Monday, 9 September 2013

Good News Boppers presents-Underground Roots EP

GNB Presents - Underground Roots - book your earlybird tickets here [exclusive to TID 09th Sept] by GOOD NEWS BOPPERS

GNB is such a great label, whether it is DnB in its various sub genres or the bowel shaking, teeth rattling hardcore junglism of the amenator a.k.a Beat Rapist or Eps such as this quality 3 tracker of NuSkool/140, you know you’re in for a winner every time!!!!! So lets talk you through these 3 great tracks, first we have I.B.P’s ‘Break & Math’, taking the tempo down from his DnB/Jungle bangers for a 140 rinse out bad boy of a tune that combines melodic piano with classic rave pads and beats and some seriously rumbling sub bass!!!! Then we have GLT’s ‘Back To The Breaks’ with brings together those spooky jungle pads from the Reinforced Recs days with a plethora of ravines for a bit of 92 style jungle tekno!!!! NewKoncept complete this perfect package with ‘Subterranean Nucleus’ going in for the bleep n bass hardcore sound with plenty of big hoovers and thundering amen breaks, time to get the vicks out, dust off that dust mask, don those white gloves and a whistle, not forgetting the all important smiley tee and stussy hat, finish off with some battered reeboks and dance like leeroy to these bad boys, this really is a must have and is on repeat play here in the FJ blog office!!!!!!

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