Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tune Of The Day : Lucas : Hole In Your Theory [Free Download]

Tune Of The Day : Lucas : Hole In Your Theory [Free Download]

One of my own Tunes avaliable for free download via the link to Soundcloud.
Hope you like it :)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Tune Of The Day : Sub Focus : Last Jungle

Tune Of The Day : Sub Focus : Last Jungle

Get It From :

Selection of Mixs Avaliable on Soundcloud

Vinyl Junkie : Any Jungle In Guy

Ceos & Arcee 140 Jungle Breaks , Garage & Ardcore Mix

Rennie Pilgrim 140

Jay Cunning :Sub Slayers Mix [03]

Tune Of The Day : Cutters Choice.Ft.Laurie Webb-Falling.(Strange.Rollers.Steel.Drum.Remix)

Tune Of The Day : Cutters Choice.Ft.Laurie Webb-Falling.(Strange.Rollers.Steel.Drum.Remix) Rave Stylee006

After hearing this in the mix on The Silvahfonk J-Tek Mix I posted the other day ,I felt the need to share it with you all.

You can get it in the Nu-Rave Shop Here :

Nu-Rave Shop

Lucas & Strange Rollers EP - Top Drawer Digital -Out Now

TDDR005 : Lucas & Strange Rollers
Top Drawer Digital /Lucas

Top Drawer Digital Present
Lucas & Strange Rollers
Cat Number: TDDR005         
Genres: Breaks / J-Tek  / Dubstep Hybrid

Release Title: Lucas & Strange Rollers
A Three track EP with one track from each Artist and one collaboration between the two.
All three tracks epitomize our musical ethos by crossing genres within each track.
Lucas kicks the EP off with Strange Shapes, An up tempo organ based Breakbeat track with Jungle style breaks layered over the main beat.
The track builds with energy and intensity before breaking down to a sinister feeling half speed Dub section.
A dance floor filler that will sit well in many different styles sets.

With Be Immortal, Lucas & Strange Rollers present a much more tekkie affair and push Into much darker territory,
an epic slowly progressing J Tek track that is pushed along by its big 4x4 kick .
The dark horror style pianos and samples along with dark choir pads set the tone of the track as it evolves
before it breaks down into a slow paced dub section.

To end the release, with Nightmares , Strange Rollers keep you in firmly in the sound of darkness.
it kicks off in a dubstep inspired fashion , a solid hard hitting bass , dark moody melody and Dark Pads 
accompanied by horror movie samples really immerse you in the dark vibe ,
the old skool breakbeats then come flying in and along with  saw leads push this genre crossing track to another level
before breaking backdown to its deep dark finale.

Buy It Here :
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youtube channel :
Twitter :

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Tune Of The Day : The Flashback Project - Release Me Now (Breakbeat Mix)

Tune Of The Day:

Uplifting Rhythm 002 The Flashback Project - Release Me Now (Breakbeat Mix)

Already having massive support from the likes of
Jay Cunning (Featuring on Sub Slayers mix vol 3)
Shut Up & Dance
Ellis Dee
Bill Vega (featuring on Definition of Breaks mix)

You can Buy it now from :

Soundcloud Breakstep Group

Breakstep Group on Soundcloud


Bass and beats crossing over from Dubstep, Breaks, Oldskool Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle, Garage and 2-Step
It's all about massive bass and chopped-up oldskool breakbeats, typically around 135-145 BPM.
- Jungle, "Nu-" Jungle, Future Jungle, Jungle Breaks, 140 Jungle
- Dubstep, 2-Step Garage, Breakbeat Garage..
- Breaks, Hardcore Breaks, J-Tek

Submitted tunes must have some sort of sampled/edited/chopped up breakbeats (amen, funkydrummer, think, apache... etc.)

Mixes: must have substantial breakstep content

Friday, 22 April 2011

DJ Silvahfonk Top Drawer Digital J-Tek Mix 2011

DJ Silvahfonk Top Drawer Digital J-Tek Mix 2011

Download directly from soundcloud.


01 Plan B :Prayer [breakage bad week rmx]
02 Modular :2012
03 Madcap :Day After
04 Lucas :HillyBilly Hideout
05 Modular : Jungle Dub
06 Bojcot Selectah :Original
07 Nolige & Decepter : Junglism
08 Madcap :The third dimension
09 Tango & Ratty : Killa Sound
10 Cutters Choice ft Laurie Fallin (strange rollers rmx)
11 Tango & Ratty: Is It live
12 Ricky Force :Underground
13 Electrux : EMP
14 Phuture Assasins :Forever (Madcap rmx)
15 Nolige :Funked Out
16  Lucas : Reign (Strange Rollers rmx)
17  Madcap : From The Top
18 Skitty : Tribute
19 Nolige &Pilgrim : Galactica
20 Madcap :Your Way

Much respect to my crews IChiOne - Spread the Bass
Cheeky Monday and Madcap & Mindmapper and of course Lucas &
Digitally Mashed

DJ Silvahfonk

Check DJ Silvahfonk 8-9:30 first Tuesday of the month hosting The Top Drawer Digital Show on

Tune Of The Day : Full Spektrum : You Got The Love [Free Download]

Tune Of The Day : Full Spektrum : You Got The Love [Free Download]

Go to the soundcloud page via link below to download it for free.


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tune Of The Day : Rack N Ruin Synthetic Heart

Tune Of The Day : Rack N Ruin Synthetic Heart
Had this on in the car today and thought i would share it.

You can also see how it was made in Aprils copy of
 Computer Music

Future Jungle thread on Dubstep Forum

Here's a thread on the Dubstep Forum you might find interesting .

Future Garage and now Future Jungle ?!
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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Real Nu-Rave Soundcloud Group


Over 600 Nu-Rave J-Tek Hardcore Breaks Rave Breaks Future Jungle tracks on The Real Nu=Rave Soundcloud Group.

140 Jungle - Breakbeat - Dubstep Soundcloud Group


This Group set up by SubSlayers Head Honco Jay Cunning is always a good place to start to find some good new choonage.
Including Free Downloads ,Free Mixs and Dubs a plenty.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Future Jungle or Not Future Jungle ?

DJ Fresh and RAM Records have recently brought this phrase to the forefront and who knows , It might actually stick..
The style of music in not really anything new ,It's been around for quite sometime , deep underground but now the masses are starting to take notice of the sound which up until now has been labeled Hardcore Breaks , J-Tek , Nu-Rave ,Nu-Jungle,Jungle Breaks ,140 Jungle ,Breakstep,Rave Breaks ,Jungle Tekno and even Dubstep. Mainly 140-150Bpm taking its influences from Oldskool Jungle / Rave and pushing on into new territory.
In the year of the 20th anniversary of Breakbeat Hardcore /Rave and within the constant musical 20-25year retro cycle ,Now really could be it's time.
So if your feeling this sound that's great news,This Blog will be dedicated to it in all its shapes and sizes and we will endeavour to open your eyes to more than just the tracks getting pushed through the main stream.
Trust us ,dig a little deeper and you will be surprised at the amount of quality music in this style out there already.