Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bay B Kane-25 To Life LP [Boomsha Recordings]

Bay B Kane's '25 To Life' LP on Boomsha represents a huge milestone in the career of the legendary Jungle producer and sound engineer and another massive chapter in the history of Boomsha recordings, totaling 15 tracks which include a remix of the anthem 'No Solar' by X E Dos, you would forgive this writer for perhaps 'gushing' a bit but this album truly is an opus of timeless beats, its really hard to know where to start really when describing the quality of what is on offer so I'll say this, if at any point in the 25 or so year history of what we know as Jungle, you have been a fan and if you know Bay B Kane's sound well then be rest assured you are in for a musical treat of beat mastery, a range of emotions and thoughts conveyed through finely crafted sounds that truly breathe a life of their own, that move from the subtlest and most sublime sounds to darker and more brooding vibes with brilliance. Sure, there are countless tunes that sound good in a mix but this is a true album, you can play it, you can mix with it and you can also sit back and listen at home from start to finish and you DEFINITELY need this in your collection.

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