Monday, 14 July 2014

DJ NAZA- Breakout Now! Exclusive Free Mix For Future Jungle Blog

Many thanks to NAZA for dropping a HUGE EXCLUSIVE MIX for the blog, going through currents and classics from the Future Jungle sound
01.The Rumblist – Brutalicious
02.The Rumblist - Test E
03.Kambelt - Slang Tang
04.Richie K - Soundz Of Boom
05.Lethal - Light Cycle
06.Requiem - Fear Factor
07.Lethal - Feel
08.Lucas - Incongruous
09.Vinyl Junkie & Madcap - Bad Man
10.Lucas & Strange Rollers - 100% Pure (Digitally Mashed)
11.Pilgrim & Madcap - Refresh The Beats
11.Pressa - Badboy Style
12.Eddie Voyager - Let It Roll
13.Naismith - Blind (Lucas Remix)
14.Kranky & Lethal - Red Mist
15.Bright Lights - KANUFYEELITTT (Schoco Remix)
16.Vinyl Junkie & Backdraft - Virus ft Tracey Elizabeth (Toronto Is Broken Remix)
17.Requiem - Badman Vibes
18.Ben Venom - Sky Mission
19.psyOPs - Splice
20.Time Travel - Gunshot Request
21.Sanxion - Robot House
22.Ben Venom - Alchemist
23.Bojcot Selectah - Winston Tribute
24.Sanxion - A Short Story About Love
25.Kranky & Lethal - Parallel Universe (Lethal's Alternate Reality VIP)
26.Stu & Nee - Demons (VIP Remix)
27.Kranky & Lethal - Reflection (VIP Remix)
28.Evil - Swarm
29.Lethal - Speedball (Electrux Remix)
30.Lethal - Speedball
31.Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Drowning In Her ( Schoco's High Feeling Remix) 
32.Kranky & Lethal - The Window
33.SixFootUnda - Dubplate Run Tingz
34.Eddie Voyager - Freeeee

"Big Up to all the artists and labels in this mix"

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