Thursday, 21 August 2014


Sonars Ghost has been making music since 1991 evolving through hardcore to jungle & DnB under various aliases, many of which are featured here, you get some classic old skool hardcore under the R Core alias, some of which popped up on the 2 Hungry Ghosts blog a couple of years, tracks like 'Tribute To SUAD' showcase the early beginnings of what would later become DnB with light melodic pads, 'Going Home' takes a haunting vocal and merges chopped up breakbeats in a very Metalheadz like track, 'My Enemys Enemy' is pure old skool hardcore, euphoric and uplifting. 'Taking Hits' is a trip to the darkside back in 93/94, under his Romero alias we get a jazzy liquid funk 95 style roller with sweet pads, horns and percussion, The Army Of Ghosts Remix of Soza'a 'Understand The Process' is a classic timeless jungle opening with a urgent intro before dropping into some killer amen tearout, we also get 3 tracks under the Regression Sessions alias, the searing and swooping 'Last Dark Thought', the bleep n bass style 'Show You 89' and 'Show You VIP', lastly, Argento's 'The Hidden VIP' takes things into the late 90s with some tough drumfunk with elements of light and dark perfectly fused together, this whole EP is a blueprint of how it was back in the day, a sound that can truly never be beaten or imitated. You can buy this LP here:   

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