Thursday, 14 November 2013

Time Travel - Polyphony EP-Boomsha Recordings

Junglists, lend me your ears so i can entice you to the sounds of the Melbourne master, Time Travel who has a simply fabulous junglistic new EP on the mighty, mighty Boomsha, how do they do it each time? Solid release after solid release and no exceptions here, we have two absolute rollers, a 140 roller and a jungle roller. For the 140 heads, we've got 'Deep Space' with tight beats, deep sounds and low, low subs for the head nodders and those of you prone to a smoke!!!! There's still more 140 yet as Ryo lends his production mastery to a sterling remix of of T.T's 160BPM   Jungle track 'A Time Forgotten', immense is not a good enough description for how dam good the remix is and of course, Jungle heads like me will love the original too, so there you have it, Boomsha strikes again with another 10/10 release!!!

Time Travel - Polyphony EP released 11/11/13 by boomsha recordings

Out now on exclusive release to trackitdown for the first 2 weeks before general release in all download stores...

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