Thursday, 28 May 2015

Get involved with Anonymous Records Oldskool Compilation

Way back in 1991, Q Bass 'Hardcore Will Never Die' came out on Suburban Base Records, that famous sample has become a mantra, for all the efforts of detractors to bury this sound since day one, every few years a fresh group of artists step forward to fly the flag of OldSkool, seminal Raves like Fantazia and Dreamscape still take place to this day and despite what you might think, they are not the equivalent of a bunch of 40 somethings going to see their band of choice, yes there is an older crowd but plenty of younger people too who have discovered that great analogue sound made on Amigas by a thousand plus bedroom producers, that sound that was years ahead of its time, that music that exists almost entirely on vinyl which fetches big money on discogs perhaps saved by the advent of the internet and you tube, hardcore, as in breakbeat hardcore/rave/jungle/jungle tekno really never dies and on this upcoming compilation by highly professional and truly old skool imprint, Anonymous Records, you can hear new tunes by the new school of up and coming producers who keep it OldSkool, the likes of Silverfox, Mimang, Paul Cronin, Nicky Allen, Gareth Monks and speed garage dons, Underheadz to name just a few,. We've heard a few of these tracks and there's a little soundcloud taster below, trust us, like it says in the image, this is 'pure 90's Old Skool Vibes' and you can get involved, whether its a pure OldSkool track or an OldSkool themed DnB track, get your demos over to Anonymous Records via the links below. This is going to be a great compilation, already there are some great artists on board and we know there are plenty of you out there who keep tabs on our faceboook who are top producers so come and get involved!!!
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