Friday, 28 September 2012

Radiokillaz-Hey Blonde Free DL

Very kind of the Radiokillaz to put out a free track, grab this while you can and watch out for their forthcoming releases on Rkz, Warehouse Wax and Aquasky's album on Passenger recs in the coming months. Some bass heavy 140 vibes from the lads here with a dose of spaghetti western, get on it!!!!
Free DL:

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Top Drawer Digital Show, NSB Radio 25.9.12

Stu & Nee - Take Me Higher - Anomaly Digital
Unknown - What You Do (Dj Nicky Allen) - Dub
JMT - Take Me Away - Paranoid Vs Batbeat Vol 2
Refracture - A Million Miles (Ben Venom Remix) - Definition Breaks Dub
Final Conflict & D.Viant - Dog Day Afternoon - Top Drawer Digital
Lucas - Undecided Mission (Original Mix) - Woofer Cooker
Rocksted-E - A New Path - Boomsha Rec
Lethal - Speedball (Electrux Remix) - Anomaly Digital Dub
Lunar Shift - Cello (KidChameleon Remix) - Definition Breaks Dub
Radio KillaZ - KillaH Dub - Radio Killaz Rec
FLeCK - The real Don Dada - Soundcloud Free
Insa & Sanxion - The Ruffest - Soundcloud Free
King Yoof VS GOLD - Respect (Original) - Sub Slayers Dub
Strangenotes & Ry kennon - Dutty Stinkin - Dub
FLeCK - All I Need - Soundcloud Free
Soundshifter - London Don - R.A.T.E Digital
GOLD - My Selector feat Parly B (Original) - Sub Slayers Dub
Radio Killaz - AK47 320 - Rdio Killaz Rec
Lotek - The Rudest Dude (J-Rolla's Lighterz High Remix) - Dub
Sanxion - Casimir Effect (Vinyl Junkie Remix) - Warehouse Wax Dub
Aems - Prometheus - Top Drawer Digital Dub
100me - Lazy Summer Day - Digital Acetate Dub
Schoco - Sunrise - Dub
Insa 241 - All I Ever Wanted - Digital Acetate
Strange Rollers - Trigger Happy (Edit) - Dub
Strange Rollers - Falling - Dub
B.O.D.A. - Life Gets Better (Jungle Breaks Dub Mix) - Dub
Junglord - Daddy - Dub
Lucas - iDrive - Hardcore Lives Vol 1 Dub
Simon Harris - Nasty Habits - Paranoid Rec
Manion - Street Kids - Dub
Janet Jackson - When You're Having Fun ( KamBelt FJ Relick) - Bootleg
ViSible Sound - Times Forgotten (DJ AitcH's VIP Remix) - Soundcloud Free
DJ L.A.B. - Touch (Schoco's 140 painting) - Top Drawer Digital

Free Download Link:

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Strange Rollers Held II Ransom Show 16.9.12

Strange Rollers-Change pace Out Now

Strange Rollers Return To Bad Habit Digital With This All In One Release Featuring Dubby Breaks, A Slice Of Drum & Bass And That All Important 140 Future Jungle Sound. Change Pace! This is the perfect transitional tune to switch from a 140-170bpm set, more inovation and freshness from 
Available from trackitdown and all good download stores:

Manion 140 miles n runnin Part 1 Mix

Manion 140 miles n runnin Part 1 Mix by MANION

1. ReKurve - Don't Come Around. Transverse Rec Dub
2. Manion - Deeper Love, Soundcloud freebie
3. Visible Sound – Opium, Manion Remix. Definition:breaks Dub
4. ReKurve – Time To Say Peace. Transverse Rec Dub
5. Manion – Sometimes. Definition:breaks Buy it
6. Manion – Coming Home. Soundcloud freebie
7. Manion – Try to believe Definition:breaks Dub
8. Manion – Like The Sunshine. Soundcloud freebie
9. Eddie V. - My Way, Manion Remix. Definition:breaks Dub
10. ReKurve – Get Busy. ReKurve Transverse Rec Dub
11. Manion – Nightmares. Definition:breaks
12. M.O.P – Worlds Famous. Manion's Dub Step remix
13. Manion – Bum Diggy, Quantum Progression Audio Dub
14. Radio Killaz – Killah. Dubby dub dub
15. Jingbong Ting feat Bob Marley – Mr Brown, Gold Remix. Soundcloud freebie
16. Eddie V – Vibes Up. Dub
17. Dead Dred – Dred Bass, Insa241 Remix Soundcloud freebie
18. King Yoof f/Jah Mirikle – Warrior Charge, Gold Remix. Sub Slayers
19. Skanx – Papa Lover. Soundcloud freebie
20. Vinyl Junkie and Backdraft F/Tracey Elizabeth – Virus. Warehouse Wax

OutsideTheBox REMO

Since the early-nineties Remo has been an inspired enthusiast of techno music - from its early acid-house sound to the rugged style of jungle drum and bass, and in '07, Dubstep...“I grew up listening to rap, but when techno emerged, I tuned in closely.”
Starting from day one, Remo has been constructing a solid foundation within the underground community. Steadily rising through the ranks while being inspired from the music and paying homage to the forefathers of the LA underground. From mix-tape collector to vinyl junkie Remo has been educated by the music. His emergence into dubstep seems like yesterday and, yet in 2007 Remo and long-time friend DJ Formatt released “Who wants to Dub?” a continuously mixed dubstep compilation. With several thousand worldwide downloads and hundreds of promotional copies, Remo and Formatt’s expression of the dubstep explosion was well received. With his popularity growing from the High Desert (Palmdale) to his hometown of Long Beach, Remo released a solo mix project appropriately named “Desert to the Sea” featuring a diverse selection of dubstep bangers.
Since then Remo has emerged into the local dubstep arena as a resident dj and member of the PURE FILTH SOUND organization in Los Angeles. Dominating sound systems all over SoCal, including hot spots such as PURE FILTH, UPGRADE, RESINATE, REFUGE, and BASSFACE. This DJ comes with an arsenal unparalleled by most as his selection ranges from the original dubstep sound to the revival of techno in the form of 140Jungle. True diversity behind the decks, Remo brings it analog or digital like a soldier improvising in any given situation. In 2012, Remo is STILL representing the bass from OC to LA and beyond.

OutsideTheBox by REMO

1. Sounds Better with You - Set21
2. Galaxy Bowling - Esh-one
3. Lost Time - DJG
4. Telepathy - Breakage
5. Sound Hole - DLX
6. Morpheus - Enigma
7. Thru The Blinds_ - Kromestar
8. Nails in the Coffin f/ Busdriver (Echo Park rmx) - Pure Filth Sound
9. Drunk Alien Groove - Zaku-Chan
10. Papa Lover (Skanx rmx) - DJ Stretch
11. Mr. Brown - DJ Gold UK
12. Mr.Brown - Jacky Murda
13. DubUA - Crim & DA on OD.Beat
14. That's Bad - Experimen1
15. Tenfold - Deadbeats f/ Medit-8
16. Lighter (6Blocc rmx) - DJ SS
17. Holograms - Reso
18. Its the Way (Jaybird rmx) - DJ Tactix
19. Rockin Down The House (Vinyl Junkies bootleg) - Mi7
20. Reign - Lucas
21. End of Love (Kutz Remix) - Jack Beats
22. Fighting For f/ Kemst & Jroz - Terminus [6Blocc & Woes]
23. Burning Up (Tim Reaper rmx) - Skream
24. You Make Me Feel f/ Loleatta Holloway - Enigma

Held II Ransom Radio Show NSB Radio 23 09 12

1 DTrac3d & Jay Walker - Androids (forthcomin Held II Ransom)
2 Drkwtr - Professional Party People (Original Primate Remix) BreakzrBoss
3 DTrac3d & Gedi - mutha of bass (forthcomin Held II Ransom)
4 THE FLASHBACK PROJECT - 'DRUMBEATS' (soundcloud Freebie)
6 Good Vibrations Eddie Voyager 24 Hardcore Lives Volume 1 Hardcore Lives Records
7 Raggamuffin Fever INSa241 & Dawnwing 3 Hardcore Lives Volume 1 Hardcore Lives Records
8 Slamdunk Vinyl Junkie & Kickback 1 Hardcore Lives Volume 1 Hardcore Lives Records
10 eddie voyager - let me see ur hands (forthcomin scarcity records)
11 Insa & Sanxion - The Ruffest (soundcloud freebie)
12 Liquid Love Strange Rollers 9 Hardcore Lives Volume 1 Hardcore Lives Records
13 Prime Movements - The Morphim (batbeat v`s Paranoid Recordings)
14 Nina Sky - Move your body girl - Amentality rmx (soundcloud freebie)
15 Simon Holmes - Questions (forthcomin Held II Ransom)
16 DJ Pursuit - Took My Love (batbeat V`s Paranoid Recordings)
17 Sun Is Shining (Sketi Breaks Edit) Bob Marley Vs. Funkstar Deluxe 4 Sketi - RMXD VOL1
18 Eddie Voyager - Deeper Love (forthcomin scarcity records)
19 Stu Chapman - Ill notes (Remnant remix) (batbeat v`s Paranoid Recordings)
20 !MaDneSs! Simon Harris 4 Hardcore Lives Volume 1 Hardcore Lives Records
22 Skoolyard Konjah 7 Hardcore Lives Volume 1 Hardcore Lives Records
23 Broken Remedy DJ Dossa 7 Hardcore Breaks Sampler - Vol. 1
24 Axwell-IFoundYou_MulderRemix
25 Dread Notes Mulder 2 CBDIGI001
26 Darkus & The Phantom - 4 Elements (wax & Inferno's 5th Element Remix) (Wax & Inferno Remix)
27 Feel The Impact - Anti-Science Darkus
28 Darkus-Rudeboy Runaround
29 Enzyme-We Call Drop(Darkus & BassRock Rmx)
31 Fear Factor - Bombs

Monday, 24 September 2012

Deep In The Underground Nu Rave Radio 22.9.12

L.F.O-L.F.O(Mak And Pasteman Leeds Basshouse Mix)
DJ Mayor-Last Time
Base Club-4 New Alcatraz Disco Crew(Oneplayz Remix)
Hooligan Soul Ft Jeremy Sylvester-Raving I'm Raving
Insa 241 And Dawnwing-Raggamuffin Fever
Vinyl Junkie And Kickback-Slam Dunk
Motiv-Livin In The Underground
Strange Rollers-We R One
Eddie Voyager-Good Vibrations
Three And A Half-Noize
Rolling Paper-I Can't Slow Down
Ben Venom-I'm A Shadow
Lucas-Undecided Mission(Shadow Frequency Remix)
Generic Bass-The Vibe Pt III
DJ Aitch-The Essence
Insa 241-You Make My World
Sanxion-A Faustian Misunderstanding
DJ Jimmy-Original Style
Myagi Ft Kristian Booth-Futurism(Kid Chameleon Remix)
DJ Nicky Allen-Get Away
Simon Harris-!Madness!
Kicks Like A Mule-The Bouncer(Damage Inc Dubplate Remix)

Rocksted-E-A New Path Out Now

If you don't know about Boomsha recs, get to know!! Following on from the amazing release by Bay B Kane is this equally amazing new release from Rocksted-E with a huge remix by Visible Sound, this one's got future jungle anthem written all over it, if you like your tunes atmospheric, check out the pads on this wicked tune!!!!

Get it exclusively from trackitdown:

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Paranoid Recordings Vs Batbeat Recordings Vol 2‏

Brand new FREE 14 track mp3 album from Paranoid Recordings with full cd artwork etc which contains a combination of new tunes and remixes alongside some of the older stuff from the Paranoid and Batbeat labels that is no longer available for purchase - all tracks are remastered for 2012! and theyre all FREE!!

Download the whole 14 track album free here:

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Future Jungle Blog's 20 Bangers September 2012

Nu Rave Radio - Future Jungle Old Skool Hardcore Jungle Mixed By Sparki Dee - 22nd Sep 2012

Final Conflict & D.Viant - Dog Day Afternoon -Top Drawer Digital TDDR026

Top Drawer Digital Presents:

Final Conflict & D.Viant : Dog Day Afternoon


A : Original Mix
Final Conflict & D.Viant - Dog Day Afternoon by Top Drawer Digital

B: 100Me Sudden Death Remix
Track It Down:

C: Louisubsole D&B Remix

Final Conflict & D.Viant -Dog Day Afternoon (Louisubsole D&B Remix) by Top Drawer Digital
Track It Down:


or get it from our Bandcamp Store:

Final Conflict & D.Viant's original mix is an infectious high tempo Future Jungle Breaks track with Driving Bass, Warm Strings and a Lush Piano Hook.
100Me Drop the Speeds and keep the warmth of the original but breakout the Old Skool electro Breaks , Big 808 kicks and Distorted bass to give it a very different feel.
Finally Louisubsole ups the BPM's and goes on a magnificent D&B attack that posseses both Power and Depth.

Support includes :
Tony Rocky Horror (The Aftterparty C89.5 FM): 8/10 Like them all.
Brewster B (Kiss FM Aust) : 6/10 Feel the rage
Dr S Gachet: 8/10 Great mix’s but feeling original mix the best.
Strange Rollers: 8/10Very Original Release packed with 2 quality Remixes 100Me do it for me as per, love it
John Greif (Definition: breaks):8/10 Likin the 100Me take on the original track - has a good vibe and flow to it - can see it fitting in a variety of different sets with its electro sounding Beats
Toronto Is Broken:7/10 Sick synth hook
Virus (Kool London/Reinforced) : 10/10 Big music
Generic Bass: 9/10 progressive breaks meets future jungle.. original will fill the dancefloor
601: 6/10 I like the 100me and D&B mixes best on this
Midland Breaks: 7/10 Feeling the D&B workout on this one, it just slams that little bit harder!
Miss Max: Really looking forward to playing the Sudden Death remix tomorrow night.
Ceos(Downbeat) : 7/10 Really well produced and well thought out tracks and remixes! Diggin' both of the 140 tracks the most
Vinyl Junkie:7/10 Gwaaaarn
Rasco: 7/10 Love D&B Mix Full Support
Mulder: 8/10      Linda B:8/10      Pressa :9/10    Riskoteque: 7/10       Schema :9/10    Radiokillaz: 8/10           
Tariq(Future Jungle Blog):10/10  Digitally Mashed : 8/10


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dan Essence-Skyline Embrace

This a great melodic,haunting slice of intelligent 140 Jungle reminiscent of early LTJ Bukem and The Future Sound Of London. Lush pianos and warm melodys alongside deep bass and 140bpm amens, just the way we like it here at the FJ Blog.
You can now buy this great tune on Dan's bandcamp page, show some love and support for this fantastic tune:

Renegade Alliance Radio #4 - Otter's Set

Renegade Alliance Radio #4 - Otter's Set by *OTTER*
Butterflyz (Shapes and Colours Remix) 
Pressa - Summertime Vibe (FKOF free download) 
Jeff Mills - Inner Self (Kid Chameleon Remix) 
Rolling Paper - Summer Dreaming 
Pressa - Be With Me 
Bay B Kane - Everybodies Gotta Learn 
Fazo - Jah Warrior 140 
Otter - Dirty Skanka 
Insa 241 - All I Ever Wanted 
Adam F - Circles (Visible Sound Remix) 
Rocksted-E - A New Path 
DJ Aitch - Jungle Drums 
D-Audi - Sent For You (Generic Bass Remix) 
Manion - Street Kids (Unsigned Dubplate) 
Odeed & Wish - Move On 
Wizard - Nowhere 2 Hide (Wizard's Bass & Breaks Mix)

Rated002 Launch Show 17.9.12

Rated002 Launch Show radio 17.9.12 by Ruined Jon

'London Don' By Soundshifter is now available from and also has Gav Leys awesome rave breaks remix as the b-side.

Red Lizard-Rushin' Out Now

One of our favourites of 2012 here at FJ Blog has finally had a release, Bad Habit Digital once again bring the fiyah with this uplifting dubstep and breaks fusion, if you were a happy hardcore raver back in 95 you will recognise the vocal used in 'Rushing On Pink Champagne' by Happy Tunes or going even further back to 92, Rhythm Eternity's 'Pink Champagne'. This is another essential release, one for both Rave Breaks and 140 Jungle lovers.

Get it from trackitdown and all good download stores:

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

ROBB WATTS - the reverb & custard show, live on POINT BLANK.FM, 16/09/2012 - free download

ROBB WATTS - the reverb & custard show, live on POINT BLANK.FM, 16/09/2012 - free download by Robb watts

FJ Blog 'Must Listens' 19.9.12

Time Travel-The Aurora Project The Aurora Project (CLIP) // FORTHCOMING ON BOOMSHA RECORDINGS UK by Time Travel
Boomsha Recs features heavily in this selection of clips and rightly so with tunes of such high calibre as this, if Dilinja made future jungle, it might sound like this, exceptionally good tune from Time Travel

RADIOKILLAZ feat. MC Highly Strung - Future Junglist (Vinyl Junkie Remix) RADIOKILL AZ feat. MC Highly Strung - Future Junglist (Vinyl Junkie Remix) PREVIEW by Vinyl Junkie
Vinyl Junkie works his remix magic on this great tune by Radiokillaz, thunderous basslines and a little bit of acid are the order of the day here

Shadow Frequency - WIP Clip - Forthcoming on Boomsha Sha dow Frequency - WIP Clip - Forthcoming on Boomsha by Shadow Frequency
Watch out for this, part of a 2 tracker coming soon on Boomsha, we are feeling the techno esque stabs in this in a 92' rave fashion, wicked wicked tune!!!

SixFootUnda - Dubplate Run Tingz SixFo otUnda - Dubplate Run Tingz (clip) - Forthcoming on Audio Science Recordings by Six Foot Unda
Lovely 140 roller in the Leviticus-'Burial' style, nice and melodic

Harmonize Digital -92 Mashup Vol 1 HZDI GI029 92 Mashup Vol 1 by Harmonize Digital
A free DL for all you lovely people who read this blog from Electrux who simply always makes good tunes, get on the dl!!!

D-Audi Liquid Sky - Bay B Kane's VIP Remix D-Audi Liquid Sky - Bay B Kane's VIP Remix [Forthcoming on Boomsha Recordings] by Bay B Kane
A great producer remixing a great producer, once again, Boomsha showing whats in store for the Winter with this great tune

Tony Rocky Horror - Counterculture Tony Rocky Horror - Counterculture [Forthcoming Woofer Cooker] by Tony Rocky Horror
Coming soon on 6Blocc's new label dedicated to Future Jungle, Tony Rocky Horror keeps a slice of Summer for us to enjoy, phat beats and basslines and a subtle nod to the golden era

DJ AitcH - Jungle Soundz (Re-Mix) DJ AitcH - Jungle Soundz (Re-Mix) [forthcoming on Boomsha!] by DJ AitcH
Boomsha in effect once again, they are going to be massive and this is a great track with 94 stylings in a 140bpm 2012 mould

Strange Rollers - Dark Love 2012 S trange Rollers - Dark Love 2012 (clip) by Definition:breaks
The Rollers pay homage to Tango and Ratty in fine fashion as part of a forthcoming E.P to celebrate 50 releases on Definition breaks

Eddie Voyager - My Way (Manion Remix) E ddie Voyager - My Way (Manion Remix) (clip) by Definition:breaks
Manion tears and chops this tune to pieces, turning it into an even bigger beast of a tune

Insa 241-You Make My World You Make My World (unsigned unmastered) by INSa 241
More signature Insa 241 goodness, uplifting and euphoric slice of 140 breaks

Dubpistols ft Rodney p & Lindy Layton Rock Steady (King Yoof Remix) Dubpistols ft Rodney p & Lindy Layton Rock Steady (King Yoof Remix) by King Yoof (sonz of mecha)
Yoof on remix duties for this tune featuring the former Beats International vocalist, if David Rodigan made 140 Jungle....He'd sound something like this for sure

El Hornet - 93 Ting Free DL El Hornet - 93 Ting by elhornet
Another free DL, not exactly reminiscent of 93 but a great Nu Skool Piano Hardcore tune so that's good enough for us

Gav Ley - Minimal Skank (Sound Shifter MDMA Remix) Gav Ley - Minimal Skank (Sound Shifter MDMA Remix) by Sound Shifter
Soundshifter's entry into the Minimal Skank remix comp is sounding pretty hench so we thought we'd post it here for your listening pleasure

We couldn't think of anyone better to take on this classic bad boy lighter flicking jungle anthem from back in 94 than Sanxion and DJ Flashback and they've done more than justice on this, go check it!!!!

Exit-Point - Exit Point's Breaks, Bass & Beats Show With Special Guest Resin (17.09.2012)

Acen - Trip 2 The Moon (Pt2) (Schoco's Lost In Space Remix)
El Hornet - 93 Ting
R-Core - Taking Hits
Soundshifter - London Don
100Me - Lazy Summer Day 
King Yoof V's Gold - Tik A Tok
Freefall Collective - Short Changed 
DJ Dossa - Cuts Above
Mark C - Hittin Hard

(Resin Guest Mix)
Resin - A New Sound
Resin - So Emotinal
Resin - Crazy Inside
Resin - So Much Devotion 
Resin - A Different Story
Resin - Kickin' Hard 
Resin - Thinking About You (Day & Night) 
Resin - The Way I Feel 
Resin - Feel It In The Air
Resin - One Touch 
Resin - Hold Me In Your Arms 
Resin - Never Felt This Way
Resin - Set Me Free

Nexus - Hypnosized
Krafty Kuts - Injected With A Poison (Mike Sullivan Rmx)
Base Club - 4 New Alcatraz Disco Crew
Come Rave In Peace - Deeper
Harmonee & X-Static - The Rolla
Nicky Allen - Take Me To The Top
House Crew - We Are Hardcore (Stay Mellow Remix)
The Aurora - Rip It Up (At The Rave)
Strange Rollers - We R One
N-Joi - Anthem (Breakz Rmx)
Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (Ragas Remix)
Curious - Roots N Future
Mr Sin - Numbers

Pressa - Mix September 2012

Future Jungle Mix Sept 2012 By FINAL CONFLICT

Graish 140 jungle mix autumn 2012

Deep In The Underground Nu Rave Radio 15.9.12

Ray Keith-Keep It Moving
Slaughter House Rydims-91' Lick
DJ Fuzzbuzz-Streets Of Rage
Strange Rollers-Indie Daze
North Base Vs Virus Syndicate-Home(Tearout Remix Instrumental)
DJ Aitch-Jungle Drumz
Dan Essence-Skyline Embrace
Red Eyes Ft Vandera-Northern Lights
Cypress Hill Vs Rusko-Lez Go(Tjamil Mithja Remix)
Otto Van Schirach-The Blob
Rocksted E-A New Path
Dom Almond-Jump And Shout
The House Crew-Keep The Fires Burning(Insa 241's Hybrid Mix)
Economix-Loops(Nefti Remix)
Slaughter House Rydims-Reinforced
Otter-Layer Cake
Tantrum Desire-Reach(Push The Feeling) (Toronto Is Broken Remix)
Rolling Paper-Girls Won't Leave Me Alone
Tango And Ratty-Is It Live
Soundshifter-London Don
J Dubz-Sunlight(Remix)
Pursuit-Deep Bass
Doc Odessah-Panic Tune
HoT-So Good Feeling
DJ Dossa-Ellie's Eyes

Monday, 17 September 2012

R.A.T.E.D 002 Soundshifter-London Don

Whilst there are a number of back to 92' tunes around right now, Soundshifter's 'London Don' perfectly encapsulates that euphoric old skool vibe, reminiscent of the early Reinforced records sound. I'm certain that Ray Keith and Grooverider would have been rinsing it back in the day, today the future jungle crew will be showing some love to this great track. Close your eyes and listen, let yourself be transported to a dark smoke and laser filled room, imagine the flooor exploding as that old skool 4 Hero circa 92 esque melody kicks in. This has to be in every discerning future junglist's top ten for 2012. Gav Ley bridges the gap between the golden era and 2012 in his great remix, kicking off with a classic Landlord style melody a la SL2,Carl Cox, DJ Seduction and so many other old skool legends, then comes the drop, full on hands in the air piano hardcore. If this release doesn't move you, check your pulse. R.A.T.E.D have firmly established themselves as one of the crème de le crème of future jungle imprints with this bad boy of a release.
Out today on, buy it here:

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hardcore Lives Vol 1 Out soon

Hardcore Lives Digital is one of the pioneering labels of the Hardcore breaks scene, harking back to the days of BV2OS in the early 00's. For about a decade or so they have been bringing together the best of the nu skool producers in their excellent 'Hardcore Energy' series. This new compilation continues in that vein, once again bringing together the cream of the crop such as Vinyl Junkie, Kickback, Sanxion, Strange Rollers, Nefti, INSa241, Dawnwing, Ben Venom, Electrux, Lucas, Eddie Voyager, Generic Bass, Simon Holmes, Simon Harris, Kid Chameleon, Casual Breakin' plus many other great producers. There is a strong 140/Future Jungle influence in many of the tracks such as Konjah's 'Skoolyard', there's plenty of diversity too, check out Strange Roller's 'Liquid Love' for some deep, chilled vibes. The whole album is quality, no fillers here but standout track goes out to Lucas 'Idrive' with it's amazing genre smashing sound which wouldn't sound out of place in a Paul Oakenfold set, Summery, infectious and trance inducing.
Keep your eyes peeled for this, soon to be available from all good download stores. In the meantime, don't take my word for it, listen to the clips via this link and hear for yourself why you have to buy this album, 10/10 from the FJ Blog because we love the sound-

Friday, 14 September 2012

SSTAGGAT Future Jungle Set,IMP Community Radio- 30-08-2012

Rolling Paper - Girls Won't Leave Me Alone 
Rolling Paper - Make Some Noise
Rolling Paper - Summer Dreaming
Bay B Kane Featuring Ali Kaan Gebes - Rush Over Me - Lucas Remix
Dj Nicky Allen - I'm Gonna Get You Baby
Rett - Underground Confusion (Yo Yo Up And Down Rmx)
Kidson - Rastaman.Ting
Dj Nexus - Can't Beat The System
Full Spektrum - You Got The Love
Manion Like The Sunshine
Adam F -Circles - Visible Sound Remix
Acen - Trip 2 The Moon Pt2 - Schoco's Lost In Space Remix
The Invisible Man - The Bell Tune - Insa 241s Liquid 140 Mix
Ellie Goulding - Lights - Sixfootunda Rip Tryxx Remix
N-Joi - Anthem - Breakz Remix
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out - Eddie Voyager Remix
Insa and Sanxion - The Ruffest
Degrees Of Motion - Shine On - Dj Nicky Allen Breakbeat Remix
Simon Harris - Kickin It!
Krome and Time - This Sound Is For The Underground - Rico Tubbs Rmx
Tango - Feel Free - Rg's 2007 Remix
Dead Dread - Dred Bass Insa 241 Rerubbadubmix
The Flashback Project - 31 Seconds
Lucas - Strange Shapes

RESIN-So Much Devotion

Out today on Good Times Recordings is this great track by RESIN, one of his many great piano anthems now available for you to purchase and download. We use this phrase a lot but it's appropriate here when we say this is definitely one for the hands in the air crew and you can always rely on GTR to bring you the best, most uplifting piano anthems of today. Get yourself a copy of this great tune and play it loud, big ups to RESIN and The Piano Junkies.

100Me-Lazy Summer Day

It may be the middle of September where most of us are starting to feel the chill but 100Me and Digital Acetate have saved a slice of warm, Summery goodness for us to enjoy. 100Me's original mix starts off with a nice floaty intro leading into nice rolling beats and smooth pads, a great track keeping with the inteligent, liquid style of Digital Acetate. Gav Ley on remix duties, injects a rather large and heavy dose of bass, turning the tune into a nice skanking roller. Another great release from Digital Acetate.

Mystery and Disrupta-Shined Off

More breakbeat hardcore goodness from Disrupta, Mystery and In keeping with their previous 2 releases, this is a tune that draws it's influence from the early happy hardcore sound pioneered by Slipmatt,DJ Red Alert and Mike Slammer and Krome and Time to name a few. There's elements of house with a nice vocal, little snippets of Terrorize' 'Its Just A Feeling' along with some nice scratch samples and plenty of bass. If you loved 'Giving It All I Got' and 'Vibe Alert' then you'll love this and we at the FJ Blog are predicting another No1 in the breaks section of all good download stores.

Get your copy from all good download stores, out today:


The Bad Habit Muzik Podcast 12.9.12

N Joi-Techno Gangsters(Lucas Remix)
Meat Katie-I Was There(Breakz Remix)
Djrum-Turiya(Tessela Remix)
Knights Of The Turntable Ft Danny B-Freedom(Strange Rollers Broken Chain Remix)
Mo Strblightz-Troubles
Yeahbuzz-One Inch Hospital(Kanji Kinetic Remix)
Royal T-Inside The Ride
Dom Almond-We Are Ravers
Soundshifter-London Don(Gav Ley Remix)
BT-Dreaming(Controlled Kaos Vs Paranoid Androidz Future Jungle Edit)
Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Meet Vinyl Junkie-Ode To The Badman
Curious-Eyez For You
Resin-Take Me Up
Red Lizard-Rushin'
Reeson-Hold On(Kid Chameleon Remix)
Oxford Ardcore-Vol 2 A1
Final Conflict & D Viant-Dog Day Afternoon
DJ Nicky Allen-Turn On The Music(Pursuit's Feel That Sound Remix)
Tango & Dom-My Mind Is Going
Disrupta & Mystery-Shined Off
Strange Rollers-Change Pace
DJ Beady-Forbidden Love
Kanji Kinetic-Bang Harder(Jakazid Remix)