Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Back To The Old Skool (Unmixed Album)-Hardcore Lives

There is a revival of the breakbeat hardcore sound going on right now and one of the labels at the forefront of this sound is Hardcore Lives who pioneered the Hardcore Breaks sound back in the mid 00's and continue to bring the freshest sounds to this day, be it any of the rave inspired genres, 140, FJ,Rave Breaks, Hardcore Breaks or NuSkool. Here are 32 tracks from the back catalouge of this great label, all of them are essential to own without doubt. Highlights for me include 2 tracks by RyKennon 'Seventh Heaven' and 'The Way I Feel About You', Candy Cutz' 'Insanity', Bennie D a.k.a Kambelt 'The Quest'Insa 241 'We Survive', Nee & Saltee 'Lets Take It Back', Auntie Susan '1993', in fact I could just go on but if you love your old skool then do yourself a favour.......Go and get this album, and get it here!!!!   


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