Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pressa - Summertime Vibe [FKOF free download]

Pressa - Summertime Vibe [FKOF free download]

Pressa - Summertime Vibe [FKOF free download] by FatKidOnFire

Korrupt 's review of Pressa 's 'Summertime Vibe':
"This is what I call a summer track.

"You're immediately confronted with this 140bpm jungle vibe! Loving the keys up top, they add a lot to the build-up of this track. Loving the delay on all the elements except the keys; giving them a proper role in this intro. Loving how the trumpet comes in to give it an extra vibey spin. The drop is dope, warm and thick low-end – which is nicely flowing underneath. The percussion is something I’m really feeling, sounding nice and breaky with great variations all around, well played! Nice progression towards the first break, all the elements are evolving and then suddenly there's a really low baseline involved! Great breaky build-up towards the second drop, really amazing! Everything stays in key through a nice use of chords... Impressive. Slowly you hear elements disappear and sometimes return, but the main element that stays present is the keys – a well chosen lead!

"Go out, open a can of beer, have a smoke and put this song on – trust me, it's definitely a track to chill on! This track is completely different from Pressa’s older material, for example his track ‘Orbs’ on the Angles Compilation through Orientis Recordings. He’s in tight connection with Bojcott Selectah, who I know personally. Watch out for more 140bpm jungle madness from both of ‘em!"

"It's been a wicked day and the sun's shining like a badman. Here's a sunny little giveaway from Joe Pressa. Can't complain!

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