Tuesday, 7 August 2012

RadioKillaZ - Step Forward EP

To say that this next E.P due out from the Radiokillaz on the 29th August is going to be massive is an understatement, it really is going to be epically huge and rightly so!! 3 wicked new tunes, first off the title track 'Step Forward' is a great fun 140 Jungle banger with spaghetti western samples and a huge 92' rave style bassline over super tight chopped up breaks, 'AK47' continues in a cool, tongue in cheek vein with similar film samples, more of a drum and bass flava to this one, still at 140bpm and definitely showing the diversity of the Radiokillaz, lastly 'High' has an old skool rave feel to it with nice vocal snippets and deep booming basslines, 10/10 from the FJ blog, all 140 lovers need this.

RadioKillaZ - Step Forward EP - RKZ Recordings by RadioKillaZ

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