Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hornsey Hardcore 002

There was a sound in the early 90s that you could call proto hardcore born out of the Brit Hop and Bleep N Bass scene around about 1991, Hornsey Hardcore a.k.a Jerome Hill brings 2 killer cuts of classic chopped up breaks, bleeps, bloops and ravey madness and musicality in the form of 'Get Busy' & 'Pressure'. Get ready to be transported to a hedonistic and innovative time with the hi octane beats on offer, sounding like they came straight from a DJ Hype set from back in the day and if you're a vinylist, you will definitely want to snatch up some fresh wax, for more info on purchasing check the link: 

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  1. What is future jungle? Is jungle not something we consider the present? If not, why do you think that is?

    I run a vinyl specialist record shop in Nottingham called Plates Records and we stock a lot of early dance music from acid house to breakbeat hardcore and jungle. It's something we're constantly interested in hearing more about, supporting and discussing people's relationships with it. Discovery of this music is often a tough path and for us vinyl is the saving grace in doing so. The path is not set and you have to be exposed to a lot of music to get there. It's good to see blogs like yourself promoting good music. Would be great to hear from you and find out a bit more about what you're about. We focus on the vinyl culture side of the music as a way of promoting free, inspiring discover of music.

    Check us out sometime:

    much love and respect from Nottingham