Friday, 27 January 2012

Top Drawer Digital Radio Shows 2nd Bitrhday Special [ Free Tunes & T-Shirt Giveaway ]

On 31st January between 8-10pm (UK)we will be celebrating our radio shows 2nd birthday on

Our DJ Digitally Mashed will take you on a 2hr journey through our tracks from the past 3 years and we will be giving away 4 new tracks and a Top Drawer Digital T-Shirt

The Tracks will be 2 remixs of one of our best sellers last year ViSible Sound : Lost In Bass.

ViSible Sound : Lost In Bass VIP

ViSible Sound : Lost In Bass (Lucas Gets Lost Remix) 
ViSible Sound - Lost In Bass(Lucas Gets Lost Remix)Free on 31st Jan - see details by Top Drawer Digital

And 2 tracks slightly away from our usual styles and speeds

Lucas : The Acid 7 [A 128Bpm Old Skool Inspired 4x4 Track]

Lucas - The Acid 7 - To Be Given Away On TDD Radio Shows 2nd Birthday Show 31st Jan by Top Drawer Digital

Lucas : The Acid 7 (Bay B Kane VIP Remix) [ A full on Jungle attack from Jungle Pioneer Bay B Kane]
Lucas - The Acid 7 (Bay B Kane VIP Remix) Free on 31st Jan for our 2nd Birthday Show by Top Drawer Digital

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