Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Beat-Breaker- Future Jungle Blog Podcast: 004

We are pleased to present No 4 of our monthly mixes by the incredibly awesome Beat Breaker, along with the quality mixing and blending, we get a whole load of those great mash ups that he does so well in the mix, a real party set this one loaded with energy and bass heavy riddims!!!!

01.. Earmole: Moon Tribe
02.. The Rumblist vs. Curious? vs. Earmole: Narcissist Beats [Beat-Breaker RFX]
03.. Top Buzz: Living In Darkness [Gold Dubs RMX]
04.. Manion vs. Top Buzz vs. Gold Dubs: Can't Get Enough [ Beat-Breaker RFX]
05.. Serial Killaz: Dutty Sound
06.. Boogie Times Tribe: The Dark Stranger [Simon Harris RFX]
07.. Spacelink: Offset Jazz
08.. Aems: The New Dawn
09.. Schoco: Synaptic Overload
10.. Eddie Voyager: I Need You Tonight [Rykennon RMX]
11.. Schoco vs. Eddie Voyager: Why Waste Your Time [Beat-Breaker RFX]
12.. Lucas: Undecided Mission
13.. Strange Rollers: The Saints Have Returned
14.. Schoco: Only A Dream
15.. Electrux: Orbit
16.. Lucas vs. Shockone: Razor's Edge [Beat-Breaker RFX]

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