Thursday, 15 May 2014

Schoco - Welcome To My Jungle LP-Boomsha Recordings-Due Out 19/05/2014

The 3rd artist album to feature on Boomsha Recordings is Schoco's 'Welcome To My Jungle' its due out on 19/05/2014 as a 2 week exclusive on Beatport, get it on the day of release here and it is a masterclass in the sound of Future Jungle, a rebuttal to those who claim that the sound is dead, beats as good as this don't die, its as simple as that, I'll repeat for emphasis,  THIS IS A MASTERCLASS IN FUTURE JUNGLE

We begin with the gentle sway and rolling breaks of the aptly titled 'Enter The Jungle', a perfect album opener and a great tune to start your DJ set, fans of beat mastery are in for a treat when the track builds to a crescendo midway splicing up breaks left right and centre, this sets the tone perfectly

Next up is 'My Weapons' featuring vocals from Daz Breakz and I'll say it right now, I said it when I played this on air recently, for me, this is right up there with my favourite Future Jungle track 'Psychotic Bleeps' by Sub Fusion, this track is menacing and sinister, it really could give you the creeps sitting alone in your room and I love it all the more for that fact, the eerie horror esque strings, pummeling layered breaks, the start stop sequences, this track epitomises dark claustrophobic paranoia, its awesome!!!!

'Rhythm' opens with a subtle beat that reminds me of Massive Attack's 'Teardrops' and builds subtly into a hypnotic and melodic groove, 'Dhyana' combines Schoco's beat mastery with a dubby ethnic sound, 'I Wanna Dance' is Schoco at his cinematic best with a towering trance like tune, 'My Love' is bleepy and majestic, 'Only A Dream' breaks out the 303s for some acid soaked breakology, one of the darker numbers here with growling mentasms and another personal pick for this writer from this exceptionally good LP .

As the title suggests 'Towards The Sun' is from the ethereal side of Schoco's amazing musical mind, indeed it could be the soundtrack to one of those epic Sci Fi films of the late 70s and early 80's or a sprawling dessert odyssey, 'Solar Illusions' fuses tough techno stabs and and a powerful sense of atmosphere to the classic funky drummer break, 'Desert Jungle' combines guitar riffs, didgeridoos and warrior like crys with stripped back pads for the sounds of the desert, the rainforest & the outback rolled into some epic jungle breaks, Radioactive Watermelon makes an appearance for remix duties on 'Dhyana' for an amazing orchestral dubbed out reworking.

Really, there should be awards for an album of this caliber, you think this sound is dead? Take a listen to this magnus opus and prepare to eat some humble pie, for the 3rd time I'll say it because it needs to be said, this is an absolute masterpiece.

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