Monday, 23 June 2014

Galvatron - Persona Non Grata EP-Boomsha Recordings

Galavatron has been working hard, crafting his sound for years with releases on Top Drawer Digital, Rave Style'e, Kut Off, OBE & Sub Generation plus forthcoming releases on Kode 5 Recordings and many giveaway tracks including one for this blog. His debut release for the consistently excellent Boomsha Recordings 'Persona Non Grata' features 7 tracks of his signature fusion of breaks, techno, dubstep, jungle & 140 beats, a blueprint of the Sub: Cult sound where Galvatron is a resident DJ, each of these tracks just itches to be played through one of those custom woofer stacks that feature at said events. Far from being 'Persona Non Grata', we at the blog welcome the solid production skills of Galvatron, another winner from Boomsha!!!

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