Monday, 30 April 2012

Cue Burn Digital - The Burn-Up (Mini-mix)

If you don't know about Cue Burn then you've been missing out on some quality future jungle and hardcore breaks, run by one of my favourite producers, Mulder, this is a minimix to get you equated with the back catalogue which is available to buy from All budding future jungle Djs should purchase the back catalogue, add it to their collection and rinse these fine tunes out in their sets Cue Burn Digital - The Burn-Up (Mini-mix) (80k) by Cue Burn Digital

Robb Watts/The Reverb And Custard show on PointBlank Fm 28/04/2012

Future Jungle getting some love on Point Blank FM incidentaly the home for the future jungle don's radiokillaZ who host a regular show each Sunday on the station, check the site for further details Robb Watts/The Reverb And Custard show on PointBlank Fm 28/04/2012 by ianw1976


For me, the connection between old skool hardcore/jungle and future jungle is a strong one so to mix it up just makes good sense, check out this top notch mix up by Final Conflict, enjoy............ FINAL CONFLICT 140 JUNGLE / OLD SKOOL MIX by Final Conflict 01 - Murderer - Yoof (Sons of Mecha) 02 - Emalkay - Crusader 03 - Shy FX - Raver (Breakage Remix) 04 - RackNruin - Territory (Junglist remix) 05 - Ramos & Supreme - Crowd Control (Dj Twista future jungle remix) 06 - Eddie Voyager - Runaway (Sanxion Remix) 07 - Warrior one - The Yang (1996 Riddim) 08 - Karton - Chase It High (Left/Right remix) 09 - Sanxion - Colourblind 10 - Stanton Warriors - Shoot me Down (Pyramid remix) 11 - RadiokillaZ - New Future 12 - Logistics - We are one 13 - Eddie Voyager - That Elvis track 14 - Awesome 3 - Don't Go

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bay B Kane Featuring Ali Kaan Gebes - Rush Over Me ( Lucas remix ) FREE DOWNLOAD

Bay B Kane Featuring Ali Kaan Gebes - Rush Over Me - Lucas Remix [Free Download]

Bay B Kane Featuring Ali Kaan Gebes - Rush Over Me - Lucas Remix [Free Download] by Top Drawer Digital

Bay B Kane Featuring Ali Kaan Gebes - Rush Over Me (Lucas remix)

Free download as part of the Future Destination : Exit 1  EP that is out now.

Check it out below :

Bay B Kane :Future Destination : Exit 1 [Top Drawer Digital]

Bay B Kane is one of the true pioneers of the the Jungle sound who between 1989 and 1997 had many releases on some of the golden era's Biggest Labels.
After a 13 year break his love for Jungle in all its forms has lured him back just as excited about the sound as when he started out.
Here we give you his take on the Future Jungle sound , 4 tracks to take you on a journey Bay B Kane fashion.

The Future is the Destination ..............Exit 1 is just one of the doors he's passing through.

01 : Bay B Kane - Magnetic Drift

02 : Bay B Kane - Human Nature

03 : Bay B Kane - Free Fall

04 : Bay B Kane Featuring Ali Kaan Gebes - Rush Over Me

Get it from :

Track It Down :
Juno :
Beatport : :

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Deep In The Underground 28.4.12

Kem-Get Down The Rumblist-Blurface Eddie Voyager-What!! Graish-Dub n Breaks GOLD-420 Buddz Come Around Skream-Burning Up(Tim Reaper Straight Up Beasting Remix) Logistics-Early Again RadiokillaZ-Oh Yeahh Lethal-Feel Nefti-Nightkiller(Future JungleMix) Project Bassline-Amen Origins Strangenotes-U Just Don't Understand Unknown Artist-Light Of The Underground Satin Storm-Lets Get Together RESIN_Kickin' Hard Muteki-Rave Motion Gun Nefti-The Fiddle(VIP breakstep Mix) Nebula II-Atheama(Stu & Nee VIP Mix) Krome & Time-This Sound Is For The Underground(Jedi Remix) DJ Nicky Allen-Love On My Mind MindTransit Ft Syntonics-Nobody But You(Simon Harris SMD Remix) EDGE 1-Compnded(DJ Pursuit's Syko Mix) Liquid 8 Ft Davina Myers-Colourblind(Sanxion Remix) Mulder-Code Blue Vinyl Junkie & Austin-Jah Love(Sanxion Remix) Vinyl Junkie & DOPE-We Can Do It Nebula II-Thousand Miles(Vinyl Junkie & Sike Remix) Whizzkick-Take You There Bay B Kane-Human Nature NateChristian-Elitism Ricky Force-Keep On Dark Soldier-Dread At The Controls Serum & Northern Lights-Get Mash Up DJ Beady-Holding Firm Maximus Baxter Ft Taya-Hypnotized(Matt Lastname & Kickback Remix) Sparki Dee-Gnarler Average Joe Jungle-You And ME

Thursday, 26 April 2012


I'm sure many of you will have heard the Krafty Kuts reboot of this seminal classic circa 92/93. Just as a personal note I had been thinking to myself that it lacked the energy of the original and I felt a hardcore breaks rerub would be better suited to bring this old skool banger up to date.Lo and behold,DJ pursuit has done just that with a very faithful update with some added in 2012 style breaks and pitched up hip hop vocals and a nice chopped up section which mashes up the components of this remix with little snippets from that drumroll section also used by Orca in '4am'. A superior remix in my humble opinion and it retains the all important parts of the original that would ensure mayhem on the dancefloor from the first bar. The best thing is.....its free!!!! Big ups to DJ Pursuit for this one, enjoy..... EDGE 1 - COMPNDED - PURSUIT'S SYCO MIX (FREE DOWNLOAD) OLDSKOOL HARDCORE by PURSUIT

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Andy Mac - Movin' (140 dUb Mix) [Embeats]

Andy Mac is a DJ and producer, you can catch him on a Friday night @ww.pointblank.fm10-12PM GMT where he hosts one of the longest running FM Breakbeat shows in London. This is a 140 dub mix of his upcoming track on his own Embeats imprint. A nice 140 roller with a big wobbly bassline similar in style to Odeed vs Wish and the Sub Slayers style of 140/Future Jungle. Due for release soon........ Andy Mac - Movin' (140 dUb Mix) [Embeats] by embeats

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

DJ Kraze-Future Jungle Promo Mix

Check out this Future Jungle set, free to listen to and download, mixed to perfection by 17yr old Kai Vale a.k.a DJ Kraze who also has some rather tidy future jungle productions on his soundcloud page too
Future Jungle Promo Mix - [FREE DOWNLOAD] by DJKraze

Nate Christian-Math Test

Hot on the heels of the the Franz Von EP which is my Drum and Bass EP of the year so far, Just Cause Recordings drops another heavyweight selection in the shape of a new album by NateChristian entitled 'Maths test'. Can I say from the start, if you are serious about DnB, you need to buy this album. A variety of styles are covered on the album from dark techstep to deep minimal & liquid DnB. Every track on here is a hitter but my personal favourite is 'Elitism', a rolling slice of techstep that tells a message to the listener with it's use of samples, in fact the whole album is sending out a message in a subtle way in a similar vein to the early J Tek records of the late noughties by Outrage & Modular which combined phat beats with meaningful messages and antiwar sentiments. So there you have it, my DnB EP of the years o far is 'Franz Von' and this is my DnB long player of the year so far, check it..........

Ellie Goulding - Lights - Volatile Sub Bootleg

Hidden soundcloud gem of the day goes to this track, a 140 bass workout of Ellie Goulding's 'Lights' which kicks off in a very euphoric way with Ellie's vocals and some nice piano and pads before moving into a rolling bassline with dubstep beats before kicking back into full on pianos and amens with almost a 90's paino style feel were it not for those rolling amens that bring it right up to 2012 style. Gareth Kickback is part of the production team on this, co owner of Warehouse Wax and more than apt at turning his hands to a number of different styles as you will hear by checking the other tracks on his soundcloud page Check out future jungle blog's tune of the day here:
Ellie Goulding - Lights - Volatile Sub Bootleg by Garethkickback
Warehouse Wax is a label at the forefront of the current future jungle sound, to find out more about the label and purchase Warehouse Wax tunes by the likes of VinylJunkie, Austin, Mulder, Keiran M, RadiokillaZ, Liquid 8 and Sike to name but a few and a back catalouge that goes back to the mid Noughties, go to their website:

Monday, 23 April 2012

Original Sin 'Air Raid V2' - FREE DOWNLOAD

Another offering that has been around for a while now, a bit of a hidden gem to drop in dubstep influenced future jungle sets and watch the dancefloor explode, very 92' style with a huge and I mean huge bassline that has seemingly hopped straight off a 92' formation records tune. This should be massive in my opinion and whats more, its free, even more reason to download it and rinse it in your DJ sets!!!!
Original Sin 'Air Raid V2' - FREE DOWNLOAD by realplayaz

2012-04-20 Sub Slayers - Kool London

Always a great show with a variety of styles, this show from last Friday featured a truckload of fresh dubplates, you can catch Jay Cunning & Yoof's Sub Slayers show every Friday 5-7 on
2012-04-20 Sub Slayers - Kool London by Sub Slayers
Jay Cunning
RackNRuin - Territory feat Navigator (DaVIP remix)
PYRAMID - Lost In You - Funkatech
GOLD - Knowledge Is Power - Sub Slayers
Sub Focus - Last Jungle - Ram Records
Silver & Phrophecy (Northbase) - Problem Child
The Flashback Project - Lift Me Up feat Dennean

Jay Cunning - Old Skool Mix
Eat Life - Bach To Basics
CMC - Bad Girl
Edge Of Darkness - Come Together
Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (Micky Finn Foghorn Mix)
The Criminal Minds - A Vision Of Dread
Ruffidge Crew - Darkrider
Good 2Bad & Hugly - Jungle
Noise Factory - Breakage #4 (The Future)
Connection - A Different Story
Satin Storm - Think I'm Going Out Of My Head
D-Livin - Why

King Yoof
The Flashback Project - Lift Me Up feat Dennean
King Yoof - Call The Undertaker - Sub Slayers Dubplate
DJ Madd - Junglist
Max Powa - Do You Know (GOLD Remix)
Subnation - Scottie (King Yoofs 2012 Edit) - Sub Slayers Giveaway
Radiokillaz - New Future - Warehouse Wax
King Yoof feat Jah Mirikle - Warrior Charge (GOLD Remix) - Sub Slayers
King Yoof - Every Night Is A Sound Clash - Sub Slayers Dubplate
Rebel MC - Wickedest Sound

Retrolution-Revival Tip

As I commenced my soundcloud scourge for hardcore breaks tunes, I came across this track and whole load of other great tracks by Justin Miller from Ipswich. A great old skool style hcb tune, kicks off with some lively rave stabs and a classic break before a beast of a hoover bassline kicks in with the 'king of rap' sample used by DMS in their classic circa 92' production house tune 'vengeance'. This is due for release so I suggest that listeners sub to his soundcloud page for updates and check out the other great tracks on there too
Revival Tip ( Forthcoming ) by Retrolution
Another great tune is his remix of 'The Dark Stranger', check it!!
D-Cruze / The Dark Stranger (Remixx's Drumstep edit) by Retrolution

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Outrage - Zer0 Bpm [Anxiety Mixtape] April 22nd 2012

Outrage - Zer0 Bpm [Anxiety Mixtape] April 22nd 2012

There is so much good music out there right now. I have started buying music again and loving the variety and quality.

This mix includes lots of flavors, genres and tempos. Featuring music from; Amit, Burial, Photek, Addisson Groove, Pinch, Mala, J-Tek Records, Four Tet Martyn and much much more. Some released, some unreleased some never to be released.

Don't be shy. Please let us know your thoughts.

Also check out some new music forthcoming on our J-Tek Records imprint J-TEK RECORDS


Outrage - Backlash Records /J-Tek records

Bay B Kane - Future Destination : Exit 1

Bay B Kane :Future Destination : Exit 1 [Top Drawer Digital]

Bay B Kane is one of the true pioneers of the the Jungle sound who between 1989 and 1997 had many releases on some of the golden era's Biggest Labels.
After a 13 year break his love for Jungle in all its forms has lured him back just as excited about the sound as when he started out.
Here we give you his take on the Future Jungle sound , 4 tracks to take you on a journey Bay B Kane fashion.

The Future is the Destination ..............Exit 1 is just one of the doors he's passing through.

01 : Bay B Kane - Magnetic Drift

02 : Bay B Kane - Human Nature

03 : Bay B Kane - Free Fall

04 : Bay B Kane Featuring Ali Kaan Gebes - Rush Over Me

Get it from :

Track It Down :

Juno :

Beatport : :

Saturday, 21 April 2012

8track Future/140 Jungle selection part 2

This is the 2nd selection of future jungle tunes I put up a while back, all 8 are legitimately free, enjoy a taster of what these artists make and show your love by buying their music and supporting the scene

Future/140 Jungle selection part 2 from tariq.ziyad on 8tracks.

8track future jungle selection pt 1

Something I put up a while ago, here are 8 future jungle tunes you can listen too including some legitmate free downloads provided by the artists themselves, if you like what you hear, support the artists by buying their music

Future/140 jungle breaks from tariq.ziyad on 8tracks.

Nefti - The Real Hardcore (Album) [INTENSIVE012]

A veteran of the hardcore breaks scene, Nefti's tunes have appeared on every reputable hardcore breaks label around. This album is set for release on his own Intensive imprint and listeners are in for a treat, seriously good hardcore breaks and some future jungle tracks too, take a listen to these clips, you will not be disappointed and be sure to buy this when it comes out
Nefti - The Real Hardcore (Album) [INTENSIVE012] by Nefti

Katy B-Lights On (Otter's Future Jungle Remix) FREE DL

Here's a tasty future jungle style rendition of a Katy B song by Otter, getting good reviews with lovers of the old skool style too, grab it while its hot!!!!
Katy B-Lights On (Otter's Future Jungle Remix) by *Otter*

Exit Point's These Are The Breaks (Vol3)

Check out this mix from's very own Exit Point who you can catch on every Wednesday 6-8pm spinning tunes across the spectrum of the breaks scene
Kid Chameleon - We Live In Peckham
Mr Sin - Nuff Respec Due
Madd - Junglist
Mshcode - Junglist Device
DJ L.A.B. - Rubadub For A Soundboy
Kranky & Lethal - Stop The Music
Pilgrim & Madcap - Refresh The Beats
Max Romeo V's The Upsetters - One Step To Dread (Strange Rollers Rmx)
D-Audi - Every Night
Gav Ley - Fight Night
Exit Point - Save The Last Dance
Nefti - Fireball
Kieran M - Heart Is On Fire (Sanxion Rmx)
Odeed & Wish - Skook
FBD Project - Terminate (Radiokillaz Rmx)
M17 - Rockin Down The House (Vinyl Junkies Rmx)
Maximus Baxter - Gets Me High
Dance Conspiracy - Dub War (Resin Rmx)

Strange Rollers - Future Jungle Mix April 2012

Here's a fresh mix from the prolific Producer and DJ par excellence, Mr Ritchie K a.k.a Strange Rollers. You can hear a selection of the freshest future jungle tunes either currently available or forthcoming, listen, download, show your love and enjoy..........
Strange Rollers - Future Jungle Mix April 2012 by Strange Rollers
1. Bad Habit Vs Strange Rollers - Ghost Town (Bad Habit Records Bootleg)
2. RadioKillaZ - Original Pirates
3. 601 - Pressure
4. Freestylers - Give Me A Dub Plate
5. Strange Rollers - Jungle Serenade
6. Electrux - Bounce
7. Eddie Voyager - Vibe UP
8. Flashback Project - '31 Seconds' (Re-Rub)
9. Kieran M - Soundclash -
10. Kid Chameleon - We Live In Peckham
11. Strange Rollers - Preachin Jazz
12. Kranky & Lethal - Stop The Music (Generic Bass Remix)
13. RadioKillaZ - Phuture Assassins - Future Sound Re-edit
14. M17 - Rocking Down The House (Vinyl Junkie Bootleg)
15. Strange Rollers - Monkey Say Loco
16. Odeed & Wish - What It Is (Paranoid Android Remix)
17. Logistics - We are One -
18. GOLD - 420 Buddz Come Round
19. Strange Rollers Vs Chuck D - No Questions Strange Rollers
20. RadioKillaZ - Hey Blond Remix
21. Bad Habit Vs Strange Rollers - Dawn Of The Lotus

Eddie Voyager - Vibes EP forthcoming on Held II ransom

massive forthcoming EP from the man like Eddie Voyager, 4 tracks that show his versatility and ability to take on different styles and genres, the lead track 'Vibes Up' is a trademark Eddie Voyager anthem with huge synths and even bigger basslines whilst the remaining 3 tracks take us down the future jungle and most notably dubstep root. Whilst some hardcore breaks purists may grumble, an unbiased listen will prove that in the right producer's hands, dubstep is a great genre of music and who better than Mr Voyager to inject much needed life into said genre with a dubstep anthem that should be getting caned by every reputable dubstep DJ. On that note, be on the lookout for his excellent 'ravestep' remix of the next tune to be released by Reeson
Eddie Voyager - Vibes EP Held II Ransom 027 by Held2Ransom

Deep In The Underground show 21.4.12

Rob Ezee-My Big Fat Gypsy Dubstep
King Yoof Ft Jah Minkle-Warrior Charge(Hellfire Machina Remix)
Kidsonh & Strange Rollers-Move And Groove
DJ Fuzzbuzz-Samurai Junglist
Odeed Vs Wish-Move On
Economix-Loops(Piano Junkies 2012 Remix)
MI 7-Rockin' Down The House(Vinyl Junkie's 2012 Bootleg Remix)
Strange Rollers-Mash Down The House
Graish-Whistle Posse
Rudimental-Speeding(Benton Remix)
Civilian Flexibility-Journey From Beyond(Kranky & Lethal Remix)
RadiokillaZ-Original Pirates
Horx & P3000-The One(Breaks Mix)
Electrux-Big Bang
The Flashback Project-Keep Looking
DJ Rolling Paper-Voices Inside My Head
DJ Nicky Allen-Brothers & Sisters
DJ Jedi-Rock To The Max
DJ Nexus-Mind The Gap
Jamie Rotten-Deton-8
Alk-e-d-Not The One
Eddie Voyager-Vibes Up
Wigster-Fight The Feeling
Nookie-Pedro Pulls An Essex Sort
DJ Phantasy & Gemini-Ruff Beats Producing Bass
Liquid Aliens-Are You Sure We'll Be OK?
Smooth But Hazardous-Push Up The Levels
Franz Von-777(Ninja Mix)
DJ Beady-Soundclash
Artificial Don-Metal Gear(Piker Remix)

Friday, 20 April 2012

Doc Scott - NHS Disco Mix - (Simon Harris NaSty Habits Remix) FREE 320

Although over a year old now, its quite likely that newcomers to the future jungle scene may have missed this one. As of late our very own Digitally Mashed has been caning this in his sets so I thought I'd share it with you so you can download it as part of a free EP courtesy of those lovely people at Paranoid recs, DL link is in the description, enjoy............
Doc Scott - NHS Disco Mix - (Simon Harris NaSty Habits Remix) FREE 320 by SimonHarris

DJ ArkAngel - Higher [Kraze Remix]

Check out this fantastic track produced/remixed by 17yr old Kraze from East London, you can check his other future jungle & dubstep productions on his soundcloud here
DJ ArkAngel - Higher [Kraze Remix] by DJKraze

Radiokillaz future jungle dubplate special mix april 2012

A taster of what the RadiokillaZ have been cooking up in the studio, big ups to Tony & Skin Lazy who have elevated the future jungle scene to a platform where mainstream radio listeners have been able to listen, its becoming abundantly clear by the domination of this sound on trackitdown, beatport and other sites that Future Jungle is the next big thing
Radiokillaz future jungle dubplate special mix april 2012 by RadioKillaZ
1-Drop it again_Radiokillaz
2-Turn me on_Radiokillaz
3-Jump around_Billy bunter&Sanxion meet Spyda(Radiokillaz mix)
4-Shark remix_Radiokillaz
5-Step forward_Radiokillaz
6-Hey blonde remix_Radiokillaz
7-Rat hussle_E-lab rat_Radiokillaz remix
9-Oh yeah_Radiokillaz
10-Original pirate sound_Radiokillaz

Skream - Burning Up (Tim Reaper's Straight Up Beasting Remix) FREE DL

Tim Reaper mainly makes drum and bass tunes which you can check here, tucked away amongst them is this hidden gem, a re rub of Skream's popular 'Burning up' track in a 94 choppage style slowed down to the tempo that fits into a future jungle set nicely and makes for a great secret weapon to drop and watch the crowd erupt
Skream - Burning Up (Tim Reaper's Straight Up Beasting Remix) by Tim Reaper

Bass Selective - Blow Out Part 2 (Simon Harris and Mr Phlyte 140-170-140 Remix) FREE DL

A 92' classic caned by the likes of Top Buzz gets the Simon Harris and Mr Phlyte treatment, a great remix bringing this classic right up to date and its free too, what more could you want?
Bass Selective - Blow Out Part 2 (Simon Harris and Mr Phlyte 140-170-140 Remix) by SimonHarris

Otter-Soundcloud selections mix

All the way from Baja California, Mexico, Otter mixes up a selection of free tracks on the 140 Jungle tip, links to the artists page are included too, big ups to the man like Otter!!
Soundcloud Selektions by *Otter*
01.DJ Rolling Paper -Hydro
02. Dub War - Upgraded Bass Mix
03. Junglist Hittah -
04. Georgia Breaks -
05. The Criminal Minds - Re Baptised By Dub (selectors revenge) (strangenotes.jungle remix)
06. Gregory Isaac vs Strangerollers - Mind U Dat Strange Rollers
07. DEGREES OF MOTION (shine on) dj nicky allen breakbeat remix
08. (Rico Tubbs) - Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground - Rico Tubbs Remix
09. Max Romeo & The Upsetters Vs Strange Rollers - One Step to Dread (FREE 320)
Strange Rollers
10. Skream - Burning Up (Tim Reaper's Straight Up Beasting Remix)
Tim Reaper
11. Amentality- New track (VOCALS WANTED!)
12. Otter- Kick Me I'm Dreaming

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Strange Rollers - Mash Down The House FREE 320

To celebrate hitting 200 followers on the Held II Ransom records facebook page, the lovely peeps at Held II Ransom are giving away a great free track by the one and only Strange Rollers, does exactly what the title states believe me!! Enjoy............
Strange Rollers - Mash Down The House FREE 320 by Held2Ransom

Graish - 140 jungle mix april 2012 [free download]

All the way from Barcelona, Spain comes this free mix by DJ & Producer, Graish. Enjoy this mighty selection and while you're at it, check out the excelent 'Dinners Break EP' and a couple of free EPs too by visiting
Graish - 140 jungle mix april 2012 [free download] by graish
1. mulder - cue burn
2. cassius - I love you so (skream remix)
3. full spektrum - you got the love
4. pyramid - gunman
5. the moog - jungle muffin (radiokillaz edit)
6 bone man - first in babylon
7. devolution - bad love (Amentality Remix)
8. d-audi - presence
9. original sin - air raid
10. d-audi - special dedication
11. pressa - be with me
12. strangenotes - iorn mi shirt am goin out
13. strangenotes - crinimal minds beat the system
14. d-audi - concrete mazes
15. freestylers - give me a dubplate

Selecto - Future Jungle Mix

Selecto - Future Jungle

Future-jungle by selecto

Track List :

01-Shabba Ranks & Cocoa Tea Vs Strange Rollers - Jungle Pirates
02-LOTEK Feat Bunny Lee & King Jammy - The Rudest - (Lightshapers Remix)
03-Spyda meets The Dub Hooligan - Sound Alone (Billy Daniel Bunter And Sanxion Remix)
04-Freestylers - Entertainer
05-Phuture Assassin - Ganja Madness (E-lab Rat Remix)
06-Slipmatt - Face The Music
07-Kid Alt Dub - 9T4
08-Strange_Rollers - Say_that_u_Want_me_(Madcap Remix)
09-Vinyl Junkie & Austin - Jah Love (Stu & Nee Remix)
11-Lethalness - Jaw_Breaker
12-Kieran_M - Heart is on Fire
13-Eddie_Voyager - i_Will_Follow
14-Ellis_Dee_and_Dj_Twista - Touch_Me
15-Dj_Faydz_and_Vinyl_Junkie - Real_Hardcore
16-Ramos_and_Supreme - Crowd_Control_(Dj_Twista_Future_Jungle_Remix)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Stormski & Bobski - You Better Move

South coast pioneers, Stormski & Bobski, have been rocking dancefloors all over the world since 1992. With a combined 40 years experience,they have worked with the very best in the music industry as DJ's, music producers, radio presenters, event promoters and music journalists including working for global brands such as Dreamscape, Slinky, Clubland, Cream, Manumission, Ministry Of Sound, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Slammin Vinyl, Gods Kitchen, Redbull, MTV, Hed Kandi and clubs such as BCM (Mallorca), Eden (Ibiza) and SE1 (London).

As DJ's and radio presenters they've worked with everyone from the Godfather of House, Marshall Jefferson, to the worlds best scratch DJ, Jazzy Jeff, Old Skool pioneers, Ratpack and one of the most prolific DJ's in the world, Carl Cox to mame but a few.

This track here is a taster from their forthcoming album and is available to buy here:
Its a great uplifting tune in a 92' old skool style with big pianos that whilst taking you back to that golden era, it also fits in with future jungle, hardcore breaks, whatever you want to call it really, its just a great tune, have a listen, check out their other tunes on their soundcloud including a great radio interview with The Ratpack and you can find links to their social network pages there too, also if you wish to contact them for further info and bookings you can drop them an email here:
Stormski & Bobski - You Better Move by Stormski & Bobski

Vocation - Equilibrium (RyKennon's 2012 Remix) FREE DL

Prodigious producer of quality old skool hardcore for the nowties, RyKenon of the Cutting Shapes imprint has made this remix of a 92' fave available for free download via The 92 project soundcloud page, quality high octane reach for the lasers tunage, and who said old skool is dead?
Vocation - Equilibrium (RyKennon's 2012 Remix) by Cutting Shapes Recordings

Dj Nexus - Mind the gap FREE DL

What would you say if I told you you could have a free track from West Midlands old skool producer, DJ & Legend, Dave Nexus? Thats right, the Nexus who had tracks released on F Project, Formation and Back2basics recs to name but a few imprints during the golden era of Jungle/Hardcore back in the early to mid 90s. Ratpack and Ellis Dee caned his tunes such as 'Time To make The Floor Burn' at Fantasia, Dreamscape and other massive raves. Well this is is one of several tunes free to download on his soundcloud page, a great old skool style track with classic rave stabs and 92' style breakbeats, don't just download, show some love to the man by favouriting this great tune, post some comments and check out his other great tunes, big ups to Dave Nexus
Dj Nexus - Mind the gap by Dave Nexus

Meanstreak - Everybody

Woke up this morning to find this posted on the future jungle facebook page by Luis Meanstreak from the city of Angels, wicked slice of dakness with original cuts and scratches, reminds of Suburban Base recs circa late 92' as the darker sound started to come in with reference to early DJ Hype tunes such as 'Weird Energy' from that imprint, perhaps more J Tek than Future Jungle which is a welcome thing to the likes of myself. We definitely need more tracks like this in the future jungle scene, check it out
Meanstreak - Everybody by MEANSTREAK

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

DaVibes Crew- Krazy FREE DL

This is a little something that I came across on a soundcloud scourge, its a really well put together 93' style darkcore tune, the pitched up helium style Patsy Kline samples add that that extra bit of tongue in cheek nuttiness to this but its a killer tune and well worth a download and a spin in your hardcore breaks/old skool hardcore sets, check it out..........

Renegade genius-Rastamouse In The Jungle(Mash It Up remix)

Forthcoming on Paranoid recordings, the original to this on the 'Paranoid in the jungle' album hasn't left my playlist since it's release in early 2012. Check out this remix and whilst you're there, check out some of the best hardcore breaks and jungle of recent years by purchasing from the back catalogue @

Also check out this free DL by Renegade genius, a remix of Tango 'Feel Free' here

North Base - Insomniac

Exclusively aired on 1xtra on Mistajam's show, North base are pretty damn awesome and this is a pretty damn awesome track too, nice to see Mistajams getting on the 140 tip too, check this out, old skool pianos plus all the right ingredients for a massive massive anthem

Franz Von-Franz Von EP

Not a Future Jungle EP but undoubtedly this is a pretty special package that regular viewers of this blog will enjoy.Chris Cyberninja on production duties here and his crisp and unique production combined with Franz Von's heavyweight lyrical delivery make for the best Drum and Bass EP I have heard in a long long time. A great EP overall but 'Rah' stands out with its sheer heaviness, it drags you into a back alley and gives you a good hiding with with hard hitting beats and bass and Franz takes no prisoners with his lyrical fire, '777' is also amazing, imagine Method Man doing drum and bass but 10x better, honestly. Franz is a talent that deserves to get noticed, take notice Charlie Sloth, get this man in your booth!! This is an EP that will get the Hip Hop and Drum and bass heads nodding and all lovers of good quality underground music, you can get from Juno, take a listen below

Rising Lantern recs presents 'Dub Plate Specials vol 1'

If you like deep melodic, atmospheric and bass heavy jungle ranging from 140-170bpm, then you will need this forthcoming compilation from this top grade independent label based in Melbourne,Australai run by brothers Time Travel & Mshcode. There really is something for everyone here with great tracks and remixes by the brothers themselves, Strangenotes Jungle, Kranky & lethal, Rich Tones, Visible Sound and more, listen to these clips below to hear just how good this is. Will be available as a Digital release (Bundle) through &

Monday, 16 April 2012

Papa J - 'Light up the World' mix

Origin Unknown - Valley of the Shadows (Flashback Project Re-Rub)
Yoof - Gangster4Life
Warrior One - The Yang (1996 Riddim)
Warrior One - Yeah Man
Ellis Dee & SwanE - Ruffneck Business
Warrior One feat Ayah Marar - Fyah (Warrior One & Bojcot VIP)
Gold - 45 War
Freestylers - Entertainer
Strange Rollers - Spacecrafts (Lucas Remix)
Aquasky - Taken Over Me
??? - Desire
Radiokillaz - New Future
Max Romeo & The Upsetters vs Strange Rollers - One Step to Dread
Omdubom - Bom Shiva
Visible Sound - Lost in Bass (Jungle Breaks)
DJ LAB & Federal - Rock to the Rhythm
Jonny L - Hurt You So
SL2 - On a Ragga Tip (Rave Breaks Remix)
Prodigy - Voodoo People (Breakz Remix)
SL2 - Way in my Brain
Chops EMC & Extensive - Me' Israelites
Mulder - Soundclash VIP
Yasmin feat Shy FX & Miss Dynamite - Light Up (The World)
Vinyl Junkie & Austin - Jah Love (Madcap Remix)
The Yang - Coastin'
Strange Rollers - Yor Shantee

Rob Ezee My Big Fat Gypsy Dubstep FREE DL

Some very humorous use of samples on this rather phat hybrid dubstep tune with some nice rolling amen breaks and snarling bass. Check out Rob Ezee's SC page for some more free tracks ranging from Jungle to Dubstep

Reeson - Hold On (Eddie Voyager Ravestep Remix)

Wanna know how proper dubstep should sound? then check this forthcoming remix by veteran hardcore breaks producer Eddie Voyager of Reeson-'Hold On'. In my humble opinion if this doesn't get played on mainstream radio and break into the top 40 then theres something wrong with us. Of course this is dubstep with a healthy dose of those 140bpm amens, we wouldn't have it any other way! Big ups to the man like Eddie V.I leave it to you to press play, listen and enjoy..........

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Gav Ley-Xenomorph

Birmingham based producer Gav Ley brings forth this offering of dark, haunting and atmospheric future jungle. If you want an idea of how it sounds then think Joe Pressa, Time Travel, Visible Sound or think of innovative labels that favour the melodic deep style of future jungle such as Quantum Progresion Audio, Rising Lantern, Top Drawer Digital and Anomaly to name but a few. better still, press the play button, enjoy, favourite it and add a comment to show the love and finally, watch this space for details on it's forthcoming release, all will be revealed soon.........

Afghan Headspin - Drop The Bass - Cheap Thrills [TEASER]

Forthcoming 140 business from Afghan Headspin, sounding very nice indeed. Soon to be released on the Cheap Thrills imprint

DJ Pursuit Free Tracks

Check out some great free tracks by a great hardcore breaks producer and DJ of many different styles across the rave/hard dance spectrum, amongst these are 2 top class remixes of a couple of 92' classics and some great original hcb productions

And have a listen to these clips of his forthcoming tracks on paranoid recordings whilst you're at it

DJ Rolling Paper - Dangerous FREE DL

From Ontario, Canada, DJ Rolling Paper, representing DayLife Records,an independent Canadian label that represents underground music producers involved in jungle, drum and bass, dubstep, breakbeat, house, avant garde and beyond, this is one of a number of free tracks from his soundcloud that has been getting heavy rotation from a number of Future Jungle DJs, a re rub of the old skool anthem 'Crackman' by DJ Ron & EQP. Whilst your downloading this, take a chance to grab a few of the other top quality free tracks by Rolling Paper on and show some love and support!!!

After that, you can head to the DayLife recs facebook page and hit the 'like' button too!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Deep in The underground with Tariq on 14.4.12

This week's instalment of the Deep In the Underground show with me, Tariq on, aired Saturday from 1-3pm 14.4.12, special thanks to everyone who sent in tracks for me to play and to my listeners. Also special thanks to James levett of Kic FM for doing some great drops and jingles for me
DJ Abo-Warriors Theme
Athson-Hardcore Heaven
RESIN-Crazy Inside(Projekt 1 Remix)
Drumatic Twins-Meeting Point(Shades Of Rhythm
Logistics-We Are One
Odeed vs Wish-What It Is
Furious Styles-Badbwoy
Lotek Ft Bunny Lee & King-The Rudest
Dude(Lightshapers Remix)
Kidson-Rastaman Ting
WhyTee-Feel Me
RESIN-So Emotional
DJ Breakz-Time To Roll A Fat One(Paranoid
Recordings 2010 Remix)
DJ Fuzzbuzz-The Nutter
Orca-Utah Mantra
Strange Rollers-Nuff Soul And Crew
RadiokillaZ-It Was A Shark 2012
TimDnB-Ravin' Mad
DJ Nicky Allen-Take Me Away
Scar Wars-Episode 2
Skywalka & JediGell-Return Of The J Tek
Yell O Phase-RushEr
Kranky & Lethal-Stop The Music(Time Travel's Deep
Meditation Remix)
Bay B Kane Ft Ali Kaan Gebes-Rush Over Me
Trahma Kartwright-Cold Truth(Minimal DnB Mix)
DJ Beady-Middle Earth
Ironlung-Screw UP(Cabbie Remix)
Franz Von-Rah
Percusive P-bring M1
Toronto Is Broken-Miracle

Friday, 13 April 2012

Future Wildstyle - Something Unreal (Future Jungle Mix)

Another great mix by Tom Future Wildstyle, more signs that the sound is growing at a very rapid rate in 2012

Simon Iridium Future Jungle mix

Check out this future jungle set by Simon Iridium for Imaginarium II, N Joi.............

Schoco - Inside My Skin/Open Your Mind

Dan Schoco has has had releases on Futureshock recs and Quantum progression audio amongst other imprints. His style can be described as inovative, melodic and deep spanning the spectrum of jungle rather than sticking to 140bpm. Here are 2 of his recent tracks up on his soundcloud page, the 2nd track is a forthcoming release on QPA, a label you can expect big things from this year.

Paranoid Recordings up and coming tunes

Check out these previews of tracks coming out in the months to come on Paranoid recordings, big ups to Renegade Genius,The Deejay Gaffer & Simon Harris and all the Paranoid crew. Some great tracks in the pipeline from the likes of the above mentioned, DJ Fuzzbuzz, Pursuit, Nicky Allen and others

Also check out their amazing back catalogue @

YOU & ME FOREVER (Dj Nicky Allen) Coming Soon To Quantum Progression Audio

DJ & Producer, Nicky Allen has made a massive impression on the Hardcore Breaks scene in the last couple of years, he Djs with an old skool ethos preferring vinyl to digital audio and his sets are must listens that have attracted the attention of the likes of Billy Daniel Bunter who asked Nicky to do a set at the Epedemik Winter Ball last year. His soundcloud is packed full of excelent free tunes that have been played by hardcore breaks DJs in abundance and finally Nicky is getting some much deserved recognition with his tracks appearing on Paranoid recordings, Vibe Alive and this track forthcoming on QPA which is nothing short of an absolute anthem of epic proportions that will have you reaching for the lasers as you listen!!!!

Expect much more to come from Nicky including the launch of his own imprint supporting the hardcore breaks scene, in the meantime you can buy his track '9T3' from here and check out his amazing sets here

DJ Fuzzbuzz-The Nutter FREE DL

Introducing DJ Fuzzbuzz from Japan, check out his first foray into the world of Future Jungle, of course if you have heard his massive back catalogue of quality Hardcore Breaks tunes and other genres free from his website then you wil know this is going to be of the highest quality before you click the play button. This is one of 2 free tracks currently on his soundcloud, anyway, its called 'The Nutter' and if you like Future Jungle you need to get downloading and add this to your collection!!

Also, snap up a copy of 'Paranoid In The Jungle on where you can hear his excellent Jungle tune 'Tokyo' and he has a track called 'back With A New Tune' forthcoming on the imminent Paranoid Recordings vol 6 too.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fat Controller-In Complete darkness(Smokin' Beats 2012 Remix)

Introducing Si Fiction a.k.a Smokin'Beats, check out this crisp sounding remix of perhaps one of the biggest breakbeat hardcore tunes ever

And here's another great track for free download too

Check out his soundcloud page, I'm sure theres much more in the way of great tunes to come

J-Rolla - Take Me On A Ride

Really phat sounding Future Jungle bizznizz from J-Rolla straight outta Christchurch, New Zealand, check out his soundcloud page for some more great future jungle tunes

Machines Don't Care 'Take Me Away (ft Meleka)' FREE DL

Dubstep producer, Baxta dons his future jungle cap for this tidy little number which did well in the breaks charts on trackitdown etc last year, now those lovely peeps at mixmag are giving it away for free in anticipation of the machines don't care album which is a collective of artists including Herve who has an iminent album due which in his own words on the Guardian blog is very 'Nu Jungle influenced', in the meantime, get on this fabulous future jungle freebie!!!

OUT NOW!! C.R.I.P. - "White Label Album" released only

On the hardcore breaks tip, this is a new album by CRIP available on juno downloads, CRIP is a producer from Zurich, Switzerland with a very distinctive and uptempo style of hcb, you can check out more of his releases plus some free downloads @


1. Rusko - Kumon Kumon - Midland Breakz Intro Edit
2. Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground - Rico Tubbs
3. The Moog - Jungle Muffin - RadiokillaZ
4. Warrior One - Fyah
5. Warrior Bratz - 96 Selecta - Shepdog Mash-Up
6. Shy Fx, Yasmin & Ms Dynamite - Light Up The World
7. Gold - 45 War
8. Yoof - Prophecy
9. Ribs & IG88 - Riot Gear - Specimen A
10. 601 - Heat
11. Freestylers - Over You

SixFootUnda - Live on DubstepLive 2-28-12 - The Woofer Cooker

All the way from Stateside comes this excellent mix of current 140 jungle bangers mixed to perfection by SixfootUnda representing Dub Chambers recs

Also, just how good is this forthcoming release on Dub Chambers? Me personally I can't wait for this one, I'm sure you will love it too

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Silhouette (Zed Bias Rollout Mix)

Following the success of the incredible 'When The Clouds Ran Away" & "Need To Grow" we bring you this mashed bag of dirty street heavy remixes of the sultry album opener 'Silhouette feat. Shanade'.

Featured remixers on this package bring some real damage, we're ecstatic to announce the one and only 'Zed Bias' who has taken us back in time and re-introduced the "Smiley" as he shows no boundaries and drops us what is best described as a crossover electro-rave remix. Real old school breaks & bumpy basslines show no fear here!

RESIN-So Emotional

If you have yet to sample the sounds of RESIN then you really are missing out on some great uplifting and superbly produced hardcore breaks, check out his latest white label here

Theres plenty more to be heard by checking out his facebook page and his you tube channel you can buy his 'Exudations EP' out now on and all good digital download stores.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


The 6th release from the innovative and fresh sounding Quantum Progression Audio label is out now on Trackitdown, QPA is a label that needs to be known and I recommend readers of this blog to check out their impressive back catalogue featuring great tracks by the likes of Bright Lights & Sir Charge, Rich Tones, Raytrace, Schoco and other forward thinking future jungle artists

You all should know Visible Sound by now, here he offers up 2 lush Bukem esque tracks whilst keeping it low down and heavy, you can buy them here

RadioKillaZ - Shark Remix

Check out this massive Future Jungle rework of 'It Was A Shark' originally supported by Radio 1 DJs, they will be rinsing this dubplate special if they're not already!!!!

Also check this massive remix of Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion meet $pyda - Jump Around

The 'New Future E.P' by Radiokillaz is currently out on all good digital download stores and if you haven't already, you need to buy the 'Kik Up Rumpus E.P' on Warehouse Wax also available at Beatport, Trackitdown etc.

Strange Rollers - Hypnotizin U EP - Held II Ransom

Strange Rollers - Hypnotizin U EP - Held II Ransom

Strange Rollers - Hypnotizin U EP Held II Ransom 026 by Held2Ransom

First up for 2012 for H2R is lable heavyweight The Strange Rollers !!
No introductions needed , The title track of the EP , Got Me Hypnotized , is a blend of oldskool stabs , jungle breaks and floaty vocals all sewn together with lashings of heavy bass !! perfectly encapsulating the sounds of Jungle Breakbeat and sets the tone for this EP .
Next up is Lovin U on the double AA side this one more on a House vibe , big sweeping pads , soulfull vocals , and again the Strange Rollers trademark old skool stabs an bass!!
Movin to the B side kickin off with Nuff Soul and Crew , this one jumpin in the time machine an takin us back to that bukemesq sound of the eraly 90's , atmospheric Jungle ahoy !! Laced with ragga samples and vibes and a FAT bass this one is going to get them hips a skankin !!
Last but not least bringing up the rear we have Look Beyond the Face , this one takes the road to dubstep station , half timed beats , crunkin bass , soulfull vocals before droppin back into some serious amen action !!
Radio support from Billy Daniel bunter , Eddy Temple Morris , Vinyl Junkie , Radiokillaz , Digitally Mashed , 601 , John Grief , Casual Breakin , Kid Chameleon and more !!

Get it Exclusive from Track It Down :

and when their Facebook page hits 200 there giving away a free track too , so check em out here :

Toronto Is Broken on Nu-Rave Radio Easter Monday 2012

In case you missed it, the awesome Toronto Is broken did a set on on Bank Holiday Monday just gone, a journey through the spectrum of Jungle from 140-170bpm
Toronto Is Broken - ID
Sub Focus - Timewarp
Futurebound vs. Metrik - Brave New World
Toronto Is Broken - ID
Deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Sub Focus Remix)
ShockOne - Relapse (Tantrum Desire Remix)
Friction vs. Camo & Krooked - Stand Up (Sigma Remix)
Smooth - Cyber Funk
Ad Gannon - Black Light
Toronto Is Broken - ID
Indivision & Cosmic vs. Toronto Is Broken - ID
Toronto Is Broken - Skyline
Toronto Is Broken - Lights
Metrik - Nightdrive
Agent X - Fallin' (ShockOne Remix)
Phetsta - Prism
Wilkinson - Tonight
Nero - Guilt
ShockOne - Crucify Me (Pt.II)
Sanxion - Brainfreeze
Toronto Is Broken - The Metropolis
Major Lazer vs. Richie Spice - Pon De Ghetto Floor (Gold Remix)
King Yoof- Warrior Charge (Gold Remix)
Schema - Jungle Rain
Toronto Is Broken - Horizons
Mangetic Man - Perfect Stranger
Mosca - Bax
Colombo - Clubbing
Kondrashov - Answer
Jay Cunning & One Sinner - Bad Man (DaVIP Remix)

Odeed vs. Wish - What It Is

Forthcoming on WE records as part of a 3 track E.P including a Paranoid Androidz and Trine 'Everlasting', heavyweight dancefloor destroyer from Stateside duo Odeed vs Wish, seamlessly joining the dots between breaks, dubstep & 140 Jungle essential for every future jungle lover

Mighty M 144/146BPM Ragga Jungle

A couple of nice sounding tracks that fit right into the current future jungle style, classic bass heavy 94 style ragga jungle/choppage pitched down to the future jungle tempo, enjoy............

Future Breaks vol2 Beagle-808

Bit varied this one: some breaks, some J-Tek, some acid.

Beretta 9mm - Blazer
Twister (Too Dusty remix) - 48k
Dance Move 87 - Tim Davison
Phuture (Paul Mac remix) - The Nighttripper
Craehrzhd - Global Goon
Sins of Claire (Lawgiverz remix) - D-Ranged
Hole in Your Theory - Lucas
Headland (Cursor Minor remix) - Point B
The Bleeps - Si Begg
Pheonix - Beagle
Lola - The Brainkiller
Up - Lawgiverz
Killa Sound - Tango & Ratty
Manipulated Living - Resonate
The Round Up - Stomp & Weaver
Order From Chaos - Lucas

140 breakout maz187

1- taking over - toronto is broken
2- soundclash - kieren m
3- freeze - cut la roc (ben n lex rmx)
4- pull it up - radiokillaz
5- jungle muffin - the moog (radio killaz rmx)
6- kik up rumpus - radio killaz
7- fyah - warrior one
8- 31 seconds - flashback project
9- hear lies - flashback project
10- thats the bad guy - radio killaz
11- confusion - jurassik (shakes rmx)
12- get ready - congo natty (racknruin rmx)
13- chains - kenna (machines dont care rmx)
14- positive life - radio killaz
15- heart is on fire - kieren m
16- full moon - machines dont care
17- raise it up - 601
18- chill out - klf (precision kuts booty)
19- this sound - krome & time (rico tubbs rmx)
20- terminate - fdb project (radio killaz future jungle mix)

Everybody's Gotta Learn - Bay B Kane Featuring The Korgis

Old skool heads will know the various incarnations of this old favourite by the likes of NRG, Baby D & Grant Nelson in his 'Naughty Naughty' guise but Bay B Kane takes this old chestnut in a new direction, a haunting future jungle rendition which in my opinion is the best we have heard from the man in ages and he makes very good tunes normally making this exceptional, you really need to check out the bass on this and the melodic strings, made for a dim lit dancefloor at 4am

You can buy it here

ANM015 Poltergeist EP (Out 15th April 2012)

1 E.P, 2 big tunes by Lethal dropping on the 15th April from the always excellent Anomaly recs.'Poltergeist' features an addictive funky bassline that builds into some crisp chopped up amens with a haunting melody, 'Feel' is an uplifting number reminiscent of 92/93. Definitely an E.P you will want to add to your collection of Future Jungle/J Tek dancefloor smashers and check out the back catalogue too for some seriously good tunes

Out 15th April 2012 @:
Anomaly Digital Store

Out 29th April 2012 @:

Released by: Anomaly Digital Recordings
Release/catalogue number: ANM015
Release date: Apr 15, 2012

Jay-Z Money by Davinche (Dexplicit Remix)

Been around for a bit but I thought I would post it up, a nice free DL in a similar vain to some of Skream's 140 jungle remixes.Well worth downloading for your sets and just to listen to with a catchy vocal and melody layered over some funky bass and those all important amens. The Future Jungle sound is getting bigger by the day anad more and more producers of other genres are turning their hands to it

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Deep in The underground with Tariq on 7.4.12

Very Pleased to be making my first appearance on the excellent, I'll be airing each and every Saturday 1-3pm playing upfront Future Jungle, hardcore Breaks and more

DJ Q-All Junglist
Rusko-Whistle Song
Strange Rollers-Lovin' U
Gregory Isaac Vs Strange Rollers-Mind U dat
King Yoof Ft Jah Minkle-Warrior Charge(Gold Remix)
Kid Logic-Problem Solver(Odeed Vs Wish Remix)
Zam Fam-Calvins Pride
Kidson & Strange Rollers-Bass To The Man
Arc88-Having Fun
Projekt 1-I Won't Stop Rocking(Coop's Full Piano
Force Mass Motion-Feel The Panic(RESIN Remix)
Economix-Panic(Stu & Nee's Too Raw Remix)
Benton-Having Fun
Bam Bam Dealers-808tees To The 90tees
Si Fiction-Conquer The World(U R My High)
The Flashback Project-Love Again
DJ Rolling Paper-Dangerous
DJ Madd Ft Rebel MC-No Tomorrow
Cluekid-Ninety Three
Bay B Kane Ft The Korgis-Everybodys Gotta Learn
Graish-Dinners Break
Visible Sound-Hidden Agenda
Odeed Vs Wish-What It Is(Paranoid Androidz Remix)
DJ Nicky Allen-You And Me Forever
DJ Nicky Allen-9T3
Renegade Genius-Makes Me Wanna Fly
Renegade Genius-Conform
DJ Beady-Wolf
Franz Von-Back(Ninja Slight Return Mix)

LOTEK Feat Bunny Lee & King Jammy - The Rudest Dude - Lightshapers remix (FREE DOWNLOAD)

LOTEK Feat Bunny Lee & King Jammy - The Rudest Dude - Lightshapers remix (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A new beginning for my show

Follow Deepintheunderground on Mixcloud

I am a independent podcaster, I have worked for 2 radio stations previously, Unity FM and Radio Youthology in Birmingham.

I hosted a debate and discussion show known as 'Behind the headlines' for Unity FM and co- hosted 'Sports Buzz' on Radio Youthology and hosted my own show 'Tea with Tariq' a rather strangely named show which was inspired by the fledgeling Future Jungle scene and supported it with a passion along with other similar styles and genres. A special mention must go to Lucas Morris who introduced me to the sound and to all the great people involved in the scene I have the pleasure to be a part of . I am an admin for the 'Future jungle blog' too

I'm not a DJ nor to do I have those skills currently, more a 'selector' who plays music out of his love for it which is something I hope comes through in my radio shows. I enedeavour to continue supporting the scene and hope I can find a home for my show where listeners can get a chance to sample that uniuqe experience.

With that in mind, my weekly show, for the time being it will be replaced by a podcast under the new name 'Deep in the underground' which I will put out on mixcloud so as not to leave lots of dead links on the net. I can't disclose the reason for the change suffice to say I am now a independent broadcaster, I intend to continue supporting the scene I have been actively promoting and the 1st podcast will be up this weekend. I hope you can show you're love and support for this new project