Saturday, 11 August 2012

DJ L.A.B. - Touch - Top Drawer Digital

Top Drawer Digital Present
DJ L.A.B : Touch

Track It Down Exclusive :11/08/2012
Full Release Date : 25/08/2012
 With Touch DJ L.A.B. , Schoco and Strange Rollers Bring the Summertime vibes.Three Uplifting ,Emotional Breakbeat tracks that span from a Mellow 110 Bpm through to 140 Bpm Jungle Territory.All you have to do now if decide which of these classic sounding Summertime beauties will grace your sets for the holiday season.

Support from:
601, 100me, DJ Gold,Tony Rocky Horror, Toronto Is Broken, Dazz F, Dean Twista, Digitally Mashed, Madcap ,Gappa G, Joe Nebula, Lee Martin- Dusted Breaks, Left / Right, Lex , Linda B , Miss Max, Odeed and Wish, Oliver TRO, Pressa, Rapid, Rasco, RAT PACK, Ceos, Rob Focuz, Schema, Tomb Crew, Radiokillaz, VINYL JUNKIE, Brewster B and many many more
7.5/10 Review in Augusts DJ Mag
Air play including Seatles 89.5FM By Tony Rocky Horror , Kiss FM (Australia) By Brewster B , Kool London ,Sub FM

Selection of comments :
Bojcot Selectah : "with the current lack of summer weather. These tunes bring some sunshine for sure! Lovely productions, every single one!" 9/10
Brewster B : thats what i'm talkin about.... spot on tune..!!" 9/10
Daniel Beale : Core Mag / Old Skool Review /K-Mag : "140 painting is just un-real. If this doesn't propel TDD to new heights then nothing will. Absolutely superb."  10/10
Twista :  "love it !! .. summer time riddims !! .." 8/10
Left/Right : "Nice warm package here. Enjoying all mixes." 8/10
Digitally Mashed : "ive had this a while now ... and have been hammering  schoco's 140 painting mix :) class the originals on a slower pace fits in with the house heads and strange rollers brings his own take on touch ... full support ...  10/10
Miss Max : "Lush sounds for any part of the night. Easy dropping!"
Ratpack : "Liking all mixes. Probably play Schooco or Strange rollers" 7/10
Schema : "really is like a blast from the past this one! Summer vibes, even if the weather don't say so :)" 10/10

Tariq (Future Jungle Blog / Hush Magazine) : "Sublime, Summery musical magic, takes me back to the glory days of the rave era, wonderfull" 10/10

Tomb Crew : "Strange rollers is an anthem!" 6/10

Radiokillaz : "more top drawer goodness, great work" 8/10

Vinyl Junkie : "Strange Rollers mix is wicked... Goose pimples!!" 10/10

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