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Underground Generation Vol 1-Glowkid & Tariq_Ziyad

 From Athens To Birmingham
Compiled and mixed by Glowkid( & Tariq Ziyad 
(, 2 CD length mixes featuring #140,#FutureJungle,
#Bass,#NuSkool & #OldSkool.............

Thanks to the following labels, please support them and the artists who make these
tunes by buying their music from all reputable good download stores....

Boomsha, Audio Theory, Rave Stylee, Kode 5, 36Hertz, Q.P.A, Sub Slayers,
Anomaly, Paranoid, Warehouse Wax, Digital Acetate, Kut Off, XL, Step 
Back Sessions & Sonic Fortress.

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CD1 -Tariq Ziyad

01. Aitch D - Beyond Our Skies  
02. Bay B Kane - I'm Alive 
03. FLeCK - Place 4 Us (BBK’s Million Miles VIP)                                        
04. FLeCK - Higher 
05. Abyss - Rushing Feeling  
06. Jem One - Podium Trollz  
07. Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger (Protune's 140 Tearout Mix)  
08. Manion - Bumdiggy (Radiokillaz Mix)  
09. Schema - Test Me   
10. Lethal - Feel (Boykz Remix) 
11. Dodders - The Lost Boy  
12. Mark C - The Death Trap  
13. E Lab Rat - Rat Hustle (Lucas Remixx)  
14. Otter - Sounds Of Time (Ryo Mix) 
15. Kinetic Eon - Old Skool Flava 
16. SL2 - Way In My Brain (Skanx Dnb 2013 Remix) 
17. D Force - Original Bad Boy (CABLE remix)


01. Unicorn Kid - Need U
02. The Prodigy - Out Of Space
03. Babylon Zoo - Spaceman (RRRitalin Remix)
04. Hamsta - Chief Schlocka
05. Tango - Cant Stop the Rush (RGs 2006 Remix)
06. Toofer - Ruff Age
07. Neurygma - The return of the Jedi
08. Menace Makes 3,Do Ya Feel What I'm Feelin' (Damage Inc. SMD Stylee Remix)
09. DJ Deluxe - Venga Conmingo (Spanish Mix)
10. DJ Nicky Allen - Tutti Frutti
11. DJ fLow - Fresh Kut
12. DJ Nexus - Mind the gap
13. Simon Harris - 21st Century Man
14. Top Buzz - Living In Darkness (Amp Remix)
15. 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Drowning In Her (Schoco's High Feeling Remix)
16. Champion Breaks - Earful of Coke
17. Hudson - Odeskool

Download Here:

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Nookie-From The Vaults Of Daddy Armshouse Records Vol 1-Phuzion Digital

As a keen collector of old skool in digital format, I felt I should post about this, 8 tracks from back in 1992 by Nookie including the well known classic 'The Traitor'. So long as you're not an obsessive type who nitpicks and finds fault as I've seen some people doing online, then there's simply no way you won't be happy with this awesome addition to your old skool collection, the remasters sound nice and crisp to me and the important thing is being able to have in my possession 8 gold nuggets from one of the scene's best producers, in fact you could just pitch them up and slot them into your 140 sets, exactly as I have done. In summary, if you're a fan of Nookie, love 1992 and want high res digital remastered tunes as opposed to your muddy vinyl rips, then go and spend some cash on this, you won't be disappointed.

The Bad Habit Muzik Show 27.6.13

  1. Shimmer -To Be As One  
  2. Philthkids -Got 2 Be  
  3. Beach Justice -Knees Of Nothing  
  4. YEPIMNICK -Impel  
  5. Semark -Fantasy (Take You Higher)  
  6. GXBW -Hacked Off  
  7. Evil Nine -Haxxan  
  8. Lethalness-Weed Killer  
  9. DazzF -oBass (Simon Holmes Remix)  
  10. Lostlojic - Looks like love  
  11. Pressa - Deeper Sound  
  12. ESP -Spread Love (DJ Vapour Remix)  
  13. Darksiders - Listen to My Sound (Generic Bass Mix) 
  14. Hackney Hardcore – Dancehall Dangerous (Steve Johnson Remix)  
  15. Nebula 2 - Atheama (Remix)  
  16. Simon Harris -Way Back (DazzF Remix)  
  17. Odeed & Wish-Buck Then Duck  
  18. Nookie-Man Shot Dead In Dalston E8  
  19. DJ Flow-Olds Kool 
  20. DJ Flow -Rave Monster  
  21. RenegadeGenius -Mind Blowing Beats (Dodders Vocal Remix)  
  22. J.R.S -Let Your Spirit Lead You  
  23. J.R.S -Sub Loving  
  24. Kip Killagain Ft Buju Banton- Champion



1. imperial brothers-rockology:[100 ME mix] 
2. schoco feat. dennean-summertime 
3. dani b-all believers:[strange rollers rmx] 
4. mannion feat. highly strung mc-atoms! 
5. otter-deep in the funk 
6. red lizard-rushin:[orig.] 
7. badhabit vs strange rollers-dawn of the lotus 
8. imperial brothers-breathe:[strange rollers rmx] 
9. badhabit vs strange rollers-ghost town 
10. strange rollers-killa of sound:[orig.] 
11. fourth element-140 rollers feat. andy h-midland breakz 
12. strange rollers-change of pace 
13. badhabit vs strange rollers-dawn of the lotus:[d&b mix] 
14. sega feat. aaliyah latifah-on my mind 
15. strange rollers-preachin jazz:[electro house mix] 
16. grandmaster flash-the message:[strange rollers rmx] 
17. imperial brothers-choone:[100 ME mix] 
18. pressa-deeper sound 
19. acen-trip 2 the moon:[curious mix] 
20. sixfootunda-into the jungle 
21. mystery,kosine,disrupta & sonic fixation-bad magic:[orig.] 
22. pressa-lost in time 
23. amiga junglism-hold on 
24. strange rollers-preachin jazz:[130 snakebite mix] 
25. amiga junglism-frshjungle

Digitally Mashed Pres The Top Drawer Digital Show live 25 06 13

J-Tek/140/Future Jungle Mix

  1. Lucas - The Antichrist
  2. Madcap - Media Lab
  3. Strange Rollers - Badlands
  4. Tango & Ratty - Deadly Melody
  5. Darksiders - Listen to My Sound (Generic Bass Mix)
  6. Madcap - Eastern Promise (Original Mix)
  7. Pressa - Lost In Time
  8. Curious - Don't Blame I
  9. Lucas - Hippytrickz
  10. Schoco - Inside My Skin (Strange Rollers Remix)
  11. Manion - Bumdiggy (Original Mix)
  12. Gappy Ranks - Put The Stereo On [Skanx Vocal Mix]
  13. Dani B - All Believers (Strange Rollers Remix)
  14. Sass - Healing The Nation - J-Tek Crew Mix
  15. Outrage & Modular - Fine Day Remix

Oldskool House Vinyl Mix

  1. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives [OriginalClub Classic Mix]
  2. Gat Decor - Passion [Do You Want It RIght Now Mix]
  3. NYG Ft Donovan Blackwood - The Real Thing [Luvdup Vocal Mix]
  4. Debbie Malone - Rescue Me (Crazy About Your Love)
  5. Liquid - Sweet Harmony [Liquid 95 Mix]
  6. Mickey Finn - Some Justice [Original Mix]
  7. Bassheads - Is There Anybody Out There?
  8. Bobby Brown - Two Can Play That Game [K Klassic Mix]
  9. K-Klass - Rhythm Is A Mystery [Remix]
  10. Bizzare Inc - Playing With Knives [Quadrant Mix]
  11. Brothers In Rhythm - Such A Good Feeling [Inspirational Delight Mix]
  12. Katherin E - I'm Alright [Remix]
  13. Awsome 3 - Dont Go [Kicks Like A Mule Mix]

Light Into Darkness-Tariq Ziyad

Light Into Darkness-Tariq Ziyad by Tariq Ziyad

Something new for the cloud, a selection of tunes I'm feeling currently, mainly free tune but there's a few dubplates in there from KODE 5 RECORDINGS™, I've been conscientious and put some reverse FX in there to stop radio rippers
1.DJ Flow-Don't Be Afraid ***FREE DOWNLOAD*** by dJ_fLow Free DL
2.DJ Flow-Rave Monster (FREE DOWNLOAD on Paranoid Recordings - link in description) by dJ_fLow Free DL (Info In Description)
4,1st Science-On The Double Buy It Here:
5.Jimmy J & Cru L T-Can't You See (Msprim VIP Remix) Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Can't You See (Msprim VIP Remix)(Paranoid Recordings) - See description for D/L by msprim Free DL (Info In Description)
6.Sunny - Passion by RSR Reloaded
7.Horns Of Darkness ***FREE 320 DOWNLOAD*** by dJ_fLow
8.Deadmind-Shut Up f/c KODE 5 RECORDINGS™
9.Renegade Genius-Amen Attack (Part 1) Free DL-
11.D.O.P.E-When I Was Young (DJ Easy B & T Bags Remix)-Rugged Vinyl

Mirror Links:
Mirror DL:

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

1 Year Anniversary for Bad Habits feature

In the space of one year, Bad Habit Muzik have had phenomenal success, a consistent run of No1 spots on Trackitdown's Breaks chart featuring the cream of the crop from the 140 Bass/Future Jungle scene and it doesn't stop there. Just this week Bad Habit Muzik dropped their new release which sky-rocketed to the number one spot in both Deep House and Breaks charts.

Bad Habit have showcased a diverse range of sounds from the euphoric 94 Jungle style of 'Bad Magic' by Disrupta & Sonic Fixation to a string of quality releases in the 140 style by Strange Rollers including the incredible remixes of U.S Hip Hop/Electro Legends, The Imperial Brothers and Knights Of The Turntable vocalist Dani B through to 100me's future jungle track remixed by Radiokillaz 'From Within' featuring the vocals of Rachel Wallace of Suburban Base fame.

With regular reviews in DJ Mag Breaks Charts they continue to push the scene forward.."we have achieved 14 No1s in 15 releases which again is something we pride ourselves and the choice of artists and producers we work closely with..(an industry record I think?)". Chris Nurding

Monday, 24 June 2013

Beat-Breaker: Tetraplex [Mix Set]

Beat-Breaker: Tetraplex [Mix Set] by Beat-Breaker

Beat-Breaker: Tetraplex [Mix Set]
Intro Sample --&rt; courtesy of Sqopij (
1.... ViSible Sound: Serene Awakening
2.... Pressa: Fast Motion 10
3.... Bay B Kane: Zensense
4.... ViSible Sound: Down With U
5.... DJ Aitch: Ready
6.... Sixfootunda: Someone Was Looking For You [ViSible Sound RMX]
7.... Sixfootunda: That's What I Do
8.... Boogie Times Tribe: The Dark Stranger [Simon Harris RFX]
9.... Schoco: Sunrise
10.. FLeCK: Rolling Soul
11.. Ryo: Golden Days
12.. Bojcot Selectah: Found A Body
13.. Skanx: Boom
14.. Strange Rollers: Spacecrafts [Lucas RMX]
15.. ViSible Sound: Jazz In The Breeze
Sample --&rt; Stereo:Type: What's That Noize? Intro
16.. Kid Chameleon: The Silent Scream
17.. ViSible Sound: Glisten
Artwork by Twitchy Pixel (

TMPRMNTL Live Mash Up Mix


1. A Guy Called Gerald - The Universe (feat. Jennifer Neal)
2. Synth Sense - Next Level
b/w Dub Phizix & Skittles - I'm A Creator
b/w Yoko Kanno - Chant 1-Making Of Cyborg
3. Triad & Synth Sense - Past, Present, Future
4. Synkro - Dwelling
5. Björk - Come to Me [Sabres of Paradise Mix]
6. Skeptical & Dub Phizix - The Enemy
b/w Kodo - the jackal
b/w Dub Phizix Skeptical feat. Strategy - Marka Bassacre
7. Dub Phizix & Skeptical - Marka
b/w Apparat - Goodbye
8. Philip James de Vries - Just Like Haze (original mix)
9. Access To Arasaka - Nypox
10. Lorn - Automaton
11. Vangelis - Vadavarot
12. Deon Custom - Luxury
13 .Beyond The Black Rainbow - ARBORIA
14. TIGA/JORI HULKKONEN - Trust Your Body (John Roman remix)
b/w Gesaffelstein - Belgium
b/w Gesaffelstein - Pursuit
b/w Gesaffelstein - Belgium (Exerts)
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) (Datassette Remix)
15. Scuba - In 2
(All Loops, Effects, Re Edits, Vinyl Quantizing, Hot Cues performed in one take on a four deck digital platform)


1-Killa Of Sound-Bad Habit Vs Strangerollers(Bad Habit)
3-Music4the Soul-Strange Rollers (Warehousewax)
4-Killah-Radiokillaz (Downbeat)
5-Herbalistic-Radiokillaz (Rkz Recordings)
6-We R Who We Are-Final Conflict (Topdrawdigital)
7-War Is Ugly-Radiokillaz (Passenger)
8-From Within-100 Me Ft Racheal Wallace-Radiokillaz Remix (Bad Habit)
9-All Believers-Dani B-Strangerollers Remix (Bad Habit)
10-Dawn Of The Lotus-Bad Habit Vs Strangerollers (Bad Habit)
11-Come With The Love-Rythm Ryders Renegade Soundwave &Solomon-King Yoof Remix (Subslayers)
12-Jump Around-Billy  Daniel Bunter Sanxion&Spyda-Radiokillaz Remix (Musicmondays)
13-Step Forward-Radiokillaz (Rkz Recordings)
14-Bomb Booty -Radiokillaz Dubplate
15-Thud Rumble-Libra-Radiokillaz Remix (Bassrock)
16-Trip To The Moon-Acen-Curious Remix (Bad Habit)
17-100% Pure Lucas &Strange Rollers (Digitallymashed)(Top Drawer Digital)
18-New Future-Radiokillaz (Rkz Recordings)
19-Rough And Rugged-Daddy Freddy &Asher D-Radiokillaz Remix (Music Of Life)

SR & DIGBEE, JEM ONE, DJ VAPOUR, SKINK-The Not So Future Jungle EP-36 Hertz Recordings

SR & Digbee fire up the amens and drop the tempo down to open this Jungle expedition  Drawing for the classic timestretching and classic stabs they boys open this EP with some pure fire.

Jungle head Jem One jumps up 10 BPM from his usual 140BPM speed to drop Bullet To The Head. Jem One strings lead through to some tearing stepping breaks that build up to the 2nd drop which unleashes the Amens!

Label owner DJ Vapour then takes things a bit deeper with the low growling intricate beat stepper which builds up to crazy beat edits and deep subs before a killer vocal comes in to draw thengs to a close.

Close friend of the Label Skink makes another appearance to show us a deeper side with the sublime Trapped Inside The Dream to bring the package to a close.

Grab a copy now from Juno:

Or Via 36 Hertz -

Out in all other stores next Monday

Friday, 21 June 2013

********Paranoid Recordings Vol 8-Full Album Unmixed Free Download**********

Paranoid Recordings are back with Vol 8 of their absolutely massive series of compilations showcasing the best of underground talent within the NuSkool/Hardcore Breaks scene. Considering this is now the 3rd of 3 albums they have given away for free, all would have smashed it in the download stores including this fantastic album, 15 tracks in total, all mastered 320mp3s, lets talk about a few of the highlights on here.....

DJ Flow is a DJ you need to hear, superb mixing, no wonder he has DJ'ed at Dreamscape and Fantazia and he certainly has a knack for making quality NuSkool beats too!!! 'Rave Monster' is just that, a beast of a tune with a nod to Sub Love and Dye Witness

Russian female producer, DJ Pink Champagne turns out an amazing euphoric 92 style anthem 'In My Mind' that you could just drift away to.....

Another hugely talented producer is J3D with a wicked bleepy piano led 92 raver that has a hint of the Reinforced sound circa 92, Isotonik comes to mind too, remember them? You will love 'Skyhigh'...

JMT are known for dropping some serious bangers on the Paranoid compilations, just wait til you hear 'Crazy', anthem of the Summer, make no mistake about that.....

Msprim's remix of Jimmy J & Cru L T-Can't You See is pure adrenaline fueled happy hardcore 93 style, a bouncing hoover laden slice of piano perfection....

Darkside fans will enjoy Mellow Dee's 'Hide & Seek', good tongue in cheek fun with some familiar pads!!!

After the incredibly good track by Dodders from Paranoid Vol 7 which has stayed in my playlist constantly since its release, his remix of Renegade Genius' 'Mind Blowing Beats' is every bit as good and is going to be joining in my often played list!!!

We have 2 quality mixes of Simon Harris' 'Way Back', DazzF for the Future Junglists and the man like Gaffer for the 'aaardcore massif!!!! Nebula II stylee!!!!

Yell O Phase offers a fresh take on the jungle sound to devestatingly good effect with 'Haaard Junglist'

I would have reviewed every single tune on her because they are all bangers, believe me but I want you to discover these great sounds for yourself. I have so much respect for these guys and ladies, they truly do this out of their love for the sound and as long as labels like paranoid are around, i feel confident that hardcore will never die!!!!!


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dani B-All Believers-Strange Rollers & Da Boyze Mixes-Bad HabitMuzik

USA Legend Dani B (of the Knights of the Turntables) Returns with her beautifully inspired Track "All Believers" Produced by her husband and Hip Hop Legend Lil Rocking G with Strange Rollers on the remix Ritchie brings his usual Magic with a lLTJ Bukem flava but with a hint of future garage to boot...DJ Mag reviewed and a big hit on all the radio stations and clubs worldwide in the Future Jungle Scene...a must and sure fire No.1 hit in its genres..big big tune going down!! Da Boyze Brings the souilful house element to the party by way of an uplifting but still thomping dance floor hit for the terraces and bars of Ibiza this summer..another hit on its way from this talented producer..see you on the dance floors! Bad Habit Fan Page Soundcloud Page -

Da Boyze Remix:

Digitally Mashed Pres The Top Drawer Digital Show live 18 06 13

  1. 100me vs Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds (2013)
  2. Schoco Ft Dennean - Summertime
  3. Skink - Trapped Inside The Dream
  4. Sound Shifter - One Nation
  5. Manion - Try To Believe
  6. 100Me Vs Soul Sinners - Dropship (Sanxion Remix)
  7. Radiokillaz - Kik Up Rumpus (Original Mix)
  8. Rhythm Riders feat Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Solomon - Come With The Love (King Yoof Remix)
  9. Boeboe - Low Key (Mighty M Remix Inna Bootleg Stylie)
  10. Strangenotes - I Just Don't Know
  11. Curious - Deliver Me
  12. Pressa - Lost In Time 
  13. Strange Rollers - New Life Fantasy
  14. Direct Feed - Dubplate 1
  15. Hoodz - Nice And Easy
  16. Bay B Kane - Everybody's Gotta Learn
  17. Jamalski - Dictate Da Presha (Meanstreak's J-Tek Remix)
  18. Fleck - Junglist Princess
  19. Skanx (aka 6BLOCC) - Dubplate War (Original)
  20. Future Wildstyle - Take It Personal
  21. The Rumblist - Limit (Original Mix)
  22. Schoco - Sunrise (Lucas' Apocalypse Remix)
  23. IG88 - Primitives (Original Mix)
  24. Radiokillaz - 'war Iz Ugly'
  25. Urban Knights feat Daddy Freddy - Jamaica to Miami (Skanx 'Future Junglist' remix)
  26. Odeed & Wish - Dub-Bass
  27. Breakz - Baptized By Breakz

Stanton Sessions 4 Bonus Beats Mix

‘Booty bouncing kings, Stanton Warriors have unleashed this 54 minute mix of pure filth, which has been turning heads across the dance-floor. 

This ‘Bonus Beats Mix’ dips into new realms of bass related rhythms including remixes under legendary labels such as Dirty Bird, Black Butter Records and Digital Soundboy.

Stanton Sessions 4 Bonus Beats Mix by Stanton Warriors

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Rumblist : Brokded - Limit Top Drawer Digital TDDR035

TDDR035 - The Rumblist : Brokded / Limit - Top Drawer Digital

After having tracks on our last 2 Future Jungle Expeditions Albums we're glad to have The Rumblist step out on his own to represent Top Drawer Digital.

Brokded is a massive piece of low frequency abuse , cleverly crafted Bass Music destined to crossover between many different Genres and work subwoofers to their limits.


Limit lulls you into a false sense of security with warm pads and keys in the intro before descending into dark ripping Future Jungle attack with The Rumblist's usual interesting break edits and detailed progression.

Get them fron Track It Down :


Limit :


Essential Tunes Round Up 17.6.13

Been a bit slack with the posts lately, heres a round up of what you need to spending your hard earned cash on.....

Curious is the don! For soulful future jungle flavours, look no further than this bad boy, sweet vocal 140 shizzle fo yo speakers, booooom!!!!!

The output on Rinse Repeat just keeps getting better, in my humble opinion, this is the finest to date from the quality imprint, classic jungle vibes at 140bpm, check out 'Bakerloo Grind' too, serious heaviness!!!

Breakbeat Hardcore NuSkool vibes from Sunny on RSR Reloaded, a tasty retake on a couple of 90's anthems, check the E.P too for some banging 94 style hardcore!

Simply amazing female vocal led, deep, melodic future jungle, this will blow you away, its that good!!!!

Pursuit continues to smash it with another prime time 92 hardcore beats of a tune, you want chopped up breaks with some old skool ravey bleeps and bass? You got it!!!!

And we finish with this, one of my faves of 2013, capturing the vibe and raw energy of the 94 jungle sound perfectly with Krome & Time style pads, it doesn't get much bigger than this, if you're a true junglist, you need this!!!!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Deep In The Underground Show 8.6.13

  1. Zombie Robot-Move Go  
  2. Zombie Robot-Party Jacker  
  3. Future Wildstyle -Take It Personal  
  4. Backdraft & Goldmouf - Freaky Ladies 
  5. Candi Vs Drumz-Broadway Jungle  
  6. DJ Twista-So Free  
  7. Paul Cronin-I Feel Heat.  
  8. Dephonix-Bakerloo Grind  
  9. RyO & Beatride -Window Of Chalk  
  10. Schoco - I Need You  
  11. Champion Breaks-Love Me Always  
  12. Indiana Jones-Wots My Code  
  13. The Wise Man -'89 Rewind  
  14. Dave Charlesworth-Energizer 1 (HWND Re Lick)  
  15. Pursuit - Over Pulse  
  16. DJ Fuzzbuzz-Gotta Believe 2013  
  17. Exit Point-Badman Sound (Dj Ziyad’s Jungle Tekno Remix)  
  18. T92-Dark School  
  19. RyKennon -Seventh Heaven  
  20. C.R.I.P. - Tokyo Anthem (Energy Mix)  
  21. Paul Cronin-No Love Sensation  
  22. Nicky Allen - On The Mic  
  23. DJ Dubsta - Ricky 2013

****Free download Full Show****

The Bad Habit Muzik Show 6.6.13

  1. P.bend – Unworthy  
  2. Cryogenics - Anything Test Dead  
  3. L Tek - Broken Souls  
  4. Dephonix-The Way I Dub  
  5. Otter - Deep In The Funk  
  6. Tomb Crew -Ode To Tom And Jerry  
  7. RadioKillaZ - In My Mind  
  8. Future Wildstyle -Vanish (Rollers Remix)  
  9. Digital Monk -Everyone Dies  
  10. Pressa -Pash 11  
  11. Strange Rollers -Special Love  
  12. Tony Rocky Horror - Fuzzy Dunlop  
  13. Bad Habit Vs Strange Rollers -A Special Sumting  
  14. B.O.D.A -Babylon Breaks  
  15. Morcee -Nocturnal (RyKennon Remix)  
  16. Auntie Susan -Butterflies in the Pencil Case  
  17. Krome & Time -This Sound is for the Underground (Jedi Remix)  
  18. Champion Breaks-Sex On The Decks  
  19. SixFootUnda - Into The Jungle  
  20. Amiga Junglism Hold On  
  21. Wrongtom -Riddim Killin  
  22. DJ K i -Survive  
  23. Mr Beat Selector - Sleepy Riddum  
  24. Danger Dee- Dance 
  25. Daffy-95 Strikes Back

Digitally Mashed Pres The Top Drawer Digital Show live 12 06 13

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Back To The Old Skool (Unmixed Album)-Hardcore Lives

There is a revival of the breakbeat hardcore sound going on right now and one of the labels at the forefront of this sound is Hardcore Lives who pioneered the Hardcore Breaks sound back in the mid 00's and continue to bring the freshest sounds to this day, be it any of the rave inspired genres, 140, FJ,Rave Breaks, Hardcore Breaks or NuSkool. Here are 32 tracks from the back catalouge of this great label, all of them are essential to own without doubt. Highlights for me include 2 tracks by RyKennon 'Seventh Heaven' and 'The Way I Feel About You', Candy Cutz' 'Insanity', Bennie D a.k.a Kambelt 'The Quest'Insa 241 'We Survive', Nee & Saltee 'Lets Take It Back', Auntie Susan '1993', in fact I could just go on but if you love your old skool then do yourself a favour.......Go and get this album, and get it here!!!!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Wizard Phenomenon One – The EP -Sub Slayers

Release: 7 Jun 2013
File Under: Bass / Drumstep / DnB / Trap
Label: Sub Slayers & Hostage Music

10/10 – Antiserum ‘It's rare to give 10/10 but this one is! Awesome tune. Pure FFFFFFFFFFire!’
10/10 – The Freestylers ‘Awesome Tune’
10/10 – High Rankin ‘Great Stuff’
10/10 – Toronto Is Broken ‘OK.... This release has really blown me away!’
10/10 – PYRAMID ‘SICK! I never give 10 out of 10 but this deserves it’
10/10 – Mat The Alien ‘Really Good’
10/10 – Chopstick Dubplate ‘this is one of those O.M.G moments. Slayers doing it LARGE!!’
10/10 – Billy Daniel Bunter ‘One of the releases for 2013’
10/10 – Rude Boi Brand ‘Bangin’!’
10/10 – Roommate ‘Big Release’
10/10 – Muffler ‘Bigness’
(and yes there are even more 10/10’s!)

Just the phrase ‘Phenomenon One’ will trigger all manner of memories from the good old days of Jungle but don’t be fooled here as this EP from the musical genius that is Wizard is all about right now!

Kicking of the EP is ‘Mind Control’ which pulls together some of the finest UK vocal talent in a heavyweight 140 bass assault.
Phenomenon One’ with the legendary Rebel MC and Lady Chann just cannot justifiably be described in words, it just has to be heard and with a mighty remix from DnB don Benny Page you better turn them speakers up.
Finishing the EP off nicely is a Trap mix with serious sub lows and killer kicks.

Maxim (The Prodigy), Benga,12th Planet, Dieselboy, Skism, B.Traits, Liondub, Antiserum, Leeroy Thornhill, Benny Page, Orbital, Eddie Temple-Morris, Krafty Kuts, Dub Pistols, Smith & Mighty, DJ EZ, The Qemists, Mungos HiFi, Kenny Ken, Mickey Slim, Stereo MCs, 6BLOCC, Jay Cunning, Krafty Kuts, Kool London, Jinx In Dub, DJ Sticky Buds, 601, High Rankin, Reed Speed, FreQ Nasty, 2 Bad Mice, The Wideboys, Roommate, Muffler, Dirty Dubsters, JStar, Submerged Music, Breeze, Jayline, J-Roc, PYRAMID + MORE

Available from all good download stores

Multiple ‘Single Of The Month’ in DJ, iDJ, Mixmag and TillLate magazines
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Sunday, 9 June 2013

GL0WKID's Generation X [RadioShow] pres. DJ MARK C (UK) on the Guest Mix - 26May2013

Jahoora - FJ PODCAST #2

Dakoda-Future Rave & Breaks

DJ Rolling Paper - WELCOME TO THE FUTURE JUNGLE (mix001)

Boomsha Future Jungle radio show hosted by Dazbreakz on 07/06/13

Exit Point’s Breaks, Bass & Beats Show With Guest Host Tariq Ziyad 3.6.13

  1. Skanx & Klashy -Lighta Massive  
  2. Jem One - Massive  
  3. Mashed -Spectre  
  4. Criminal Minds -Flynny’s Theme  
  5. Avro - Raise It  
  6. Neurygma - Raiders Of The Lost Ark  
  7. Stu J -Under The Influence  
  8. Mark C - Rushing Just A Little Bit Too Fast (In 2 Orbit Mix)  
  9. DJ Fuzzbuzz -Wonka (Old Piano Tune Mix)  
  10. Rewind Ft Kate Loveridge-  Lift Me Up (J Majik & Wickaman Remix)  
  11. Menace Makes 3-Do Ya Feel What I'm Feelin' (Damage Inc  SMD Stylee Remix)  
  12. Dj Ziyad-Music Grooves So Wonderful  
  13. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer-1 2 3  
  14. Pursuit -Comin' Rude Boy  
  15. Darkus & Tension -The Night Away  
  16. Renegade Genius -Let Me Hear You Scream  
  17. DJ Hype -Weird Energy  
  18. Cheapjack -Samples For Sale  
  19. Dave Skywalker -Killerwhale  
  20. DieTRAX vs FFF -Get Hyper  
  21. Edge Of Darkness -Come Together (Sign From Space Remix)  
  22. DJ Vibes-Music So Wonderful (FX  Twilight Zone VIP)  
  23. Becks - Sweeter Sensation  
  24. Vinyl Matt, Roger Johnson & DJ Unity-The Desire E.P

Future Jungle Worldwide Presents Vol 3 Future Past

Future Jungle Worldwide Presents Vol 3 Future Past

We are looking for DJs to host their exclusive 140-150bpm mixes on our podcast page, leave us a message at our facebook page

  1. 2Sucka DJs Vs Dayta -Kaos 
  2. Jo -R Type (Futurizm Future Jungle Remix) 
  3. Mo' Strblghtz - Dubplate Style 
  4. DJ Phantasy-Switch To 33 
  5. CPTN -99% Against 1% 
  6. Cryogenics - Anything Test Dead 
  7. B.C Rydah -Robbin Hoodz (Meanstreak's 140 Jungle Mix) 
  8. The Criminal Minds-Presence 
  9. Scott & Keith-Get Busy Cru 
  10. Meanstreak -Ruff & Tuff 
  11. DJ Dossa -Broken Remedy 
  12. Noise Factory-Set Me Free 
  13. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer-Don Gorgon Sound

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Beyond Control DjJoy NuRaveRadio 04062013

We do like a bit of DnB here at the blog and here's a banging set from DJ, DJ Joy for any of you that missed it!!!!

Beyond Control DjJoy NuRaveRadio 04062013 by Dj Joy

Drum and Bass style live show is up for download.Beyond Control is a weekly show host by me on Nu Rave Radio.Please show support and follow my page:
The Prodigy - Smack my bitch up(Noisia Remix)
Gridlok - Pararell Universe
Emperor - She said
Eastcolors - Watch Out(Enei Remix)
Emperor - Precursor
Gridlok - Short Term Memory
Gridlok - Radar
Telekinesis - Eyes Closed
Misanthrop - Sidereal
Encode - None
Rockwell - BTKRSH
Optiv & BTK - You got me so
Optiv & BTK - Malfunction
Optiv & BTK - Lurker
Ed Rush - Arcadia
Mr. Xplicit - Fear no distance
Bladerunner - Fusion
Misanthrop - Latitude
Black Sun Empire & Jade - Deadhouse
Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman(Ram Trilogy Remix)
Optiv & BTK - Bad Attitude
Optiv & BTK - Target
Ed Rush - Book of sight
Emperor - Monolith
Emperor feat. Georgia Yates - Begin
Mefjus & Kasra - Cypher
Xtrah - Going Deeper

Wots My Code - Dubplate [Skanx Remix] *free DL in description*

Wots My Code - Dubplate [Skanx Remix] *free DL in description* by Woofer Cooker Recordings

Freebie from your friends at Woofer Cooker Recordings!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Ryo & Beatride-Window Of Chalk (Thru Your Eyes Vocal Mix)-Boomsha Recordings

Readers of this blog will know I am a huge fan of Boomsha Records, each release just gets better and this prelude to the forthcoming album by Ryo is a taster of what promises to be a fantastic album, haunting vocals layered over a rich soundscape of deep melodic 140/future jungle, shades of the highly musical strain of DnB from the mid 90's, we're talking Goldie, Adam F,Kosheen, these kinda vibes, add this to your growing collection of superb Boomsha releases!!!

Lika Marques @ Beat & Beauty by Yahoo 05/25

Lika Marques @ Beat & Beauty by Yahoo 05/25 by Lika Marques

Exclusive DJ set from brazilian freestyle DJ Lika Marques, recorded at the female DJ Mix Champ "Beat & Beauty", sponsored by Yahoo. Groove On!
Watch the short video from the champ:
Vote for Lika to win and play in July at the Wireless Festival in London:
Making of:
2 more sets:

The Deep In The Underground Show 1.6.13

  1. Ramos, AJ & Deanne - The Journey Pt 3 (Harmonee’s back To The Root’s Mix)  
  2. Sanxion - Interzone  
  3. Tonus-Dream (Remix)  
  4. The Criminal Minds Meets Tribe Steppaz-Baptized By Dub 2013.  
  5. FLeCK - I Can Tell By Your Eyes  
  6. Schoco - I Need You (Time Travel's Deeper Love Mix)  
  7. FLeCK - Cry Out (Cryogenics Remix)  
  8. The Rumblist-Limit 
  9. The Rumblist-Brokded  
  10. Kinetic Eon -Where We're From  
  11. Seduction - Seduction (Radiokillaz Remix)  
  12. Paul Cronin-Jus Droppin E  
  13. Champion Breaks-Private Enemy  
  14. Stormski - Who's In Control  
  15. Paul Cronin-Here Come The Drums MF  
  16. Ramos & Birchy - Bass In Your Face (Disrupta & Mystery Remix)  
  17. Disrupta & Sonic Fixation -Bad Magic (Ramos & Birchy Remix) 
  18. DJ Fav -Don't Worry Son  
  19. Pursuit - Didn't I Show You Love  
  20. Inspector Sands & UFO-Dance  
  21. Sunny - Ragga Party  
  22. Chrissy Murderbot -Alright (Calculon & Austin Speed Remix)  
  23. Digital Breaks-Nebula Sights

9ine Zero Featuring Taylor Lie - Ray of Light (Kode 5 Recordings)

Sunshine vibes from 9ine Zero & kode 5, reminiscent of the 91' sound, think Bizarre Inc, Shades Of Rhythm, Capella, prepare to be uplifted and elevated by this bona fide rave anthem, yet another winner by NuSkool purveyors par excellence  the mighty Kode 5!!!

Get this great tune here and from all good download stores:

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Digitally Mashed Pres The Top Drawer Digital Show live 04 05 13

Strange Rollers - New Life Fantasy
Lucas - In The Dark
Kranky & Lethal - Solar System
Otter - Scenic Cosmos
Ryo & Beatride - Window Of Chalk
100me Ft Rachel Wallace - From Within (Radio Killaz)
Rolling Paper - Girls won't leave me alone
Madcap - Acid Chant
Champion Breaks - Love Me Always (Original Mix)
Truant - Shacklez (Schoco's Trapped Into The Sound)
Pressa - Pash 11
Pecavi & Revy - Don't Give Up
Odeed & Wish - Dub-Bass
Strangenotes & Ry kennon - Dutty Stinkin
Rhythm Riders feat Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Solomon - Come With The Love (King Yoof Remix)
Seduction - Seduction (Radiokillaz Remix)
Vinyl Junkie - Threat To Society (Original Mix)
Lucas - Overdosage (Original Mix)
Future Wildstyle - Vanish (Rollers Remix)
Curious Ft Highly Strung MC - Riddem 7
Gav Ley - Yin & Yang
Meanstreak - Roots Man Jungle
Fourth Element - 140 Rollers Feat Andy H Midlandbreakz
The Rumblist - Limit (Original Mix)
Ben Venom - We Are Gods (INSa's Broken Mix)
Strange Rollers - The Saints Have Returned
Simon Harris - Control The Fear