Sunday, 7 October 2012

Deep In The Underground Nu Rave Radio 6.10.12

Menace-Hold It Now MCA
Range Rollers-Killa Bad Sound
Simon Harris-Breaking Bad
The Rumblist-Blur Face
EQ-Total Extasy(Djmen Remix)
Radiokillaz Ft MC Highly Strung-Future Junglist(Vinyl Junkie Remix)
Resin-Can't Hold Back
Aems-The New Dawn
Radiokillaz-Hey Blonde
Red Lizard-Rushin
Dan Essence-Shimmer
Strange Rollers-Damn Haters
Jinx In Dub Ft Mikey Dor-Shaka Sonics(Warrior Remix)
Dan Essence-Circles
Kinetic Eon-Save Us
Lucas-Undecided Mission
Richie K-Soundz Of Boom
Kenny Sharp-Missing You(Thin And Crispy Remix)
P.S.I-All My Love
Lethal-Speedball (VIP Remix)
Skimatix-Into Sound
Wellbelove-Liv Dis Way
MC Nuclear-Wasted Tears
Toofer-Ninety Third(Exit Point's 93 Rollers Mix)

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