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Austin & Vinyl Junkie Ft Rachel Wallace -Can't Hold Back-Warehouse Wax +Exclusive Interviews With Vinyl JUnkie & Rachel Wallace

For anyone who has been living in a cave for the last three decades, could you briefly tell us a bit about yourself?

Started DJing in 1991. Played at the first Tribal Gathering, main arena 1993. Started Producing in around 1995. Started Warehouse Wax in 2003… For more info see my website:

Your roots are in the rave scene of the early 90s, long after the supposed demise of this scene, you formed Warehouse Wax in 2003, the first release by yourself and Darkus was a full on 150BPM hardcore tune that sounded like it came straight out of 1992. What was the reaction at the time to the label and this first tune?

At first it was really only the Old Skool crowd from the B2VOS website that really knew about it. They all loved it and it sparked something off and lots of labels started to emerge soon after that. Sales wise, it was a gradual thing. Sales were really slow at first but then picked up and we ended up getting rid of the first batch and doing a repress.

Fast forward to the present and the label is now known for supporting the 140/Future Jungle sound, comparatively speaking, how does the 140 sound stand up to the much loved Old Skool?

Well. I love the Oldskool as you know…. But I love the new stuff equally. The production has moved on massively but the vibe is different now. There was just something really raw about the music back then and as the music has evolved and the production got better, that raw edge has kind of been lost. But I think in this day and age, the standard of the production has to be of a certain level and that’s not a bad thing.

Your new release is out now, it’s a who’s who of old skool legends with Austin & Rachel Wallace on board, the video has reached over 3500 views on you tube, we understand it was a labour of love for you, how did it all come about?

LOL. Yeah… Well I’ve been working with Austin on and off for about 17 years so we basically just got in the studio one day and made a rough backing track. I vaguely knew Rachel as my mate Sike had done a track with her a few years previous, which ended up being released on Warehouse Wax. We sent her the track and she liked it. She wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocal and sent it to us. Me and Austin both loved it. It was originally just something we done for a Live PA that we were booked for at Fantazia in Bristol but everyone loved it and lots of people were saying to us that we should release it… So we did! It took almost a year to sort everything out but we got there in the end. And yes, it was definitely a labour of love…

So, do you think you will be doing more videos in the future?

To be honest, I really enjoyed doing the video and yes I think we will be doing more. It was a lot of fun and I think I have got the bug for it now…

Lastly, any final words and shout outs?

I’m not going to name anyone in particular because I always forget somebody. But would just like to send out a massive thank you to absolutely everyone that has helped out and got behind us with promoting this release. I am quite overwhelmed and humbled to be honest… The amount of support that it has been getting is amazing and I really appreciate everybody’s help. Of course a massive big up to all the remixers involved as well. THANK YOU! x

Thanks for taking time to have a chat with the blog, as a brief intro, tell us a bit about your self
Well I started making music when I was around 14years old, singing vocals in a r&b band called Kreuz...after a few years with the group i left then started singing with Sub Base records...
I then moved to Germany and recorded a lot of techno/dance music...

I then joined Stereo Mc's and have been working with them for the last 7 between touring, recording tracks for the some of the artists you named and others, at present I'm working on a album with various other artists including Joe nebula and the love2love Soulsystem from Basel, Switzerland...

Most of us know you from the 2 massive tracks on the seminal Suburban Base, ‘Tell Me Why’ & ‘I Feel This Way’, how did you link up with the people at Suburban Base?

I was at my first rave In lea Valley...dancing on the stage, like you do!! and I bumped into Dan Donnelly on the stage and he said that's one of his tracks they were playing and I think I said I'm a singer...and there you go...that's how it all started!!

You have an amazing voice, what inspired to embark on a singing career?

Thank you!!! I've always loved music and singing since I can remember! I've been immersed in all different types of music since i was very young. My dad was a keyboard player for Marcia Griffiths and various other bands and my uncle's too, so I've been going to festivals, gigs ect since I was 12!

 Recently you have appeared on tracks for 100Me and 2 Vinyl Junkie tracks including the current release ‘Can’t Hold Back’ where you also appear in the highly popular you tube video, how did you get involved with this tune?

I'm very open to all kinds of music, if someone sends me a track and I get a vibe then usually I will record some vocals, and this is how it worked out with the 100me guys.  With Johnny it was kind of similar but I already knew Austin really well from the Sub base days as he was the in-house sound engineer!

What do you make of the current 140/Future Jungle Sound?

I'll be honest with you, there are so many different styles and types of music about, if I feel it then I like it, it's really that simple. I've just spent 2 days at Notting Hill carnival listening to all different sound systems.. But I always ended up at Aba-Shanti-I, this type of dub music takes you to another level! When you’re just open to music it will touch you and that's music to me!!

Thanks for taking the time once again, any big ups/shouts outs to wrap things up?

I would like to say a big shout out to all who have supported and helped with the release of this track...and to all music lovers...

Peace & luv, Rach

Austin & Vinyl Junkie Ft Rachel Wallace-Can't Go Back is out now with remixes by Dom Almond, Sanxion, Cottonmouth, Maximus Baxter & Strange Rollers

Check out the official videos here, now at almost 4k views:

And a free promo mix here: VINYL JUNKIE - WHWM014 PROMO MIX - FREE DOWNLOAD by Warehouse Wax

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