Monday, 6 February 2012

WHWM 004 - RADIOKILLAZ - Kik Up Rumpus EP

The KIK UP RUMPUS E.P on Warehouse Wax.

Official Release date is 13th February although it will be available on Beatport on the 30th January
London based rude boys, the Radiokillaz, have being churning out their own unique style of in-your-face, cutting edge dance music for some time now. Their twisted basslines bridge the gap between underground dub-step, dirty electro and tear-out breaks and I suspect this is what caught the ears of Annie Nightingale, Rob Da Bank and Eddie Temple-Morris who have been supporting them in a big way over the last few years.
Stepping into the realms of Future Jungle came naturally for them as the Jungle scene had played a big part in their youth, and fusing this with the already unique and rock-solid Radiokillaz sound has provided a deadly concoction for their debut release on Warehouse Wax, for which they have delivered four dance floor bombs of epic proportions.
The entire EP is peppered with heavily chopped amen breaks and lots of cheeky vocal samples. The title track combines lush pads with early rave style bleeps and a skanking reggae rydim, before kicking your arse with the kind of b-line that these boys are renowned for. “Pull It Up” is the epitome of PHATNESS, incorporating more filthy basslines and even more of an old-skool rave element that includes a piano lick reminiscent of the hazy days of 1989. “The Cholo” is a real groover with a pulsing bassline and the obligatory hoover stabs and “That's The Bad Guy” simply has to be heard to be believed with its stomach churning sub bass, super-phat breakbeats and another helping of hoovers to take you back to that muddy field in 1992.
This is the first release on Warehouse Wax by the hugely talented and forward thinking production team, the Radiokillaz… But rest assured, it will not be the last…
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Released by: Warehouse Wax Music
Release/catalogue number: WHWM004
Release date: Feb 13, 2012

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