Thursday, 15 May 2014

Curious-Sky High/Liquid Light-Bad Habit Muzik-Due Out 16/05/2014

Be prepared for the return of one of the scenes most influential labels, Bad Habit Muzik, in the coming months, a whole load of new releases are lined up showcasing both 140, Garage, DnB, Dubstep/Bass & Deep House. Curious-'Sky High/Liquid Light' is due out on the 16th may 2014, you can buy it via this link from the release date and eventually from all good download stores.

'Sky High' is the absolute sound of the summer, rolling breaks and bleepy pads with a combination of deep, melodic and more uptempo strings, its an instant winner, a sure fire repeat play tune!!!

CURIOUS - SKY HIGH (OG MIX) - CLIP (out friday 16th may ) by BadHabit Muzik

Strange Rollers takes 'Sky High' into hybrid trap/bass/140 territory for yet another of his amazing remix jobs, the man with the musical midas touch just can't go wrong!!!!

CURIOUS - SKY HIGH (STRANGE ROLLERS MIX) - CLIP (out 16th may ) by BadHabit Muzik

'Liquid Light' begins deep and builds and builds before going in hard with a tough punchy finale in classic Curious style

CURIOUS - LIQUID LIGHT (OG MIX) - CLIP (out friday 16 may) by BadHabit Muzik

Finally the always awesome Pressa takes 'Liquid Light' and puts it through his dubbed out blender to produce a remix full of subtleties, intricacies and layers

CURIOUS - LIQUID LIGHT (PRESSA MIX) - CLIP (out Friday 16 May ) by BadHabit Muzik

Bad Habit Muzik makes a firm staement of intent with this excellent EP, they are well and truly back and you can expect only the best from this ground breaking imprint, its a case of one ear to the ground, some real gems are on the horizon, this being the first of them.

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