Monday, 16 July 2012

Bass Music Movement-New website

Presenting Everything Bass Driven
Electronic dance music has evolved, developed and shifted massively within an incredibly short space of time. The music has fused, quickly moulding a fresh outlook and distinct lifestyle. Producers and DJ’s around the globe are becoming multi directional within their creative outlook incorporating more than one bass led style to their formula’s. Club nights are introducing a wide variation of bass driven genre’s to events keeping things exciting and open minded.
Bass Music Movement was launched to present you with a resource into the extreme amount of talent, music, radio shows and events that are immanent within the circuit. With a team of forward thinking bass music enthusiasts this hub will be frequently moving whilst propelling our community into a space that retains our beloved native bass foundations.
To keep a close eye on this movement (so that you don’t miss a thing)…Join our networks, sign up to our news letters, watch our blogs, read our interviews, subscribe to our Bass Music TV channel, follow our tweets, vote at the Bass Music Awards and attend our events. Stay tuned!

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