Monday, 17 September 2012

R.A.T.E.D 002 Soundshifter-London Don

Whilst there are a number of back to 92' tunes around right now, Soundshifter's 'London Don' perfectly encapsulates that euphoric old skool vibe, reminiscent of the early Reinforced records sound. I'm certain that Ray Keith and Grooverider would have been rinsing it back in the day, today the future jungle crew will be showing some love to this great track. Close your eyes and listen, let yourself be transported to a dark smoke and laser filled room, imagine the flooor exploding as that old skool 4 Hero circa 92 esque melody kicks in. This has to be in every discerning future junglist's top ten for 2012. Gav Ley bridges the gap between the golden era and 2012 in his great remix, kicking off with a classic Landlord style melody a la SL2,Carl Cox, DJ Seduction and so many other old skool legends, then comes the drop, full on hands in the air piano hardcore. If this release doesn't move you, check your pulse. R.A.T.E.D have firmly established themselves as one of the crème de le crème of future jungle imprints with this bad boy of a release.
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