Saturday, 16 February 2013

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:::::::::::SE7EN DEADLY BREAKS:::::::::::

Aaron & Jake joined forces back in 2007 to form Se7en Deadly Breaks. They both had a passion for underground music and an even bigger passion to be the ones behind the decks.

Having established themselves by playing out at big events in London. They have supported the likes of Deekline, Stanton Warriors, Pyramid, Ed Solo, High Rankin, Hostage & Jurrasik (and many more). They have also Headlined the 2012 Hot Cakes Break Beach Festival in Spain and are set on course to continue their growth throughout the UK. 

Their 1st release was on Deekline's 'Booty Breaks' record label in November 2012, 'SUPERMAN'. If this wasn't enough they topped the Beatport Breaks chart reaching NUMBER 1! 

hear their sounds here:


Southwest Drum&Bass rising star, Dj Catalyst is bringing the best selection of the genre, He supported Andy C, Goldie, Chase n Status, Cyantific, Mampi Swift, Delta Heavy, Hazard, Shabba D, Mr. Nice, Danny Byrd, Original Sin (and many others).

He is also part of Rinse Out/ Rinse it Crew, an established and recognized Drum&Bass/Jungle Club Night dominating and feeding the southwest scene the Southwest Scene!

Expect double drops and a journey throughout the Drum&Bass Universe with Catalyst driving the spaceship!

:::::::::::D.J. GENERATOR:::::::::::

D.J. Generator is a new up and coming dj/producer of the underground Music Scene. D.J. Generator looks for bass, intricate rythems and involving sounds, his passion is Breakbeat, but he also loves to play with dubstep, drumstep and drum'n'bass

He had a residency Clubnight at the Rhino Club in Southampton, Playing along with Gerra, Rocksteedy, James D'ley, Optymistic, Dj TTB and others which boosted up the local Underground scene to another level. 

After that he went back to his roots in Portugal to build his Studio, and make some production work with national artists.

Now he is based in London and looking for a more defined sound within his production skills along with his DJing where he has supported in 2012 Rennie Pilgrim, Toronto is Broken, Jurassik, Final Conflict and others.

He is the Resident DJ of White Noize and Co-founder! 

hear his sounds here:

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