Tuesday, 25 September 2012

OutsideTheBox REMO

Since the early-nineties Remo has been an inspired enthusiast of techno music - from its early acid-house sound to the rugged style of jungle drum and bass, and in '07, Dubstep...“I grew up listening to rap, but when techno emerged, I tuned in closely.”
Starting from day one, Remo has been constructing a solid foundation within the underground community. Steadily rising through the ranks while being inspired from the music and paying homage to the forefathers of the LA underground. From mix-tape collector to vinyl junkie Remo has been educated by the music. His emergence into dubstep seems like yesterday and, yet in 2007 Remo and long-time friend DJ Formatt released “Who wants to Dub?” a continuously mixed dubstep compilation. With several thousand worldwide downloads and hundreds of promotional copies, Remo and Formatt’s expression of the dubstep explosion was well received. With his popularity growing from the High Desert (Palmdale) to his hometown of Long Beach, Remo released a solo mix project appropriately named “Desert to the Sea” featuring a diverse selection of dubstep bangers.
Since then Remo has emerged into the local dubstep arena as a resident dj and member of the PURE FILTH SOUND organization in Los Angeles. Dominating sound systems all over SoCal, including hot spots such as PURE FILTH, UPGRADE, RESINATE, REFUGE, and BASSFACE. This DJ comes with an arsenal unparalleled by most as his selection ranges from the original dubstep sound to the revival of techno in the form of 140Jungle. True diversity behind the decks, Remo brings it analog or digital like a soldier improvising in any given situation. In 2012, Remo is STILL representing the bass from OC to LA and beyond.

OutsideTheBox by REMO

1. Sounds Better with You - Set21
2. Galaxy Bowling - Esh-one
3. Lost Time - DJG
4. Telepathy - Breakage
5. Sound Hole - DLX
6. Morpheus - Enigma
7. Thru The Blinds_ - Kromestar
8. Nails in the Coffin f/ Busdriver (Echo Park rmx) - Pure Filth Sound
9. Drunk Alien Groove - Zaku-Chan
10. Papa Lover (Skanx rmx) - DJ Stretch
11. Mr. Brown - DJ Gold UK
12. Mr.Brown - Jacky Murda
13. DubUA - Crim & DA on OD.Beat
14. That's Bad - Experimen1
15. Tenfold - Deadbeats f/ Medit-8
16. Lighter (6Blocc rmx) - DJ SS
17. Holograms - Reso
18. Its the Way (Jaybird rmx) - DJ Tactix
19. Rockin Down The House (Vinyl Junkies bootleg) - Mi7
20. Reign - Lucas
21. End of Love (Kutz Remix) - Jack Beats
22. Fighting For f/ Kemst & Jroz - Terminus [6Blocc & Woes]
23. Burning Up (Tim Reaper rmx) - Skream
24. You Make Me Feel f/ Loleatta Holloway - Enigma

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