Monday, 27 June 2011

Tune of the day: Eddie Voyager - Runaway - (Sanxion remix)

Eddie Voyager - Runaway - (Sanxion remix) [clip] by sparkyproducer

Big remix and big original from Eddie voyager one of the original 140 pioneers from before it was even called 140 remixed by another pioneer of the nu-rave sound.
Eddie runs Held II Ransom alongside Richie K (strange rollers), it has been pushing amen lead tearing breakbeat music since 2008.
weather you call it future past or present music this tune is sure to rock your boat and maybe sink it

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pressa & Bojcot Selectah : So Fast So Serious [140Mph Future Jungle Breaks] Promo Mixs

Pressa & Bojcot Selectah

So Fast So Serious [140Mph Future Jungle Breaks]

Out on Top Drawer Digital on 04/07/2011

These two guys have been pushing the 140 Jungle sound for quite some time now, a sound that the world is now waking up to.
Call it what you like Low Bpm Jungle or 140 Bpm Breaks, Future Jungle or Jungle Breaks with more and more DJ's and Producers getting on the case this style of music is set to become the soundtrack of the Summer and here Top Drawer Digital present you with this collaboration EP between these two artists at a time when this sound is set to explode.

With this EP Pressa (UK) and Bojcot Selectah (Holland) present us with four fresh sounding tracks with lush pads, warm chords and chopped Amen Breaks riding deep sub basslnes.

A : Bojcot Selectah : So Serious

B : Bojcot Selectah : So Serious (Pressa Remix)

C : Pressa :Fast Motion 10

D : Bojcot Selectah : Fast Motion 11

Growing up surrounded by rave music, from hardcore and jungle to house and garage and beyond there is no surprise that Pressa's sound reflects this in his productions. Known for producing dubstep with a heavy jungle influence or straight jungle at 140 bpm.
Pressa on Soundcloud:
Pressa Promo Mix Download :
Bojcot Selectah - So Serious (Pressa Remix)
Graish - Dinner Breaks
Skream - Burning Up
Pressa - Out Tear
Sully - Flashback
Phaelah - Falling (Kulture RMX)
Dark Sky - Something To Lose
Pressa - Fast Motion 10

Bojcot Selectah
Getting kicked out of a drum'n'bass collective was probably the best thing that everhappened to Bojcot Selectah. With a musical taste already different from the rest of the crew, a concert by Vexx'd turned out to be the absolute life changer. Deeply infected by the rattling chestplate music that was now his primary weapon of choice,Bojcot started a solo career that's been highly succesful from the get go. His first major dubstepset at a party in his home town Utrecht (in 2007) raised more than enough eyebrows to grant him new bookings in well respected Dutch venues such as Milkyway, Tivoli and Paradiso.Ever since, Bojcot Selectah has been doing well in the Dutch circuit, both solo as well as with his dj partners DAWN and ROONIGAN and theirradio show named DIVERT RADIO @ SUB.FM Bojcot is swiftly expanding his territory towards the UK ,Romania, Croatia and Belgium. Apart from deejaying, Bojcot Selectah has been focused more and more on producing music, too.Acclaimed producers such as Wonder and 2nd II None are already fans of his tunes and have agreed to produce remixes.
Things are looking good for Bojcot Selectah!
Bojcot Selectah's Soundcloud :
Bojcot Selectah Promo mix
Track List :
Etch: Red (Bojcot Code Red Remix)
Unknown : Swarm 95
Cluekid : Soul vibe
RSD : Pretty Bright Lights
Tolerance : Timeship
Sully: Flashback
Pythius : Downward Spiral (Bojcot remix)
Emalkay: Crusader
Jhonny L : Hurt You So
Cluekid & LD: Jay's Reece
EL-B : 2 Bad
Urban Takeover : Some Justice
Unknown : Bass 2 Dark
Bojcot : Fast Motion 11
2 Bad Mice: Hold It Down
Sully : Living
Skream: Burning Up
Deformer: Damien Dub
Dubchild : Psychopath
Darkwan : Said The Spirder
Toasty : Guesswork
Zed Bias: Jigga Up/Ring The Alarm
Bojcot : So Serious
Cluekid & LD: The Intro
SL2: On a Raga Tip 
EL-B: How U Like Dat
Bojcot : All Original 

With Tracks from the EP Allready appearing on mixs by the likes of Rennie Pilgrem and Jurassik this is one release you want in your artillery.

Dj Quotes :
Ceos : Boooo! Pressa :Fast Motion 10 & Bojcot Selectah : Fast Motion 11 are my picks of the EP. Full support!
TRO : Full support on this! My favourite track on this release is Fast Motion 10, but So Serious is cool, too.
Warrior One : Fully supporting this release , Quality stuff from these two.
Vinyl Junkie : Excellent release. Love it
Jay Cunning : A great music selection of Nu vibes, Love it
Dusted Breaks : 'So serious' is wicked! That bass will knock the dust off!!
Ratling : Huge release , All mixes are tidy
VJ Air :  Big release
John Greif :  A good selection of tracks - but my fave is definatley Fast Motion 11-That has some serious vibes goin on
Kid Chameleon : FUCKING SICK, Full support

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Welcome to Kid Chameleon

I just wanna take a moment to welcome Kid Chameleon to The Future Jungle Blog Family :)
Im sure he will be a valuble addition.
Welcome :)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tune Of The Day: Pressa - Lost In Time

Not many have foraged into the deep ambient end of 140, pioneered by the likes of LTJ bukem, Nookie to name a few.
Lost in time by Pressa brings this sound right up to date and adds his trademark dubby twist.

Full interview coming soon with this fast rising talent of the 140 scene

[FREE VIP Mix] Yoof aka Sonz Of Mecha 'I'm On Fire feat The Dirty Rich' (V.I.P Mix)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Anomaly ANM009 – THE MOEBIUS EP Out Now


 'ANOMALY' is excited to be able to present the release of their ninth EP – THE MOEBIUS EP! Returning with a killer new track from Lethal, ‘The Moebius’, Anomaly also welcomes Melbourne’s MshCode to the label with the haunting ‘Dusk Fragments’.
ANM009-A: Lethal – The Moebius
There is the theory of the Moebius, a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop... ‘The Moebius’ takes audiences into a loop in time which has no escape, where banging kicks and snares meet a killer bass line and mind-lacerating hoovers and synths will tear a hole in your consciousness. ANM009-B: MshCode – Dusk Fragments MshCode’s first track on Anomaly, ‘Dusk Fragments’ is an eerie, haunting and atmospheric junglistic soundscape. With rolling breaks, masterful drum edits, deep pads, and heavy bass, ‘Dusk Fragments’ will keep audiences chilled through what can only be described as a truly consciousness-expanding voyage through sound and rhythm. Available exclusively from the home of Anomaly Digital Recordings – – within its brand new digital music store -

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tune Of The Day : 601 :I Can't Take It:The Baddies EP [APEM029]

Tune Of The Day : 601 :I Can't Take It:The Baddies EP [APEM029]

ErockB Future Jungle Mix June 2011

ErockB Future Jungle Mix June 2011

--ErockB -Future Jungle Mix June 2011 ---

This mix is what "Future Jungle" is about to me,
Take equal parts Dubstep, Garage , Breaks, and Breakbeat Hardcore Throw in a audio blender and set to jungle. Boh!

Ramadanman - Dont Change For Me - Hessle
Generic Bass - Armageddon - Hardcord Lives
BOJCOT SELECTAH- The Executioner - Dub
Emalkay - Crusader - Dub Police
Jay Cunning - Bad Girls (Schema rmx)- Sub Slayers
Exit Point - Save The Last Dance - Dub
Incredible Bongo Band -Apache (Warrior One Rmx) -Mr Bongo Bass
Muteki - Thief State - Cue Burn
Rave Our Souls - Ravers Revenge (System-D 'Back To The Future Jungle
mix) - Dopefish Audio
DJ Crystl – Meditation - Dee Jay
Stu and Nee - Minky Moo (Simon Homes Rmx)- Hardcore Lives
Shifter - Breakaholic - Hardcore Lives
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play Rmx) Moving Shadow
Sike - Love Story - Good Gosh!
D-Con - Evoluton - Hardcore Lives
Electrux - E.M.P. - Top Drawer Digital
Danny Byrd - We can have it all - Hospital
Contains Samples of Alan Watts

ErockB is a Dj from Northern California USA
He has mixing breakbeats and bass for the last decade. Rocking dancefloors with jungle/drum and bass riddms .
Working with local promoters 916 Junglist, Drop Heavy, Corrosive , Step one Method two and more.
When he is not mixing he provides atmospheres and beats for the acid jazz band E Squared (www.lenbrownsociety,com)
Erockb has been hard at work in the studio working on some Future jungle/J-tek tracks. Watch This Space

ErockB Hosts the J-Tek Jamz Show Wendsdays 10-11 Gmt (2-3pm Pst) on

Co- Hosts The Urban Chaos Radio show Wendsdays 8-10 Pst (Thurs 4am-6am Gmt) on Bassjunkees

Booking Info:

Big Upz