Monday, 22 August 2011

Outrage presents the Zer0 BpM EP Part 1.

Outrage presents the Zer0 BpM EP Part 1. Six tracks of Outrage Beats ranging from 140-174 Bpm.

The EP is available exclusively for pre-order at the Backlash shop Here -

Once you’ve ordered you’ll get two of the tracks, Audible Phantoms and Absit Omen, straight away and the rest of the tracks on the release date. Anyone who orders on or after the release date will get the whole EP straight away.

Take a look inside the Zer0 BpM world in Outrage’s recent K-Mag interview – KMAG –

Download the New Outrage LIVE PA featuring all forthcoming Outrage Backlash Records material 140-170 -

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