Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lucas - Incongruous - Out Now

Top Drawer Digital Presents

TDDR040  Lucas  :  Incongruous



Incongruous (Definition) :

Strange because of not agreeing with what is usual or expected.

With Incongruous, Lucas has fused sounds and styles whilst working within a Future Jungle style framework and produced something refreshingly different.

Lucas - Incongruous - Top Drawer Digital TDDR040 by Top Drawer Digital

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Torronto Is Broken (Subslayers) : "Love the intro vibes with those acoustic guitars and eerie vocals. Great roller, love this fresh feel to this track. Some great orchestration too on the strings later on. One of the best 140 jungle/breaks tunes I've heard this year!" 9/10

Tariq (Future Jungle Blog / Free Breaks Blog /Hush Mag): "This is awesome!!! Lucas keeping it fresh and original as per, love the 90's Indie style intro, reminds me of The Stone Roses, fits perfectly with thebeats, then the scratching kicks in and it gets even better, what an amazing track!!!!, incredible atmosphere"  10/10

100Me : "Oh.. Wow! Nice one Lucas!!! I wasn't expecting that! You sly old dog! :p Definitely getting some monkey lovin' on this one." 8/10

Sappo : “Nice Work” 8/10

Rat Pack : "I like this. Something different. I'll play it where ever I think it will drop. Good work." 7/10

DJ MAG : 7.5/10

Strange Rollers : "loved this as soon as i heard it - different wins 4 me!!!" 8/10

Radiokillaz "original vibes, great stuff as always" 8/10

Jay Cunning (Subslayers) “Nice work mate” 7/10

Midland Breaks : "I love how Lucas never shy's away from trying something different from a lot of the run of the mill formula tracks & always brings a touch of class to to the table while still be able to make tracks that are going to keep the dance floor moving, it's a hard task to master but Lucas always seems to be able to do this effortlessly." 8/10


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