Monday, 17 June 2013

Essential Tunes Round Up 17.6.13

Been a bit slack with the posts lately, heres a round up of what you need to spending your hard earned cash on.....

Curious is the don! For soulful future jungle flavours, look no further than this bad boy, sweet vocal 140 shizzle fo yo speakers, booooom!!!!!

The output on Rinse Repeat just keeps getting better, in my humble opinion, this is the finest to date from the quality imprint, classic jungle vibes at 140bpm, check out 'Bakerloo Grind' too, serious heaviness!!!

Breakbeat Hardcore NuSkool vibes from Sunny on RSR Reloaded, a tasty retake on a couple of 90's anthems, check the E.P too for some banging 94 style hardcore!

Simply amazing female vocal led, deep, melodic future jungle, this will blow you away, its that good!!!!

Pursuit continues to smash it with another prime time 92 hardcore beats of a tune, you want chopped up breaks with some old skool ravey bleeps and bass? You got it!!!!

And we finish with this, one of my faves of 2013, capturing the vibe and raw energy of the 94 jungle sound perfectly with Krome & Time style pads, it doesn't get much bigger than this, if you're a true junglist, you need this!!!!

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