Monday, 22 August 2011

Stemfilth Vs Mshcode : Inna Fear & Generic Bass Remix Out Now

Top Drawer Digital Present

Stemfilth vs Mshcode : Inna Fear

A : Original Mix
B : Generic Bass Remix
Cat Number: TDDR012
Release Date: 08/08/2011 Beatport
Everywhere Else 22/08/2011

Stemfilth Vs Mshcode : Inna Fear (Clip) Release Date August 8th 2011 by Top Drawer Digital

Original Mix
With Inna Fear Australian based Stemfilth and Mshcode gently penetrate the darker side of your subconscious.
Slowly it draws you in and creates a deep soundscape which becomes a battle ground where two alter ego styles fight to take control
fusing elements of Jungle and Techno in true J-Tek fashion.

Stemfilth Vs Mshcode - Inna Fear (Generic Bass Remix) by Top Drawer Digital

Generic Bass Remix
With His Inna Fear Remix ,Swiss ,Generic Bass makes his Top Drawer Digital debut in style.
Sweeping synths and Oriental style percussion give the track a fresh sounding vibe to start,
Then the Big Sub bass drops and Hard Crisp Jungle Breaks push this Future Jungle Styled track along at pace through twisted hoovers and floaty melodies.

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Beatport :
Juno :
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Outrage presents the Zer0 BpM EP Part 1.

Outrage presents the Zer0 BpM EP Part 1. Six tracks of Outrage Beats ranging from 140-174 Bpm.

The EP is available exclusively for pre-order at the Backlash shop Here -

Once you’ve ordered you’ll get two of the tracks, Audible Phantoms and Absit Omen, straight away and the rest of the tracks on the release date. Anyone who orders on or after the release date will get the whole EP straight away.

Take a look inside the Zer0 BpM world in Outrage’s recent K-Mag interview – KMAG –

Download the New Outrage LIVE PA featuring all forthcoming Outrage Backlash Records material 140-170 -

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Top Drawer Digitals Future Jungle Expeditions Out Now

Future Jungle Expeditions Volume 1

Beatport 20.08.2011
Everywhere else 3.09.2011

With This Release The First in a new Compilation series Top Drawer Digital have put together 12 of their previously released tracks that showcase their take on the Future Jungle Sound.Then they  will be going on the hunt to find fresh new tracks for Volume 2 which will hopefully be early 2012.

Track List :
Pressa : Fast Motion 10
Morcee : Nocturnal
Lucas : Lay Me Down (D-Con Remix)
Electrux : EMP
D-Con : Tanjobi
Madcap : Artillery (Mshcode Remix)
Strange Rollers : Spacecrafts (Lucas Remix)
Stemfilth Vs Mshcode : Inna Fear (Generic Bass Remix)
Nolige & Decepter : Junglism
Lucas : Hillbilly Hideout
Vic B & Redshift : Terror Part II
LJHigh : Iapetus

Get it from Beatport :

Future Jungle Expeditions Volume 1 [Out 20th August] by Top Drawer Digital

Monday, 15 August 2011

Jon James Future Jungle Volume 1

Get Jon James Future Jungle Volume 1 from the link below :

A mix i did for a recent road trip across europe...featuring some of the freshest future jungle, J-tek, Breakbeat tracks around and some exclusive dubplates......On a very laid back deep vibe... 1 for the heads...
CATCH ME LIVE EVERY TUESDAY 20.00 - 22.00(gmt)

1 .. Sand People .. Mshcode
2 .. The Minkowski Diagram .. Sanxion
3 .. This Years Champion .. 601
4 .. In The Air .. Generic Bass (Schoco takes a deep breath Remix)
5 .. Brothers And Sisters .. 601
6 .. Eyes .. Matta ft Coppa (cut le roc remix)
7 .. Ice Cream .. Dj Fresh
8 .. Artillary .. Madcap (Mshcode Remix)
9 .. The Casimir Effect .. Sanxion
10 . Runaway .. Eddie Voyager (Sanxion Remix)
11 . Inna Fear .. Stemfilth Vs Mscode (Generic Bass Remix)
12 . Arkanoid .. Dj Fresh
13 . Rudebwoy Symphony .. Generic Bass
14 . Artillary .. Madcap (original mix)
15 . Neva Soft .. Pyramid
16 . The One .. Liquid-8 (Sanxion remix)
17 . Across The Trax .. Rennie Pilgrim
18 . Cameleon .. Wardian
19 . Atomic Bass .. Ellis Dee & Twista Remix
20 . Renormalisation .. Sanxion
21 . The Minkowski Diagram .. Sanxion
22 . Von Daniken's Charriot .. Sanxion

Massive thanks to all the artist for the tracks and a specisl thanks to generic bass for the dubs...

Jon James

Rennie Pilgrem Ruffneck Podcast Volume 1

Ruffneck Facebook:
Ruffneck Launch Party:

Brand new podcast from Ruffneck featuring regular mixes from the likes of Rennie Pilgrem, Jay Cunning, Jurassik and guests.Each podcast will focus on the high acclaimed emergence of a new sound some are calling Future Jungle / Nu Jungle.

Ruffneck Podcast 01 - Rennie Pilgrem

[Track List]
1. Rennie Pilgrem 'Down Low' TCR
2. Generic Bass 'Rudebwoy Symphony' Anomaly
3. Msh Code 'Dusk Fragments' Anomaly
4. 601 'This Year's Champion' Passenger
5. Schema 'Wait No More' Sub Slayers
6. Baxta 'Connections' Cheap Thrills
7. Rudimental 'Speeding' Benton Remix Black Butter
8. Mr Benn 'Rising star' (Yoof's Junglebreaks remix) Nice up the dance records
9. Shakes 'Gangbusters' Jurassik Remix Supatronix
10. PYRAMID 'Trouble' The Others Dub Mix Funkatech
11. Dopamine 'Hold You (140)'  Rennie Pilgrem Vs PYRAMID TCR

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Andy F J-Tek Mix

Get you hands on Andy F's Latest J-Tek Mix here :

You can also check him out every Saturday 4-6pm on Konflict Radio

Tune Of The Day : Sanxion : Brainfreeze/Antifreeze

Tune Of The Day : Sanxion : Brainfreeze/Antifreeze

Sanxion , The Future Jungle Tune Machine is at it again ,Check out this bad boy.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The 2011 Nu-Rave Awards [Voting & Event]

The 2011 Nu-Rave Awards
Vote Now

The Nu Rave Awards Supporting Hardcore Breaks, Future Jungle, Rave Breaks and J-Tek

Early Bird Tickets OUT NOW!

K2 Promotions Presents...

The K2 Reunited! in conjunction with The Nu Rave 2011 Awards!

This event is all about bringing the Rave Scene together! K2 has joined up with the following to make this night stand out like always!...

The Vinyl Touch - Graffti Breaks - Braindamage Radio - - Paradox Promotions - Liquid Drumz

3 Arenas of pure rave vibes (Over 50 Artists, chillout outdoor area. Live Graffti from Graffiti Breakz)

Music on the night will be...

Nu Rave aka Hardcore Breaks, J-Tek, Rave Breaks and Future Jungle. Also we have plenty of Drum and Bass, Jungle, Breaks and Oldskool!

--------------------------​-> The Nu Rave Awards Voting! <-------------------------​--
You can start to vote from the 1st of August via Please check the website for more information and to see whos up for award this year.

--------------------------​-> Early Bird £8 Tickets OUT NOW! <-------------------------​--

Date: Friday 2nd September 2011
Venue: Hidden, 100 Tinworth Street, SE11 5EQ London, UK
Time: 22:00 - 06:00

This venue has been picked by K2 from a long list of choices; we feel the renowned K2 family vibe will live on at Hidden, so expect wicked K2 energy, spirit and a wide selection of the best tunes in London this year.
Hidden boasts three arenas with wicked sound systems and spectacular lighting to keep all you lovely people jumping all night long.

For more information about London travel Tubes, Buses ect…

--------------------------​-> Tickets <-------------------------​--

You can buy cheap early bird tickets online now via our own shop @​m/tickets/cat_12.html

--------------------------​-> Acts / Performers <-------------------------​--

DJ's / MC's and Live Acts Performing...

Shut Up and Dance (SUAD Records)

Lock Up and Swifty B (The Vinyl Touch)

Dr S Gachet (AWOL)

Kidson ( / K2)

Vinyl Junkie (Warehouse Wax)

Skinny and Clarkie (Graffti Breaks)

Twista (Uplifting Rhythm)

Vinyl Vera (Epidemik / K2)

Refracture (Breakspoll)

Ollywood (

Ash a Tak and S1 DJ (BassDrive / Liquid Drumz)

Sass ft MC Nayben Spraydem and DJ DM (Just Cause Recordings)

Niki Dimensions (Raindance)

Piano Junkies (Good Times)

Madcap (Own Production Set!)

Dave Skywalker and Bustin (Endor Recordings)

Mulder (Cue Burn)

Jamie Rotten and Dazz F (

Skyz and Ellaz MC (Deepah)

Junki Munki (Junki Munki Records)

Disowned (Graffti Breaks)

Concept (Shine 879)

The Wook b2b I.B.M (Different Drumz)

DJ Chug (Urban Nerds)

Mikey Dubz and Murkel (K2)

Duffy (

MC's / Host on the night will be..

MC Strict (Oldskool King!)

MC Cutter (Award Winner)

MC 3-Flow (Slip Back In Time)

C.A.$.H MC (The Vinyl Touch)

Myst MC (K2, Naked Beatz)

K.I.D (Apply The Breaks)

Chucky (The Vinyl Touch)

Nayben Spraydem (Just Cause Recordings)

Mr Reload (The Vinyl Touch)

--------------------------​-> Producers Corner <-------------------------​--

This is your chance to meet and chat with some of the rave scenes hotest producers. You can bring along your tracks to be put into the showcase box! This box will be emailed to a large selection of label owners from all over the world. Make sure you put all your contact details on the cd. You can meet on the night..

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Free Download of the week: The Revival EP Mini Mix

A week or 2 ago we blogged up about Schema's new revival ep. Well now they have gone and done a free mix for you so it seemed only right to make it free download of the week. some great tracks showcasing their own and some of the "classic" future jungle tracks of the past year already gone. Check the pyramid Vs schema into your arms BIG NOISES

hope you enjoy this as much as we have!
big ups to jay and the sub slayers family