoming producers within the scene, can you tell Hushmag a bit more about that?
As one of the founding fathers of the sound of Jungle and having been involved within the scene for a very long time now I feel that it’s my duty in a way to at least try to help some of the many great up and coming producers out there because let’s face it, someday I’ll be gone for good, although not anytime soon I should add but inevitably one day I will be and when that happens I would like to know that this sound will continue to move on and evolve with the changing times, in order for that to happen we have to give some of the many great young producers a chance to come through and develop their skills and their sound so I try to help some of them as and when I can
For instance a recent LP I compiled and released with the help of my good buddy Chili Banks who owns Junglist Manifesto Recordings, This LP called Bay B Kane Presents...The United Nations Of Jungle( featured 19 producers and apart from myself, all relatively unknown but massively talented and from all over the globe. Germany,Holland,USA,Belgium,Canada,Eritrea,UK and that’s just what I can remember off the top of my head.
Its opportunities like this that help up and coming producers to get their name out there and have their music heard and often it’s the only way they may have a chance to move forwards and become maybe the legends of tomorrow.
I’ve also recently brought 2 up and coming producers to the attention of Boomsha Recordings...DjJ Aitch & RF Project and I believe we will be seeing both artists releasing new material on Boomsha shortly which is a great feeling for me because without someone putting them forward so that they can be heard its extremely for them to get anywhere...Sadly I can only help so many & of course there are so many more but if a few more well respected names from the scene took time to do similar promotion for some of the other promising young producers it would help strengthen this scene quicker.
I should also say that there are a few oldskool legends who really are doing great things & exposing new talent & helping young producers develop careers but there are many more unfortunately who have their heads so far up their own bottoms that it’s impossible for them to see anything I guess!

lastly, where can we hear more of Bay B Kane and stay updated with your new releases?
Well one way would be to tune into Dazbreakz's show on on Saturdays 10pm to 12pm & Pirate-Revival Radio on Fridays 10pm to 12pm
Also check out any and all mixes by Tariq Ziyad as anything new by me always seems to appear in his mixes...Bigupz for all your support my friend.

Alternatively check out my personal digital music store Where you will find most of my music including a whole bunch of free downloads & rare releases which you won’t find anywhere else.
Also Check me out on & on Facebook where I have a personal and an artist page.

Big ups to future jungle blog for the opportunity to have my say & Massive shout out to Daz Breakz & Boomsha Recordings...Peace!