Thursday, 31 January 2013

Digitally-Mashed Pres Top Drawer Digital 4

Galvatron-1000 Followers Free EP

To celebrate reaching 1000 followers on his soundcloud page: Galvatron is giving away a 6 track EP of Future Jungle & Dubstep bangers for free, some seriously sick beats on offer here!!!


Imperial Brothers -Breath (Strange Rollers Funk Attack Remix)  
601-Lion Dub (Original)  
Complex-No Good Enough Reason  
Urban Hype-A Trip To Trumpton (Final Feverz Remake)  
The Autobots-Time Machine(Future Jungle VIP Mix)  
The Flashback Project-Keep Looking  
Sanxion-Mesmerised At Charles Street  
Visible Sound-Glisten  
Lucas -Hilbilly Hideout  
Rocksted E -Ringing In My Ear  
Black & White-2bad2rude  
Firefarm -No Good Start The Jericho  
Dj Rave In Peace -Tomb Shaker  
Freefall Collective -Ignition  
Visible Sound-Down With You  
Lethal -Feel  
Vinyl Junkie & Darkus-All Night  
Amiga Junglism -Hold On  
Visible Sound -Beyond Silence  
Daffy -Oh Yeah  
Marvellous Cain-High Chaparral(Sound Shifter Remix)  
Old Skool Skittles-1993
Benns -The Cook

Download Link:

Otter-Deeper Thoughts EP-Boomsha

You can always rely on Boomsha Recs to bring the quality, this, of course, is next level!! A great EP by Otter featuring 2 lush productions, the title track and the amazing 'Dreams Of 95', backed up by stunning remixes by D Audi, Schoco and Time Travel, each bringing their signature styles to these already great tracks and showing why they are so in demand right now.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

DJ Pursuit Free Album

Fancy a free 12 track album of Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle Tekno and hard Dance bangers from DJ Pursuit? Including his wicked remixes of Interface-'Do It' and Edge 1-'Compnded' Check ou this great talent for free, get downloading!!!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Old Skool Skittles-1993 Good News Boppers

Time for a bit of 170bpm hardcore Jungle pressure, as the title tells you, this is a tune with that dark/euphoric feel sounding notably refreshing and different to a lot of what is around in the world of DnB right now, a great peaking and building tune to drop in your sets and watch the crowd go wild!!!!

Here's a bit of free 162 pressure from Beat Rapist too, one for the old skool heads, lets do it!!!


Auntie Susan-Get Mash Up/The Dark Zone-Kode 5

One of our favourite new producers to hit the scene returns, this time debuting on Kode 5 recs. 2 tracks of Auntie's trademark dark, twisted and funky future jungle, if ACEN was still producing and made 140 tunes, he'd make tunes like this

And speaking of ACEN.......


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dazbreakz Future jungle podcast (dubs,promos & exclusives)

SixFootUnda - Keep It Moving

SixFootUnda - Keep It Moving by Sixfootunda on Mixcloud

Liquid Rollers-Amen Hermano-Rave Stylee

Summery, sunshiney, 92 style rave/hardcore breaks from The Liquid Rollers & Rave Stylee. 3 wicked tunes on offer here, lush pianos and stabs and sweet vocals that will uplift you to the max!!! Our pick of the 3 has to be 'Keep On', check the clips and links to buy below:

Liquid Rollers - Don't Stop (Soundcloud Clip) Unmastered by Liquid Rollers Liquid Rollers - Keep On Full Copy (Soundcloud Promo Version) by Liquid Rollers Liquid Rollers - Hooked On You Full Copy (Soundcloud Promo Version) by Liquid Rollers

The Deep In The Underground Show Nu Rave Radio 26.1.13

100me Vs Sunshine Productions-Above The Clouds 2013
Abyss-Flying High
DJ Nicky Allen-Better Than Before
The Juice Squad Vs Praga Khan-Rave Alert
The Flashback Project-Did You Ever
M Beat-Dark Magnet(Radiokillaz Edit)
The Rumblist -Dance For Five Dollar
Avro Vs N Joi - Anthem 2013
Mystery & Kosine - Vibe Alert (98 Mix) 
Nexus & Blowback-Boomin’ Tunes Vol2 (A1) [Sanxion 93 Project Re Lick]
Sixfootunda And Drtylogic-The Rekoning
Stormski-Bad Boy Style
Menace -One Dove
Dogheads-Squalid State (Extended Radio Edit)
Ryo-The Light
Top Buzz-Maintain Her (Lucas 93 Project Remix)
Wax Doctor-Another Direction (Kambelt Remix)
Otter-4 Chords Of The Apocalypse
Otter-Dreams Of 95
Amiga Junglizm-Dreambench 1.1
Sparki Dee-Auto Destruct
Konjah-Make A Move (Steezie Wonder Mix)
FX-The Dark

Download whole 2hr show free here:

Friday, 25 January 2013

Ry0-Between Light And Time-Digital Acetate

Check out this new 2 tracker from Ryo and Digital Acetate Recs, these tunes combine deep liquid vibes with a heavier sound, making a perfect harmony between the more intelligent strain of Future Jungle and it's bass heavy cousin, full of atmosphere making for a powerful experience on the dancefloor!!!!
Check out the clips and links to buy below:

DAA008 Ryo-Sands of time (clip) forthcoming 25/01 exclusive to TID by Digital Acetate (Label) DAA008 Ryo-The Light (clip) forthcoming 25/01 exclusive to TID by Digital Acetate (Label)

PUSH: PLAY-A benefit gig for Sonia Akow from Push Promotions

Dear DJ

You probably know Sonia through her sending you music over the past 10 or 12 years. Sonia runs Push Promotions – and is also a DJ, one half of SOTO alongside her partner Toby – but Sonia, one of the loveliest people in the music industry, now needs your help.

Sonia has a form of Leukemia – a type of cancer of the blood – and needs a stem cell transplant. She’s also undergoing chemotherapy. We have been sending emails and Facebook messages around asking for people to sign up to be a stem cell donor – more information is below.

In an attempt to publicise Sonia’s plight, and raise some funds as she battles this disease, we are organising a benefit gig in London at the end of March – and we need your help. A number of top DJs have already donated their time to play for free at the gig – to be held at The Egg in Kings Cross, London on Thursday 28th March.

The night will run from 10pm-6am, and we hope to raise a significant amount of money for Sonia – as well as awareness about her condition.
Are you able to help? Please reply to 

Even if you are not in the UK, you can still help by reading bellow and registering to be a donor.

For more information on how to become a donor please email: and he will send you links on how to sign up.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hardcore Breaks For A Future Generation-Various-Good Times Recs

2012 has been an outstanding year for Good Times Recordings , this year alone has seen the Crème De La Crème of new and established producers put out the best Rave & hardcore Breaks tunes this year.

2013 sees Good times Recordings set to release its first album made up of 20 of the freshest oldskool influnced hardcore breaks tracks from the label ( including a few unreleased tracks ) Homage to this fact is none other than Old Skool original, DJ Ramos exclusively mixing the album. The title is perfectly apt, 'Hardcore Breaks For The Future Generation' sums up this collection of bangers, opening with Neurygma's anthem for the ages 'Sound Of Eden' and continuing with the likes of Resin, Andy Wilson, Shed Edz,Final Feverz,Klub Bangers and Avro's incredible reworking of the forthcoming release by Pianoman. Showcasing a year of great sounds and a taste of what's to come from GTR, purveyors of the sound of the future!!!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Stormski - Bad Boy Style Kode 5

Breakspoll 2013

We at the blog would like to thank all of you for your massive support, thanks to you, this Future Jungle features heavily in the nominations for Breakspoll's global awards, A large number of FJ labels, Producers, Tunes and DJs are in the polls. The only thing that remains now is to get voting, VOTING CLOSES ON MONDAY 11TH FEBRUARY 2013 5PM GMT, Lets do this!!!!!!

The Revolution Shoe, Deep Rooted Audio-DJ Curious and Rio 21.1.13

Monday, 21 January 2013

Dennean-I Don't Wanna Wait

Calling all Future Jungle Producers out there, Dennean has put up a acapella vocal for you to download if you fancy turning it into a tune, please contact to submit your remixes

Dennean - I Dont Wanna Wait acappella 140bpm - Vocal Download For Future Jungle Producers!!! by Dennean - Female Vocalist

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Radiokillaz live (101.7FM ) 18-1-2013

Radiokillaz live (101.7FM ) 18-1-2013


 Radiokillaz live (101.7FM ) 18-1-2013

The Deep In The Underground Show 19.1.13

Harmonee & X Static-The Rolla(Piano Junkies Remix)
YDL-Still Hot (The Rumblist Remix)
Mastergroove-Highland Dreamz
Abyss -Rushing Feeling
Justice & Mercy-Soothe My Soul (Rykennon 2013 Remake)
Resin -I Ain't Gonna Wait No More
DJ Shadow -6 Days (CuRiouS? Rmx)
D Audi -Take The Dancefloor
Final Conflict-Lost In The Rave
The Flashback Project -Finest Illusion
Auntie Susan-Trip To The Darkside
Jim Polo & Neil Vass -Rollin Energy (Strange Rollers 2013 Remix)
Ryo-Sands Of Time
Borderline Jack-Influence
Boogie Times Tribe-The Dark Stranger(Simon Harris 2013 Remix)
De'lacy Vs Kambelt-Hideaway (Happy Vibe Remix)
DJ Nicky Allen-Do What You Feel
The Prodigy-Full Throttle (Nefti Hardcore Breaks Remix)
Amiga Junglizm-Night Shift
Pursuit-Deep Bass
DJ Vibes-Music So Wonderfu(FX Twilight Zone VIP)
Newkoncept Vs Origin Unknown-Valley Of The Shadows VIP

Free Download link:

Friday, 18 January 2013

FX-Spectre/The Dark-Kode 5 Recs

Darkside bizznizz from FX and Kode 5, 'Spectre' is a 155bpm monster of a 93 inspired Breakbeat Hardcore tune with an infectious, moody techno like melody while the flip side 'The Dark' ratchets things up to 160bpm for a late 93 style roller with horror vox and pennywise style bassline. A solid release in our humble opinion and one we firmly believe our readers will love.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Top Drawer Digital Show NSB Radio 15.1.13

DJ Rolling Paper - Jungle Riders
Bay B Kane - Flying High
D-Audi - Take The Dancefloor
Manion - Sunshine This Morning
Strange Rollers - Jungle Massive
Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger (Another Terrifying Simon Harris 2013 Future Jungle Remix)
The Rumblist - Forever Sleep
Lucas - Overdosage
Model - Reachin' The End
Time Travel - Aurora Project
ViSible Sound - Death Touch (Original Mix)
RadioKillaZ - Big bad sound
Black & White - The Deep (140 Mix)
Gav Ley - Minimal Skank
Manion - Deeper Love
Kranky & Lethal - Solar System
Ryo - The Light Master
Strange Rollers - Its Out There
Whyno vs WIZ - Future Level
DJ Rolling Paper - 140 junglist
KamBelt - Damn Right
100Me Ft Racheal Wallace - From Within (Radio Killaz Remix)
Aems - The New Dawn (Original Mix)
Galvatron - Hold The Level
Auntie Susan - Trip To The Darksidee
Sixfootunda - War Is In The Dance (Strange Rollers Remix)
Strangenotes & Ry kennon - Dutty Stinkin

Free Download Full Show:

Dub Chambers Midnight Bass Sessions Vol 3

Manion-Bumdiggy(Radiokillaz Remix)
Sparki Dee-Dancing Flame(You’re Like Magic)
Lu Angel-Invisible Girl(Soundshifter Remix)
Manion-Like The Sunshine
Gav Ley-The Predator
Lucas-Hole In Your Theory
DJ Stretch-Papa Lover(Skanx 140 Jungle Refixx)
Pressa-Pash 11
Schoco-When You’re Gone
Visible Sound & DJ Aitch-Times Forgotten
Curious-Sky Walker
Lucas-Look At The Light(Electrux Remix)
100Me-Deathwalker(Strange Rollers Remix)
P.R.I.S.M-War Cry
The Invisible Man-The Bell Tune(Insa 241′s Liquid 140 Mix)

Monday, 14 January 2013

Radio Active Watermelon-Abysal Plains Good News Boppers

Deep and intelligent Future Jungle vibes that take you on a journey, this is part of a 2 tracker which also features the equally good 'Duality Of Being'. Bukem would be proud of these, if you don't get these, you really are missing out, absolute must have tunes.


Subatomic - Free Party - Saturday 19th Jan - Bristol

A Night of seriously Phat Bass Music.


19th January 10pm - 5am

(Music Mondays/Kool London/Slauterhouse Rydims/Raindance)

(Fantazia/Warehouse Wax/Sub.FM)

(Kool London/Sub Slayers)

(Dubsaw Recordings/Dub All or Nothing)

(Maximus Baxter)


(All the way from Spain)

(Warehouse Wax)




At this event we will be shooting footage for a video for Vinyl Junkie, King Yoof and Dassier Chams forthcoming release on Warehouse Wax Records so please arrive early and GET INVOLVED :)


INFO LINES: 07532 065561 / 0117 9232225

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Disrupta, Mystery And Max MC-Bass Goblin Kode 5

What can I say about this monster of a tune from Kode 5? Its definitely back to 92/93 time with this dark raver, a fascinating and unique combination of breaks and Gabber style kick drums accompanied but twisted hoovers and techno like pads. I feel this would have found favour with the likes of Clarkee and Carl Cox back in the day and the familiar 'Bass' vox from Defender's 'Feel It' makes it all the more infectious. Once it gets inside your head, you won't be able to get it out, a quality slice of NuSkool, get purchasing!!!!


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Strange Rollers-The Expand EP Music Dark recs

Peak time quality breaks from the Rollers backed up with a remix by the White Riots, we've got it on repeat play here at the blog, infectious and warm pads to get you ready for the spring time, get on this!!!!

The Top Drawer Digital Show NSB Radio 8.1.13

Strangenotes - The Law of the Jungle
Simon Harris - Bad Boy
Penpal - Real Lies
Ryo - Mistakes Of The Past
MSHCode - sky blue
Bojcot Selectah - Found A Body
Auntie Susan - Butterflies in the Pencil Case
Meanstreak - Bad Boy Junglist
FLeCk - All I Need
Strange Rollers - OneHunderdand40 Ways
Sanxion - The Night Lights
Mshcode - Sandpeople (Lucas Remix)
Vinyl Junkie - Threat To Society ( KamBelt Remix)
Black & White - 2Bad 2Rude (Schema Remix)
RadioKillaZ - Pirate Anthem
Original Primate - Not Of This World
Bay B Kane - Jacknife
D-Audi - Rise
Konjah - make a move
Kenny Knots - Seek Jah The Creator (Simon Harris Future Jungle Remix)
Bojcot Selectah - I Run Sound
Boyota - Sum Tune
Strange Rollers - Jungle Serenade (Original Mix)
Amentality - Six million ways
DJ Zinc - 138 Trek (Kidchameleon Riddim Mix)(M)
RadioKillaZ - Herbalistic
100ME Ft Racheal Wallace - From Within (Visible Sound Remix)
D-Audi - The Black Sun
Spin-Sir - High Sodium
Kambelt - Be Good To Me
Actraiser - Fallen Angel (Original Mix)
D.Trac3d - This Is Magic (Original Mix)
Eddie Voyager - Vibes Up (Original Mix)
The Fashback Project - Go With The Flow
Dani B & Lil Rockin' Ft Jahbo - Freedom (Strange Rollers Remix)
Insa 241 FT MC Redbeard - City Life - City Life
Curious X Buju Banton - True Everyday.
Final Conflict - WeRWhoWeR
Lucas & Strange Rollers - 100% Pure DM
Soundshifter - London Don (Gav Ley Remix)
Black & White - 2Bad 2Rude (Original)
Tony Rocky Horror - My Sound
Manion - Nightmares (Original Mix)
Electrux - Illusion
Breakz - Baptized By Breakz
Meanstreak - Roots Man Jungle

Download the full show for free here:

FX-Back From The Dark EP-Kode 5 Recs

It seems appropriate that after announcing the 93 project soundcloud group which celebrates the 20th anniversary of they year that Rave music went dark, we present to you this slice of 93 style darkness c/o DJ FX and Kode 5 recs. 'The Dark' features a 'Pennywise' style bassline over hurtling chopped breaks, scary pads and horror samples galore, and we love it!!! 'Spectre' features a moody techno style bassline, the kind favoured by Tango & Ratty and a cheeky Mission Impossible sample. We sense a number one in the download stores with these 2 badboys, out on the 18th January, don't have nightmares!!!!

The Deep In The Underground Show 12.1.13

Stormski-Driving Me Crazy
Freefall Collective -Renegade (Original Mix)
Thorpey-Master Renegade 
Vinyl Junkie & D'state -Tour Of Duty (Baobinga Remix)
Penpal-Real Lies (140 to 175 to 140 VIP)
Temper D - Out Of The Way (High Rankin’ Remix)  
Eddie Voyager - Crucify Me
Strange Rollers-Dig This
Eddie Voyager – Untitled
Jamie Rotten-Mystified
Djmen Rave Mind
DJ Nicky Allen-Here Comes The Boom
Fleck-Higher(Paul Cronin Remix)
More Strobelights-Forever
Black & White-2Bad2Rude
onlyjoe -Revolution (S.T.G Remix)
DJ Fuzzbuzz-Gonna Get
DJ Excel-Just When You Thought It Was Safe(Gaffer Remix)
DJ Pursuit-Everybody Shake Your Body
DJ Distroi & Boykz-Come With It Bad Boy (Pursuit's Remix)
DJ Abyss-The Darkside
Fleck-Higher (Leonized Ambient Techno Remix)
Bleetz-Billy Goat
Omni Trio-Feel Good (Tactical Aspect Remix)
Renegade- Terrorist (Tactical Aspect Remix)

Free download link for full 2hr show:

Torchman - Tell Me (2012 Remix)

Ruff Tactics just smash it with this remix, all I can say is 'I want one!!!!', seriously peeps, you must check this out

Friday, 11 January 2013

91/92 Remix Project freebies from Simon Harris

If you haven't already, grab yourself some free DLs c/o Simon Harris from our soundcloud groups from the previous years, plenty of goodies here so don't delay!!!!!

91/92 Remix Project by SimonHarris

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Inspector Sands and Hattrixx-Did I Dream Bassface Recs

Uplifting 160BPM Breakbeat Hardcore vibes with a well known sample, Old Skool meets Nu Skool and we're loving this belter of a tune, you should love it too!!!!


The 93 Project has landed!!!!!

Calling all producers!!!! The 93 Project soundcloud group has landed, celebrating the anniversary of 1993, the year of innovation in the rave scene that led to the split between Breakbeat Hardcore and Jungle and spawned untold sub genres, remembered for countless landmark tunes and the decidedly dark style that became predominant. Join the group and submit your remixes of 1993 classics of your choice, check out the 1st couple of tunes on there too by Damage Inc and DJ FX already setting the standard. We look forward to your submissions.
The 93 Project

DJ Rest In Peace-Tomb Shaker

Get your horns and whistles out for this full on hi octane 1992 style banger, its got sirens, its got hip hop vox, its got T99 style pads, its an absolute beast of a tune and if you're not feeling it, you might want to check your pulse!!!!


DJ Dossa-Choices/Cheese Face Rinse Repeat Recs

A choice of 2 excellent tunes here for the debut release from Rinse Repeat Recs, 'Choices' is a lovely pulsating 150BPM roller with 303s and Hoovers while 'Cheese face' is a must for 140 heads, fusing a dubstep beat and some nice pads with the classic piano lead from X Ray Experiments-'Take No Chance'. Make the right choice, get on these two bangers!!!!


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Borderline Jack-Influence

Its always nice to hear new unsigned tracks by fresh new producers and it was pleasure to check out this clip posted on our facebook page day, proper rinse out filthy bass heavy banger by Borderline Jack with some tasty old skool rave stabs.  Love the chopped up breaks and snippets of the amen break, wicked trippy vox and Old Skool Jungle subs, this is just an all round solid slice of future junglizm.

INFLUENCE by Borderline Jack

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sub Slayers 20, Interview with Jay Cunning, promo mix and a free tune

Sub Slayers has had phenomenal success since you set the label up in 2009 , what do you put that down to in your own personal opinion?
Its definitely down to a few different factors of which the main one was simply due to a gap in the market; Breakbeat was getting creatively tired and the leap for some to Dubstep or Electro House just wasn’t an option so it was clear when I started playing tunes like Noisias remix of The Prodigys ‘Omen’ on my Kiss show and in gigs that a new direction was much needed.  From there it was all down to me and the artists to produce music that would help push the scene forward using elements we loved from back in the day to create something fresh and forward thinking.  

On a personal level I looked at Sub Slayers a lot differently to Menu Music which I ran with Terry Hooligan.  For me the label had to portray an image, it needed to represent a way of life and a new level for British music.

What elements do you look for when it comes to signing a new track or artist to the label?
When I hear something that’s right then quite simply it’s right!  I work with all the artists on each release very closely, some tracks I have minimal input in, some I have so much it changes the dynamic completely – either way I know when it’s got that Sub Slayers sound.

You also have a weekly show, Fridays , 5-7pm on , what has the reception been like to your show?
Fucking awesome. Next!
Seriously though taking to the airwaves has been a huge personal win for me as I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed the radio and with King Yoof in the hot seat as well the shows firing on all cylinders.   We get regular calls from legends in Jungle calling up asking for rewinds and to get sent the tunes – the response has been far bigger than we anticipated and we haven’t even been on air for a year!

Not wishing to put you on the spot but we have to ask, what’s been your favourite release on Sub Slayers so far?
It’s like asking which of my children is the favourite!
Well all of the releases have meant so much to me as so much work goes into each one and as we’ve pushed the musical boundaries each release can take credit for having its own impact.   There are however some important landmarks for me:
SLAYER001 – The first release was by High Rankin, it’s great to see him go on and do so well.
SLAYER010 – Ellis Dee has been an iconic DJ inspiration for me since 1991 and to have him on the label is a true honour.
SLAYER015 – King Yoofs International Hi-FI EP is our biggest seller to date and a year on its still selling!

And which dubs don’t leave the DJ box of Jay Cunning right now?
Seriously there are so many right now – I’ve got the next 8 releases ready to go which equates to about 40 tracks so I’ll try pick out a few:
King Yoof – Back 2 hackney (Jay Cunning & Toronto Is Broken remix) [Sub Slayers dub] – Naughty Big.
Schema – Le Brocqout (601 Remix) [Sub Slayers dub] – Quite possibly the best thing 601 have ever done.
High Rankin – You Got It [Sub Slayers dub] – Ranking goes all 160 BPM amen madness on us.
Skanx aka 6BLOCC – Afrika [Sub Slayers dub] – First release from new signing 6BLOCC, Los Angeles finest.

Sub Slayers 20 is out now, what can you tell us about that?
This is a little different to the norm for us but is a taste of things to come.  New signing Black & White teams up with Angie Brown to produce one monster club banger – I really couldn’t put this into a specific  genre and that’s what excites me so much about this release and with a Toronto Is Broken DnB remix it’s gonna blow!  If that aint enough there’s a killer Future Jungle track called ‘2Bad 2Rude’ with a dirty fucked up remix from Jersey boys Schema.

We also hear talk of an album in the pipelines, is this true? And if so, can you divulge? Perhaps a few hints as to what to expect?
Yes, No, Maybe (soon)

And finally, any last words, big ups, shout outs and plugs you want to give?
There’s so much love to give for what is just the start of this musical journey for us. For everyone that’s bought our music or supported us in the club we just couldn’t do this without you.  For all the artists, musicians, vocalists and MCs your creative forward thinking and helped shape a directing in British dance music (might start a new BDM trend?!?).  For everyone that I’ve worked with remember this is just start.  Last and by no means least a shout to Hugo who started with us as label assistant and has been doing a sterling job!
Sub Slayers aint fuckin’ about in 2013!

Sub Slayers 20th release
Black & White - Get Ya Hands Up
Release Date: December 2012
Black & White ft. Angie Brown - Get Your Hands up (Bass Mix)
Black & White ft Angie Brown - Get Your Hands up (Toronto Is Broken Remix)
Black & White - 2Bad 2Rude
Black & White - 2Bad 2Rude (Schema Remix)
Black & White maybe a newcomer to the label but under his Al Storm moniker he’s no stranger to the music scene.
First up is ‘Get Your Hands Up’ featuring the vocal talents of the legendary Angie Brown – let me tell you this is a bass driven club banger! Stepping up for remix duties is Toronto Is Broken who delivers an infectious slice of Drum N bass high velocity goodness!
2Bad 2Rude is a Future Jungle anthem that’s been tried and testing by Slayers honcho Jay Cunning. Flip side see’s Schema deliver a monster Dubstep remix.
4 bangers for all corners of the underground club scene.
Out Now on all good download stores, check out this promo mix below:


Follow Us:

And grab yourself a free tune but don't forget to buy the E.P!!!

Far Out (Black & White's Re-Rub) by Sub Slayers

Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Deep In The Underground Show 5.1.13

Insa241-Feel Me
Matt Cox -Smoke Machine (Toronto Is Broken Remix)  
DJ Nicky Allen -Here Comes The Boom(Resin Remix)
Why-Tee - Ink Transform 
Simon Harris -Worldwide Massive 
D Audi -Liquid Sky(Bay B Kane’s VIP Remix)
Bay B Kane -Flying High 
Bay B Kane -Jacknife 
Bay B Kane -Real 
DJ Aitch-Beyond Our Skies
Radioactive Watermelon- Abyssal Plain 
South Coast Collective -Bass Goblin
Stormski -Love Sanctuary
Two Dark Troopers-Darkcore 
DJ Excel-Just When You Thought It Was Safe(Bleetz Muddy Remix)
Kambelt -Sounds Good To Me
Beat Rapist-Microdot 
Beat Rapist-Jungle Business
DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science -The Rumble(DJ Aitch Remix)
Becks - Sweeter Sensation 
Sub Nation - Scottie (DJ Aitch Remix) 
Krome & Time-The Slammer(Damage Inc 2013 Bootleg Mash Up)
Stiggy G-Acid Screwball

Friday, 4 January 2013


1. nexus & blowback-takes me higher '11 
2. nefti-real 
3. nexus-variations in pitch 
4. nefti-feel this way 
5. arc 88-2 many 
6. fuzzbuzz-into the visible 
7. nefti-the fiddle 
8. dj mark c-big fish 
9. leonized-twinhead tribute 
10. dj mark c-weekend ravers:[just for fun megamix] 
11. leonized-the beginning of the end:[fuzzbuzz rmx] 
12. nebula 2-antheama:[yell o phase straight forward mix] 
13. mr sin-the lift 
14. dj mayor & nicky allen-feel the power:[yell o phase rmx] 
15. stu chapman-ill notes:[remnant rmx] 
16. dj abyss-flying high 
17. leonized-get a little hardcore 
18. mr sin-cops 
19. leonized-trip 2 the moon 
20. yell o phase-good old (skool) days 
21. yell o phase-frenzy journey 
22. dj excell-just when you thought it was safe:[yell o phase rmx]