Thursday, 9 October 2014

Schoco-Listen EP [Quantum Progression Audio]

Guess whos back? Only one of the scene's finest producers making a return to QPA with a 5 track EP  that is STUNNINGLY GOOD!!!! Oh yes, Schoco works his musical mastery over 5 tracks that quite literally shimmer and sparkle, each sound from the subtlest of effects to the soaring pads and crisp drumbeats that reside over Listen, Listen Again, Voodoo Technics & You Better Dance Now all breathe a life of their own, captivate you and make you want to listen over and over again, you really should take some time to check the clips and hear how good this is, you will agree we are not being biased in any way, it really is that good!!! Also DJ L.A.B features with a rinsing but mellow jungle remix of 'Listen' You really should take a listen....

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