Thursday, 18 October 2012

DJ Aitch-The Essence/Jungle Drumz, Boomsha Recs, Out Now

In a short time, Boomsha recs has established itself as a key player in the future jungle scene, putting out consistent quality tracks featuring the best of new and upcoming producers alongside bona fide legends. This latest release by DJ Aitch continues with the style of recent releases on Boomsha, deep and intelligent vibes. There is the sound and feel of 93/94 golden era Jungle on both 'Jungle Drumz' and 'The Essence'. You can hear influences ranging from L.T.J Bukem, Omni Trio and the mid 90s sound of Moving Shadow, Reinforced, Lucky Spin through to The Invisible Man, Release, Certificate 18 and of course, Aithch's brother Bay B Kane. Out now to purchase and download, this is another winner from Boomsha, one of many more in the pipelines, be sure to buy this and keep your ears peeled!!

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