Sunday, 18 January 2015

50 From The Top Promo Mix on Kiss FM Australia

Top Drawer Digital DJ Digitally Mashed recently did an Hour Long Promo mix of their Album 50 From The Top for Brewster B which was aired on his Kiss FM Australia Radio Show last Saturday 15th Jan 2015.

You can check it out below

Track list :
Electrux – Tau Ceti
D-Con – Tanjobi
Bojcot Selectah – Fast Motion 11
Beagle –Step Into The Light (Dub Mix)
Sub Fusion – Psychotic Bleeps
Visible Sound – Lost In Bass
DJ L.A.B – Touch (Schoco’s 140 Painting)
Lucas – Incongruous
Strange Rollers – Nerve Endingz
Eddie Voyager -  The Future Is Ours
Electrux – Bounce
Konjah – Make A Move
Lucas –The Antichrist (Second Coming Mix)
Dazz F – My Dreams My Nightmares
Check the whole album out here : 50 From The Top

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