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Toronto Is Broken The Outer Circle EP-Out Now On Sub Slayers+Exclusive Interview With Toronto Is Broken

Toronto Is Broken
The Outer Circle EP

Release: Aug 2013
File Under: DnB / 140 Bass
Label: Sub Slayers

The Second Renaissance
Extraction Point
Ghost Network (Feat. Anodyne Industries)
Oceans Apart

DJ Mag – 9/10 ‘Five mean and moody tracks’ ‘Great release as the norm from Sub Slayers’ ‘10/10 every release just oozes pure quality’

Last in the series of Sci-Fi EPs from Sub Slayers very own wonderkid TiB and what a finale!

Deep, dark and moody is order of the day here across varying tempos and styles - one of the sub heads!

All tracks available for licensing and sync

Skream & Benga (played on Radio 1), Jaguar Skillz, Liondub, Jay Cunning, King Yoof, Kenny Ken, Gold Dubs, Mat The Alien, Stereo MCs, Udachi, Hellfire Machina, Sould Out DJs, Blaze Tripp, FreQ Nasty, Reid Speed, Rattus Rattus

Multiple ‘Single Of The Month’ in DJ, iDJ, Mixmag and TillLate magazines
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Sub Slayers 25: Toronto Is Broken 'The Outer Circle EP' by Sub Slayers

Exclusive Interview with Toronto Is Broken

Like Liam Howlett, you started making music at a very young age, what inspired you to get into the world of music production?
I come from a rock and metal background and always tried being in bands, but never really liked the whole band set-up and having to compromise all the time. Then I discovered the band Enter Shikari when I was about 14 (I’m 20 now), that opened up my eyes to electronic music. The lead singer had a solo side project know as Rout and then I realized that you didn’t have to be in a band to make music. So I got myself a copy of FL Studio 8 and it’s just grew from there.

Being a Future Jungle blog we have to ask the obligatory question, how did you come to know of the '140/Future Jungle' scene and become involved in it?
I think my first introduction to the whole thing were the two 150bpm tunes DJ Fresh’s “Future Jungle” EP. I was blown away and I’d never heard anything like it before. And before I knew it, my track “Taking Over” was born, but, I had no idea what to do with it. So I sent it to High Rankin who then forwarded it to Jay Cunning, after a few phonecalls we’d settled on releasing the “Move It” EP and the rest is history.

Who are your musical influences?
There are a lot that always shift from time to time, but right about now it’d have to be guys like Calyx & Teebee, Amon Tobin, Koven, Koan Sound, Eskmo, and Joe Ford.

What software & Hardware occupies the TIB studio?
Basically I’m running Ableton Live 7, I’m too scared to upgrade to a newer version as they changed the audio warping system, but it does everything I need to do. I also do a lot of offline processing in FL Studio 9 mainly when I’m processing some bass sounds (Vocoding, distortions), and then dropping them back into samplers in Ableton.
Plugin wise I use a lot of Massive (like everybody else), before dropping the bass sounds into samplers for further processing. The Shaack Audio transient Shaper is a God send too.
I don’t use any outboard gear but I do have a Tascam DR-55 field recorder that I use, and I recently let my 9 month old daughter loose with the pots and pans, and recorded it, which created some interesting results to say the least.

Of your own productions, which is your personal favorite to date?
Ooo, this is a tough one, as I like all of them in different ways but if I had to choose 3 it’d be these:
Ghost Network (Feat. Anodyne Industries) (Sub Slayers)
April 9th (Feat. Jenni Potts) (Supreme Hustle)
Foes (Sub Nation Dub)

And which current bangers are on repeat play on your iPod?
Two Fingers – Vengance Rhythm (Koan Sound Remix) (Ninja Tune)
Bring Me The Horizon – Antivist (Epitaph)
Wizard – Mind Control (Sub Slayers)
Joe Ford – Behemoth (Bad Taste)
Flatmate – Hot Ball (Vexisle Remix) (Caliber Music)
Anodyne Industries – Rev (Hopskotch)

What are your thoughts on the never ending vinyl vs. digital debate?
To be honest I don’t really have an opinion on this as I use Ableton when I play out. But I know it’s a lot cheaper and more cost-efficient to release digitally and not on Vinyl. Either way, if Vinyl stops being produced there’s still programs like Serato and Traktor about so you can still play out the latest tunes and mix it up with your classic vinyl collection.

Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad?
Neither, but I’ve been watching a lot of Phoneshop recently.

You have a new EP out on Sub Slayers, can you tell us a bit about that?
Essentially it is a follow-up / sequel to “The Inner Circle” EP that came out last summer, and it’s like and album split into two sections. There are themes and musical that began in the first EP that is continued into the second EP.
There are five tracks, a robotic Drum & Bass “The Second Renaissance”, something that sounds like and end-of-the-world-death-rave that is “Extraction Point”. Followed up by a deep Drum & Bass tech-y roller collaboration with long time producer friend Anodyne Industries, and 2 future jungle tearouts “Oceans Apart” and “Voyager”

Lastly, what’s coming up in the near future tune wise, how can we stay updated with TIB and any big ups/shout outs?
I’ve just wrapped up two Neurohop tunes, “Foes  &  Get Funky” that’ll be out on Sub Nation later this year, Sub Slayers’ new sub-label.
There’s also an album in the works.

The 'Outer Circle EP' is out now on all good download stores

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