Saturday, 31 March 2012

DOWNBEAT 050 |The Downbeat Allstars|

DOWNBEAT 050 |The Downbeat Allstars|

Continuing our onslaught of bass heavy music, we are proud to present Downbeat’s 50th release with a brand new series titled |The Downbeat Allstars|. This project will continue throughout the year and consist of one track per artist from the Downbeat roster. In this first EP, we see 5 top tunes from some of biggest names within the Breakbeat scene. The tracks featured on this new release are from the producer’s |The Flashback Project, 601, Ribs & IG88, Kondrashov and F-Word|.

The range of music within the new DBP050 EP bleeds the lines between Future Jungle, Tech Breaks, Ragga flexes, Dubstep, Bass Music and has an overall party smashing vibe. There’s a tune for all types and tastes inside this massive EP and their all guaranteed to go over large in the club.

Take a listen to this first part of |The Downbeat Allstars| and keep an eye out for further parts in the near future.

1.The Flashback Project – Keep Looking
2.601 – Deadline
3.Ribs & IG88 – Rise Up
4.Kondrashov – Never Loose
5.F-Word – Play

Release Date: May 1rst

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